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How To Check Domain Availability

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How To Check Domain Name Availability

How To Check Domain Name Search Availability

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Choosing a domain name can be overwhelming because first you need to come up with an idea, and then you have to check domain name availability.

Since a lot of good domains are already taken, often beginners feel stuck.

Wouldnt it be nice if you can check domain name availability faster and even find new ideas while you do it?

In this article, well show you how to check for domain name availability with some of the easiest domain search tools.

New: We created an AI-powered business name generator tool that not only helps you come up with creative business name ideas, but it also helps you check domain name availability. Try WPBeginners free business name generator.

1. is one of the best domain registrars on the market. They offer a wide range of domain extensions at discounted rates, and have the best domain management tools for beginners.

Most importantly, they have a powerful domain search tool that lets quickly check domain name availability. Simply go to their website and enter your desired keywords or phrase.

If the domain you are looking for is not available, then it will show you different combinations to help you brainstorm and come up with a unique idea.

2. Nameboy

3. IsItWP

4. Blog Tyrant

How Important Is A Good Domain Name

Digital presence means everything for you as an individual or your brand. One of the first steps of creating your digital presence is picking a great domain name.

Just like someone walking into a store on main street for the first time, a domain name makes a first and lasting impression. Its always great to pick a domain name that is easy to remember and relatable to you, your brand or a service that your business offers.

Simply Use Our Domaincheck

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Is The Domain Name Important For Seo

Choosing the right domain name can give you great SEO ranking feedback. Today, however, things are a little different. EMDs used to be a major concern. Google would boost your rankings because the keywords were immediately in the domain. That alone supplied websites with credibility and ranking power.

On the surface, it appears to make sense. If you wanted to buy a computer and did a Google search, it appears that and are the best places to look.

Others used subdomains and subfolders to stuff even more keywords into each URL in the hopes of enhancing their search engine rankings. To obtain quick SEO results, a website might add a page with the URL address

recognized that authoritative websites needed more than just a catchy domain name to be successful. The algorithm took into account several additional factors, such as referring sites and credible information.

On the results page, the value of site content is clear. Previously, Google would display the details while emphasizing the terms in the title tag, which frequently included the domain. When searching for purchasing a computer, keywords in the search question are bolded within the schema markup or a piece of site content.

Check Domain Availability Conclusion

How to check if the domain name I want is already in use

Choosing a domain is an important decision, and one that can be fraught with difficulties. Even if you dont get the exact domain you want, however, there are plenty of ways to find a suitable alternative.

Lets recap the steps you can take when you find that your desired domain name isnt available:

  • Purchase the domain from its current owner.
  • Consider a similar domain name.
  • Try using another TLD.
  • Wait for the domain to expire.
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    How Do I Find The Best Available Domain Name

    If you have an idea for the name you want, start by searching for that. If the name isnt available, well show you our best recommendations for similar, available domain names. Or, if you dont have a specific domain name in mind, just type in keywords that describe your website or project, hit search, and check out the suggestions.

    Whats A Domain Name Checker

    Domain name checkers are tools that help you to determine if a domain name is still available. Often, these tools can also suggest other related domain names, along with presenting other domain name extensions that might be available under your chosen domain name.

    There are also other related domain finder tools that are more focused on helping you generate unique domain names, while at the same time searching for availability.

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    How Do I Choose The Best Domain Name

    Great question! Here’s a few core things to consider when choosing your new domain name:

  • Choose a name that’s creative and unique. This may be the differentiation needed to stand out amongst competitors. Take a domain name like, for example.
  • Keep your name easy to remember as well. The sweet spot is ideally one or two words that capture the essence of your website. is easier to remember than, for example.
  • If you’re a local business, consider adding your region to your domain name, such as .nyc or .asia, to help your site’s visibility.
  • Consider buying more than one domain. As your site’s popularity increases, you don’t want copycats to purchase similar domains before you do.
  • And lastly, avoid numbers, hyphens, or symbols of any kind.
  • How To Easily Check Domain Name Availability

    Quickly Check Domain Availability Using Easy Command Prompt

    A domain name is essentially an online address of a business or a website much like your home address in real estate.

