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What Is Google Domains Charge

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What Is Google For Nonprofits The Complete Run

Google Domains Review – Why We Use and Recommend It

You may have heard rumors about a little-known program Google runs for non-profit organizations. Officially known as Google for Nonprofits, its great for cash-strapped organizations, but theres plenty of confusion on what it includes and how to apply.

This post will tell you exactly what Google for Non-profits is, what the eligibility restrictions are, and help you decide if its right for your cause. So without further delay,

Google Domains Vs Godaddy Domain Registrar

We have seen a bit of history of both the domain registrars and although both Google Domains and GoDaddy seem similar on the surface,

The devil lies in the details, which simply means there are certain distinct traits that make Google Domains unique from its competitor GoDaddy.

Here are the pointers that distinguish these popular domain registrars:

Features: Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain

Lets start with comparing the features of both the domain registrars:

What Is Google Domains

Launched in January 2015, Google Domain is a still-in-beta-test-mode Domain registration service offered by Google.

Google Domains offers a bunch of services that include domain registration , DNS Hosting, email forwarding, domain/subdomain forwarding, and Dynamic DNS.

Other than this, ICANN Accredited Google Domains also provides an option of one-click DNS Configuration which enables the domain to get connected with Google Sites, Bloggers,, Squarespace, etc.

Every domain you purchase from Google Domain also includes Google Name Servers with a 10 million DNS resolution every year.

However, the Google Domain services are available in only 15 countries, but even after being in Beta mode for 5 years, it is fully functional and picking up the steam ever since.

Google Domain is attached to a big brand name, so it is quite obvious that folks would have big expectations from its domain registration services,

in this Google Domains vs GoDaddy Domain comparison, we will see if the former has brought something revolutionary in the domain registration industry.

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Extremely Simple Registration Process

Registering a domain on Google Domains is extremely simple.

There are no ads, no additional features to purchase, no up-sells. One simply finds a domain and buys that domain.

This point should not be understated. If you have tried to purchase a domain on some other registrars site, you will have no doubt encountered several screens of offers that make the process more difficult that it should be. One can only hope that as Google adds features to its Domains service that it does not lose its ease of use.

Pricing Per Domain Ending

What is the cost of hosting a website with Google cloud ...

Prices vary based on domain endings listed in the pricing table.For example, if you buy,,and, the yearly cost of each of these domains differ because thedomain endings .com, .charity, and .wiki have different costs.The yearly price of each domain that you register is added to get the total cost. Seethe Pricing example.

For detailed information about domain endings, click the domain ending on the page.

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G Suite For Nonprofits

First up is G Suite . If you have a Gmail account youre probably familiar with what G Suite offers its essentially the enterprise version of Gmail. Since every non-profit uses email, documents and spreadsheets, I rank this as the most widely useful app in Google for Nonprofits.

What it gets you:

  • Google drive, docs, sheets, slides, etc. All those fun little apps
  • 30GB of space for Drive documents and email hosting
  • 24/7 actual person support via phone, chat and email
  • Admin access over all your organizations accounts

Biggest potential use:

We all know how useful Google docs are, but I think Google hosting the data while giving you full control is the best feature of this product. This frees up space on your server, and you can auto-archive emails after a certain period to automate ongoing maintenance. But most importantly, this all gives your organization control over its data.

Ive seen several organizations auto-forward their emails to personal Gmail accounts because theyre familiar with the interface. While this works fine initially, it eventually brings up concerns about confidential information. If an employee leaves on bad terms, you cant get your organizations emails back from their personal Gmail! Creating emails with G Suite gives users the familiar Gmail UI, while keeping your Nonprofits data inside the organization. And now with Google for Nonprofits, cost is no excuse for making sure your NPO is secure.

Other ways to maximize this resource:

Cost savings:

Google Is Charging Monthly For G Suite And I Want It To Stop

My wife noticed a weird charge appearing on our Capital One credit card statement. It was for five dollars and it was identified as:


I had no idea what that means. I disputed the charge with Capital One.

I then received a letter from Capital One dated April 19. They informed me that Ive been changed not five dollars, but ten dollars in total. Its a recurring charge that happens every month. In the letter, Capital One strongly urged me to contact the merchant and cancel the recurring charge.

