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What Is My Wifi Domain Name

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Windows Dns Server Address Settings

What is Domain (Network) | Domain name (internet) | DNS server explained

If you’re running Microsoft Windows on your computer, you can look up or change your DNS server settings in the network settings control panel. Most of the time, your computer automatically uses your internet service provider’s settings for DNS servers, but you can edit these through the configuration menu.

Under “Edit IP Settings,” choose “Manual” to see and edit your configuration settings. If you ever want to revert to your ISP’s defaults, choose “Automatic” at this point. Choose “IPv4” or “IPv6” to edit settings for the older or newer version of the internet protocol. Most sites and ISPs still rely primarily on IPv4, the older version. See or edit your DNS server settings under “Preferred DNS” and “Alternate DNS,” for the primary and secondary servers, respectively.

Intermittent Broadband: Url Domain Names Not Being Resolved

on 31-12-202015:43

I recently signed up for Virgin’s broadband 350mps and have a new Hub 3, but keep getting cut off the internet.

I use a Mac and bought “Network Logger Pro” to catalogue the outages. Nearly gave up on Virgin within the 14 day window but stuck with it. Work Zoom/Teams calls keep losing connections, which is unsustainable.

After every outage I check Virgin’s service report – the online one and the more localised telephone one: they all say everything is OK. The online check says everything is OK, and factory reset twice and switched on/off several times. No change.

After some outages Network Logger states:

“DNS Outage Detected – URL Domain Names are not being resolved to IP addresses by the DNS Server your Internet connection is using, but IP address based traffic is still flowing over the connection. Check your local DNS settings or the DNS server they point to.”

Googling – and searching on this forum – haven’t enlightened me.

Has anyone got any advice?

I did try calling customer service but gave up after hanging on the line for 25 minutes I also tried Chat but got no response.

Many thanks,

What Is An Ip Address

An IP address is simply an address on the internet. Just like homes have addresses, so do computers connected to the internet.There are two types of IP addresses: public and private. The private IP is the address allocated to your device by your router. The public IP address is provided by your ISP and it is the address that allows you to explore the internet. You can easily check your IP address via an IP lookup tool. Visit the IP lookup tool, and it will show your public IP address as well as IP location, ISP and even operating system.

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Cctld: Country Code Top Level Domains

ccTLDs use just two letters and are based upon international country codes, such as .us for the United States and .jp for Japan. Theyre often used by companies that are building dedicated sites for specific regions and can be a good way of signaling to users that theyve arrived at the right place.

How Do You Read A Domain Name

Tm Unifi Router Password

Each domain name includes a top level domain like .com or .net, and a subdomain of that top level domain. For example, take a look at the domain name for this website: The TLD is .com in this example, and lifewire is the subdomain.

Taken together, as a whole, forms a fully qualified domain name that you can use to visit this website.

Domain names can also include additional subdomains. For example, is a subdomain of, and you can use it to visit the English language version of Wikipedia.

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Editing The Dns Server


  • 1 It will be on the Connections page. This will select it.
  • 2Click Change settings of this connection. This button is in the top row of options in the window. Clicking it will open the connection’s settings.
  • 3 It’s in the window that’s in the middle of the Wi-Fi Properties pop-up. Doing so will select it.
  • If you don’t see this window, click the Networking tab at the top of Wi-Fi Properties.
  • What Does A Port Scanner Do

    Basically, a port scanner probes a host or server for open ports. These applications are commonly used by administrators to verify network security policies . In fact, even hackers use port scanners to identify open ports on a host so they can exploit any vulnerabilities attributed to those open ports.

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    Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting

    Going back to the start of this article, if the domain name is like your physical address then web hosting is like the physical building and the contents stored within.

    Domain names are used to create a handy little shortcut to link what visitors type into an address bar to the server thats used to host the website. Theyre entirely digital and stored in a centralized database.

