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Can I Transfer My Domain From Godaddy To Shopify

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Wix Domain Transfer A Complete Step By Step Guide Adol

How to Connect Your Existing GoDaddy Domain to Shopify Automatically – E-commerce Tutorials

Jan 17, 2020 How You Can Transfer A Domain Purchased Elsewhere to Wix When you transfer your domain name to Wix, Wix becomes your domain host

Jul 16, 2020 I have a Wix website published on a domain I got from GoDaddy. I just finished my new Webflow site for my business that is probably 100 times

Jun 12, 2021 Transferring or pointing your GoDaddy domain name to your Wix site is simple. · How To Change Wix DNS to Godaddy?

Dec 8, 2020 The pace at which Connect Godaddy Domain To Wix 2021 is growing and moving is so amazing that you cannot let it slip by. GoDaddy domain

Install The Cart2cart Migration App

The easiest way to move your data and content from Big Cartel to Shopify is with the Cart2Cart migration app, provided in the Shopify App Store. This app has a free demo migration, but for the real migration rates start at $69 per migration.

The Cart2Cart app moves the following Big Cartel items to your Shopify store:

  • Products and product images.
  • Your customer data and the customer shipping information.
  • You orders, manufacturers and order products.

Select the Get button on the Cart2Cart app page.

This returns you to the Shopify dashboard, in which you can click on the button that says Install Cart2Cart: Shopify Migration Module.

Specify that youre a New Cart2Cart User, and fill in your information like full name, email and desired password. Click on the Register button once done.

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Godaddy Shopping Cart Migration

GoDaddy has some great domain name services including the DNS systems to point your domain to your website. However some of the other services are just not designed for growing online retailers. E-Commerce is a special type of platform. The tools you need to manage an online product catalog can be extensive. That is why many online business owners that originally started on GoDaddy are now moving to Shopify. If your moving to Shopify and want to get moved the right way then you’ve found the right place.

We offer an end to end service to get your product data captured, SEO data, images, content, and more. Then we migrate all your data and media to Shopify, setup your theme, store settings, apps, and more. We get you from GoDaddy to Shopify and fully migrated and launched on Shopify.

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What Is The Most Successful Shopify Store

  • 5 of the Top Shopify Store Examples.
  • YouFoodz 3,846% sales growth in 14 months.
  • Thrive Causemetics 500,000 Direct visitors per month.
  • Endy Sleep $20 million annual revenue and counting.
  • Freshly Picked Multimillion-dollar business endorsed by Kardashians.
  • Flat Tummy Tea Over 14,000 Glowing Reviews.

Transferring A Domain Purchased Elsewhere To Wix

Should I Buy A Domain Through Shopify Or Godaddy (Pros/Cons)?

To transfer your domain to Wix: · Select an extension period of at least one year. Tip: If you have a free domain voucher, its automatically applied. · Click Continue.

Contact GoDaddy if you do not receive this email. Important: After receiving the code, you can transfer your domain to Wix by following the steps here.

Feb 2, 2021 After youve transferred your domain name from GoDaddy to your Wix premium account, Wix will become your domain name registrar. Domain

Compare 3dcart vs prestashop vs storenvy ecommerce/website builders.

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Shut Down The Old Site

Once your new Shopify e-commerce site is up and running, it is time to shut down your old site. Remember that you are paying for the old site, so you would not like to pay more than a month extra. Make sure there is no data left in the old site that has not been imported. Once you verify this, cancel the subscription. Thats it! The old site is now shut down and your new Shopify e-commerce site is up and running.

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Shopify Vs Godaddy Ease Of Use: Verdict

GoDaddy uses ADI to create your online store in a matter of minutes, and represents the quickest and easiest way to get your ecommerce store up and running. While Shopify offers intuitive drag-and-drop design, it cannot match GoDaddys overall ease of use.

Do You Want to Save Time and Effort?

Shopify has over 60 themes to choose from, all of which are created by independent designers. Costing between $100 and $180, the paid themes are relatively expensive, but there are also 9 free options if youre strapped for cash.