They want me to contact the behemoth known as Google and ask them to stop charging me five dollars a month. Got it.

I did some research. It turns out that GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS is Google-speak for . I dont really know what that is, but evidently, I signed up for it for my web developer business website a few months ago. I have no memory of doing this. Absolutely none.

I tried to log in to the G Suite account but didnt have any luck. I typed in the domain of my web developer business website and pressed the giant blue GO button.

This is the response I got:

It wont let me log in using my regular Google account. I tried logging out of my regular Google account and tried again. It then showed my regular Google account and asked me to log in. Once I did, it then showed me the above message just like it did before.

What am I saying? Of course, theyll remember. Theyre artificial intelligence, not forgetful biologic intelligence.

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$12 Per Year Regardless Of Duration

Google Domains is currently charging $12 per year for common top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, .us and similar. Newer top-level domains, including .today, .center, and .company are $20 per year, and other top-level domains, including .guru, are $28 per year.

Many domain registrars offer discounts for multi-year registrations, so that a one-year registration is, say, $12, but a two-year-registration is something less than $24. Not so with Google Domains, there is, at the moment, no discount for a multi-year registration.

Google Domains charges a flat annual fee, regardless of how many years for which one registers a domain name.

This flat annual rate may encourage some businesses to purchase a domain on impulse rather than contemplating the commitment of a multi-year registration to save money.

It is worth nothing that at $12 per year, Google is not the least or most expensive registrar. GoDaddy, which is one of the largest domain registrars with approximately 57 million domains managed, is, at the time of writing, offering the first year of registration for $2.99 for some top-level domains, with the annual rate rising to $12.99 or more after the first year. Network Solutions has single-year domain registrations set at $34.99, but with the promise of relatively better service than the lowest cost provider.

What Is Google For Nonprofits

How To Buy A Domain Name From Google Domains

Generally, Google for Nonprofits is a free program where Google gives away premium services at no cost. For organizations that qualify, Google for Nonprofits gives access to a collection of premium apps that might otherwise be too expensive for NPOs.

Regardless of how much time you have to spend on using the applications, it is well worth applying. Many of the products continue to amplify your non-profits work, even if you forget about them after the first set-up. But dont take my word for itlets dig into what Google for Nonprofits can do for you.

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Find Charges For Google Products

When you buy something from Google, youll find a charge on your account that starts with “GOOGLE*” and ends with the Google product or another descriptor.

Heres how some common Google purchases might appear on your bank statement.

Tip: Some of these descriptors may appear shortened.

Statement item

Free Private Registration And Other Services

Google Domains offers free private registration, which obscures the site owners contact information from the general public, and is usually a premium service for which domain registrars typically charge.

While private registration is probably not a service that retailers will use, it is noteworthy that Google Domains is, perhaps, trying to keep the overall domain-buying experience as inexpensive as possible.

Similarly Google Domains is not charging extra for email aliases or domain forwarding, both of which can be expensive add-ons at other registrars.

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How Much Does Google Charge For A Domain

For example, you can buy your domain name from Google Domains and then connect it to Kinsta for hosting. Search engines use the keywords in domain names as a ranking factor, but not to a degree worth noting: Google’s algorithm is built to resist keyword-stuffed domains. In this article we explain what exactly Google Domains is, who should use it, how to use it, and whether the service is a worthwhile alternative to more established domain registrars already on the market. We even have instructions on how to point your domain to Kinsta that work perfectly with Google Domains.

However, interfaces aside, most people will probably only go with Google Domains if the specific domain name extension they’re looking for is cheaper than with other registrars. Google Domains also makes it easy to connect with other Google services, such as G-suite, Google Search Console and others, and you can sign in to Google Domains using the same Google account you use for other services. It’s paid separately, but Google Domains allows you to integrate it with your new domain seamlessly. The good news is that most domain registrars don’t charge an additional fee for domain transfers, which means that if you want to change your domain name to a different registrar, you can do it for free.

Luckily, Google Domains also allows you to connect your domain to solutions like Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, and WordPress .


