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How Much Does A Godaddy Domain Cost

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How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why? | The Journey

Often times, domain registrars and web hosting companies will offer discounted prices on domain names for new customers. Usually, you can lock in a low price for at least 1-year of registration with a promo code.

In some cases, you can even lock in a discounted rate for the entire length or your initial registration. So for example, if you buy and register a cheap domain for 1 or more years at a time, you can apply the discount code for that entire first term with a multi-year registration.

This is a good idea to take advantage of because sometimes renewal rates go up after the first year if you only register a name for a 1-year period at a time. By applying a discount promo code for a period longer than 1 year helps you avoid increased renewal rates for the initial time period that your domain name is registered.

Tip: Currently, you can apply the discount code GDD1dom to get a discount on GoDaddy domain names on select names for at least the first year of registration.

Yahoo Domains Vs Godaddy

Both GoDaddy and Yahoo provide domain name registration services. The former focuses on website creation for businesses, while the latter provides comparable services for a variety of consumers. The basic functions and features are essentially the same, although both companies have proprietary control panels from which you manage your domain name and website.

What If You Checkout But Want To Add Godaddy Full Domain Privacy Protection Later

No problem. If you already purchased the domain, you can simply go login and click on the my domains tab and then click add privacy next to your desired domain. I have done this for many of the domains that I own.

Some may decide not to add it at. For example, some people buy and sell domains for profit online. This practice is called domain flipping. There are many helpful domain flipping guides online that show beginners how to make money with it.

If your idea is to buy domains on Godaddy and flip them quickly on Godaddy auctions,, Sedo, etc, then you might bypass Domain Privacy. However, if you are buying a domain on which you plan to build a website on for the long haul, then getting Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection is definitely worth adding it if you already purchased it.

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Profit From Your New Website

If you havent already done so, now is the perfect time to create your business website. Maybe its a blog about freelancing writing, or maybe its an online store for your hand-whittled whistles.

Either way, the sooner you get your site up and running on the web, the sooner it can drive more customersand profit.

Customize your website with an easy-to-use site builder thatll make your brand look professional and polished in no time.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Domain

GoDaddy Domain Transfer: Transfer Domain From One To Another

That very much depends on the type of domain name youre planning on buying. Here are some rough guides, but each domain is entirely different. Your buyer broker will be able to help with more specific valuations:

  • A two-letter .COM : These are an exclusive band of domains, and will likely cost upwards of $600,000. Some domains will cost far more. Facebook, for example, paid $8.5 million for
  • A three-letter .COM : Typically between $30,000 and $200,000. In some cases, they may cost more.
  • A one-word .COM : You should expect to pay at least $50,000, with many highly desirable one-word .COMs reaching six-figures, with some at $1 million or more.
  • A two-word .COM : These are usually a lower cost, but will still typically carry prices of anywhere from $1,000 to $35,000 in most cases.
  • A brandable .COM : Brandable domains are invented words. They are usually an amalgamation of two words or a play on one word, such as Some of these may be available to register, whereas some will command aftermarket prices. Expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $15,000 for one of these.

If youre looking for domain name data to base your own purchase on, you can consult two leading data resources. The first is DNJournal, a leading resource that has been featured and referenced in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. DNJournal offers a weekly sales column and keeps track of the top 100 sales of every year. The DNJournal archives date back to 2003.

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Godaddy Email Hosting Review

GoDaddy uses a single email system called to manage the emails of all its customers. You might experience regular slowdowns or outages due to the use of a centralized system for a large number of clients.

GoDaddy email is, therefore, infamous for deliverability problems where your emails might either end up in spam folders of recipients or get delivered after a long delay. To add to this problem, the host has unreliable customer support that wont be much eager to help you with the issue.

This Godaddy email hosting review will help you look for some better alternatives to the GoDaddy email service. One of the best alternatives to GoDaddy email can be found among Namecheap servers.

As a web developer, I had my fair share of dealing with these email issues in GoDaddy. Many of my clients suffered business losses and extreme frustration because of the poor quality of GoDaddy email services.

So Im sharing my experience with GoDaddy email in this article as a web developer. Id also recommend some of the best alternatives to this email service that will save you all the trouble.

