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How Much Is A Domain Name Worth

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How To Properly Value A Domain Name

Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains
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If you are considering bidding on a domain name or you want to put your domain name up for sale, you should get an idea of how much it is worth. Keep in mind that the true value of any domain is how much a buyer will pay for it. If you have a domain for sale, you can ask a large amount of money for it, but unless you can find someone who will pay that price, that is not what the domain is worth, its just what youd like to receive.

What Is My Website Worth How To Find Your Domain Name Value

If you find yourself asking, What is my domain worth, weve got answers. Here are two ways you can figure out domain name value:

1. Look at similar domains to yours

One way to figure out your domain value is to look at other websites with a similar domain to yours. You can look at website domains previously sold and see how much they sold for on the market.

For example, if you search computer repair shop, you can see a list of domains currently on the market. You can see the price these websites go for as well as their traffic volume.

You can find a website like yours and see what the offer value is.

The best place to see current and past domain name auctions is Sedo. Sedo enables you to see domains that are currently up for sale and how much domains sold for in recent days.

If you find it hard to sift through the data, Doman Name Wire posts a weekly roundup of domains purchased through Sedo. You can see if any domains like yours sold recently and their sale price.

2. Use a domain estimation tool

The easier option for finding the estimated value of your domain is to use a domain estimation tool. Domain estimation tools enable you to put in your domain name and automatically compare your domain to others like yours.

The results of this evaluation are based on what other domains like yours have sold for recently.

Estibot is a great and free option for evaluating your domain name. You can input your domain and get an immediate appraisal.

How Much Is My Website Worth

After youve spent a lot of time and effort on your website, you might be getting a little fed up with the upkeep and wondering what the end goal is.

If youre reluctant to completely drop everything youve worked so hard on, the answer could be to sell your website. Or maybe you just need to free up some time to focus on other projects.

Before you do anything, its worth asking yourself a few important questions like How much is my website worth? and Should I sell my website?

This article aims to help you answer those questions so you can turn your website into a solid financial investment.

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What Is Your Domain Name Worth

Now that you know what domain names can potentially sell for, I bet youre wondering what your domain name is worth. Check out you can search by a specific domain or word and use various filters to find sold domains closely related to the one youre thinking of selling. You can also check GoDaddys domain valuation tool to get an idea of the resale value of your domains.

If you are thinking about buying a domain name and selling it for more money, GoDaddy Auctions is a great place to find domains that might have good resale value. As with any other purchase, its always best to start slow and do your homework before spending your hard earned money and time looking for the next big domain sale.

Start your search today.

With Real Estate It’s Location Location Location

How much is a domain name worth?

A business website needs keywords that bring traffic, so the traffic can turn into leads and those leads into sales. How much a domain name is worth depends on how much traffic the keywords might bring to the website. Many variables go into traffic statistics, so you should use professional domain name appraisers like,, or They all use similar algorithms that look at:

The Extension

Extensions are what comes after the dot in any website name. is typically more valuable than If a searcher isn’t sure if they want or .net, they tend to start with .com. While originally there were only a few extensions available — .com, .net, .org, etc. — there are all kinds of niche extensions now, from .pizza to .photography.

Some experts say these industry-specific extensions might make a company look less legitimate, but if you decide to use one, domain names with relevant keywords on both sides of the dot can be worth more.

“Book.Sales” is better than “.book.”

Imagine a company called the Acme Book Sales Company, for example. The words book and sales might easily be combined in a Google search. Book and Acme will not be combined in a search window, unless someone is looking specifically for the Acme Book Sales Company. One problem with using these lesser-known extensions is that searchers may add a .com out of habit. They then might get an error message or find someone else’s site.

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Passes The Radio Test

Domain names were invented to make it easier for people to access websites, so its important that your domain is easily understandable. Does the domain sound good? Will people know how to spell it after hearing it? Is it easy to remember? Any confusion that your domain causes will negatively impact how much others are willing to shell out.

Where Can I Buy A Domain Name

There are plenty of domain name registrars out there, but only a few are worth your consideration:

You can also buy a domain name through a website builder. Website builders are platforms that help beginners set up professional websites, without having to know any code. When you sign up with a website builder, the domain registration process is integrated as part of that sign up making it a perfect option for beginners!

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An Introduction To Domain Valuation

Whether youre planning on selling a domain, or you just want to know how much one you own is worth, youll be looking to perform a process called domain valuation. This can also be referred to as domain appraisal, but the principle remains the same. Either way, this is a method for estimating the value of a specific domain name.

Before moving on, lets quickly recap some domain name basics. A domain name refers to the main part of a sites URL, which visitors use to access the main page of that site. For example, our domain name is

In turn, a domain name consists of two primary components:

  • Second-Level Domain : This refers to the main part of the URL, which most commonly contains the name of the website or the business that owns it. In our example, this is dreamhost.
  • Top-Level Domain : This is what comes at the end of the domain name, which in our case is .com. There are hundreds of TLDs available to use, but some of the most popular include .com, .net, .org, .gov, and .edu.