In terms of functionality, Shopifys themes incorporate a product zoom feature, which provides visitors with a more exciting purchasing journey. They also contain a shopping cart icon in the top right corner Shopifys templates have all been designed with the user in mind.

GoDaddys ADI has the ability to create over 1,500 different types of industry-specific websites. For each industry that it caters for, there are approximately 19 theme variations, but keep in mind that you dont have much creative freedom at all once your site is generated.

We have to admit that GoDaddys templates are rather simple. While this does let your products do the talking, you might want to look elsewhere for flashy website templates wed recommend Squarespace as your first port of call.

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Overview: How To Transfer Domain To Shopify

Transferring domains is more straightforward than it sounds. You need to disconnect it from the original provider and then connect it to the new one. However, to avoid migrating the website with complications, consider acquiring a specialists Shopify web development services.

This article covers the transfer process for some of the most popular web hosting services available.

Transfer Domain Away From Shopify

How to Connect your Domain to your Shopify Store

As mentioned earlier in this article, transferring your domain is a relatively straightforward process. You need to unlock the domain from the current host and authorize the transfer to the new one. The article covers the process in greater detail for some of the most common hosting services.

However, there is an additional aspect of transferring domains most overlook. Are you going to shift your website and all associated data as well? In this case, migrating a website can lead to complications like lost data and design incompatibility. To mitigate these problems, consider hiring the services of a Shopify web development specialist like Folio3. These companies offer complete Shopify migration services, including design and after-sales support.

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How To Link A Third

While the process above allows you to transfer your domain from your domain provider to Shopify, in some cases, you may wish to still use your third-party domain provider for the management and hosting of your domain.

Fortunately, there is a way to point your domain, whether its an existing domain or a new one hosted by a third-party provider, to your Shopify store. That is by connecting or linking your third-party domain to Shopify.

If you bought your domain from Google Domains, GoDaddy, or 1& 1 IONOS, then youll be able to connect the domain to the Shopify store automatically. Here, youll take the following steps:

  • Go to Online Store and then click the Domains button from your Shopify admin.

Once youve completed the above steps, it can take up to 48 hours for the domain to be verified.

Godaddy Ecommerce Vs Shopify

You can then choose a domain name from the File Transfer protocol , the Domain Name System or a subdomain. Godaddy is the latter. You would have to give a name and also add the subdomain to your domain. When you have completed these steps, you will be taken to a page where you have to enter the password for your Store. When you have entered the password, you are now ready to transfer your domain name from Shopify to Godaddy.

If you are unable to see the login page for Godaddy, you might have to use a FTP client to transfer your domain name. Just fire up your FTP client and find the IP address of your domain name, which is represented by an FTP command. Navigate to the desired destination and use the FTP password to enter. When prompted, enter the password and save your website. In a few moments, you will see your domain name has been successfully transferred.

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Import Your Wix Web Store Data Into Your New Shopify Site

Since your Shopify site is for making sales, the proper transfer of content from your Wix store to Shopify is essential. One way is to manually upload your products, their content, specifications, cost and SEO parameters through the sidebar. This method is practical if you have a small assortment of products.

For a larger number of products export your web store data into a CSV file from the control panel of your Wix web page and import this data into your corresponding Shopify site. Use the same procedure to import customer lists and other website content. This method turns out to be a bit complicated and time consuming.

Batch Importing Products And Customers To Shopify With A Csv

Godaddy Domain To Shopify

Even if youre not moving from WooCommerce, you can import your products and customers from a CSV file.

To import your products to your new Shopify store, youll go to Products in the admin panel. Near the top theres a small text link that says Import. Theres a sample CSV format yours like the sample. Heres the Shopify walk through of this process.

If you get lost, theres more information in the Shopify Help Center guide to importing products.

The process for importing customers is similar. Format your CSV per the guidelines, then navigate to Customers from the admin panel, then Import customers.

Another option is to use a migration app from the Shopify App Store. Heres one called Cart2Cart. Price is based on how many products you want to import.

