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How To Migrate Users From One Domain To Another

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How To Migrate Office 365 Users To Another Tenant Simple Steps

Migrating users and groups from one domain to another

Now, we are ready to start the migration of Office 365 users to another tenant with entire data. Since there is no manual method provided by Microsoft and it also recommends to apt automated migration tools.

To accomplish this task in an easy manner you have to opt SysTools Migrator. This tool is the best way to transfer Office 365 users data from one tenant to another tenant. It is fulfilled with multiple advanced features and some features are given below

  • On-premise software to move Office 365 users to another Office 365 tenant.
  • High performance and secure tool to perform a migration between tenants.
  • Migrate entire users emails, contacts, calendars, documents between tenants.
  • Provides mapping options for source & destination tenants.
  • Date filter option to migrate selective data from Office 365 users data to another tenant.
  • Support account-based priority migration.
  • Re-run migration Retry failed items, Re-Run full migration, delta migration.
  • Multiple project creation options available on this tool.
  • Support concurrent users migration.
  • Office 365 Tenant Preparation:

    Follow below set of instructions to set up the domain as suggested below:

  • On the targeted account, assign the domain verification permission, which is required for the source domain.
  • Add the source domain and then, develop TXT rules in domain name system. This step is to be performed in targeted O365 admin center for verification procedure.
  • You have to spend 72 hours ideal to enable DNS circulation for the recording time.
  • Now, create a list of all users mailboxes, which are to be transferred in targeted tenant.
  • Finally, perform mapping procedure within the mailboxes.
  • Migration Of Workstations Or Member Servers

    If you want to migrate workstations or member servers, the process is fairly the same. The only change is choose computer migration wizard from the right-click menu instead of group account migration wizard. The wizard will be the same until you select the organizational unit for the migrating workstations or member states.

    After that, follow these steps.

    • Youll get a translate objects screen, and here check local groups and user rights.
    • In the next screen, choose replace radio button and click next./li>
    • Accept the default value of five minutes and click next.
    • The next screen is object property exclusion. Make no changes here, and simply click next./li>
    • In the conflict management screen, choose do not migrate source object if a conflict is detected in the target domain.
    • Finally, check your information, click finish, and wait for the wizard to complete the migration. Youll get a summary of the migration process.

    Thats how you migrate different objects within the same forest. Active Directorys wizards take care of much of the work, so you can channel your time for the more difficult tasks.

    In the next article, well talk about how you can migrate objects across forests. In most cases, youll do this migration when one company has taken over another and the resources have to be moved to the new company. Obviously, thats a much longer process, so see you in the next part.

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    Transfer Domain To New Tenant Manually

    The manual procedure to migrate a domain from one tenant to another Outlook 365 is applicable only on the Admin level. An expert needs to be aware of all challenges and risks associated with this migration. There are high chances where communication and mailing services get down for an hour, a day or even a week.

    Tip : Office 365 to Office 365 tenant migration is just a combining procedure of two Exchange Online accounts.

    Prerequisites For Installing Active Directory Migration Tool

    How to Move User From One Domain To Another Office 365 ...

    To install the Active Directory Migration Tool, you need the following system requirements:

    • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows 2016
    • Active Directory Migration Tool doesnt work when computers are a read-only domain controller or when they are a part of a server core configuration.
    • The source and the target domain should run only on one of the supported operating systems.
    • You need a SQL server database instance for ADMT to store data. You can either install it on your own machine or create an instance from an existing database in your network.

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    Faqs During An Active Directory Migration

    Can I have the same password when I migrate to the new domain?

    Yes. ADMT comes with a password sync tool.

    Can ADMT re-permission my non windows shares?

    No, but there are scripts that can help you do this with non-windows CIF shares

    Can I have a different account name in the new domain after migrating?

    Yes. ADMT can rename your account while preserving all the group memberships.

    Will my computer profile migrate with me to the new domain?

    Yes. ForensiT will migrate your computer profile to the new domain with all the settings and files.

    Stage 2 How To Detach / Remove Domain From Office 365 Source Tenant

    Before attaching domain into new Office 365 tenant we need to detach the domain from source tenant.

