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Is My Domain Email Blacklisted

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What The Spam Blacklist Checker Does

Find Out If Your IP Address or Domain Name is Blocked or Blacklisted

The Spam Blacklist Checker queries the following using the provided domain name or IP address to see if there are any matching results:


All of these lists use different data sets and methods for identifying problematic senders, so a domain name/IP address may appear on some, but not all lists. Furthermore, these lists do not block messages they provide information to email servers which do block messages from what appear to be spammers.

Though you can search the records with domain names, spam blacklists use IP addresses only changing the domain name while keeping the IP address will not change the results.

How To Check If Your Domain Is On A Spam Blacklist

The worst nightmare of an email marketer is to find themselves on a blacklist. Unfortunately, even if you run clean marketing with a subscriber base collected legally, your domains IP address can still get blacklisted.

The good news, however, is that the problem can be fixed. More importantly, you can avoid it in the first place by regularly validating your contact list. The topic is complex and might be overwhelming, so Id recommend first checking what Brian Minick, COO of ZeroBounce Email Validator, has to say about maintaining a healthy contact base hygiene.

Next thing you need is a domain spam check: see whether your website is currently on the list. There are a number of services you can use to do it:

For example, in Spamhaus, go to Blocklist Removal Center > Domain Lookup Tool and enter your domains name. Youll get instant result.

You may use other services. The procedure will be the same.

A Sudden Increase In Email Volume

This is a common mistake that almost all new marketers do. Shooting up of your email volumes is an alert sign that you are sending emails to an email list you didnt build on your own but have acquired it in bulk from some external source. Simple logic- How come you got so many subscribers in a single day?

With that said, the industry is now in more control of the email blacklist than you can ever think. They are using DNSBL services and even have their own rules for blacklisting.

The DNSBL service is not just a constantly updated directory of domains, but more of a software environment that works in close conjunction to the ISPs DNS that is responsible for mapping your IP address to Domain name and vice versa.

Is that a need to worry? We have just looked at a scenario when you are listed on the blacklist but not how it is seen by multiple services that use it.

Now with your domain/IP being blacklisted, does everything stop? Can you only send emails after being delisted? it depends. To answer that question we need to look at how the MSP and ISP work with DNSBL and deal with emails from blacklisted domain and IPs.

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Why Is My Ip Address Blacklisted

A blacklist is a database of IP addresses that are believed to send spam. Emails from these IP addresses are either blocked or routed to the recipient’s spam folder or handled accordingly.

Your IP may be in a single blacklist or multiple backlists. There is no centralized authority for that. Each blacklist is managed independently, and each has its criteria for listing or delisting the IP address in its blacklist.

There are several reasons that your IP is on the blacklist.

  • The main reasons for IP blacklisting are the virus, malware, and sending many spam emails.
  • If you run a mail server that is not configured correctly, which results in sending spam, or you intentionally send spam, then definitely your IP address becomes blacklisted.
  • Maybe you tried to purchase the email lists from a third party containing many incorrect or spam email addresses.
  • The majority of the email receivers mark your email as spam.
  • Someone hacked your email account and using it for spammy activities.
  • There is also a scenario that your IP is on the blacklist even you did not do anything wrong. That frequently happens when having a DHCP IP address. Most of the blacklist maintainer automatically adds the IP address that is assigned via DHCP by ISP. Even though you are not a spammer, maybe the person who had your IP address before you, using it for spamming activity. Only your ISP knows who had that IP address before assigning it to you.
  • Your website is suspected of being used for hacking purposes.
  • Email Blacklists: How To Check Get Removed And Avoid

    Is my domain name on a blacklist?  ICT Project Management Ltd

    Some emails never make it to the recipients inbox. Sometimes its due to a hard bounce generated by an invalid email address. Other times its because the senders IP address and/or domain has been blacklisted.

    Are blacklists as bleak as they sound? How easy is it to get removed from one? This article will cover all you need to know about email blacklists.

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  • Why Do Domains Get Blacklisted And How To Delist Them

    Have you ever wondered what is the solution for the modern spam epidemic? Blacklists are the answer! Learn more about what they are, why do domains get on blacklists and how to get a domain off a blacklist.

    What is a Blacklist?

    Depending on the source, the amount of daily spam emails being sent is anywhere between 80 to 95% of all emails sent on the internet that day. With such large numbers, most experts agree that manually sorting through your inbox to get rid of spam has become highly inefficient. As such, public blacklists of mail servers and IP addresses have been created to prevent repeat offenders from relaying spam.

    A blacklist is a list of blocked domains, email addresses or IP addresses. When a website gets on one of these lists, users can no longer access the site directly and servers that use these blacklists will block emails from the domain .

    The operators of some of the biggest blacklists, Spamhaus have created this chart to make it easier to understand how and when the blacklist interacts with the email:

    There are public blacklists, which as the name suggests, are available to everyone to filter email, while private blacklists are maintained by third-party organizations. To find out more about domain blacklists, read our article on what are DNSBLs .

    How do I know if I am on one?

    How did I get on one?

    – Technical – Policy – Evidence-based

    There are also some common triggers that lead to blacklisting:

    How do I get off a blacklist?

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    How To Carry Out An Email Blacklist Check

    Youll know youve been blacklisted when your undelivered email generates an error message to inform you of the blacklisting.

    If, however, you dont receive any such message but notice a sudden drop in your delivery rates, its a good idea to do an email blacklist check.

    One of the easiest ways to do this is to go to the websites of the most common blacklist vendors and check the blacklists directly. These sites usually have lookup tools with which you can enter the IP address or domain name and run a search. Its that simple.

