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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Website Domain

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The Cost Of A Domain Depends On What You Need

How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why? | The Journey

Is it without a doubt that domain names are important to your businesss success on the internet . In todays digital landscape, unless you are looking for an aftermarket domain and have zero flexibility in your name choice, then there is no reason the cost of your domain should drain your wallet. For a select few customers, the price is going to be high. For most of us, we should not expect to pay more than $20 annually.

With that being said, remember to look for hidden fees, discount scams, and ensure that there is no sneaky language in the terms of the agreement.

The Cost Of Web Design Is Optional

Thirdly, go to the web design process. Designing a website yourself using Site Builder or CMS is a free or inexpensive option.

The web designing cost for a site will depend on a range of factors such as the number of pages, the content, and complexity of the design, whether a contact form is required, or a banner design etc. Youre paying for the web designers time, so the more complex the design, and the more variations that are considered, the more it will cost.

What If Someone Already Has The Domain Name I Want

This is a valid concern, given that over 1.7 billion websites are live on the Internet right now. Chances are a lot of great domain names are taken, and when this happens, the cheapest option by far is to brainstorm a different name. But if youre dead set on a domain thats taken, and dont want to compromise, you still have some options.

You can use resources like to see domains that have recently become available . Otherwise, youll have to pay much more for an aftermarket domain, usually by dealing with online auctions in which youd bid on an already-registered domain to be transferred to you.

Aftermarket domain prices are so expensive because the value that a short, relevant domain name can bring to a brand is, well, invaluable . For example, if you were looking for car insurance and werent sure where to start, you might head to a domain which sold for $49.7 million in 2010.

Of course, not all aftermarket domains will go for millions, but as a rule, any useful one will still be pretty expensive. Since most of us wont be dropping our lifes savings on a domain name, were going to have to come up with our own. So you might be wondering

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Hire A Freelancer To Make A Small Business Site

Hiring a freelancer makes sense if you dont have anyone in-house to deal with your website .

Cost Breakdown:

WordPress developers charge around $61-$80 per hour. A small business website will take roughly 50-100 hours to develop, so the total will round up to $3,000-$5,000. Thats without factoring in other costs such as a website theme/template or builder subscription, hosting plan, domain name, and premium plug-ins.


  • Get a professional, on-brand website with all the features you need
  • No need to hire a new employee or re-train an existing one


  • Longer development timeline if you need advanced features or cannot provide good specs
  • You may need to pay for a website theme or design separately unless you partner with a full-stack developer
  • Schedule extra time for teaching your team how to use the new website

For How Many Years Can I Register A Domain

How much does it cost to buy a domain name

This depends entirely on the TLD you wish you register but usually you can register a domain for up to ten years. Visit the individual domain page and take a look at the pricing table to find out.

Whether youre looking to register for just one year or ten years, its important to find out the cost before you commit. Sometimes you may find that you can get a discount on a multi-year purchase, so its worth checking!

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How Much Is A Custom Domain

Essentially every domain is a custom domain, as its possible to create any name that your heart desires. The only thing stopping you is if it has already been taken! Why not use our domain name search to see if your customized name is available?

The price tag of a custom name depends on the extension you choose and how long you wish to register it. For example at the time of writing, a could cost you as little as $4.88 a year. However, for business essential .incdomains, come at a fixed price of $1,898 a year.

You may decide to choose a personalized domain name, and pay for your name followed by a .com, a .me or a .biz. This option is ideal for those looking to build a personal brand. Why not find out if your personal domain is available?

Do I Need More Than One Domain Name

This is more a business decision than a necessity. You only need one domain name for your website. However, you might want to buy multiple domains with spelling variants andredirect them to your site, just in case people misspell your main address.

You might also have unique domain names for different aspects of your business to help your users find what they need more easily. An alternate domain can also serve as an easier-to-remember variant of the original domain.

And if youre in a business where the competition is stiff say youre running for elected office it can be worth it to buy several variations of your domain so that the opposition cant use them.

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Are Email Accounts Included In Wix Pricing

What you may notice is that Wix doesnt include any email accounts in their plans. This is pretty frustrating given they offer a free domain when you sign up and you cant attach it to an email account free of charge.

Wix is now partnered with Google Workspace which seems to be the approach that other website builders like SquareSpace are taking to for their email solutions too.

Google Workspace plans start from $6 per month where you can connect your professional Wix domain to an email account.

Siteground $999 Free With Hosting Plan

How much does my static website cost? web host, domain name, and website themes.

SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting providers, and we rank it as the #1 Canadian web host . However they make it a simple and user-friendly platform for domain name search, management, and transfer of domain names, as well as domain-name registration.

Given that most people curious about domain prices want to build a website on top of their new domain, it makes sense to include SiteGround in this list.

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The Web Hosting 730 Per Year

After you have selected and registered your domain name, your second most important task is to get ready to choose a web host.

    • A web host provides you with the space, tools, and support to create your web pages and email accounts .
    • A web host actually stores your web files. Our web hosting plan usually charges an annual fee. At, it starts at. 730 per year, and is more than enough space for the average customer.
    • our all web hosting plans is that you can easily upgrade to an any package if you should need it.

The Domain Registration Per Year

Registering a domain name is the most important step in creating a website. . 730 .com for its one-year registration fee. Renewal of domain name fees is the same every year, mostly on an annual basis.

Some domain registrars offer a domain name discount on first year purchases, but their renewal costs are very high.