    This step is necessary because we cannot access the same domain from two tenants.

    Here, we are going to explain steps to remove the domain from Office 365 source domain.

    Step 1 Move Domain users

  • Login in Office 365, choose Users > Active Users.
  • Select the box which is next to user name who you want to move.
  • Now, in bulk actions pane select Edit Domains.
  • In the Edit Domain option choose a different domain.
  • Now, choose Set as primary, then Save.
  • You have to do this same for yourself if you are on the same domain which is you want to remove.

    Step 2 Move Domain Groups

  • Select Groups> Group name, Select the Group which is associated with the domain.
  • Now choose Edit option .
  • Under Group ID, choose another Group in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Save, then Close.
  • Step 3 Remove the Domain

  • Select Setup > Domains.
  • Now select the domain which you want to remove.
  • Then in the right pane, choose Remove. Then click Close.
  • It will take time if there are many references like security groups, distribution lists, users, groups are using the domain.

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    Stage 1 How To Move Office 365 Domain Emails To New Tenant

    Sadly! There is no direct solution available to migrate Office 365 Domain emails to new tenant. In fact, Microsoft itself suggests that take the help of third-party software to move data from the tenant.

    For this, we would like to suggest automated Office 365 Migrator tool. It supports emails migration of to . Moreover, with this tool, you can easily migrate emails from to

    First, create temporary user accounts in destination tenant where you will transfer domain users emails, contacts, calendars, documents. Then with the help of this tool, you can migrate domain users emails to a new tenant.

    Follow the Given Steps to Move a Office 365 Domain Emails to Tenants with the Tool

    There are some pre-requisites of software you have to fulfill before starting migration domain between Office 365 tenants

    1 Source & destination admin account should be created.

    2 Register application with Microsoft Azure, enable permissions & generate Application ID. Read More..

    Now we are ready to start migration process.

    • Install & start the software to migrate domain between Office 365 tenants. Select Office 365 as source and as destination.
    • Enable Migrate Document Permission, Use Group Mapping.Migrate Document Permission To migrate document with there permission.Use Group Mapping To mapping create between source & destination groups.
    • You can apply date filter. Click Next.
    • After that, you have to import csv file . Click on Import Users.

    No Need To Lose Personal Data And Settings

    Migrating Computers from one domain to another

    A User Profile is where Windows stores your stuff. Normally, when you change your user account Windows will create a new profile for you, and you lose all your data and settings – your Documents, Pictures and Music files and all the other information that makes your computer personal to you, like your desktop wallpaper, Internet favorites and the lists of documents you’ve recently opened.User Profile Wizard is an easy-to-use migration tool that means this doesnt need to happen you can simply migrate your original profile to your new user account. User Profile Wizard does not move, copy or delete any data. Instead it configures the profile in place so that it can be used by your new user account. This makes the process both very fast and very safe. With the User Profile Wizard Deployment Kit you can build a scalable, enterprise solution to automatically migrate tens of thousands of workstations.

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    Migrate Users From One Domain To Another

    • We have just taken over a company and wish to migrate there users across from there domain to ours. I am planning on setting up site to site VPN’s to connect there offices back to our head office, what I would then like to do is to migrate there users across to our domain rather than having to recreate each user. I presume I would first have to setup a trust relationship and was wondering if there is a tool which can then be used for the migration.

      Wednesday, October 14, 2015 9:24 AM

    Export Domain Users To Csv File

    1. Here all my users are in one OU, if that OU has nested OUs within it thats OK.

    2. The command to export is as follows

    Note: You need to run as administrator

    csvde -d  -f c:\filename.csvExamplecsvde -d "ou=Main-Site,dc=pnl,dc=com" -f C:\ExportedUsers.csv

    3. The users will be exported. If it fails at this point it will give you a descriptive error, CSVDE has been around for a while, Google the error .

    4. Now open the CSV File with Excel, the second line will probably be the OU, you can leave this here if you want but if your target OU is different , then delete row 2 .

