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How To Connect Domain To Gmail

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Configure Your Gmail To Send Your Web Host Emails From Gmail

Gmail: How to Connect Domain Email to Gmail FREE (2021)

Once you receive the confirmation message on the next screen telling you that you can now receive emails, you will be prompted with the option of being able to send emails as well. You want to click the Yes option and then click next.

Unless you are registering an email address other than for yourself, leave the option treat as an alias checked and click next step.

On the next page you will be prompted to configure the settings for the account you wish to send emails from. Everything should already be preloaded but make sure to verify:

SMTP Server: It should match the one on your webmail configuration page from your webhost . Usually mail yourdomain.comUsername: The webmail email address you added earlierPassword: The access password for that email address.

For the option to connect to a secure connection using TLS keep that checked and clicked add account.

How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name By Paying For Google Workspace

If youre willing to pay, another way to use Gmail with your own domain name is to pay for .

G Suite essentially lets you create an entire Google account with your own custom email, instead of using a Gmail address. This not only gives you access to Gmail with your own domain name, but it also gives you separate access to other Google tools such as:

  • Drive
  • Calendar
  • Etc.

If you have an organization, you can also set up Google Workspace for your entire organization so that you can all easily share files with one another.

Theres a lot to like about this method. However, the downside is obviously that it isnt free! Google Workspace starts at $6 per month per user. So if its just you, youll pay just $6 per month. However, if your business has five employees, you would pay $30 per month .

Well share a brief tutorial on how to set this up below. However, if youre interested in this method, we actually have an entire guide on how to set up Google Workspace :


How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name

So can you use Gmail with your own domain name? And if so, can you do it for free? The answers to those questions are yes and yes. And in this post, youll learn how to do it.

Specifically, Im going to show you two ways to use Gmail with your own custom domain name:

  • Free method as long as you already have email hosting , you can connect Gmail to your own domain name for free using SMTP/POP3 credentials . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
  • Google Workspace / G Suite method if youre willing to pay, you can use to have a dedicated Gmail account for your own custom domain name . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
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    Connecting To Other Devices

    If you want to receive your email to your Gmail account, follow the instructions below:

    The intention of this guide is to provide step-by-step instructions on how to receive e-mail from your GoDaddy e-mail account to your Gmail account. Well also set it up so you can send e-mail from using your GoDaddy e-mail address, and also so that e-mails will automatically reply from the same e-mail address the e-mail was sent to . Its incredibly useful for a variety of reasons.

  • Log into Gmail
  • Select Mail Settings
  • Under Settings, choose the Accounts and Import tab
  • Scroll down to the Check Mail Using POP3 section and click Add POP3 email account
  • A small applet window will pop up. Under Email Address, enter
  • Under Username, enter
  • Under Password, enter the password you use to login to your GoDaddy e-mail on theGoDaddy WebMail application on
  • The POP Server should read:
  • The port field should be 110.
  • Check the Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. checkbox
  • Check the Label Incoming Messages checkbox if you want to and then click Add Account
  • Check the Label incoming messages:
  • Your GoDaddy e-mail account has been added to Gmail. Check the Yes, I want to be able to send mail as radio button and then click Next Step> >
  • Under Name, fill in your real name or whatever name you want people to see when you e-mail them from your GoDaddy e-mail address. Then click Next Step> >
  • The Goals Of My Setup

    How to hook up a custom domain email to your free Gmail ...

    What I am trying to achieve here:

    • Get a custom domain name for a small annual subscription fee from Google Domains currently $12/year
    • Sign up for a free Gmail account to use with the project
    • Set up a custom domain email address for free via Google Domains, making use of the purchased custom domain
    • Have emails that are sent to the custom domain email automatically forwarded to the Gmail account
    • Send email as
    • Eliminate the need to purchase a new G Suite account for every new project
    • Make the most of all the free Google services that come with the Gmail account

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    How To Forward Godaddy Email To Gmail

    When you buy a domain from GoDaddy, you also get an email linked to it. But, if you already have a Gmail account set up for your business and have used it before, it may be frustrating to receive mail on two different platforms.

    Luckily, Gmail has a solution to this problem. In a few simple steps, you can link your GoDaddy email with your Gmail and receive everything on just one account.

    How To Get An Email Address On Your Custom Domain Name

    You probably have Gmail or some other free email account already. While that email is perfectly fine, it might not look very good when used for any sort of professional purpose.

    Were going to show you two ways to do that:

    • Option A). Involves handling everything within your user panel at Bluehost one of the leading web hosting firms on the web, famous for its low prices and good beginner-friendly approach.
    • Option B). Involves connecting your domain name to Gmail as in, yes, you will be interacting with your email through a Gmail-like panel, but youll be doing so in a way that lets you use your custom domain email instead of a standard address

    Something we need to admit right up front is that path is much more beginner-friendly. Wed give it 5/5 on the ease of use scale. Path is a moderate 3/5.

    Option A) Create Email Accounts for Your Domain Name with Web Hosting Provider

    Many top web hosting companies offer free email accounts for their customers. Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost just to name a few.

    In this example, well show you steps to create email accounts for your domain name with Bluehost:

    First, log in to your Bluehost panel and then go into the Advanced tab from the main sidebar.

    From there scroll down to the Email section and click on Email Accounts.

    From there click on the Create button.

    Heres how to fill that out:

    Once you have the fields filled in, click on Create again.

