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Why Do You Need A Domain Name

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How Do You Get A Business Domain Name

Why Do You Need a Domain Name And a Hosting Plan?

To get a business domain name, you must first decide the right domain name for your business and then purchase it from a domain name registrar. You can often purchase a domain from your web hosting company, as oftentimes, a website builder technology doubles as a domain name registrar. In fact, the initial domain-registration process and website hosting steps often take place simultaneously when you start your business website. In other words, many companies through which you can register your domain double as web hosting companies.

Sodo I Need A Com Domain

No. Technically speaking, you do not need a .com domain because there a ton of other TLDs to choose from .

Of course, its definitely not that simple! The real answer here is it depends whos asking. There definitely is an elite and official quality to .com that other TLDs have not yet matched. If youre a world-class organization then having a domain ending in .com will help cement this status to others. Consider the exorbitant costs that you might incur acquiring your domain name just one part of your marketing budget.

If youre not in a position to drop $300,000 for a domain name then things can get a little more complicated. If the .com domain that youd like is available for a reasonable price then great, stop reading this right now and go buy it !

When the .com option is not available, dont settle on a weird alternate version of what youre looking for just for the sake of grabbing a .com. Remember, its all about memorability & brandability. Adding extra words or abbreviations will start to confuse your audience. Instead, it would be better to find another TLD that really speaks to you and utilize it to make your domain really stand out.

What do you think? Am I crazy for even suggesting that you might not need a .com domain? Know any great examples of sites that use other TLDs? Let me know in the comments below!

Which Domain Extension Is The Best

You can never go wrong with a .com domain extension. Try to get a domain name that keeps your business brand consistent and also has a .com extension.

Depending on where you live, other extensions also might be good options. For example, if your business is based out of the United Kingdom, it never hurts to have your localized domain extension in this case, .co.uk in addition to a .com.

So, using the above example, here are two great options:

  • highstreetplumbing.com
  • highstreetplumbing.co.uk

If you can’t find a .com available for the domain name you want, your next best option is to choose a .net. If your business is a nonprofit, try for an .org. These are the three most prominent TLD choices. If it fits your business, you could also try out some of the newer domain extensions. You can find the full list of currently available domain extensions here.

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If Your Chosen Domain Name Is Already Taken

There are online domain name generators available to help you create an effective domain name for your business. Domain name generators are a handy tool to use if your preferred domain name is already taken.

Such a tool can help you create a similar one that is specialized and also has appropriate keywords.

How Do You Configure Your Domain Name With Your Website

What Is A Domain Name? And Why You Need It For Your Brand ...

Now that you’ve bought all of those domain extensions, what are you supposed to do with them? First, configure your domain names with your web hosting service. This will launch your website and allow you to use a company email address to make everything professional.

Using the same High Street Plumbing example, let’s say the main domain name is highstreetplumbing.com. But because you’ve bought highstreetplumbing.co.uk and highstreetplumbing.net, you have the option of domain parking these sites, which means tying them all to your business website’s IP address.

That means that, if a customer is looking for High Street Plumbing and happens to type in highstreetplumbing.co.uk instead of highstreetplumbing.com, they won’t get an error page. Instead, they will automatically be redirected to the main website, highstreetplumbing.com.

Domain parking helps to prevent others from taking your domain name and makes it easy for customers to find your business online.

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Create A Holding / Under Construction Page

With the excitement of a new business or website launch comes the urge to tell the world of your future plans.

If you do this before you have any kind of web page present its an opportunity missed. This is why its a good idea to get a holding page for your website online.

A holding page is useful for a few reasons

  • Firstly, it proves you have an active presence
  • You can give a website launch date
  • Build your mailing list nice and early by including an email form
  • Encourage social network shares
  • Include a contact form / contact details so interested parties can get in touch

When building your website wed recommend trying out WordPress in fact, we use it for this very blog. Its extremely flexible and since it is so incredibly popular, theres loads of fantastic support guides available online.

A major benefit of WordPress is that by using plugins you can pretty much get any functionality you could dream of all at your fingertips, often without the need for any coding skills.

Consider Previously Registered Domains

Keep your eyes open for domain names that have previously been registered. Millions of domains have been registered over the years and a fair chunk of them are up for sale once again. If your dream domain has been registered by someone else, check to see if it’s available on a domain marketplace or Aftermarket. This is a great way to purchase your own domain.

If youre buying and selling domain names on the Marketplace, you may be able to find a great price on a domain youve always wanted. If you use our domain lookup tool, you can discover information about a site owner, and make an offer which they may accept.

Domains are re-released and available to the public after a grace period of around 75 days. One of the advantages of snapping one of these up is snapping up some of their traffic. Registering it can work to your advantage but dont be tempted to buy a domain based on existing traffic alone. Youre on to a good thing if a relevant domain name that was receiving traffic has recently expired.

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What Is The Domain Name System

The Domain Name System is a technical process by which domain names are translated into their corresponding Internet Protocol addresses .

As we mentioned previously, every website has a unique, complex string of numbers and letters known as an IP address that computers use to render a web address to an end user.

While humans use words, letters and numbers to navigate to a specific website, the internet uses IP addresses to identify the web pages location.

When you type in the domain name or URL that you want to visit, the DNS works behind the scenes to find the sites correct IP address, and then it connects you to the website.

Make It Easy For Visitors

Why Do I Need a Domain Name?

