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How To Get Your Own Website Domain For Free

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Mozello Free Multilingual Websites

How To Get Free Domain For Your Website 2021

This Latvian company is one of the smaller players worldwide. What strikes us about Mozello is that they allow you to create a multilingual website for free something you wont get anywhere else. The range of features includes a blog, an online store and decent SEO options. Fortunately, the advertisement is just a link in the footer that most of your visitors wont even notice. 500MB of free storage is included and should be enough for most of us.

The downside is that the editor, albeit easy to use, is really limited compared to its competitors. Certain elements like a gallery can only be added to a specific gallery page-type, for example. This makes Mozello rather inflexible.

Mozello Screenshots:

Our demo website: Beauty Studio

What we liked: the almost unnoticeable ad and the possibility to create a free multilingual website.

Where they should improve: the editor needs to become much more flexible and feature-rich. There is no easy way to add SSL encryption. In our test, not even the Mozello editor was using a secure connection, which is a bit worrying!

Free Trial:

S To Get A Free Domain Name

Getting a free domain is easy, and it only takes six simple steps.

  • Claim your free domain
  • Hostinger is a great option to get a free domain, since it comes bundled with their most affordable web hosting packages. These bundle deals are really valuable, because youll still still need someone to host your future website once you secure your domain name.

    With a bundle you kill two birds with one stone. Plus you keep domain registration and web hosting with a single provider.

    Hostingers low-cost bundles also includes WordPress, free email accounts, and other tools youll need to build a great-looking website.

    The signup process for Hostinger is incredibly easy. Everything is geared toward beginners, so you dont need any technical experience to get started.

    Theres no sign-up risk, either, since Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you arent happy for any reason, get in touch within a month of the start date to receive a full refund.

    Hostinger keeps it simple: Click Start Now and purchase one of the plans with a free domain! But Ill walk you through getting your free domain name with Hostinger below.

    How To Register A Domain On Godaddycom

    GoDaddy is also known as a web hosting provider, but you can also buy a domain name from them.

    Step 1: Look up a new domain name first. If you havent come up with a good name yet or are assessing different options, GoDaddy has a nice set of extra features to help you out.

    You can use the Bulk Domain search to check a bunch of domain ideas for eligibility in a click. Or you can play around with their free domain name generator to get some alternative suggestions if your primary choice is already taken:

    Also, if you are feeling very determined to get your desired domain for branding purposes, GoDaddy can try to broker a deal for you with the owner. But remember, the original owner may name any price they deem appropriate so in that case, youll be paying:

    • Domain purchase fee to the seller.
    • GoDaddy Domain Brokerage commission.
    • The regular yearly subscription price for the selected domain and add-ons.

    If you are running a small business, going into a heated negotiation with some cyber squatters may not be the best investment of your time and budgets.

    Wait out and see if the other person forgets to renew their domain or abandons it so that you could snatch it then. GoDaddy has a Domain Backordering service where you can reserve your place in line for a specific domain. If theres more than one buyer, the domain goes on auction. If its just you only, you get it immediately.

    Again, youd be pitched several upsells in case you change your mind.

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    Create An Email Domain With Zoho Mail

    If you already have a domain name , you can use Zoho Mail to set up a matching email address for free. This email service offers a variety of plans, including a Forever Free Plan with access for up to five users, 5GB of data, and a 25MB attachment limit.

    To set up your free email domain, go to Zoho Mails pricing page and scroll down to Forever Free Plan. Youll find it near the bottom of the page and its less obvious than the paid plans.

    Next, youll need to add your existing domain or buy one through Zoho. You can purchase a domain name for about $10 per year:

    Select Add Now beneath Add an existing domain. Then, fill out the information in the popup window:

    Once you click on Add, youll land in your setup area, where youll need to verify your domain using either the TXT, CNAME, or HTML method. Zoho Mails detailed setup guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this:

    Once youve verified your domain, you can create your first email address, which will also become the primary administrator account. Click on Create.

    Next, its time to configure your email delivery. Youll need to log into your web hosting portal, head to the DNS manager, and locate the section with your MX information:

    Once you save your new MX record, it might require around 30 minutes to take effect. After that, you can log into your account via Zoho and start using your new business email.

    Ways To Get A Free Domain

    Four Ways to Get Your Own Domain For Free

    There are a number of ways to get a free domain, and each one comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

    Some sources only provide free domains on a limited-time basis, and others only provide free obscure country code top-level domains , so they aren’t suitable if you’re looking for a .com or .net domain. Others let you choose a .net or .com, but they register your domain in their name instead of yours.