    Option B) Create Email Accounts for Your Domain Name with Gmail

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    How To Connect A Domain Name To Gmail

    Premium DNS offers you a reliable and secure cloud service that utilises multiple locations to ensure your DNS hosting is the fastest possible. In addtion, it allows you to set all types of DNS Records and take complete control over your DNS within your Account Manager.

    For all other locales, this service upgrade can be added to any existing domain name. For UK, as per Registry policies, Premium DNS features are already included in every account upon registration.

    Connecting a Domain to Gmail

    Included in its features, Premium DNS offers you an instant quick setup so you can connect your domain name to apps and websites like Gmail.

    Easily connect your domain to Gmail within your Account Manager using the steps below:

  • Click Sign Up / Log In at the top of this page.
  • Select Account Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your username and password, then click Log In.
  • Click on the Visit My Account button.
  • Click Domains on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Click the Domain Name that you wish to manage. If you only have one domain, you will automatically be redirected to its management page.
  • Scroll down to the DNS Settings section, then click the Hamburger Menu on the right.
  • Select Google MX from the expanded menu.
  • A setup box will pop up. Ensure that Google MX is selected from the drop-down menu, then click Connect.
  • Your MX Records are now configured to point to Google.

    Congratulations! You just connected your domain name to Gmail.

    Fantastic…Thank you for your feedback =)

    Why Do I Need To Do This

    Connecting Domain Email To Gmail

    When someone sends a message to , the sender’s computer looks up the MX records for to figure out where to deliver that email message.

    Before your company can use Gmail with your Google Workspace account, you need to change your domain’s MX records so they direct your incoming messages to Google’s mail servers.

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    Verify The Email Address

    OK, were at the homestretch. Now you will get a screen which tells you that they has successfully located your server and verified your credentials and that they have sent a confirmation code to that address.

    This is simply a process to verify that the email account your are adding is actually yours or one you have access to. So we need to head on over to our web host and login to our webmail to get the access link/code. Remember, at this point you can already receive and check emails that come to this address right in gmail but unless you complete this last step you will not be able to send any emails from that address via gmail.

    Once you are logged in, you will see the confirmation email. Open it and you will see that there are two ways to confirm the account.

    The first way is to copy the confirmation code and paste it back in the gmail popup box and click verify:

    This is the method I prefer because I hate having to open an additional tab just to receive a message but thats just me. You can choose the second way if you like which is to simply click the link.

    Once you have done that, you are done! We just need to double check that everything is in working order so we go back to gmail and click on the settings icon and then click on the accounts and import label and scroll down to see that our account has been added in the send mail as section as well as the check mail from other accounts section .

  • Found this very helpful. Thanks!

  • Abdul-Karim Carl Franklin
  • Additional Steps To Set Up The Sending From Part:

    Part I. Set up an App Password for your Gmail account to allow you to use the Gmail SMTP servers securely.

    5. Go to the Gmail account. Click your username or user icon in the upper right corner to bring up the user menu.

    6. Click My Account.

    7. In the Google account screen, under Sign-in & security, click Signing in to Google.

    8. In the Password & sign-in method box, click App passwords.

    You may be asked to re-enter your password at this point.

    Note: You must have 2-Step Verification enabled for the App passwords option to be available. If it is not, click 2-Step Verification and enable 2-Step Verification. Then continue to set the App password.

    9. In the App passwords box, select Mail for the app, select Other for the device.

    10. Enter the name of your domain for the other device, and click Generate.

    11. The Generated app password box will display a 16-character password. Copy this password. You will need it when you add your new send-as account.

    12. Return to your Gmail screen.

    Part II. Add the alias as an account to your Gmail inbox.

    13. In the top right corner, click the Settings button.

    14. Select Settings from the drop down menu.

    15. In the Settings screen, click the Accounts and Import tab.

    16. Scroll down to Send mail as and click Add another email address you own.

    17. In the first Add another email address box, enter the name you want recipients of your email to see and the forwarded email address you are setting up.

    18. Click Next Step.

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    Create A G Suite Account And Follow The Wizard

    To get started, website and follow the account setup wizard to configure the basic details, like which custom domain you want to use with G Suite. This will be the domain name at the end of your email address e.g.

    If youre the only person who will be using Google Workspace , youre finished once you complete the wizard. If you want to give other people custom email addresses, you can also do that after completing the initial setup wizard:

    How To Send Message From Custom Email Address In Gmail Account

    How to Connect Your Domain Email to Gmail

    Like receiving the same massage, it is also very easy when you send mail to someone, after clicking on Compose you will get 2 options in the From section.

    One, for your primary Gmail account and the other for yourcustom email address. You can send mail by selecting any of the mails, you wantto send from.

    In this way, you can add your custom email address to the Gmail account and manage custom email through the Gmail account. Now you will not have the problem of repeatedly going to cPanel or custom email address and log in.

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    Create Your Custom Email Address

    This is where you create the email address youd like to ultimately use. So

    With Bluehost, its effortless to do that. Just click the Advanced tab and scroll down until you see Email, then click Email Accounts.

    On the next page, click the Create button.

    On the next page, specify the domain you want to use . Then choose the username youd like to send emails as. Also, be sure to remember your password as youll need it later.

    Start Using Gmail With Your Own Domain Today

    With the methods in this post, you can get the convenience of Gmail with the professionalism and brandability of your own custom email address.

    If you already have a website and email hosting, you can use the first method to use Gmail with your custom domain name for free.

    If you dont have email hosting already and/or you want to completely separate your custom email address from your free Gmail address, you might want to pay for Google Workspace instead.

    Still have any questions about how to use Gmail with your own domain name? Ask us in the comments!

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