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Who Is My Domain Registered With

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Do A Whois On The Domain

How to Find Out Who Your Domain is Registered Through and Who Hosts Your Website

The first place to always check is the whois record for your domain name. This lookup will tell you where the domain name is registered and where the DNS is.

Head over to and enter your domain name.

This resource is good because it clearly shows all the information you need to know:

Notice the nameservers section and the registrar information.

The registrar is where you registered the domain name. In this case, its with Wild West Domains, which is a reseller for GoDaddy.

With the domain name servers , this is where all the records are kept saying which parts of the domain name go where. Theres a host for DNS. The host may be at the same place you registered the domain, with your hosting company, or somewhere else.

If you ever move your website to another hosting company, you need to check where DNS is hosted. If its hosted with your old website host, they may stop hosting your DNS for you, which will bring down your website and email.

There are sometimes tricky names for DNS hosts. For example GoDaddy uses DOMAINCONTROL.COM for their DNS hosting. Most people dont know that DOMAINCONTROL.COM is GoDaddy. If youre not sure who the DNS host is, then go back to the top and enter the domain name found under the nameservers to find out more about that host.

For example, if the nameservers show up as:


Why are there 2 nameservers?

What youll do is remove the first part of the domain , which is:


Complete Control Over Your Domain

There are some registrars that only provide partial control over your domain.

This could include the registrar adding their own contact information to portions of your domain details , or even preventing you from making critical updates to the settings .

Your potential provider should be able to tell you their policies on this before you register your domain name, so dont be afraid to ask if youre going to have full control over it before you register it.

Should You Add Domain Privacy

Another consideration to keep in mind is to decide whether you want to add domain privacy or not. This feature allows you to hide your private information so nobody can see it when they perform a WHOIS lookup. This is useful as it protects your information from getting scraped and used by online scammers and spammers.

You can easily add domain privacy during the registration process.

GoDaddy offers full privacy and protection packages for both individuals and businesses. This service protects your private information, prevents related spam, and it can also safeguard your website from accidental loss of domain due to expired credit card, potential hacking attempts, and deter hijackers.

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Find The Information You Need In Whois Records

If the domain owner is interested in selling their domain, their contact information is typically available in the Whois records. However, youll sometimes find that the information youre looking for has been blocked by the domain provider for privacy reasons.

If the domain that youre interested in is being sold by someone who is looking for a willing buyer, the steps outlined above is the easiest way to start negotiating a purchase. But if the seller has hidden their contact information or is not interested in selling their domain, dont despair! There are workarounds for those who are interested in a domain that has already been registered.

How To Check For Domain Name Availability

How to Register Your Own Domain Name by Godaddy

To do a domain name check, simply use the search bar at the top of thispage.Our search engine will immediately let you know whether your domain name isavailable for registration.If its available, you can then follow through on the registration process.If its not available, youll be provided with alternative extensionsuggestions.

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Use Some Apple Terminal / Linux Tools

Heres the geeky way using the Terminal app on a Mac or it works in Linux. Most IT people live in Windows land and dont have access to great tools like this. I dont know how many emails Ive received from supposed IT People asking me to tell them the IP address of a website. Its public info you just need to look it up but they dont know how. Heres now

Do a dig. Type in dig and then the domain name :

TonyMacbookPro:~ tony$ dig  < < > >  DiG 9.8.3-P1 < < > >  global options: +cmd  Got answer:  -> > HEADER< < - opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 7602  flags: qr rd ra  QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0  QUESTION SECTION:       IN   A  ANSWER     86400   IN   A  Query time: 71 msec  SERVER:  WHEN: Mon May  2 20:50:17 2016  MSG SIZE  rcvd: 48

And then take that result and do a dig -x on it to find out more

TonyMacbookPro:~ tony$ dig -x  < < > >  DiG 9.8.3-P1 < < > >  -x  global options: +cmd  Got answer:  -> > HEADER< < - opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 24104  flags: qr rd ra  QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0  QUESTION SECTION:   IN   PTR  ANSWER 3600   IN   PTR  Query time: 37 msec  SERVER:  WHEN: Mon May  2 20:50:23 2016  MSG SIZE  rcvd: 73

Can The Whois Search Tool Be Used To Register A Domain

Yes, you can. When you search for a domain name using our tool, the WHOIS lookup results will show whether the domain name is available for purchase or not. If it is, you can purchase it there and then.