    5. You do not need all the columns, delete all the columns EXCEPT,

    So when complete it should look like the following

    6. Change any details in the LDAP path that are different for the new domain.

    7. You may also need to change the domain name thats listed on the userPrincipleName.

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    Migration: The Day You Migrate

    These are the steps you’ll need the day you perform the migration.

    MX record change – Stop inbound mail flow

    Change your primary MX record from Office 365 to domain that is not reachable, i.e. “”. Internet mail servers attempting to deliver new mail will queue the mail and attempt redelivery for 24 hours. Using this method, some email may return a non-delivery report depending on the server attempting to deliver the email. If this is a problem use an MX record backup service. There are many third-party services that will queue your email for days or weeks. Once your migration is complete, these services will deliver the queued mail to your new Office 365 organization.

    If your TTL is short, for example, five minutes, this step can be done at the end of the work day to cause less disruption. If you have a larger TTL, you must change the MX record ahead of time to allow the TTL to expire. Example, a four hour TTL must be changed before 2 PM if you plan to begin migrations at 6 PM.

    Verify your MX and DNS changes if necessary. Nslookup or a service like MxToolbox can be used to verify MX and DNS changes.

    The primary email domain,, must be removed from all objects in the source tenant before the domain can be moved to the target tenant.

  • If you had also set up your domain with a SharePoint Online public website, then before you can remove the domain, you first have to set the website’s URL back to the initial domain.

  • Begin migration

    How To Manually Transfer A User Profile From One User To Another

    Migrate WordPress From One Location to Another

    A computers affiliation can change in many ways:

    • From workgroup to domain.
    • From domain to workgroup.
    • From one domain to another domain.

    Common to these scenarios is that the user or users using the computer loose access to their locally stored user profiles. When a computer joins a domain it usually means the persons using the computer are given domain accounts to use to log on. The local profiles stored on disk are not associated with these new domain accounts and, even though it is the same person using the computer, he or she loose access to the profile and thus all their settings.

    The same is true when the computer leaves the domain. Domain based account can no longer be used to log on to the computer and the persons who use the computer must start logging on with local user accounts. Again the profiles associated with domain based users are not available to the new local user accounts.

    Likewise when a computer leaves one domain and joins another, the persons using it are given new accounts in the new domain and these accounts cannot access the profiles of the accounts from the old domain.

    Needless to say, this is a big problem for the end-users. The profile stores a lot of settings and reconfiguring all of these is, at best, boring. So how can we mitigate this problem for our users?

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    Why Do Companies Need This

    The most common use case for an Active Directory migration is for companies going through mergers, acquisitions, and/or divestitures.

    When one company buys another company, the cost of maintaining two separate AD infrastructures can be prohibiting. This is where Active Directory Migrations become important. Its best to share resources than doing it separately to create alignment. Of course, there may be a specific business reason to keep thing separate from one another, but in general, you want to share them.

    Additionally, sometimes a company might sell a business unit to become its own entity . This is where an Active Directory Migration can be used to separate this business unit into its own entities.

    How To Install Admt

    The biggest hurdle installing ADMT will probably be installing or provisioning a SQL server. Other than that, its a simple process.

    1. Download the installer from Microsoft.

    2. Run the installer.

    3. Click Next, Agree to the EULA, and then either join the Customer Experience Improvement Plan or not, and click Next.

    4. Enter the SQL server you are going to use for ADMT in the next dialog:

    5. Click Finish when its done!

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    Migrate Users From One Domain To Another How Did You Get Their Data From Pc On Old Domain To Pc On New Domain

    So, we are currently working on moving over some users from an old domain to our domain. To do this we are going to be re-imaging their PC’s to a fresh image that is on the proper domain. Part of my tasks is to figure out how do I get the data from their old PC and domain account to their new PC and new domain account. This is a big migration so touching each device is a last resort and File servers and home drives are not going to migrated over before the PC migration.

    • Have anyone of you done this before?

    • What tools did you use?

    • What methods did you use?

    Looking for any suggestions to help me figure out how I want to approach this. We currently use SCCM and their is a SCCM site on the other side that I can use as well.

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