Let me first throw some light on the prices offered by GoDaddy on its email hosting plans in our next section. Keep reading to know about the best alternatives to GoDaddy email services discussed later in the article.

36 months $12.32 per month

The renewal price of the Business Professional plan is $15.99 per month irrespective of the term length you choose.

Avoid Hyphens Or Odd Spellings

How often do you use punctuation when searching for something online? My guess is rarely. The last thing you want is a domain name that requires extra effort from your visitors. Using something like, no matter how compelling wont do you any favors.

When possible, avoid using uncommon spellings or numbers. Is that a 4 or a four? What about 2, to, two or too? You catch my drift. If anyone ever shares your domain via word-of-mouth, your name could get lost in translation.

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Godaddy Domain Renewal Price

Buying a domain for your new website might take only a fraction of an hour but choosing the right domain provider needs serious consideration.

Along with the initial price, the Godaddy domain renewal price should play an important role for you in selecting whether to go with Godaddy as your domain provider. If you wont consider the renewal cost of your domain while buying a new domain, you might end up paying an unjustified amount to the provider.

That said, you can always go for a lucrative initial price offer if you are creating a test website for a few months. But for your long-term ventures, Id advise you to consider a website provider offering a reasonable deal on both the initial and the renewal charges of your new domain.

Start Your Domain Name Search

Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

To get this show on the road, youll want to start by simply searching on GoDaddys website for the custom domain you want. You can either search for specific domain names or just a word or phrase you think you might want .

That should bring up a list of available domains, at which point you can use filters to narrow down your options. For example, you can narrow by specific domain extensions , character length , and price.

With that list of results, you can choose your domain.

If youre lucky, choosing a domain name from your results will be easyyoull see that the exact domain you wanted is available at a great price, and youll add that bad boy to your cart. Easy peasy.

Otherwise, you can consider different extensions or playing around with words .

If you want that domain and you want it bad, you can use GoDaddys Domain Broker Service to try to get it. GoDaddy approaches the domain owner to see if theyd be interested in selling. If yes, GoDaddy negotiates the price and you land yourself that domain you wanted. If not? Time to find another domain name.

Once youve found your domain and added it to your cart, its time to check out and choose your add-ons.

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How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website Per Month

On average, though, you can expect to pay an upfront cost of around $200 to build a website, with an ongoing cost of around $50 per month to maintain it. This estimate is higher if you hire a designer or developer expect an upfront charge of around $6,000, with an ongoing cost of $1,000 per year.

How Much Should A Website Cost For A Small Business

On average, creating a website for your small business can cost anywhere between $200 to upwards of $10,000. The total cost of a website depends on its size, complexity, and whether or not you hire a professional web designer. If you build your website yourself, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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High Prices For Basic Services

The above discussion makes one thing obvious: GoDaddy is an overpriced platform. They have an unfriendly trick to take the customers in at a lower price.

During renewal, the customers find the price expensive even if they dont opt for the addons or extra services. Charges for essentials like SSL certificates, emails, and backups. The charges are enormous!

You will have to keep paying extra for the additional services you want and your total hosting cost keeps increasing, you end up paying a hefty final price. Many web hosts offer these services for free with their basic shared hosting plans.

Do You Need To Make Your Domain Private

Godaddy Domain Per Year

Only you can decide and drop the hammer on this. Once you answer this, then it will be clear is Godaddy full domain privacy protection worth it for you. However, there are a number of reasons why people ask themselves this question during the Godaddy checkout screen.

The Godaddy Full Domain Privacy and Protection is 100% optional and not required to make a domain purchase. But should you just buy it anyway? One thing that you MUST remember is that if you DONT get domain privacy, then your personal information WILL be available to the public.

There are many disadvantages to not biting the bullet and adding the Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection.

For starters, your email will be flooded with spam-like emails from web developers and other sales oriented companies offering you their services. They will constantly try to market web design services, SEO services, etc. Also, your phone will also ring off the hook all day long with sales calls from out of state or unknown numbers. I say this because it has happened to me in the past when I didnt enable this feature.

Consider some other reasons to get domain privacy protection. According to some stats Statistica, data breaches caused rough 4.2 million in business losses. In 2020, the number of data breaches was over 1,000 cases in the United States. In the same year over 155.8 million individuals were exposed to data exposures of sensitive information in the US. 85% of data breaches are caused by hackers and cyberattackers.