However, you will find our Domain Checker tool much more convenient for this purpose. It will display more alternative options, offering different variations of domain extensions and domain name titles.

We are a web hosting provider on a mission to bring success to everyone who goes online. We do it by constantly improving server technology, providing professional support, and making the web hosting experience seamless.

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How To Get A Domain Name

To purchase a domain name, you actually have to register it. In other words,you, the holder, “rent” a domain name for a set time period.You will have to periodically renew your desire to keep your domain. If therenewal process is not executed in due time, you may end up losing yourdomain name and whatever was hosted on the related website.But not to worry: Netim has got you covered. In order to avoid anyunpleasant surprises, you will receive several reminder emails containingall renewal deadline information.To register a domain name, you just have to check its availability. Use thesearch bar at the top of this page to do so. If the domain is indeedavailable, good news: all is left for you to do is complete our step-by-stepregistration process!

Lookup Domain Name Registration Online

Who is my domain name registered through? How do I find my hosting provider? Storing website info

Need the details of a .au domain? We provide a simple, easy-access search tool for our customers and visitors. Using this tool, you can search the details of all Australian domain names. Simply type the name of the domain you want to check with the domain extension and click search to find out the owner and their best contact email.

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Contacting The Domain Owner

Since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 15th May 2018, the personal contact details of domain owners in the EU can no longer be published. You can only find out who owns a domain by contacting the domain provider, who then forwards the request to the domain owner. Reasons for contacting the domain owner may include general and technical inquiries, domain sale inquiries, as well as information in the event of possible misuse of the domain or domain name.

With .uk domains, Nominet will ordinarily not release your personal data without your consent. The exception to this is in the case of a legitimate request from, for instance, a law enforcement agency or a trademark holder wishing to enforce their intellectual property rights.

Verify Your Site With Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools

Google, as you may know, isnt actually the internet, nor does Google actually search the entire World Wide Web.

What Google actually does is search their index of the internet. This index is created by relentlessly scanning the web for new sites, pages and content. This is how Google can provide search results so quickly.

This makes Search Console an absolute necessity for any website looking to get found online via search.

Not only does it help Google find your site in the first place , but it also helps them keep track of changes and updates to your site, such as new pages and content.

Since Search Console spots any errors Googlebot may find with your web pages, you can easily identify and fix common problems including

  • 404 pages
  • Server error
  • DNS errors
  • Thin content
  • Penalty notices

You dont need to use Search Console in order to be included in Google search results, but you get a heck of a lot more control over how Google processes and views your site and its content so why wouldnt you use it?

Setting up Search Console is pretty straight-forward, and it wont take you long to get to grips with the basics either.

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Domain Name Or Website

The first thing to figure out is, are we talking about the domain name or website? Theres a difference.

Your domain is registered somewhere, the DNS is somewhere, the website is somewhere and the email is somewhere. Yes, there are 4 things:

  • Domain name
  • Website
  • Email

Dont worry too much about this many times, either all or a bunch of these things are hosted at the same place. The main point here is that they can be at different places, so dont see one thing, make an assumption, and be wrong.

What Is A Whois Ip Lookup

How to Register a Domain Name (+ tips for getting it for FREE)

An IP is a unique address of a server on the internet. Similar to how a telephone number allows you to connect to a specific phone on the telecom network, similarly, an IP address allows your computer to connect to a specific server on the internet.

Domain names and IP numbers are the framework upon which the entire world wide web is built.

IP numbers are assigned to networking organisations with a record maintained by governing bodies for each IP number and the organisation to which it has been assigned. A whois IP lookup allows you track the above mentioned details for a domain.

