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What Is Gmail Domain Name

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How Can I Create A Free Email Domain

How to add your domain name to your gmail account

All the steps to create a domain are simple enough to bypass or ignore many details quickly.

  • Research all the companies offering registration services, select reputable, show reasonable pricing, have no hidden fees, and accept credit cards.
  • Fill out an online form with your desired name, address, email address, and contact information for your domains registrar so you can administer it later if necessary.
  • Use this companys username and password to access your account after you have registered it so you can change settings, collect emails from contacts who will receive email notifications about updates or transfers etc.
  • Watch as your registration completes and your new domain is added to your account. You should see an option to change the nameservers, which allows you to designate where and how other sites on the web can link up with yours.
  • Create A Google Workspace Account

    To create a Google Workspace account, youll need to visit the Google Workspace website and follow the account setup wizard. Here youll be asked for your custom domain details, as well as the option to purchase a new domain if you want to use another one.

    Once youve filled out the information required, your Google Workspace account will be created and youre ready to proceed to the next step.

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  • Stacia

    I think you must have read my mind because I was literally thinking to myself last night that I need to figure out how to do this. Just to clarify, its $50 a year per custom domain email? Thanks for the info!

  • haha! And yes, $50/year per custom domain email.

  • I use the service as well and love it!

  • Glad you love it too!

  • Ashley Brooks

    Id heard rumors that you could do this, but I could never figure out how! I hated my hosting email interface, but I wasnt willing to give up the professional domain email address, so I set up Mac Mail to work with my hosting email. Its ok, but Ive often lamented not being able to use the awesome features that work with gmail, like Boomerang. Now I can have the best of both worlds! Thanks!

  • Glad to help Ashley! I love Boomerang, too.

  • Great post! Thank for the tips!

  • Anytime, Katerina!

  • Liz

    Did you know you can also just forward your custom domain mail address to your gmail and also set it up in gmail so that you can send outgoing mail from that address as well? And its free Thats what I do! Heres the link:

  • Lisette

    I was going to comment with this same idea. You dont need to pay for this service through Google Apps. Great post though, Melyssa!

  • Erika

    Thanks for this guide! I am totally bookmarking it for the future when I one day get my own domain name.

  • Jenn Tran
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    Create An Email Domain With Zoho Mail

    If you already have a domain name , you can use Zoho Mail to set up a matching email address for free. This email service offers a variety of plans, including a Forever Free Plan with access for up to five users, 5GB of data, and a 25MB attachment limit.

    If you dont already have your own domain name, you can purchase a domain name for about $10 per year.

    If you want to avail of more advanced email features such as offline access or various calendar integration options, you can upgrade for as little as $1 per month. Note that the free version gives you web access only, so you wont be able to use another email client.

    To set up your free email domain, go to Zoho Mails pricing page and scroll down to Forever Free Plan the Forever Free Plan is near the bottom and Zoho Mail makes it much less obvious than the paid plans. Youll have the option to choose between Zohos generic domain or your own:

    Select the first option, then click on Add. Next, enter your web address:

    Then youll land in your setup area, where youll need to verify your domain using either the TXT, CNAME, or HTML method. Zoho Mails detailed setup guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this:

    Next, its time to configure your email delivery. Youll need to log in to your web hosting portal, head to the DNS manager, and locate the section with your MX information:

    Add Additional Email Addresses If You Need Them

    How to Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name (2 Methods, 1 Is Free!)

    At this point, you can add additional users or create alias email addresses if you need to.

    Each user costs $6 per month.

    You may not need to add additional users, however. You can add multiple alias email addresses to any user at no additional charge. You may want to add some non-personalized email addresses such as,, etc. This will allow you to filter specific types of email messages into different mailboxes.

    To add users or alias email addresses, click Users in your Google Admin console.

    To add alias emails, select a User, then click on User details. Youll see an option to add Email aliases.

    Now you have a professional email address, a variety of alias email addresses, plus all the other apps and storage that come with G Suite.

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    How To Receive Emails In Gmail

  • Login to your Gmail Account.
  • In the top right-hand corner, open the Settings by clicking the Gear icon in the top left-hand corner, then click See all settings.
  • Scroll down, and under the Check mail from other accounts section, click Add a mail account.
  • 5. Enter your Email address, e.g.