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Godaddy Domain Renewal Price List

The .com and .net domains are the most popular ones. Here is an insight on the registration and renewal prices of these domains:

  • The price of the .com domain name is $0.01 only for the first year when you make a 2-year purchase. In the second year, the .com domain name is billed at $18.99.
  • The price of the .net domain name is $14.99 only for the first year. For the subsequent terms, the .net domain name is billed at $19.99/year.

ICANN feetax is also added to the billing amount

Support And User Experience

Normally I would harp on quite a fair bit about user support, but in the case of buying a domain name well, Im not too sure how hard it can be.

You search, you find, and you buy.

The only thing I can imagine needing a little help with is perhaps DNS management, information which is quite generic and available almost anywhere.

In any case, both GoDaddy and NameCheap offer live chat email support. My own time on these areas has been a little limited simply because I didnt know what to ask, but just to clarify I did get a response to hello!

More important that support is the user experience. In my mind, the process should be as simple and painless as possible. Let the user search, select and pay, as Ive mentioned above. One other thing that must be clear and easily referenced is pricing.

Again, both companies do well in the area, since you can search for your desired domain name right from their landing pages. What annoys me endlessly is that Namecheap is forever trying to get you to add on and buy other stuff.

At times during the process, I felt as if I were in line at a McDonalds being asked in I wanted to upsize my Coke, add on a dessert, or face any other numbers of upselling attempts. To be honest, GoDaddy isnt much better, but is slightly less obnoxious about it.

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What To Expect In This Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection Review

In the review of Godaddy Domain Privacy, I will tell you is Godaddy full domain privacy protection worth it based on my experience online. This way you will see what it is, why its important and if you should buy it or not at checkout.

I will give you also my personal experience of domain purchasing and then provide below some great Godaddy alternatives for web hosting. Being that I have over 30 domain names I know and understand how this process works so I wanted to cover it today for all that are curious.

Also, keep reading this review to the end to discover where to get cheaper web hosting services with better customer support than Godaddy. You will glad that you did!

Ready to get started? Lets dive in!

How Much Is A Website Per Month

How To Know Your GoDaddy Domain Renewal Costs?

How much does a website cost per month? The basic cost to maintain a website can be as little as $6 per month for a basic hosting service or as much as $1,500+ per month for managed website maintenance services. Also, factor in any extra subscription costs such as premium plug-ins or apps, as well as marketing costs.

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Understanding The Two Main Domain Types

There two most common domain types are as follows:

  • TLDs, which are Top-level domains
  • ccTLDs, which are Country-code top-level domains

TLDs are those well-known extensions for domain names that youre familiar with, like .net and .com.

ccTLDs are country-specific domain name extensions, like .ca or .uk.

TLDs are often preferred because people consider them trustworthy, as they are so well known. Think about it: when you forget a URL, do you just assume it ends in .com and type this in any case? I know I do!

Nevertheless, ccTLDs are also considered trustworthy because they give the website national legitimacy. However, I must point out that some people buy domain names for reasons unrelated to their national association. For example, .co is an extension commonly associated with businesses, yet it is actually the ccTLD for Colombia. Other examples include .tv, which is actually for Tuvalu, and .me, which is for Montenegro.

Connect Your New Domain

To make your site appear at your new URL, youll need to connect your domain to your web hosting provider. This requires you to update your domain name server, or DNS. Basically, that just means that youre linking your domain to the numerical IP address where your website is actually hostedbut its okay if that doesnt mean much to you because were going to walk you through the process.

You should already be signed into your GoDaddy account since you just bought your domain, but make sure youre logged in and on your account page. Then go to your domain management options youll find them by going to My Products, then Domains, then Manage.

There, you should see a page labeled Manage DNS. Click on that, and it will show you some records about your DNS. Scroll down the page a bit until you see the Nameservers section. Your domain will be set to default nameservers, but you want to use custom. So select the custom option, and then two fields will appearthats where youll enter in your new DNS information.

Youll get your nameserver address from your hosting provider. Usually, it will send you an email with your DNS if you cant find that, just look in your account tools.

Once youve entered the changes, go ahead and save, and youre done. Dont get too excited thoughit will take a day or two for everything to update, so your website wont show up properly at first.

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