    There are two parts to a domain name. One is the top-level domain and the other is the second-level domain. For more understanding, let us take, for example, our website address

    Here .com part is the TLD and 99businessideas is the second-level domain and is mostly the address URL of any business or an individual.

    It is without saying, selecting a catch and relatable domain name relevant to your business name plays a key role in building the brand growth and overall success of the project.

    For selecting and registering a domain name, we highly recommend taking help from a reputed domain checker software or online platform. Our personal favorite is Namecheap.

    Find a domain starting at $0.88

    powered by Namecheap

    This Namecheap domain checking tool is very to use. Just enter your choice of any second level and press search. You will be immediately shifted to the results page of the website. If the domain name is available, you can directly book it online at the cheapest price. If it is already taken with a certain .com TLD, one has the option of registering with other TLD options like .net, .org, and so on.

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    Connect Your Brand To Your Domain Name

    You want your domain name to be a differentiator. Having a unique domain name will always be better than a generic domain that sounds all-too-similar to competing sites.

    When youre launching a brand, chances are youre doing something different than the competition. Make sure that your domain name reflects this.

    For example, think of sites like Google, DropBox, Zillow, Facebook. All of these sites have unique and memorable names. Whether youre creating new words from scratch or combining two unrelated words, one thing is for sure: they stick in your mind.

    Use The Right Domain Name Extensions

    After picking a name for your website, you need to choose a domain name extension as well. You can pick .com, .net, or .org extension depending on your website type. If you are going to open a general website, .com could be the ideal option. If you want to open a website related to any organization, you can choose the .org extension. Similarly, you can pick the .net website extension for the network-type website.

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    How To Register A Domain Name For Free

    Looking for a free domain name? There are several domain registrars, website hosting providers, and website builders offering free domain names, typically with the purchase of another service or with no cost but some customization limitations.

    Wix is a popular drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to register a free domain name with the stipulation that it includes Wix’s name as well. This means that although you get your domain name for free, it will read This is a trade-off to consider when registering a domain name for free.

    Best For

    Wix is a great choice for first-time website owners who are looking to start a small personal brand under the Wix subdomain. You can eventually upgrade to a custom domain if you end up enjoying Wixs platform. We dont recommend it if youre planning to blog regularly, as there are better choices out there, such as

    Like Wix, Weebly offers a simple website builder with a free domain name that will appear as You will have limited access to the site-building features, but you will save annual fees for domain names. This is a great option for temporary or basic websites.

    Best For

    Best For

    Bluehost is an excellent option for small-to-medium business owners who want to choose a custom domain and choose their own CMS. With Bluehost, you can opt for any CMS platform, including CMS Hub, WordPress , or even Joomla.

    Best For

    Purchase The Domain Name

    How to Check Domain Name Availability

    When you have settled on the domain name and a suffix, you will pay to register the domain name with the domain registrar. This is not a one-time purchase, however. Typically, you will pay to own the domain name for one year, after which you can renew your registration for a fee. You can expect a registration fee of about $10 to $15.

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    How Long Does My Domain Name Registration Last How Do I Renew My Domain

    How long your domain registration lasts can vary depending on the domain you purchase. Many domain name registrars will allow customers to register domains for 10 years at a time, but typically customers will register domains for one to three years.If you want to extend your registration, its easy to renew your domain with GoDaddy. You can choose to manually renew or set up auto-renewal, so you ensure it stays registered to you.

    Free Products & Services When You Register offers more for less, with free perks like URL and email forwarding to sophisticated account features like Two-Step Verification and DNS templates.

    Fair, transparent pricing

    We clearly display domain discounts and renewal pricing during the domain search process so there are no nasty surprises when your domains renewal comes up.

    Everything in one place

    Once you have a domain in hand, we make it simple to attach email, hosting, website builders, and more. Its everything you need in one convenient place.

