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How To Anonymously Register A Domain Name

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Don’t Go Blabbing Offline

How to Register a Domain Name –

Also consider not telling anyone else what you’re doing. There’s no point in taking steps to mask your identity online if you’re willing to give it away freely offline.

There is a blogger, writer and scientist in the UK who went by the nom de plume of Belle de Jour – because she wrote about being a practicing prostitute. She wrote a book and her book was made into two TV series. She remained completely anonymous for a very long time before she was outed.

The way she did it is detailed here.

The advice is a little different to the above because it talks about how to set things up in terms of business structures and accountants so you can’t be found out. It also talks about how somebody who knew her worked out and created a page on his blog that was a Googlewhack. Only somebody else who worked it out and searched for specific terms would go to the page so he got early warning and could get a message to her.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

Domain names arent sold for a flat-rate. Instead, theyre paid for on a recurring basis . When considering the costs of your domain, be mindful of the difference between the starting price and the renewal price.

Domain providers often offer discounted rates on domains for the first year or two, especially if the domain is purchased in addition to other services. The starting price is usually lower than the renewal price, so when budgeting for the long term, make sure you factor in the price of renewing your domain down the road.

On top of this, your domain extension can alter the cost of the domain. Specialty domain extensions like .store are usually more expensive than available .com domains.

While the price of domains is important, there are a lot of other factors to consider as well. If youre looking for the domain provider thats right for you, heres a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • How easy will it be to point my domain to my website? The advantage of purchasing a domain from a web-building platform is that set-up tends to be fast and easy, since youre only dealing with one company directly. Using services from different companies adds additional steps and tends to be more technical or confusing.
  • Do I need any other services? Domain registrars usually offer additional services, like web hosting, website building features, and email hosting. Occasionally, domains are offered at what seems like a low rate, but only in addition to the purchase of other services.

Registering A Domain Name With Shopify

If youre building an online store, the quickest and easiest way to add and register a domain is by purchasing it directly through Shopify. Setup is automatic, and having a Shopify domain allows you to edit your domain settings, set up subdomains, and create forwarding email addresses all in the same place you manage your ecommerce store.

To register a domain with Shopify, start by logging into your Shopify store and proceeding with these steps:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Domains.
  • Click Buy new domain and enter the domain name you wish to purchase. As you enter your domain, youll see an auto-generated list of available extensions. Click the Buy button next to the domain youd like to register.
  • If you havent added a payment method to your store, youll be asked to do so now. Once youve added your payment method, youll be brought to the summary page, where you can edit your personal information, indicate whether you want the domain auto-renewed each year, and review the ICANN policy and the Domain Registration Agreement.
  • Once you finish reviewing the information, click Buy domain.
  • After you complete the purchase, a verification email will be sent to the email address associated with your Shopify store. Click the link in the email to verify your information and complete your domain registration.
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    Anonymous Domain Registration With Bitcoin And Privacy

    With the ever-growing concerns over internet privacy, more and more people are looking for ways to protect their identities and personal information online.

    One way to do this is through anonymous domain registration.

    This process allows you to register a domain name without revealing your personal information, and can be done using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

    An anonymous domain registration can be a great way to protect your privacy, but its important to make sure that youre using a reputable service.

    There are a few things to look for when choosing an anonymous domain registrar, such as whether or not they allow WHOIS privacy, and whether they require any personal information from you during the registration process.

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies provide a great way to anonymously register a domain name.

    A service like Orangewebsite allows you to register a domain name without providing any personal information, and they accept Bitcoin as payment.

    So if youre looking for a way to protect your online privacy, consider using an anonymous domain registration service with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

    Introduction: Can You Buy A Domain Name Anonymously

    How To Buy a Domain Anonymously

    Yes, you can easily buy a domain name anonymously. Privacy is everything in todays online world. One mistake, and all your information is in the pocket of someone else. The same happens with your domain name.

    So, anonymous domain registration is vital in todays digital economy. Because by taking just a few more steps, you can secure your information.

    Registrar need to submit your personal information to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . It includes who owns the domain, address, email, registrars information, and contact details. ICANN maintains a public database of domain owners and their details.

    If you dont take any preventive measures to protect your personal information, anyone on the internet can view your info from ICANNs WHOIS database.

    This tutorial will explain why you should buy a domain anonymously, how you can do that step by step, and which domain registrars provide these options. We will also discuss various ways which you can use to remain anonymous.

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    Can You Buy A Domain Anonymously With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

    Yes, you can easily buy domain names with Bitcoin. The transactions are anonymous in the case of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, you can take some additional steps to make yourself more anonymous.

  • Purchase some required Bitcoins
  • Make one more wallet and save all relevant information.
  • Once again, change your TOR identity.
  • Transfer the bitcoin from the first created wallet to the second wallet from a mixing service.
  • Once again, change your TOR identity.
  • Purchase your domain name with Bitcoins, which are in your second wallet and are not linked to you.
  • Boom! You purchased a domain name anonymously.
  • Anonymous Domain Registration Service

    Register domain with us / Transfer your domain to us

    With us, you are able to register a wide variety of domains at affordable prices. You don’t need to have a website to be able to register domains. We offer a free domain-parking and DNS service. Scroll down to see the benefits of having your domain with us. All of our domains are registered outside of the USA and EU.

    Transferring your domain to us is simple. Follow the steps below to start your transfer process. Prices for transferring are the same as registering. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

    Benefits of having your domain with us

    We are able to offer you extended privacy and low online censorship by registering all the domains in an offshore location, outside of the USA or European Union. Our billing system is simple and our prices always stay the same. You may take advantage of two-factor authentication and other advanced security features with us. You may use our services completely anonymously.

