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What Is The Most Popular Domain Extension

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The 5 Most Popular Domain Extensions

Were sure by now that youre utterly convinced of that .com is the best domain extension, but what if the worst has happened and your targeted .com domain name is unavailable?

Choosing .net or .org, the other two options in the original Big Three, might be a logical move. Alternatively, if you are a smaller business working in a specific location, a country domain suffix may suffice. However, the biggest problem with using alternative extensions is that people could forget your domain, and by default go to the .com domain instead.

Founder of Moz Rand Fishkin discussed the subject during one of his Whiteboard Fridays. He said if a .com domain suffix is unavailable, the next option for businesses should be .net, .co or a known ccTLD .

Alternatively, you could make small changes to the domain name you want, like adding or dropping an article, but this might lead to negatively impact readability and make the domain name less brandable, two other important aspects of domain SEO.

Of course, you can try and buy your favoured .com domain, but this is dependent on the owner wanting to sell. If a competitor already has your business name and is unwilling to sell a .com domain, it could be a genuine option to buy a new business name – such is the importance of a .com domain in the digital world.

How To Choose The Right Tld For Your Domain Name

Different domain extensions wont affect how your website functions on the internet.

Some companies prefer using the .com domain extension to show that theyre successful enough to afford a premium domain, while other companies choose niche-specific domain extensions.

For those companies representing a niche, domain extensions like .space can help reassure your customers that youre the expert that understands them. You can also use your niche TLD in a creative way to establish a domain name that truly stands out

Which Domain Extensions Are The Most Popular

You have two selections to make when choosing a domain name. One is the part to the left of the dot, called the second-level domain. The other is the part to the right of the dot, called the top-level domain.

Most people default to .COM as their choice for top-level domain, or TLD. Of course the domain .COM is incredibly popular there are 150 million .COM domains registered.

But there are also hundreds of other top level domains. None of them rival .COM in terms of popularity, yet theres a vast range in registrations for each domain.

In fact, believe it or not, some top level domains have fewer than 1,000 second level domain registrations!

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Why Does Zoom Use Us Domain

Why doesnt Zoom just change its main domain to A company spokesperson explained in an email, We did acquire the .com domain and in the near-term have been forwarding it to . us because that is where our existing infrastructure is and it is the familiar domain for our customers.

Trick #: Consider Free Domain Registration

Domain Extensions List 2019

You dont have to pay for a domain name. In fact, you can even get a .com domain for free.

Lots of service providers out there offer a free domain, but that doesnt necessarily mean you should go with that particular option. Be selective. Nine times out of ten, its better to get your domain name from a domain registrar and your hosting from a web hosting provider. But there are exceptions to this rule.

If its your first time buying a domain and starting a website, it might be easier to bundle services under one roof. In this case, go with Bluehost. Bluehost is an industry leader in the web hosting space, and theyll give you a free domain for one year.

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What Is A Top

Every address that is resolved with the help of the domain name system , which is the foundation of the world wide web, can be broken down into several components. These individual components always follow a clear, hierarchical structure. The highest, visible hierarchical level is called the top-level domain, or TLD for short. Since this level is always found on the far right of the address, it is also known as the domain ending. In the case of the web address, for example, the org represents the top-level domain.

With IONOS you can register your domain today. Simply use the domain finder to check whether your desired address is available! You can also benefit from additional services such as a personal email address and a free SSL/TLS wildcard certificate.

The allocation of the more than 1,500 available TLDs is regulated by ICANN , a division of the non-profit organization IANA. In principle, a distinction must be made between two different types of domain extensions: Generic top-level domains such as .beauty or .blog with a topic-specific background and country-specific ccTLDs such as .us or the .io extension discussed here.

$1 Domain Names

Which Are The Ones To Avoid maintains a list of TLDs with the worst reputation based on the amount of email spam originating from them.

Their ranking uses a formula that is based on the number of registered domains and the number of “bad” domains. We strongly recommend that you check their website for the most current list :


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What Are Domain Extensions

Domain Extensions also are known as Top Level Domain or TLDs. Extensions are the suffixes or last part of the domain name. It refers to a notation found at the end of a web address. It is an internet category such as .com, .in, .net etc. Domain extensions are posted on the right side of the URL after the dot.

Extensions can be used for all such organizations like Education, Research, and Businesses. It helps to recognize the difference between creating a successful web presence and getting lost in cyberspace.

For Example here .com is a domain extension or TLDs.

List Of 2nd And 3rd Level Country Code Domain Extensions

What are Domain Extensions and How do I Choose a Domain Extension?
  • A
  • – Art: music, folklore, etc.
  • – Actors
  • – Brazilian Judiciary Branch of the State
  • – Auctioneers
  • – Not for profit organisations.
  • – Professional organizations.
  • – Providers of internet services
  • – Financial institutions
  • – Jersey Grid for Learning
  • – Gov.
  • – Lower & Middle Institutes of Learning
  • Kiribati
  • – Network Organizations or individuals
  • – Non-Organizations or individuals
  • – Not for profit organizations
  • – Network infrastructure
  • – Island of Sao Tome
  • – Island of Principe
  • – Sao Tome & Principe consulates
  • South Georgia – South Sandwich Islands
  • .gs
  • – Territory of American Samoa
  • – Territory of Guam
  • – Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • – Territory of the United States
  • – Distributed national institutes

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Tlds List Of Top Level Domain Name Extensions

Written by Jamie Spencer Updated 22nd August 2021

Domain names and domain registration are an integral parts in the domain name system infrastructure. Where a URL that includes an IP address would work just fine for your computer to identify a particular location on the web, its coded numbers are much more difficult for people to remember.