    90 Day Free Trial with any domain purchase

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    How Do I Buy A Domain Name

    Congrats! You found an available name and youre ready to make it yours. Simply add the domain name to your cart and start the checkout process. During checkout, youll make some decisions like how many years youd like to register it for, if youd like to add site hosting, email, advanced security, auto-renewals, and other features.


    What Is A Domain Availability Checker

    Check Domain Availability in PHP

    You can use our domain name availability checker to determine whether a meaningful name is available on an domain. You do not need to make a trade-off in domain name selection. This is the dawn of a new era of domains, which means that you can now express yourself creatively on both sides of the dot.

    Our one-of-a-kind domain name checker locates available domain names for technology enterprises and startups. With a strong emphasis on providing brand names that will dazzle your colleagues and prospects, our name checker suggests names available for any domain. You can use our free tool to check a websites status or search it in the WHOis database.

    Learn how to choose a perfect name in any top-level domain here!

    What is the distinction between the several top-level domains? How do you decide which one is the best? Because most webmasters are looking to buy a .com domain for their websites, the pricing is more expensive, or it has already been purchased. You can, however, select from several TLDs to discover the one that is most relevant to your needs. For instance, you could choose .club for your childs sports team or .ca for your Canadian business. All website extensions are considered the same way for SEO purposes. Google will show no favoritism toward TLD.

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    Search For Your Domain Name’s Availability

    Once you have found the right domain registrar for you, you’ll need to search for your domain name using the registrar’s search bar. There are millions of domain names out there, with thousands more added daily.

    If you have your heart set on a domain name before doing a search, you might be disappointed to find it is already taken. Keep an open mind and incorporate important keywords into your domain when appropriate.

    3. Finalize your domain name choice.

    Once you’ve brainstormed several domain options, consider which ones are available and choose the one that fits your brand best and will also be easy for users to find.

    Xyz Domain Names Are Always Available

    Use a unique extension and successfully pass the domain name availability check.

    Stand Out From the Crowd

    The right domains are not always the most expensive or popular. The main concern when choosing a domain is to make sure that it will stand out online. A .xyz domain will almost always be available and its memorable too.

    Dream Domains at a Great Price

    Use our domain search tool to check if your dream domain is available with a .xyz extension. Simply enter the domain you’re looking for in the search bar above you could become the registered owner of that domain for a great price today.

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    How Do I Search For Expired Domain Names

    Expiring domain names are just what they sound like: Domain names that were unavailable because they were already registered but are about to expire, making the website name available for purchase again. You can search for expiring domain names using keywords or you can check the list of about-to-expire names. Search domains expiring now

    What To Do If Your Dream Domain Is Taken

    How to Check Domain Name Availability

    Sometimes you may want a specific domain, but you find out that its currently in use by someone else. When that happens, there are a few routes you can take.

    In some circumstances, you can still purchase the domain. If not, there are a variety of ways to get a domain thats similar and just as appropriate for your site. Lets look at four options that are available to you, so you can select the one that fits your situation.

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    What Is Domain Privacy And Do I Need It

    Domain privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information may be collected and displayed in ICANN’s WHOIS database when you register your domain. Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Domain Privacy + Protection package will make ICANN display our contact information in lieu of yours.

    How Do I Check If A Domain Name Is Available

    The platform lets you perform a thorough domain name search so you can find out if the name you want for your website is available and for sale. There are a couple of ways to see if the website name you want is available. The easiest method is to type the domain name you’re interested in into our search box and well tell you if the domain is available for registration. You can also search for the domain in Whois Lookup.

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    What To Do If Your Domain Name Is Taken

    Oops! Your domain is taken? Thats common, there are more than 300 million domains on the internet and that number is growing every day

    Here are some steps you can take to modify your domain name to find available ones:

    Shortening your domain name but keeping it relevant might just solve your problem. If you chose a domain name like try shortening it to

    Adding a verb to your domain name is another great way to find more available opportunities. If you picked a domain name like and its unavailable, try adding a verb like or

    In todays digital landscape youre spoilt for choice when it comes to domain extensions. There are country specific domain extensions like .ca,, and there are unique ones like .io, .co, or .inc. Pick something thats relevant or just simply pick what you like.

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