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How To Edit My Domain Website

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Change Website Url Using The WordPress Admin Dashboard

How to change primary domain using GoDaddy web hosting

The next step to change WordPress domain is to add your new domain to the WordPress General Settings.

Head to Dashboard -> Settings -> General. Replace your current WordPress Address and Site Address with your new domain. Hit Save Changes once youre done.

Were not done just yet. Before re-accessing your site using the new address, complete the following remaining steps.

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How Can I Upgrade My Account If I Need To

Upgrading your web hosting service to another hosting plan is easy with Hostinger. We pride ourselves on having no downtime during upgrading, meaning that your website will be up and running the whole time. This way, you wont have to worry about losing revenue or providing users with a bad browsing experience.

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Edit My Domain Forwarding

Edit the settings for your forwarded domain if you need to change the destination URL, or add masking.

  • Sign in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Select Manage DNS to access your zone file.
  • Under Forwarding, select Edit next to Domain or Subdomain.
  • Edit your existing forwarding settings or add new settings.
  • Select Save.
  • Most DNS updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

    Why Change Your Domain Name

    How can I change the domain name for my WordPress site?

    In many cases, changing WordPress domain name is inevitable. The most common scenarios are:

    • Rebranding you want to rebuild your companys image with a new brand name. Here, a new domain reflects your rebranding strategys consistency. Some prominent brands like Twitter applied this marketing strategy very successfully.
    • Domain Extension Change if you currently running a website on a subdomain like mywebsite.wordpress.com, or youre using a less popular extension like .mobi or .shop which doesnt resonate well with your audience, swapping to a different extension can be a great idea!

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    Detect And Change WordPress Address With Relocate

    If youre having issues accessing your WordPress dashboard, you can have WordPress automatically try to figure out what the correct WordPress Address should be using the RELOCATE flag in your wp-config.php file.

    With the RELOCATE flag set, WordPress will automatically update your WordPress core files path to the URL used to attempt to access the wp-login.php script. This only affects the WordPress dashboard and not the site itself.

  • Edit your wp-config.php file.
  • At the top of the file add a define line:
  • Now visit your https://www.example.com/wp/wp-login.php page in your web browser.

    Be sure to type in the path of your WordPress core files before wp-login.php

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard as you would normally.
  • If you navigate to Settings > > General, you should now see that WordPress has automatically populated the WordPress Address field for you, with the path to your WordPress files.
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    Domaincom: Setting Up A 301 Redirect

    Start by logging into your account and clicking the Hosting button at the top of the page. Then, click on the .htaccess Editor link in the menu on the left.

    Its like a user-friendly version of a websites .htaccess file.

    Then, click the Add URL Redirect button.

    You can redirect your site to your new domain using the .htaccess editor.

    In the first field that comes up, add the old domain for your site. Then in the field under it, type in your new domain name.

    Double-check that the information you entered is correct, then click Add Redirect.

    Fill out the form to create a 301 redirect for your site.

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    Xyz Makes Your Desired Domains Always Available

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    Important Things To Consider

    CHANGE the DOMAIN NAME on your SITEGROUND WordPress Website

    When it comes to changing your domain there are a few caveats and important things to remember.

    URL Structure

    If you are only changing domain names, then its recommended to keep the same URL structure. Example: olddomain.com/about-us/ to newdomain.com/about-us/. You can theoretically change names and structure at the same time, but generally, when it comes to SEO, the fewer changes the better. A domain change is already a pretty major change.

    If perhaps your old site isnt using pretty permalinks , then it would probably be better to change to your new domain name first, wait six months, and then change the structure.


    If your current site is running over HTTP, theres never a better time to migrate to HTTPS. This is slightly different than changing your entire URL structure and in the long run, youll reap the rewards. As of July 2018, Google Chrome started Other HTTPS benefits include encryption, better referral data, performance improvements with HTTP/2, and its even an SEO ranking signal.

    You can easily migrate to HTTPS while changing domain names.

    Also, if youre site is already HTTPS, its important to have a plan in place for your 301 redirects before proceeding. This is due to the fact that the client needs to establish an SSL connection to the host before it sees the redirect. Skip down to our 301 redirects section where we discuss this in detail.

    Indexing and Crawling

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    How To Set Up Your Own Email Server

    Free program gives you back privacy and control

    If youre a privacy lover in search of a nice alternative to popular web-mail providers like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, youre in luck. You can learn how to set up your own email server and escape the routine scanning of emails these providers perform on millions of users, and enjoy a safe and private environment for your emails.

    Personal or private email servers live in your own space, unlike the usual Apple, Google and Microsoft server farms. This way, you can set up your own disk drive and fully control how your emails are accessed, managed and stored.

    For small and mid-sized businesses that want to cut costs, administrating mails may seem expensive. Similarly, running their mail servers seems difficult because of the incessant spamming. They probably also dont have the in-house tech personnel or tools to properly configure and run one, while managing the threats.