Consequently, domain names have become the primary means of identifying a web site. Top level domains play an important role in the naming functions associated with the DNS infrastructure. Our guide will examine TLDs in greater detail in order to provide a complete understanding of their function and purpose.

What Is A Domain Name

Before we go into the different UK Domain Extensions available, lets get clear on what a domain is, and why there are different types of domain extensions.

Think of a domain name as like a virtual equivalent to a physical address. In our web browsing system, a domain name is needed for the browser to direct us to a site, similar to the address that a satellite navigation system needs to land you to the right place.

Domain names consist of two elements, one is the name of the website and the second element is the domain extension. They can then be a top-level domain extension , or they can also feature a second-level domain extension.

A TDL is the most widely used domain format that comes after the website name, for example, .UK. The second level domain format is what comes before the .uk, which are the extensions that we are talking about in the list below of the top UK domain extensions.

There are common TDLs that are globally recognised and used for different types of businesses and organisations that the websites refer to. For example, Country Code Domain extensions are most often used when referring to websites hosted in specific regions.

Not all regions will use these ccTDLs as their domain name, however. There will still be many UK based websites that arent using the .uk as their extension. For the sake of this article, we share the different .uk TDLs that are being used.

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The Best Extensions For A Cost

CEO of We help brands, entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes acquire premium domain names for their vision.


When you find yourself in need of a domain name, one of the first decisions to make is which extension you intend to use. This is an extremely important choice to make, as the right extension can help you reach your target audience more effectively. On the other hand, choosing a sub-par domain extension can saddle your website with a negative impression youll struggle to shake.

What Are The Best Domain Extensions?

To understand what separates one domain extension from the next, its important to understand precisely what these are. First of all, the word extension is not necessarily correct the suffix at the end of a domain name is technically referred to as the top-level domain, or TLD.Second, even the best TLD works in exactly the same way as another on a technical level. If thats the case, how can a best domain extension even exist?The answer lies in the purpose of domain names, particularly TLDs themselves.

The .com Extension

Consider An Alternative To .com: .net

Much like .com, .net has evolved into a fairly universal domain name that any website can use. Its not quite as well-regarded as .com, but its often a fine choice nonetheless.

The Colombian Country Code

Country Code Extensions

Governmental, Education And Nonprofit TLDs

Domain Extensions To Avoid

Consider A Domain Brokers Assistance

Choosing The Perfect Domain Extension

List of top level domains (TLDâs)

Home » Blog » Choosing the perfect domain extension

Choosing a domain extension can be confusing and may seem as though it doesnt matter as to which extension your website has. There are a vast amount of domain extensions on the internet, most people will be familiar with the Top-level domain extensions, such as .com. Find out about the different extensions and how to choose the perfect domain extension for your website.

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The Newest Top Domains

To expand the Domain Name System and enable more web presences, new generic TLDs are published every so often. Although these new domain extensions are not yet as established as traditional TLDs, they offer far more opportunities to create suitable website addresses.

Verisign also addresses the new domain extensions in its regular domain report:

5.2 % 16.03.2015

The domain extension .icu has gained a lot of popularity in recent months and is a popular TLD. The reason for this, besides the marketing-friendly meaning of the abbreviation, is that the prices for this ngTLD had been reduced.

Also, part of the new domain extensions are geographic TLDs, which, however, do not belong to the ccTLDs, because they are administered differently. In the USA, .chicago and .nyc are popular choices.

Active Status Uk Domain Extensions Used for commercial and business websites most commonly, though open for free use. Central, developed and local government restricted usage. Personal and more individual free use, such as a portfolio, or personal blog. Academic societies, colleges, establishments for research, education, and community. Most often non-profit organisations, though open for free use. UK Limited companies. & Military establishments, systems, and organisations. Only for ISP and network companies. Not for open usage. Network Nominet usage only. Organisations and trusts of NHS. Public limited UK companies. Community local education for primary and secondary organisations and authorities. The official United Kingdom Parliament, as well as developed national parliaments and assemblies.

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Whats The Best Domain Extension For My Website

Its not always easy to know what domain extension fits best. .com is popular, but it doesnt always have to be the best solution for you. There are many options to choose from, and we can help you pick what works best for you.

That’s why we’re here to help you find the best domain extension for your website.

On this page

How To Choose The Best Domain Name Extension

What are the Most Popular TLDs/Domain Extensions?

Are you looking for the right domain name extension?

If you truly want your website to be a success, you have to get the right URL. A domain extension can have a big impact on the crowd you attract.

There are a lot of different domain extensions out there to choose from. It might be hard to narrow it down.

In this post, were going to share what a domain name extension is, some popular extensions and why it matters to your website.

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Registering A Generic Tld

If you want to create a website in multiple languages or reach an international audience, you should register a generic TLD. That way, you can create subfolders or subdomains for each language or market.

The .com domain extension is by far the most popular with over 50% of all websites on the internet using it. Even if you dont have any international ambitions, it’s a great choice. You cant go wrong with a .com domain name.

What Are The Best Domain Extensions In 2021

The list of top domains can give you a good idea of which domains are in high demand. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should also choose one of the most popular domain extensions for your web project. Although these TLDs benefit from a good reputation among Internet users and stand for professionalism, many of them are already taken. So before making your decision, also consider the new top-level domains. Many are specially designed for certain industries or target groups and could fit very well to what you want to do!

Do you want to publish your own website? Are you still looking for the right web address? With IONOS, you can buy and register a domain in just a few steps its easy, affordable, and theres plenty of choice!

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