    Hosting is a little different because it requires a physical server thats located somewhere in the world and connected to the internet. Its essentially like a computer hard drive that stores all of your websites files and databases. Its called a server because it literally serves your website to your visitors.

    When you type a URL into your web browser, it sends a request to the specific server that your site is hosted on. The server then uploads the files and transmits them across the internet to the device that youre using, which downloads the files and displays them. Feel free to have a look at our more detailed guide about domain vs hosting relationship.

    Do I Need A Domain For A Website

    Internet Domains : what is domain name

    The answer is yes. A domain gives your website a unique and searchable address, making it accessible to internet users. Without a domain, your visitors would have to look for the IP address at which your website is hosted. Since an IP address consists of a string of numbers and characters, this can make it hard for your visitors to remember.Remember that choosing a simple yet memorable domain name can help create a professional first impression.

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    Configure Routers Ip Address In Opendns

    After you sign in the OpenDNS dashboard, switch to the Settings tab. You will be displayed with the option to create or add a network with prefilled IP address and settings. This IP address is currently assigned by your ISP provider.

    Just hit on button and give it a name, say Home WiFi.

    Now your ISP network IP is mapped with OpenDNS service.

    Note: If your ISP assigns the dynamic IP addresses, then you can use an OpenDNS updater software program that will automatically renew the network with the new dynamic IP address. You can download the latest OpenDNS updater from these download links:

    Checking Dns Settings Online

    There are a few tools that can tell you information about your internet connection, including your DNS settings, through a web interface.

    One of these tools, called IP Leak, automatically displays your DNS settings when you visit its website at If you are using a virtual private network, you may only be able to see DNS information assigned by the VPN, not your normal internet provider.


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    Re: Intermittent Broadband: Url Domain Names Not Being Resolved

    on 31-12-202020:16

    Hi again, well I first connected the Apple Extreme router without changing the Hub 3 to “modem only” mode and the Apple Extreme wifi signal was fine.

    Then after testing that I switched the Hub 3 to “modem” mode – following the guidance. However, after doing things by the video the Apple Extreme couldn’t connect: it said: “No DNS Servers: This Airport base station doesn’t have any DNS Server Addresses and might have trouble connecting to the internet”.

    After much faffing about, I reset the Hub 3 back to being the modem/router and disconnecting the Apple Extreme.

    The troubles that made me try to use the Apple Extreme will probably continue – I suppose I should buy an ethernet adapter for my USB C connection and test that – but that involves locking my laptop onto my Hub 3 in a place that will stop me working while testing it .

    So, is there any other way of solving the original problem without plugging a computer into a wired ethernet connection?

    And/or does the message that the AirPort Extreme had shed any light? is this a Virgin problem? Going slightly crazy here!

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    Re: How Can I Find Out Or Set My Local Domain Name

    How to Change WiFi Name

    Sorry, i should have been clearer!

    In short, I am trying to toying with some home automation and using a Pi-hole. I am using the Pi-hole as a DNS and the RAXX200 as my DHCP. In order for me to get device names showing in phile, without using it as my DHCP too i need to forward the requests to my router’s IP address and it requires a “Local domain name”.

    I have had this working on an old router where i could set this, but i kep the default supplied which was “lan”. I.e. ipad.lan

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    Domain Names And Urls

    The universal resource locator, or URL, is an entire set of directions, and it contains extremely detailed information. The domain name is one of the pieces inside of a URL. It is also the most easily recognized part of the entire address. When computer users type a web address directly into the field at the top of their browser window, it initiates a process of locating the page requested. To do so, the instructions contained inside the URL, including the domain name, must correctly point to that location. The IP address is a numerical code that makes this possible.

    What Is A Domain Name Domains Explained For Beginners

    A domain name is essentially your websites equivalent of a physical address. In the same way that a GPS needs a street address or a zipcode to provide directions, a web browser needs a domain name to direct you to a website.

    A domain name takes the form of two main elements. For example, the domain name consists of the websites name and the domain name extension . When a company purchases a domain name, theyre able to specify which server the domain name points to.