    6. Click the Next Step button.

    Refer to the cPanel email settings you made a note of before

    7. Enter your full email address as the Username

    8. Enter Password for your email account

    9. Enter the incoming POP Server. Choose the Always use a secure connection option. Make sure the port is changed to 995

    10. Choose any additional options you may want

    11. Click the Add Account button.

    Redirect Your Domain Name

    This is a good moment to redirect your domain name to the new host.

    Important in the previous step, we only configured your domain name on the new server, but the domain itself hasnt been redirected to that server yet. The new server is only ready to receive that domain, so to speak.

    The difficult part about this step is that these things tend to differ from host to host and registrar to registrar.

    Beginners note: A domain name registrar is the company that registered the domain name for you.

    In general, you have two paths that you can choose:

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    How To Make A Gmail Account Using A Domain Name

    Google’s Gmail service allows users to sign up for a free email account ending in Google also provides a service called Google Apps, which lets users create email accounts using their own custom domain names. This means you can create what is essentially a Gmail account, but instead of ending in, your email address will end with whatever domain you use during the sign-up process.

  • 1.

    Visit the Google Apps home page.

  • 4.

    Fill out the information requested on the next page. You’ll need to include your name, email address, telephone number, country or region and information about your business or organization. When finished, click “Continue.”

  • 5.

    Create your first email address on your custom domain. Enter a username and password, then fill out the on-screen security captcha. Agree to the terms and conditions displayed and submit your information by clicking “I accept. Continue with set up.”

  • 6.

    Contact your website’s hosting provider and ask them to change the MX records for your email to the following priorities and servers:


  • 7.

    Allow a few hours for the changes you made to your MX records to take effect. When you’re ready to sign in to your custom Gmail account, visit, where is the domain you registered with Google Apps.

  • References

    Create Your Custom Email Address Via Your Email Hosting

    Use GMail With a Custom Domain Name for FREE

    Next, you need to create your custom email address using your email hosting if you havent done so already. E.g.

    If youre using Bluehost, you can use Bluehosts email account tool to create your email address from the Email & Office tab:

    When you create your email account, make sure to remember the password that you choose for your email account.

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    The Googlemailcom Domain: For Two Countries

    Alternatively, is for Gmail users of a particular country where Gmail, as a trademark, was already taken. Those countries originally were Germany, the Russian Federation, and Poland. In each case, the Gmail trademark was unavailable, so Google was forced to use googlemail and therefore instead.

    In Poland, the Gmail trademark domain is owned by a Polish poet group, Grupa Mlodych Artystów iLiteratówwhich is abbreviated GMAiL. In the Russian Federation, the trademark is owned by a Russian mail redirect service, So, with the Gmail trademark already taken, users there were assigned an email address of the format: .

    As of 2012, the situation with Germany was straightened out and new users to Gmail there get assigned a domain. People who signed up for Gmail prior to this switch have the option to switch to using as well. In order to do that, they would go to the Accounts tab under Settings. The good thing about this changeif you havent already done itis that Gmail will smartly update everything, so that there will be no disruption in receiving emails. For example, if someone emails you to your old address, it will automatically arrive at your inbox.

    In fact, and point to the same mailbox. You can test this out right now by sending an email to yourself by taking your normal email address and using the domain. Youll get the email instantly, proving that these domains are the same.

    Start Using Gmail With Your Own Domain Today

    With the methods in this post, you can get the convenience of Gmail with the professionalism and brandability of your own custom email address.

    If you already have a website and email hosting, you can use the first method to use Gmail with your custom domain name for free.

    If you dont have email hosting already and/or you want to completely separate your custom email address from your free Gmail address, you might want to pay for Google Workspace instead.

    If you want to see some other options beyond Gmail, you can also check out our guide on how to create a business email address.

    Still have any questions about how to use Gmail with your own domain name? Ask us in the comments!

    Free guide

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    Recap: Using Gmail To Create An Email With Your Domain

    Build professional-looking email addresses with Gmail and your domain. We recommend BlueHost to help you easily set your Gmail and create an email with your domain.

    Remember that by clicking the Email and Office on the side left navigation, you can easily find the right options to set up your custom email address.

    The Advanced tab can bring you to the email settings that can help you connect your custom email address to your Gmail account and it allows you to appropriate your email settings to your business needs

    You can also follow the steps above to connect this email address to a free Gmail account so you can both send and receive emails from Googles email solution.<

    How To Use Gmail With Your Custom Domain Name For Free

    How To Link Website Domain Name Email To Gmail Account?

    If you were wondering if its possible to use your own domain with Gmail, then we have your answer. In this article, well show you how to use Gmail with a custom domain for free.