Shopify also has the option to hire a store expert through its Services Marketplace to help with the transfer.

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How To Close Shop And Move Domain

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I’m sure this has been asked previously but I’ve not found a reply yet , however, can someone advise as to the steps to close my account and then move the domain I’ve purchased via shopify so I can point it to another non-sales site I have hosted elsewhere?

Nothing *wrong* with shopify, just that rather than run a holding, non-trading tickover of the account I’d rather close it and keep the name for future use?

I believe I cancel the account and recurring billing via the shopify dashboard, but I’ve never moved a domain before?


Hi, Charles!

Im Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for posting. Yes, you can transfer your domain away from Shopify that is no issue at all. I would recommend doing this first before closing the account so it is moved away fully.

You will need to get the log in details for your domain, once you have them you can log into your Open SRS dashboard to start the transfer of the domain to point to the new site.

If you do not have the login details needed, you can send us a request for the login information for your Open SRS account through , we can verify some details and forward you that information.

You can use the guide Configure your Shopify domain preferences using OpenSRS to help with this. That guide goes over all the aspects of your dashboard and you will see this section here for transferring your domain.

Have a great day!

Connect Godaddy Domain To Shopify

The next step that you have to follow is to visit the DNS server of Godaddy and upload the certificate to your browser. When you visit the DNS site, you will be asked to enter the IP address that you used in the first step. Once you have completed this step, you have successfully transferred your domain.

The last step is to register your domain name. After you have registered your domain name, you will need to enter the websites hostname, which should be the same as the one you used in the first step. Click on the Create Hosting Account button and fill in all the required details. Follow the instructions. Once you have all these things, your domain name will be registered successfully.

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Prepare Your Domain For Transfer

Before you can transfer your domain to Shopify, you need to unlock your domain and get a transfer authorization code from your domain provider.

When you transfer a domain to Shopify, your domain’s A record and CNAME record are set to Shopify’s default domain records. If additional records are present on your domain before the transfer, then make a copy of those records to add to the Domains section of your Shopify admin after the transfer. For example, you might need to add an MX record to reconnect your domain to an email hosting service.


The process for preparing a domain for transfer varies by third-party domain provider. If you have trouble preparing your domain for transfer, then contact your third-party domain provider. Shopify Support can’t log in to your third-party domain account for you, even if you give your explicit permission.


  • Log in to your third-party domain provider account.
  • Confirm that the email address associated with your account is up to date and doesn’t belong to the domain that you want to transfer.
  • Make a copy of any domain records that you might need to configure your domain after the transfer.
  • Click Unlock next to the domain that you want to transfer. You might need to approve this choice by clicking on a link in a confirmation email.
  • Click Transfer this domain, Transfer out, or similar to get a transfer authorization code from your provider.
  • Is Shopify Or Wix Better

    Shopify Godaddy Domain Setup – Connect Your Godaddy Domain To Shopify In Minutes

    Wix vs Shopify: Key Differences At A Glance

    Wix is easier to use than Shopify, and quicker to build your store with. Shopify is more powerful, which is why it takes longer to get to grips with. Wix is best for small businesses, freelancers, and individual sellers. Shopify is better for large businesses looking to grow.

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    Transfer Domain To Shopify

    Once youve prepared your domain, youre ready to transfer the domain to Shopify. To do this, take the following steps:

    • Go to Shopify admin, click on Online Store, and then Domains. On the domains page, click Transfer domain.
    • If you get the message DOMAIN UNLOCKED, the domain is ready to transfer, and you can click Next to continue. If you get the message DOMAIN LOCKED, youll have to follow the domain unlocking process described above to unlock the domain.
    • In the Verification code text box, enter the authorization code. Once done, click Next, and then Buy and transfer.
    • Once youve completed these steps, you will receive a confirmation email from your domain provider to confirm the transfer.

    As mentioned earlier, once youve completed all the steps above, it can take up to 20 days for the transfer from your domain provider to Shopify to complete. If you encounter any issues along the way, try to solve the problem by looking at Shopifys extensive documentation or contacting Shopify support.

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