    This is why many SMBs outsource to external providers. However, this comes with hidden risks like loss of control over your mail security, privacy intrusion and confidentiality risks, delivery problems from sharing a server, and more.

    Thankfully, you can run a secure, spam-filtered mail server for your personal or small-business use. In this guide, well walk you through how to create and set up your own email server right on your PC.

    Change Your Domain Name

    Whats the value in changing your domain name? Without a good reason, its best to leave it alone, but thats not why youre here.

    Before we discuss how to change your website domain name, its wise to take a minute and consider the motivations behind that decision. Changing your domain name isnt something to be done on a whim.

    Domain names are oftentimes the first impression someone will have of your business and website so its important to take them seriously.

    Why might you want to use a different domain name for your website? I just dont like it, isnt a good enough reason, but the motivations below are.

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    Go To Your Old Domain

    Before changing your domains, make sure that you are in the settings for the old one. It might seem obvious, but you want to ensure that you will not accidentally redirect your new domain to itself or try to redirect to your new one from your new domains settings. Simple clerical errors can occur and you could cost yourself your traffic if youre not careful.

    How To Edit A Website Using Developer Tools

    How To Change Your WordPress Website
    • Open any web page with Chrome and hover your mouse over the object you want to edit .
    • Right-click the object and choose Inspect from the context menu.The developer tools will open in the lower half of your screen and the selected element will be highlighted within the interface, also known as the DOM.
    • Double-click the selected object and it will switch to edit mode. You can replace the text or style attributes and then click outside the DOM to apply the changes.
    • Use the find shortcut to help you look for specific text or style attributes.

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    If Merging Sites Make Sure Both Are As Clean As Possible

    This is where I made one of my biggest mistakes.

    When I combined Location Rebel and Location 180, both sites were pretty messy.

    We had dozens of published pages on Location Rebel that we werent using any more.

    Id also largely ignored SEO on Location 180 for years, so we were left with a lot of loose ends that I didnt think were going to be that big of a deal until they were.

    Here are some issues I ran into that you should make sure you have handled if youre looking to merge two sites:

    • Make sure you have meta data accurately input for all posts, including post titles, descriptions, and keywords.
    • Have alt information for all images
    • Remove unwanted or unused landing pages
    • Make sure pages you dont want indexed are set to noindex. For instance, all of our forum pages were getting indexed, even though it was a private forum. So the content would be listed in search engines, but when people clicked, they couldnt access any real content. This is bad for SEO
    • Watch out for duplicate content issues. You dont want two pages of the exact same thing.

    Its because of these issues I still have a lot of work ahead of me. It wouldnt necessarily have been much less work had I done it beforehand, but Google would have liked it much better if I had.

    Back Up Your Websites Content

    Before changing your domain, it is best to back up your website content as a safety precaution. This way, if anything goes wrong in transit, you will have a copy of all your past work and can continue from where you left off or restart this process completely.

    How you go about doing this may be dependent on: your website platform of choice, whether youre self-hosted or managed, and your domain provider. So be sure to take your time and know what youre doing when backing up the content.

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    Configuration Of The Web Server

    With some content management systems (such as WordPress and TYPO3, you can change settings in the backend in order to link the websites content with the new domain. For some CMSs, there are also special plugins that facilitate the easy transition from one web address to another. Learn more about the options and plugins for changing a WordPress domain name here.

    But even if a CMS or plugin removes some of the steps in the domain change process, you still need to carry out some internal adjustment processes manually. The details of each process vary wildly depending on the software used. However, there are some fundamental procedures that you should be aware of:

    • The configuration of the web server must be adjusted for the new domain.
    • If you wish to carry out an encrypted transfer of your content, you also need a new SSL-certificate. You can request one of these from your provider and install the public key on your web server.
    • If necessary, you can adapt your establishedrewrite rules if you rename and redirect individual web pages with forwarding rules, you have to make relevant changes to the .htaccess file.

    Getting A Free Custom Domain For Your Website

    Changing your website’s domain name

    A domain name is the address that you type into a web browser address bar to get a website. An example of a domain name is . A domain name is unique to a website and cannot be shared between different websites, and a custom domain name is one that is specifically for your website.

    There are many reasons why you should get a custom domain name for your website, even if your website is just for fun. In this article, we will look at some of these reasons, as well as show you where and how to get a free custom domain name for your Website.com website.

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    Change Your Site’s Domain Name

    If you need to change the domain name associated with your website, first go to your Client Area > Websites> All Site Options for the desired site.

    Next, click the kebab menu > Change Primary Domain.

    Once you confirm your new domain name, the change will happen in a few seconds!

    Bear in mind that you need to register and point the new domain name to your SiteGround website before the primary domain change.

    If you had an SSL certificate on the old domain name, we will automatically reissue a new free Lets Encrypt certificate on your new domain. You can manage this certificate or order a paid premium SSL from Site Tools > Security > SSL Manager.

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