    As convenient as Googles email service is, sometimes you need something more to appear professional. A good way to do so is by attaching your own domain to your email. For example, instead of, you could use

    Not only does the latter look more professional, but it can also even help make your email address more memorable. If youre serious about your online business, then you have absolutely no reason to not use a custom domain for your business email.

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    What Is An Email Domain

    An email domain refers to a specific company or organization in which a collection of email addresses exists in, with the username being unique to each employee or member of said organization.

    For example, if an individual wished to send an email from their Hotmail account to a friend who also used Hotmail, they would type in behind their friends name in the To: field and then click Send. This is due to being that persons email address provided by their respective internet service provider .

    In most cases, when sending an email, clicking on your recipients ISP directly will automatically fill it into the To: field of your email.

    A person can also send emails from their or addresses to contacts with the same respective ISP, which is more common than sending a web address where both sender and recipient are Hotmail users.

    These are just three of the most famous examples of different organizations that have become recognized for providing free email services. However, there are many more companies today that offer email services in addition to paid hosting solutions.

    Recommended: Use G Suite For Your Business Email

    G Suite not only enables you to set up a professional domain email address, but also includes other Google apps, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.

    There is a cost, but I think the benefits are worth it. Its easy to keep your work and personal email accounts separate. You can keep personal and business accounts open at the same time in different tabs or windows. Plus you get 30 GB of cloud file storage with the Basic account.

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    Get 20% off G Suite with this coupon code:


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    Allow Gmail To Receive Emails Using Pop3

    Once you have your custom email account, youre going to use something called POP3 to connect Gmail to your custom email address. Essentially, these settings let your free Gmail account import emails from your email hosting .

    To get started, you need to find your emails POP3 settings. At Bluehost, you can do this by clicking the Connect Devices tab when youre editing your email account. Heres what it looks like:

    If your email hosting is elsewhere, youll want to consult your services documentation or reach out to their support if you cant find your POP3 information.


    • Open the Gmail settings by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner and selecting See all settings.
    • Go to the Accounts and Import tab.
    • Find the Check mail from other accounts setting.
    • Click Add a mail account.

    That should open a popup with multiple steps.

    In the first step, enter your custom email address e.g.

    On the next step, choose Import emails from my other account :

    Enter the following information:

    • Username normally, this is your full email address, but sometimes its only the part that comes before @.
    • Password the password that you set when creating your custom email address.
    • POP Server and Port from your email host.
    • Check the Leave a copy box.
    • Check the Always use a secure connection box.
    • Optionally choose to add a label.
    • Click Add Account to finish the process.

    Create Your Professional Email Account Domain

    How to Use Your Domain with Gmail

    Next, youll need to register your custom domain with a registrar that offers email forwarding.

    If you havent registered your domain already, you can to get a domain name, email hosting, and web hosting all for just a couple of bucks a month. You can even use this tool to see if your domain idea is available:

    Why do we recommend Bluehost?

    Well if youre looking for a professional email, youll probably want a website to go with it. Bluehost includes a domain name free if you sign up for web hosting, and theyre pretty much the gold standard when it comes to web hosts.

    Even better, we have an exclusive Bluehost discount for you! Use the tool above or link below to get 1) a domain name, 2) website hosting, 3) an SSL certificate, and 4) email hosting for just $2.95 a month.

    If nothing else, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee and pretty stellar support, so you can easily change your mind later.

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    For Example Email Protected Is An Email Address Linked To The Domain Name Wpformscom

    Business Email Account Names / Name Ideas for Interior Design Businesses | ThriftyFun : Set up mx records to direct your mail to google servers when youre ready to go live with gmail, redirect your domains mx records to google servers.. Sep 27, 2021 · best free business email accounts in 2021. So youll need to create the domain first, then create the mailbox to match. An account gives each user a name and password for signing in to google workspace, and an email address at your domain. If you have a custom domain name, it is pretty easy to set up a business email account through service providers like bluehost and hostgator. For a business email account, it is nice to select a domain name that reflects your profession, like, or the service you provide, like

    To make your search more precious, use specific options of username generator: business email account. As a rule, people prefer the full name format with the first and last name of the email address owner.

    To make your search more precious, use specific options of username generator: As a rule, people prefer the full name format with the first and last name of the email address owner. Set up mx records to direct your mail to google servers when youre ready to go live with gmail, redirect your domains mx records to google servers.

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