Finding an easy to type and memorize domain name can be critical to your success online. Keep in mind that seeking for the best domain name may require a lot of time and brainstorming, but bare through. You can be sure that the time youve spent would be worth at the end of the day.Please note that the presence of slang words or words that have multiple spellings is not recommended. By avoiding them, you are basically making sure that it would be less possible for potential visitors to input the wrong domain name when they actually want to type in yours. Naturally, this would result in losing traffic to your competition.

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Expired Domain Name Cost

An expired domain is a domain name that has already expired, and the owner has decided not to renew. This expired domain will go back on sale, and people can purchase it usually at a price similar to the yearly rate of a new domain.

Expired domains are available for purchase on specific domain marketplaces, such as FreshDrop and Expired Domains.

If a domain is soon to expire, you can use the backorder service to place an advance order. This service often charges around $25-99 one-time fee. There are online tools like WebsitePlanet and Sitechecker.pro to check a domains expiration date.

Should I Get Private Registration For My Domain

The only one who could provide a satisfying answer to this question is the customer or web owner himself. You need to weigh in the pros and cons that private registration does to your contact info and how it translates to your website or business.

While the domain name is great, some websites dont need it. For instance, if you feel that there is little to no danger in exposing your contact info on the Internet then it becomes optional. However, if you feel that you value your privacy and dont want to get annoying calls or messages, then private registration is a must.

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Why Is Com So Popular

To start, lets think about why .com is so popular in the first place. Its pretty crazy to think about, but .com was introduced way back in 1985! It was one of the first set of top-level domains introduced, which also included .edu, .gov, .mil, .org and .arpa. Unlike the other options, .com was originally intended for commercial websites. Since there were many more commercial use cases on the web than education, government, military, organizations and technical infrastructure , its natural that most websites began adopting .com for their domains.

Because it was introduced so early on, .com became the go-to TLD because it was essentially the first out of the gate. By the time most of the public was even able to to come online in the 90s, .com had already been established as the standard for what a domain should look like. A website in 1996 that didnt end in .com would have felt to someone like listening to an album on vinyl instead of a CD .

If I had a million dollarsId buy you a domain name.

Choose Branded Areas When Available

Domain Names: What They Are and Why You Need a Good One

There are plenty of areas that are available for use when you are about to develop a brand. Those include customer service, advertising, promotional merchandise, logo, reputation, etc. All of them can work together in order to help in building one unique and attractive professional profile. Branding is of vital importance to your business because it has an overall impact on your company. It can change the way people recognize your brand and also drive new business, in addition to increasing brand awareness. The most significant reason for making your brand important is that its how your company would be recognized and how it would become known to all customers.

The logo can easily be considered to be the most crucial element of branding. You can think of it as the face of your company, thus you should make sure it represents your business perfectly. Take the time you need and research everything you need to know on the matter.

Educate yourself and you will be able to accomplish your goal of outstanding branding. This will make it much easier for you to create an appealing advertising strategy that would play well into your ultimate goals.

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Do You Have To Buy The Same Domain Name As Your Registered Business Name

In short, no. However, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, your domain name should be similar to your business name. So, if your registered business name is High Street Plumbing Ltd., you wouldn’t want to pick the domain name tomsplumbing.com.

Keep your business brand or personal brand, if you’re self-employed consistent across all of your content, platforms and marketing items when choosing a domain name. Make sure your domain name is consistent with the branding you use for your business on social media as well.

In the case of High Street Plumbing, these would be a couple of domain names to consider:

  • highstreetplumbing
  • highstreetplumbers

Even if the domain name isn’t exactly the same as your registered business name, it still gives your customers something similar to search for online.

Short And To The Point

As you type or write a few domain names out, read them out loud. How does it sound? Is it a mouthful or easy to say? If its easy to say, then its easy to remember.

A catchy domain name will be shared. It should also be easy to spell and without hyphens or other special characters. Its difficult to remember where those fall into a domain name.

Additionally, the domain name should be short and to the point. A short URL is appealing and, again, easy to remember. It looks more professional on business cards. Its also easier to manually type into the browser.

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How To Decide On A Domain Name

Your brand says everything about you, your values, your identity, and what you promise to deliver. Why should your domain name be any different? Before choosing one, its important that you educate yourself on the different styles and types of domain names out there so you can make the best decision for your needs.

A new startup business should select a domain name that parallelsor even better, matchesthe company name to direct customers to your site without any confusion. This is a great opportunity to choose a name for your business that is unique and available as a domain before announcing yourself to the world.

If you already own an existing business and your company name or certain keywords you wish to use are not available, a little creativity might be needed to select a domain name. Well get into that later in this article.

The Top Reasons You Need A Personal Domain Name

Onlyfans Advice: Watermarking & Why You NEED Your Own Domain Name. How-To Video for Online Creators.
  • May 4, 2015·
  • ·

Domain Names, they arent just for celebrities and businesses anymore. Sure, you might think you dont need a domain name unless you own a company or want to start a blog, but you are wrong. Purchasing your personal domain, especially if the .com is available, can and will be useful in the future. Why may you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Personal Branding

Owning your own domain is a great way to brand yourself online. This is especially important if you are a journalist, graphic designer, writer, architect or anyone who need clips or examples of their work to show potential employers. Your personal domain can act as your online business card. It gives you the chance to brand yourself in a particular light, while also giving people a chance to see a glimpse of your work. If someone happens to search for you online and you own your personal domain, it will be the first thing to show up in the search engine. It is the easiest way to be found online and also adds a layer of professionalism.

Ease of Use

If You Dont Buy It Someone Else Will

It Costs Less Than Your Latte

With everything moving online, it is easy to see why having your own domain name is a smart decision. If we havent convinced you yet, purchase one here and try it out for a year. You wont regret it, we promise.

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