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How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

Each Registry sets its own rules pertaining to the obtention of a domainname and how much it costs. Depending on the Registry, certain TLDs can gofor triple if not more the rate of other TLDs.To learn all about TLD pricing, you can check our extensive catalogue.We currently have 1,000+ TLDs available forregistration.You can click the Sales Only option on the catalogue to learn more about ongoing deals andthe conditions that may apply.

Become A Reseller And Benefit From Specific Offers

Web/SEO agency, web hosting provider, lawyer, intellectual property firm…Do you manage large domain name portfolios on behalf of your clients?Learn all about our reseller program: API, specific modules, Netim Direct control panel andmore.Get started now and grow your business with Netim!

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Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

Its a requirement in Australia and most places across the globe, that all details relating to the registration of your domain are stored online in the public WHOIS registry. When you register a domain, your details are automatically listed in the registry, unless you opt for Domain Privacy.

This registration requirement makes domain ownership transparent, enabling anyone to check the registry and contact the owner of a domain directly, no matter where they are in the world. If you want to know who owns any single .au domain name, you can check the WHOIS directory simply via the portal below. View the auDA Whois Policy.

Find Your Domain Name Registrar

How to Find Out Where Your Domain Name is Registered


Only domains ending in .COM, .NET, and .EDU work with this tool.

  • On the InterNIC search page, in the Whois Search box, type your domain. For example,

  • Select the Domain option, and then select Submit.

  • On the Whois Search Results page, locate the Registrar entry. This entry lists the organization that provides registrar service for your domain.

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    Why Do Some Whois Queries Have More Information Than Others

    With WHOIS now in a state of change due in part to privacy laws such as GDPR, the data displayed in a WHOIS lookup can vary to some degree as each of the Registrant, Registrar and Registry have a jurisdictional nexus with such laws.

    Where a nexus with the EU’s GDPR is present, Personally Identifiable Information will often be removed or redacted from WHOIS output.

    What Is Whois Domain Privacy

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the organization that governs the rules and regulations for domain name registrations. ICANN requires, for various reasons including to determine ownership of a domain should a dispute transpire, that a publicly accessible database be maintained that contains the contact information of all domain registrants. In layman’s terms this means your domain name will be searchable by anyone and those search results will include your full name, physical address and other contact information. In order to protect your privacy in this regard, MyDomain offers WHOIS Domain Privacy which then masks your information using our own and implements a procedure for you to control who is able to then gain access to your contact information via a WHOIS search. Whenever you buy a domain name, no matter what domain name registration service you use, you are subject to the same ICANN rules, for this reason it is important to use a reputable service who cares about your privacy. MyDomain always recommends enabling WHOIS Domain Privacy.

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    Use Whois Or Icann Lookup

    In case you are unable to find your billing records, you can search for your domain registrar online. Simple WHOIS inquiries will tell you what the registrar knows about your domain name. The WHOIS domain database is a listing of all registered domains and is regularly used for various legal purposes.

    Typically, public WHOIS records show the domain owners contact email, street address, phone, and fax numbers. Thats unless the owner is using a domain privacy feature such as IDProtect.

    Additionally, a WHOIS service will also show the current registrar, DNS servers, and the domain names creation and expiration dates. To find out who your domain registrar is, you can use a WHOIS service such as Follow the steps below:

    • Input your domain name in the bar above your displayed IP address
    • On the results page, see the information in the Registrar Info block. You will find your domain registrars name, along with their website.

    Alternatively, you can use ICANN Lookup to find your domain name registrar:

    • In the search field, enter your domain name
    • Click on Lookup
    • On the results page, scroll down to Registrar Information:

    GDPR WHOIS Specifics

    The impact of GDPR is being felt not only by businesses and individuals. GDPR also has influence over security researchers, investigators, and those who offer security products and services that rely on WHOIS data. GDPR impacts everyone who processes EU personal data.

    Country-Code Domain WHOIS Specifics

    Domain Name Resellers

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