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The Price Varies With Domain Extensions

Good .com domains are still the most coveted domain name extensions. However, you need to realize that good .com domains are difficult to get. Most common .com domains would already have got registered.However, worry not. There are a number of new domain name extensions you can try luck with

When you look for the domain name registration price, dont just look for the first time registration fee. See the other costs as well- like renewal fee and the whois privacy fee.

.com domain price and other fees comparison from

Some of the costs involved in a domain name registration include the following

Your Domain Name Should Be Optimized For Search Engines

How much does it cost to buy a domain and web

A keyword in the domain name wont give you a huge advantage over your competitors in terms of search rankings.

However, it can give you a slight edge, which is nothing to scoff at given how crazy the competition to appear on the is.

That being said, it is not necessary, so if you cant find a way to incorporate a keyword in your domain name then dont push it.

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Web Hosting Cost Explained

Hosting server costs can vary in our 2H 2021 market research, hosting prices started as low as $0.83 and go all the way up to $400 a month .

The price depends mainly on the types of web hosting for which you sign up. Generally speaking shared hosting is the cheapest but with the lowest server capacity dedicated hosting is the most expensive and most powerful, while VPS hosting stands somewhere in between shared and dedicated hosting.

One area we have yet to look more closely at has been the meteoric rise of website builders like Zyro, which costs between $2.90/mo $14.90/mo. These companies offer a unique perspective on the web hosting market. Drag-and-drop functionality has expanded website building reach to a vast, new customer segment.

You need to find the right features and price and choose a reputable hosting provider with good customer support. The right combination can lead to a lifetime of bliss, but the wrong one can end up costing you much more money than you expected.

Use Website Builders To Create A Blog

SaaS website builders such as Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy provide a domain name, hosting plan, website templates, native features, and security for a monthly subscription fee. On top of that, you can access certain add-ons for an extra fee e.g. a paid theme or access to a payment processing tool.

Also, if your traffic grows and/or you want to add more web pages to your blog, youd be forced to switch to a more expensive monthly plan.

Cost Breakdown:

Total:$150 to $450 per year.


  • Standardized price
  • Tech support and troubleshooting included in the plan
  • Fast time-to-market for launching a blog


  • Limited customization: not all platforms provide access to source code
  • Limited integrations: some website builders cannot be extended via plugins or third-party apps.

For a personal blog or a small website, a website builder is a good starter-option. You get access to easy-to-learn website development tools with the blogs backend managed for you.

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Which Tld Should I Use

Technically, it doesnt matter. The TLD will function exactly as it is supposed toso long as it was registered properly. The .com TLD is the most common but if you want to variate, you can. There is no one TLD that is more efficient than the rest, nor is there one that comes more highly recommended than others. With that being said, the .com is what many suggest as your safest bet.

This, of course, depends on the type of business you are putting on the internet.

Content Management System Costs

Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

A CMS provides graphical controls for managing your website. These come in-built with online website builders as well as SaaS eCommerce platforms.

Also, you can use one of the popular free content management systems:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

For an enterprise website, you might want to build a custom CMS. Depending on your specs, this can cost between $10,000-$35,000 to develop.

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Hire An Agency To Develop Your Ecommerce Site

Partnering with an agency is more expensive, but a good eCommerce development partner will generate measurable ROI. Depending on the web stores size and complexity, this agency could range anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 for an enterprise eCommerce website.

On the other hand, agencies usually provide a full-spectrum of services from conception and branding to development, roll-out, and maintenance. On top of that, you can commission a scalable website that grows organically with your business, instead of being confined by a host of features a website builder provides. Thats where the long-term ROI will come from.


  • Build a high-performing eCommerce platform that meets your current business needs and can be scaled to accommodate future growth
  • Create a sleek user experience and delightful shopping experience with the help of professional consultants
  • Choose any eCommerce platform or go for a fully custom build there are no limits


  • Seek out an agile web development agency that can rapidly iterate on your feedback and requirements, unless you want an incredibly long development timeline
  • In-house technical expertise will be required to oversee the development process

Where To Buy A Domain Name

Buying a new domain, rather than one thats already owned, will be the best option for most people. The domain registration and purchase processes vary a little based on what registrar you use but should be straightforward.

Domain registrars are companies that manage and sell domain names. There are standalone registrars, but most hosting providers also sell domain names.

For example, registering a domain here at DreamHost can be an easy and practical way to go. Since were both a domain registrar and a hosting provider, you can make your purchases together as a package.

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What To Do If The Domain Name You Want Is Already Taken

If your desired domain name is unavailable, youll need to decide how much using it is worth to you. Youll likely have to spend a lot of money if youre determined to buy it from the current owner.

Because of the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR regulations from the European Union, its not quite as easy as it used to be to look up a domain owners contact information on the WHOIS directory. However, you can still use the directory to see the organization name related to the domain.

Even if the owner has opted for full domain name privacy protection, their domain registrar should be able to help you connect with the domain owner via a third-party company, such as Tiered Access. This helps to ensure privacy for the domain owner. You should expect the process to take several days.

Once youve made contact, the next step is to make an offer, either directly or through a domain name broker. For a fee of 1520% of the transaction cost, a broker can assist in managing the negotiation process and provides protection for your money.

Of course, you have other alternatives as well.

You could use a different TLD, set up a domain lease, or search for a very similar name that is available. Well discuss some tips for doing that next!

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