    Here are some of the most common email blacklist providers:

    Another option is to use one of the many email blacklist checkers available online.

    If youre looking for a free email blacklist checker you can try out tools like MXToolbox or Ultratools.

    How To Check Blacklist Domain

    Blacklisted e-mail: how to solve it.

    So, we have already figured that it is crucial to verify domain blacklisting regularly. However, how to do this? It is straightforward: follow this 4-step routine.

    The important thing to note. Bear in mind that even if you use one of the respected email service providers with tools that check blacklist domain, it still does not mean that you are protected from being blacklisted. It is still highly recommended to do your own checkups to ensure that no stone was left unturned.

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    Xbl Exploits Block List

    The XBL mainly lists hijacked IP addresses. While these are typically PCs and not servers, we do see servers listed. If a PC is hacked but uses your server as the SMTP gateway or if your server itself is used as a spam gateway, your servers IP may land in the XBL.

    XBL Removal Process: Easy

    You can use the Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center to get more details on the removal process.

    Is My Domain Blacklisted Get The Rundown On Blacklisting

    Email marketing is effective for many reasons. Primarily, it gives you numerous opportunities to cultivate a relationship with followers. Theyll be more loyal to your brand when youre in frequent contact.

    Of course, you cant take advantage of this valuable channel if your emails arent being delivered. Thats why its important to understand email blacklisting. For various reasons, your domain might get blacklisted, preventing your emails from reaching inboxes.

    The information here will help you understand blacklisting and answer the question: What is a blacklist? Plus, well provide tips on what you can do about a blacklist domain if you find yourself in this situation.

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    Gather All The Data You Need

    To check blacklist domain, you need to know such things as:

    • your domain
    • the emails used as senders
    • domains that you are linked to.

    The latter parameter is essential since if any of the domains you are linked to is considered spammy, it will affect your reputation score and drastically increase your chances to get blacklisted too. Therefore, if any of them are blacklisted, remove them from your future email immediately.

    Get Some Mail Coming In

    Why my Domain get Blacklisted before installing WordPress ...

    If your new email account is a one-way street , its going to raise some algorithmic eyebrows especially with the authenticators we just went over.

    But dont just do it to avoid spam-watchers. Subscribe to some good things that you wont mind reading.

    Take a few minutes and subscribe your email outbound business email account to some inbound mail. Examples of this include:

    • Business newsletters

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    What Does Being Blacklisted Mean For Your Email Campaigns

    However, there are hundreds of blocklists, and not all of them have the same impact on email programs. So rather than panicking if your IP or domain pops up on any blocklist, check if it is an important blocklist and determine if your performance metrics are impacted.

    number of hits per day on Validitys trap network, the largest publicly available commercial trap network in the world

    Types of public blocklists

    IP-based blocklists are used by mailbox providers to identify which IP addresses are sending spam or other bad mail, such as malware infectors, virus and botnet distributors, to their receivers.

    Domain-based blocklists utilize the senders domain names to create lists of domains associated with spam. These domains arent necessarily sending spam to receivers, but they were found to be using bad practices associated with spam attempts. Make sure to follow email best practices when creating email campaigns.

    Not all blocklists are created equal. Some blocklists have a bigger impact on performance.

    If youre blocklisted, there are steps you can take to address mitigating factors that led to your IP or domain being blocklisted. Temporarily stop your email campaigns and figure out exactly how and why this happened. If youre on a critical blocklist, like Spamhaus, follow their delisting process. Read more about this process and blacklist prevention here.

    Here Are Some Common Isps:

    • Comcast:
    • Fill out the online form & submit.
  • EarthLink:
  • Use the subject line < Blocked insert your email servers IP>
  • More details are given on these pages:
    • Follow this URL to find whether your IP is blacklisted:
    • Input your IP address to request to be delisted.
  • BarracudaCentral:
  • Follow this URL to find whether your IP is blacklisted:
  • Then follow this URL: Fill out the online form & submit
  • Spamhaus:
  • Follow this URL to find whether your IP is blacklisted:
  • Fill out the online form, submit and follow appropriate links.
  • Follow this URL to find whether your IP is blacklisted:
  • Fill out the online form & submit.
  • Uribl:
  • Follow this URL to find whether your IP is blacklisted:
  • Hostkarma blacklist:
  • Fill out the online form & submit.
  • Spamcop:
  • For network and server administers:
  • For bounce message recipients and end-users:
  • Blacklist IP look-up:
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    How Can You Check If Your Ip Is Blacklisted

    You wont get a notification that your IP is blacklisted. Instead, youll need to take action to find out. Here are a few ways you can tell:

    • Check a blacklisted site directly. Many blacklists are openly available, such as net. If you want to see whether your domain is being blocked by a specific site, you can search by that site either the IP address or domain.
    • Use a dedicated blacklist tool. You can perform a blacklist check on the MXToolbox. There are a number of free, online tools that you can use to check domain and IP address blacklists. There are a number of blacklists so each tool may not have access to all of themyou should check on more than one site.
    • Check your metrics. If your open rates have gone from 30% to 5%, you know something has happened that goes beyond the content of your emails. While this isnt definitive, its a good sign that something along the way is causing your emails to be dropped. This could be blacklisting, failed authentication, or other issues.
    • Send test emails. Send test emails out to a list of known email addresses and see how many of them are received and whether they end up moved to the spam folder. Test emails will show not only whether emails are being delivered but how theyre being delivered.
    • Use an email monitor. A built-in email monitor, such as the MassMailer Email Monitor, will check blacklists automatically when you send emailsproviding you with the fastest, most actionable information.

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