    .IS domain registration

    .IS domains are country Top Level Domains of Iceland. By registering .IS domain you will benefit from having your domain registry in Iceland instead of EU or USA. This way your domain is fully protected by Icelandic laws and privacy protection. Iceland is also well known location for being a safe haven for journalists and publishers by protecting their freedom of speech. You may register your .IS domain with us instantly by using our online registration service.

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    Check If Its Available

    Next, you need to check that the domain name you want to select is available.

    Unfortunately, many of the good domain names on the web are already taken. Each domain registrar has a search box that you can use to check if the domain name you want to register is already taken by someone else.

    Or you can simply use Instant Domain Search, which not only tells you if your desired domain name is already taken but also helps you find ideas for a new name if it is.

    When you come to a good domain name and its available, you can proceed to the next stepbuying it!

    How To Buy A Domain Name Anonymously

    Fake Domain Name Registrar

    Njalla is a service that was created by Peter Sunde, who co-founded The Pirate Bay back in the day.

    Unlike other Domain Name Registrars, Njalla is actually not a Domain Name Registration Service, they are a customer to them. Njalla sits in between the domain name registration service and you, acting as a privacy shield.

    When you purchase a domain name through Njalla, they own it for you. However, the agreement between Njalla grants you full usage rights to the domain. Whenever you want to, you can transfer the ownership to yourself or some other party.

    Then there is Orange Website. They offer Site Management through cPanel within Orange as well.

    Orangewebsite also accepts BTC. The beauty of Orangewebsite is that they are based out of Iceland that has very strict privacy laws. However, they also require no personal information and lists their own company for the WhoIs information on your site.

    In addition, if youre environmentally conscious they use energy efficient servers as well since most of Iceland is powered by geothermal power.

    You can also go through more traditional Domain Name Registrars as well.

    Like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator or Bluehost, all offer WhoIs protection and Namecheap even accepts Bitcoin.

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    What Does Proxy Mean In Domain Name Registration

    The proxy entity becomes the registered name holder on record instead of your personal information. Fully managed DNS service. Use our DNS to point the domain to your server. We offer around the clock first-level support via live chat and ticket to assist you with basic troubleshooting of your cases.

    Where can I register a domain in Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin domain registration orders are processed by Coinbase gateway and after 3 node verification your domain is ready for activation. Bitcoin domain registration is a secure way to register your websites domain name.

    How To Host A Website Anonymously

    If youre planning to host a website anonymously, this article is for you, as here youll find all the information youll need to have an online presence incognito. To understand how to host a website anonymously, you first need to understand what anonymous hosting is.

    In a nutshell, anonymous web hosting governs when a website is hosted by an anonymous site owner or web hosting provider. There are several different grades of anonymous web hosting , all of which is based on just how anonymous you want your website to be.

    There are several options available if you want to have a completely anonymous website, even down to how you choose to pay for your website hosting – with some of the best anonymous hosting providers also offer the option of paying with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

    Well show you how to host your website anonymously, explain the benefits, and highlight the best anonymous hosting provider for the job.

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    More Difficult More Expensive

    Even though once the regulations come into effect cybercriminals can still hide behind corporations or registrars in other countries, the result will still be to make malicious activity more difficult and expensive, DomainTools argues.

    Anderson concludes: This raises the bar and makes it expensive for easy cyber criminality like business email compromise and credential phishing campaigns. Additionally, this reduces the attacking area left to monitor as it reduces the number of registrars that attackers can use.

    The draft directive was amended in March and may be further changed before ratification. The amendments clearly specify that telephone contact information needs to amongst the information collected.

    Member States shall ensure that the database infrastructure of domain name registration data contains relevant information, which shall include at least the registrants name, their physical and email address, as well as their telephone number, to identify and contact the holders of the domain names and the points of contact administering the domain names under the TLDs.

    The amended measures also clarify that the registrars will be obliged to provide domain name registration data, including personal data, upon duly justified requests of legitimate access seekers, in compliance with Union data protection law within 72 hours of receiving a request.

    A complete catalogue of feedback to the proposals can be found here.

    Which Is The Best Anonymous Hosting Provider

    Register Domain Name Anonymously

    The best overall anonymous hosting providers are Hostinger and Hostwinds. With these services, you can maximize your online presence anonymously, and both meet the maxim that aside from successfully protecting user identity and privacy, a top anonymous hosting provider should also deliver site performance and reliability.

    If youre looking for the most affordable option, Namecheap is the best choice, as it also rates among the best web hosting services like Hostinger and Hostwinds. It’s also very much worth considering both Shinjiru and OrangeWebsite, as these two lesser-known hosts are top alternatives for anonymous, or offshore, hosting reliability.

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    Enabling Or Disabling Privacy Protection For Contact Information For A Domain

    When you register a domain with Amazon Route 53 or transfer a domain to Route 53, we enable privacy protection by default for all the contacts for the domain. This typically hides most of your contact information from WHOIS queries and reduces the amount of spam that you receive. Your contact information is replaced either with contact information for the registrar or with the phrase “REDACTED FOR PRIVACY.”

    If you choose to disable privacy protection, you must disable it for all contacts for a domain. If you do disable privacy protection, anyone can send a WHOIS query for the domain and, for most top-level domains , might be able to get all the contact information that you provided when you registered or transferred the domain, including name, address, phone number, and email address. The WHOIS command is widely available it’s included in many operating systems, and it’s also available as a web application on many websites.

    The information that you can hide from WHOIS queries depends on two main factors:

    The registry for the top level domain

    Most TLD registries hide all contact information automatically, some allow you to choose to hide all contact information, some allow you to hide only some information, and some do not allow you to hide any information.


    To enable or disable privacy protection for some domains, you must open a support case and request privacy protection. For more information, see the applicable section in :

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