What Is Godaddy Domain Registrar

Google .app domains: Everything you need to know

GoDaddy is one of the largest domain registrars in terms of size, market share and capturing.

In fact, GoDaddy has captured over 30 per cent of the market share when it comes to domain registration services.

Although to date it has served 19 million customers, GoDaddy has a huge rate of customers that switch to other domain registrars like Namecheap or YouStable every year.

GoDaddy is known to provide a wide array of services that include online marketing tools, sub-domains, etc.

However, whether these services are above par or not is an entirely different story.

If you have been contemplating whether to subscribe to Google Domain or GoDaddy, this comparison will prove itself helpful for you to sort out the decision-altering details linked with each domain registrar.

Our primary goal is to guide you to make an educated choice after you scan through this Google Domain vs GoDaddy comparison.

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Endnote: My Take On Google For Nonprofits

The products included with Google for Nonprofits range in usefulness, but you cant argue with free! Two products really stand out to me as god-sends, the first being G Suite for nonprofits. Its best practice to keep email hosting separate from the website and to keep confidential information within the companys servers, but this can incur extra costs, especially if you want to use a familiar interface like Gmail or Windows365. G Suite solves these two problems for nonprofits, and also ridiculously simplifies them.

Some people might be scared to rely on Googles goodness, waiting for the day these programs get moved behind a paywall. I had my reservations too, but its been running since 2009and even expanded sinceso Im confident in this product for the long-haul. You cant expect things to last long in the tech space, but relatively speaking this program is eternal. So dont look a gift horse in the mouth go forth and do great marketing!

Google Domains Now Lets Everyone In The Us Buy And Sell Domain Names

to the list of GoDaddys competitors because Google Domains is now available to everyone in the U.S. When Google Domains launched in June, it was only available for people that had an invite.

Domain name registration prices on Google Domains start at $12 per year, which is comparable to other domain name registration websites. However, the $12 registration includes features that other domain name registration companies charge extra for. Registration through Google Domains includes up to 100 subdomains, Dynamic DNS, WHOIS private registration at no additional cost, website forwarding and e-mail alias forwarding to existing e-mail accounts like Gmail. If you need help setting up a domain name, Google Domains is offering free chat, phone and e-mail support.

Google Domains has integration with third party website builders like Squarespace , Weebly, Wix and Shopify which have separate charges associated with each service. The templates for these services are browsable within Google Domains. Google is also offering full support for so that you can easily connect a new domain to your existing blog. Google plans to add Google Apps integration in the near future, according to .

Google Domains / Credit: Google

Domain names can be registered for up to 10 years. For example, you can auto renew every year for the same $12 if the .com domain name costed $12 for the first year.

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What Features Does Google For Nonprofits Have

Listed below is a breakdown of each of the products included in the Google for Nonprofits program, listed in order of most widely useful to useful in a few cases. Each piece is powerful in its own way, so the best way to evaluate them is how relevant it is to your NPO.

Not all products are available in all countries. Check the list here.

Google Earth And Maps

How to register a domain name with Google Domains | Buy a domain name fast and easy online.

Now this product definitely isnt for everybody, but for the right nonprofit it could really change how you do business. Google Earth Outreach opens up Googles satellite and map data to nonprofits, enabling them to perform international development work like never before.

What it gets you:

  • The ability to publish Google Maps on your websites
  • Access to the premium Google Maps API, which lets you plot sensitive information on a map and keep the data internal
  • Access Googles Open Data Kit, which allows you to link deep maps features in to proprietary software and applications.
  • Display customized visualizations and layers over Google Maps

Biggest potential use:

The first thing you see when you go to the Google for Nonprofits website is a case study with Charity: Water. They leveraged the Google Maps API to send donors GPS coordinates of where a new well will be built, connecting donors with a specific project to increase perceived impact. Large, international NGOs could likewise leverage the Maps API to coordinate geographic data.

Other ways to maximize this resource:

Another case study featured on the site describes how an Amazonian tribe learned to use Google for Nonprofits to stop illegal logging in their forest. The tool is so successful theyre able to use it for parceling out pieces to sell on the carbon credit marketplace! Likewise, watchdog groups could use Google Earth and Maps to stop land-grabs around the world.

Cost savings:

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