    Here are the best ways we’ve found to get yourself a free domain:

    • Watch for promos from This service normally sells inexpensive domains, but they sometimes provide domains for free. You have to follow their social media to catch a promo if you want a free domain.
    • Get a free domain from Freenom: This service works in conjunction with Dot TK and others to provide totally free domain names. You don’t actually own the domain name, so you can’t sell or transfer it.
    • Get the GitHub Student Developer Pack: This option is only available if you can prove that you’re a student, but it provides access to a free domain name among other benefits.
    • Use web hosting that provides a domain name: Some web hosting companies provide a free domain name when you sign up. Check to make sure that you will actually own the domain yourself.

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    How Can I Get A Free Website

    There are many ways to get a free website, from site builders such as Weebly, Wix, or GoDaddy to an open-source content management system like However, while free website builder plans are 100% free, there are other costs when using WordPress, such as hosting, a domain, an SSL certificate, and the cost of any plugins or premium themes you want to use.

    Why Do Domains Cost Money

    You dont actually buy the domain name, you rent it from your registrar. The price you pay them is for the service of routing the domain name to an actual server. Without that service a domain name would lead nowhere, they have to point visitors to the right server. They need servers to do that, which you pay for.

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    Why You Need A Custom Domain For Your Website

    Yes, it is true that you dont necessary need a domain name for your website. In fact, there are many website builders that offer free plans with free website addresses. But these free website addresses come in the form of a sub-domain. For example, if your website builder is , they may create a sub-domain called for you to use on your website. Visitors typing in will end up at your website.

    The sub-domain is free and it is not owned by you, but rather by the website builder and they can create and delete any sub-domain they wish. When a website builder decides to delete a sub-domain, the website that is associated with it is deleted as well. You may say, Simple enough, Ill just build a new website on another website builder.

    But you may not realize its not that simple.

    When you lose your website address, you lose all your regular visitors people who bookmarked your website and return frequently for updates and new information. When they click on their bookmark link, they will end up at a browser error page.

    Not to mention all the marketing work you have to do to publicize your new website and get your visitors back. It will be awhile before your website gets back to what it used to be.

    How To Get A Free Domain From Freenom

    Make a Website for FREE with Free Hosting & Free Domain (IN 8 MINS)

    Freenom is another registrar that provides free domain names. The catch is that when you register a free domain through Freenom, they register it in their name and then just give you the right to use it for the length of your registration period. You won’t be able to sell or transfer the domain to anyone else, because Freenom actually owns it.

    The other important thing about Freenom is that they only provide a limited number of top level domains. You can’t use this service to get a free .com or .net domain, but you can get a free .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, or .gq domain.

    Here’s how to get a free domain from Freenom:

  • Navigate to, enter your desired domain name, and click Check Availability.

    Freenom only provides domains with the .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, and .gq TLDs.

  • Click Checkout.

    If your desired domain name isn’t available, enter a new one or try one of Freenom’s suggested alternatives.

  • Select your desired registration period, and click Continue.

  • Click Verify My Email Address, and wait for an email from Freenom. Click the link in that email to proceed.

  • Enter your information, and click Complete Order.

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    Are There Any Other Costs Included

    Once you pay for your web hosting subscription you will get your domain name completely free of charge no other costs included. This deal even includes a free SSL certificate that will secure your website and run it on HTTPS.

    The only other cost you might have to worry about is the renewal fee once the year of free domain name registration is up.

    Pay For A Business Email Service

    Along the same lines as paying for a site builder plan and receiving a free domain, you can pay for a business email service and receive a free domain. Places like GoDaddy will allow you to pay for a business email account, while receiving a free domain for the first year.

    Keep in mind the drawbacks that we mentioned in the last section. With some of these services, you will have to pay any ICANN registration fees for your domain. You also will have to begin paying fully for the domain in year two and beyond, and some of these renewal rates can be quite high.

    Do your homework before you try to obtain a free domain name by subscribing to a business email service. You may find that its a better deal to just pay for a web hosting service like Hostinger, like I mentioned earlier, to receive your free domain name.

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    Why Are Some Domains Free has been a one-stop shop for all your online business needs for years. We are proud to have helped our customers get online quicker and easier so that they can share their ideas with the world. has been recognized as one of ICANNs most reputable and trusted registrars for over two decades. When combined with our partnerships with some of the worldâs largest and most renown registrars and registries, we can share these free offers with our customers.