To add a domain name to your site, youll need to register one with a vendor known as a domain registrar. You can also buy domain names from several hosting companies. In fact, DreamHost specializes in domains by providing an easy interface to search for, purchase, and manage your assets. This can be particularly useful if you want to get your website hosting and domains from the same provider and keep the administration of your entire site under one roof.

Domain Age And Other Seo Aspects

How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why? | The Journey

Domain age refers to the date on which the web address was registered. Domains that, for example, were registered in 2011 celebrate their 10-year anniversary in 2021. Whether the time of registration itself has an influence on how Google and others rate them isnt known. However, if the domain has already been active for years, this will surely influence the ranking and therefore also on the domain value. Especially the content and the number of backlinks that link to the domain determine the reputation of the web address. Another thing to consider is the trustworthiness of the web projects that were published under the domain in the course of time. From a technical, SEO point of view, this is relevant.

Even though websites published under the domain play a role in SEO evaluation, the domain value, as already mentioned, is not the same as the value of these websites. In other words, you only buy or sell the address, unless other conditions have been agreed upon.

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Which Are The Best Domain Name Value Estimators And Domain Appraisal Services

This great list of domain value calculators and free domain name valuation tools can help you determine the value of a domain name. These domain value estimator tools provide fast and thorough data on any website/URL you enter, allowing you to make an informed decision. Check out this collection of free domain evaluation tools to find out how much a domain is worth before you buy or sell it.

How Much Is My Domain Worth

Did you know that certain domains can be sold for a hefty sum? You can also purchase an already existing domain name or create one yourself. By creating a domain, you are its sole owner and can, therefore, sell it to any potential buyers. But how much is my domain worth? This article addresses how a domain appraisal works, what affects it, and how its value is estimated.

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Value Your Domain Name

Determining the value of your domain should not be a difficult process, irrespective of your reason for trying to find out.

The most important thing is that you need to know the factors that make a domain name wanted in the first instance.

Determining domain name worth.

You need to understand that with evaluations like this, several exceptions could easily occur. The value of a domain is strictly dependent on what a buyer is prepared to pay. What we are trying to say here is that in some cases, reality may differ from the things you read in theory.

When you calculate the estimated worth of a domain, you will have a reliable baseline. This way, you wont sell a domain that costs a lot for peanuts.

With that covered, lets take a look at the features that are important when considering a domain name. These features include:

Dictionary Word Or Makeup Word

How Much Is a Domain Name Worth?

This is quite obvious, but a lot of people seem to ignore it. The importance of a domain with correct spelling cannot be stated enough. Several buyers will not be motivated to use anything that is sloppy looking and unprofessional.

On the other hand, when you use unexpected spelling sometimes, it can be of benefit to you. In some rare cases, unexpected spellings increase the brand value of a domain name.

Lets see some examples and are technically spelled incorrectly. But theyve been turned into outstanding and lasting brands.

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What Is A Premium Domain And Is It Worth Getting One

You have come up with a great new idea for a website and you only need a good domain name? A quick check on a WHOIS lookup website shows that the domain is available, but you see a price of $500 or even $5000 when you try to register it? You can get a new .com domain for as low as $8.38, so how come the one you want is so expensive? You have most probably come across a premium domain name. Below, we answer some of the most common questions regarding these domains.

Get Your Website In Front Of The Right People

While there are many auction sites available, they dont all offer the same service and not all of them are right for the job.

Wherever possible, opt for the bigger, more popular sites that have a long-standing reputation. However, its worth noting that a large audience isnt always the best audience. If your business is fairly niche, you might be better off contacting a broker with experience and contacts in that sector.

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What Is My Domain Worth

A lot of us wish we could travel back in time and buy up domain names like,,,, and more.

But, even without access to a time machine, there are still ways to make money by selling domain names. Even though 99% of short and valuable domains are already taken, there are still a ton of valuable domain names out there.

Maybe years ago you decided to purchase a random domain name on a whim, only to find out years later that your domain, was worth thousands of dollars. This scenario is more common than you might think.

Its easy to purchase all kinds of domain names, hoping that one day, a brand new startup wants to buy your domain. But, spending hundreds of dollars on random domains and sitting with your fingers crossed isnt the best or most lucrative approach, but rather find out what goes into a domain appraisal and how to actually make domain flipping profitable.

A better approach is to learn about the factors that make a domain valuable and purchase domain names that have a decent chance of turning a profit down the line.

In this post, youll learn the ins and outs of what makes a domain valuable and how to properly appraise a domain so you can answer the question, What is my domain worth? with a high level of confidence.

Are Domain Valuations A Science Or Art Its Quasi

How to determine the value of a domain name.

Theres a little bit of both art and science when it comes to finding a valuable brandable domain name.

Domains name valuations can be based on comparable sales of a similar domain name that may have sold.

For example, if you own and you can prove the sale price of, then that can be used as a basis for price setting. However, you have to consider the fact that .net will be worth less than a .com, and also the prior history of the domain. While this part of domain valuations is a science, many parts are not.

For example, when domains with no meaning or a play on words are being sold , it comes down to the buyers interest and what they are willing to pay for it.

Domain flipping is a quasi-science.

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