    Domain name registrations are overseen by an organization called ICANN . ICANN specifies which domain name extensions are available and keeps a centralized database of where the domain names point to.

    Every website that you visit effectively consists of two main elements: a domain name and a web server.

  • A web server is a physical machine that hosts the files and the databases that your website is made from and sends them out to people across the internet when they visit your site from their machine.
  • The domain name is what people type in to access your site, and it points the web browser to the server that stores those resources. Without a domain name, people would need to remember the specific IP address of your server and thats just not going to happen.
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    Who Owns A Domain Name

    A domain name is legally owned by a domain registrant. Whenever someone registers a domain name, the registrar will gather the registrants personal information and submit it to the WHOIS directory.With that in mind, if you register a domain name, you automatically become the registrant and will continue being so as long as you renew the fees.

    How To Transfer A Domain Name

    How to find hidden Wi-Fi name (ESSID)

    Domain names can also be transferred between domain name registrars. Though there are a few special conditions that must be met:

  • 60 or more days must have passed since the registration or last transfer.
  • The domain name must not be in Redemption or Pending Delete status.
  • You should have your domains authorization code .
  • Domains ownership details must be valid and privacy protection services must be disabled.
  • While it is not mandatory to transfer your domain, having all services in a single place can greatly simplify the management process.

    Here on Hostinger, you can perform a domain transfer from any domain name registrars. The process can take somewhere between 4-7 days to be fully completed. However, our dedicated customer success team will be there to assist every step of the way.

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    Add The Opendns Ip Address In Wifi Router

    Login to your WiFi Routers Admin portal and look for the DNS settings. The DNS settings are supported by all major network router manufacturers. Whether you are using the Netgear, D-Link, TP-Link or any local router device, the DNS settings are available at the admin area.

    Here is the DNS settings page in my beetel Router which I got along with my ISP connection.

    All you need is to switch the DNS settings from automatic to manual DNS setup. In manual DNS settings, enter the below OpenDNS IPv4 addresses:


    Save and restart your WiFi network router to commit these changes. It will take a few minutes to make the changes on your router.

    After your router is restarted try accessing this welcome OpenDNS page to verify if the DNS configuration is successful.

    You will get this orange color tick symbol along with the message: Your Internet is safer, faster, and smarter because youre using OpenDNS. This means your router is successfully configured to use the OpenDNS service.

    Routers Webgui Status Page

    You can use routers web gui page to find out dns server IP address assigned by your ISP.

    • First, open a web browser .
    • Type the routers IP address on the Address bar on top then press Return .
    • Enter your routers username and password when prompted.
    • You should see router page like the one below .

    Fig.01: My linksys home router

    • Finally, click on Status to view dns address assigned by your ISP. You should see status page like one below

    Fig.02: My linksys router’s dns server settings assinged by my isp

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    Whats In A Domain Name

    Domain names function on the Internet in a manner similar to a physical address in the physical world. Each part of the domain name provides specific information. These pieces of information enable web browsers to locate the web page. The naming system is closely regulated in order to prevent confusion or duplicate addresses. As demand increased exponentially, a new Internet Protocol version, or IPv6, was created to expand the number of domain names available.

    So What Is A Domain Name

    [SOLVED] local area connection shows it

    A domain name is essentially the web hosting equivalent of a postal address. Heres what you need to know:

  • A domain name is your websites equivalent of a street address.
  • They consist of a website name and a domain name extension .
  • All domain name registrations are overseen by ICANN.
  • Domains work by forwarding visitors to the appropriate server.
  • .com domains are the most popular, powering 46.5% of the web.
  • ccTLDs use country codes and designate geographic areas .
  • gTLDs tend to be designed for specific use cases .
  • Every domain name registrar has a different signup process.
  • You can use domain search engines to find available domain names.
  • Domains can be transferred from one provider to another.
  • Servers are physical machines that store your websites files.
  • If you need help, our support team will be more than happy to help.
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