    Connect Your Domain To A Cms

    How to get free hosting your own domain

    This is an optional step but can help you manage your website with ease. A CMS, or content management system, gives you full mastery over your content. It’s easier now more than ever to connect your CMS to your domain name with HubSpot’s Custom Domain Connection.

    With this tool, you can connect a custom domain, establish your brand, and create a beautiful user-friendly website in minutes.

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    Adobe Spark From The Makers Of Photoshop

    Youve certainly heard of Photoshop. Maybe youve even heard of Adobe Dreamweaver, which was one of the first big WYSIWYG editors. While its powerful, its everything else but free . Probably for that reason, Adobe created a free solution called Spark.

    Spark is pretty much the anti-Dreamweaver in that its as easy as it gets. But that has mainly to do with their limited feature set. Rather than building websites, it allows you to create a single web page. Theres no blog, store or any other business features. It does offer nice design possibilities and lets you create really nice galleries. But be aware Adobe puts its brand top and bottom. To get rid of their ads youll have to pay around $10 monthly. Frankly, for this kind of money you are much better off with site builders like Wix or Ucraft.

    Free plan:

    Choose Your Billing Terms

    After you select the appropriate plan, Hostinger asks you to choose a period for your plan: monthly, 12-month, 24-month, or 48-month.

    If you want the free domain, do not select the month-to-month payment option. Hostinger only includes the free domain with terms of one year or more.

    The longer your commitment, the greater the discount. You also stretch out that discount for as long as possible, because renewal pricing is never as good. This is not a Hostinger thing, it is just the way every host does it.

    If you sign up for longer, Hostinger will actually lower the renewal rate. This is not common. As you can see in the image above, the renewal price for a single month of service is $11.99/month, whereas the renewal price for a 48-month term drops to $6.99/month.

    The downside to signing up for a longer period is that you have to pay upfront. Again, this is typical of every host. But Im willing to take the hit with Hostinger because it is a really great deal.

    Do the math: Hostinger Premium Shared Hosting saves you over $400 for four years of hosting. Pay a hundred and change today, and dont worry about your website hosting again until this years high school freshmen have graduated.

    When you factor in the savings of a free domain name, the price only gets better.

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    I Want To Get A Free Custom Domain From Websitecom Whats The Next Step

    Once youve decided to proceed with a custom domain name, your next step is to go to and sign up for a website builder plan. Then, from there, you can search for the domain name you want to use.

    As we have mentioned earlier, you can choose from 13 different domain extensions. And while a country-specific domain extension costs more than a generic domain extension, if you want to use a .ca domain name instead of a .com, go ahead your first domain is on us.

    Other Ways To Get A Free Domain

    How To Create A Free Website – with Free Domain & Hosting

    For the sake of comprehensiveness, Ill also discuss two other ways of getting a free domain. Although I dont recommend them, its always good to know all of the options.

    • Get a free subdomain
    • Use a free domain registrar

    Ill explain each of these methods in greater detail below, including the reasons why theyre not recommended.

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    Choose A Domain Name That Reflects Your Brand

    Before you ever take out your wallet to buy a domain name, you must first create a custom domain name that accurately reflects your brand.

    Avoid dashes and numbers for the purpose of readability. If your domain name is already taken, you can add a service, product, pronoun, location, or action to the domain, such as buy or shop. These additions help you create a custom name without straying too far from your brand name. Examples include:

    Pay For A Premium Site Builder Plan

    A free name is usually included in the premium plans of website builders. For example, Wix, Squarespace, Zyro. When you buy a premium plan, you get a free site name and the opportunity to create a website on a reliable website builder using a wide range of features.

    Its a good way to simply and quickly get a domain name, not in a subdomain.

    Usually, website builders offer fairly expensive premium plans, which can nullify your savings in getting a free domain. However, here you get a domain and the ability to create a website based on templates and get support from the service team.

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    What Is Domain Name Hosting

    When you buy a domain name, you are purchasing the right to use that name exclusively for a certain predetermined length of time. On the back end, your domain name host will register that domain name using the Domain Name System , so that you can use it for websites, email, or other domain services.

    Domain name hosts usually offer more than just domain name registration services. Many of them will offer hosting for websites as well as domain names. They will also provide data storage services and security features to protect your domain name from theft.

    The most common way to use your domain name is for a website, but many hosts also allow you to use it for one or multiple email addresses, or to forward users to another domain.

    Domain name hosts typically offer technical support, since you might need their help to set up security features for your site, connect a website builder, or do some other technical task.

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