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What Is The Best Domain Name Extension

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Should You Register All Other Available Extensions

The Weirdest Top-Level Domain Extensions

As you search for your domain name, you will notice that more than one extension is available. Should you register all of them? The answer to that question largely depends on your budget, but generally speaking, its a wise choice to register the most common extensions as well.

The main idea behind this is it helps protect your brand. In an ideal world, you shouldnt be worried about the possibility of someone registering your name with a different extension for malicious purposes. In reality, there is always a possibility that something similar might happen. If someone goes out of their way to build up the other site in search engine rankings, you run the risk of having your reputation tarnished.

If you can afford it, minimize this risk by registering at least the .net, .me, and .co extensions. Then, simply redirect those domains to point to your primary domain name.

Do You Have To Buy The Same Domain Name As Your Registered Business Name

In short, no. However, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, your domain name should be similar to your business name. So, if your registered business name is High Street Plumbing Ltd., you wouldnt want to pick the domain name

Keep your business brand or personal brand, if youre self-employed consistent across all of your content, platforms and marketing items when choosing a domain name. Make sure your domain name is consistent with the branding you use for your business on social media as well.

In the case of High Street Plumbing, these would be a couple of domain names to consider:

  • highstreetplumbing
  • highstreetplumbers

Even if the domain name isnt exactly the same as your registered business name, it still gives your customers something similar to search for online.

Whos In Charge Of Domain Extensions

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers manages domain extensions through its divisions, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority .

An ICANN-designated registry operates each extension. The registry keeps a database of all domain names which use that extension.

For example, .com, .net, and various other extensions are managed by VeriSign, an American company. Branded extensions are usually managed by the company that registered them. For example, the .samsung registry is operated by Samsung.

Government branches or non-profits may operate country-code extensions. For instance, the registry operator for .in is the National Internet Exchange of India.

These registries contract the extension out to ICANN-accredited registrars. These are the companies where you can register your domain name, like Google Domains or Cloudflare.

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Killer Tips To Help You Choose Your Domain Name

Before you run off in search of your domain name, here are a few tips to help you make the right decision:

1. Keep Your Domain Name Short

If at all possible, keep your domain name short. Aim for a domain name that is under 15 characters, as anything longer might be harder for people to remember. There is also an inherent risk of typos in longer domain names, which can lead to potential visitors winding up somewhere other than your website.

2. Avoid Using Hyphens

Its worth mentioning that you should avoid using hyphens in your domain name whenever possible. The reason for this is twofold. First, hyphens in domain names are usually associated with spammy domains, and second, there is a good chance people will forget the hyphen and end up on a non-existent or a completely different website.

3. Make It Easy to Spell and Remember

Chances are, you will find yourself in a situation where your domain name will pop up as a topic in a conversation. The last thing you want to do is give out a long and overly complicated domain name that’s hard to remember. Similarly, if youre talking to someone on the phone, its a lot easier to spell out a short domain name than it is to spell out a really long domain name.

4. Avoid Double Letters

Similarly to the point above, avoid doubling up on letters. If your last name begins with the same letter as the last letter of your first name, consider switching them around to avoid any typos and potential loss of traffic.

Top Domain Name Extension List 2022

Domain Extensions Full List

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Are you wondering which are the most popular domain name extensions?

Choosing a new domain name is a very important decision for every business. Your domain name extension is a big part of this decision and can influence your brand identity.

In this article, we will share the top domain name extensions, so you can choose the perfect extension for your new domain name.

What are Domain Name Extensions?

Domain name extensions, also called top level domains , are a part of the domain name thats to the right of the dot. So, with, the domain name extension is .com.

The right domain name extension can make it easier for people to find your WordPress website.

There are hundreds of different domain name extensions to choose from.

The two main types of top level domains are generic top level domains , and country code top level domains .

  • Generic top level domains are the most common type of domain extensions including .com, .net, etc.
  • Country code top level domains are commonly reserved for certain countries, but these can be used in certain cases, as youll see below.

Beyond the top domain name extensions, there are hundreds of additional new domain name extensions, like .app, .technology, .guru, and more.

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Using Your Domain Name As A Competitive Advantage

A domain name isnt just a web address in someones browser. Its an extension of your company and brand. Domains play a critical role in how you position your brand and present yourself to the digital world, whether youre blogging or selling products online.

Your domain name doesnt need to be overly clever for it to be perfect. Instead, choose one that is simple, memorable, and has a nice ring to it.

Youll look more professional and gain instant credibility with your shoppers, which will likely lead to more awareness and sales for your business. You might not be the next Google, but with a little bit of luck, your domain can be a household name.

Final Thoughts On How To Choose A Domain Name

Your domain name needs to make a good first impression aswell as lasting a long time. Its an integral part of your branding that cantbe taken lightly.

Take your time to work through all the tips above to help you choose a domain name that youre proud of. One thats catchy, memorable, and relevant.

Need more help with your blog? Check out these popular guides:

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The Complete Guide To Domain Extensions

A domain name points people directly to your website, and the few letters that make up your domain extension can say a lot about your site to visitors. Choosing a suitable domain extension for your sites purpose and branding can be pivotal to its success. This comprehensive guide explains the purpose of domain extensions, the differences between popular extensions, and how to choose the best one for your new website.

Avoid Hyphens If Possible

What are Domain Extensions and How do I Choose a Domain Extension?

If your domain name is two words , you may want to separate the words with a hyphen for readability: But, keep in mind that use of hyphens also strongly correlates with spammy behavior and decreases domain name readability and memorability. For that reason, generally, no more than one hyphen should be used .

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Factors To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name Registrar

As mentioned, a domain name needs to be registered before it can be used. In order to register one, youll need to select a registrar.

Domain name registrars are the businesses that take care of reserving the actual name for you such as NameCheap, GoDaddy and many others.

They also handle IP address assignments for the domain names they reserve.

IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is the set of rules that enable devices to communicate with one another via the Internet.

While some folks may be just registering one and doing nothing with it, others are ready to build their site out, which means you also need hosting.

Our guide to web hosting in Canada is a good resource to pair up with this one to get the complete picture on domains and hosting your website on your domain.

There are dozens of registrars.

To ensure you choose the right one for your specific needs, consider the following factors before selecting one:

Check For Other Top Level Domains Like Cctld’s Or Shop

Sometimes you may find a desired name unavailable with the .com extension. If thats the case, dont stress. Here are a few other top level domain suffixes to consider:

A good option for brick-n-mortar businesses in a specific city, for example, .london or .boston.

A solid choice for retailers who want to reach international markets.

A good choice for wholesalers or B2B ecommerce stores.

If youre selling in another country, like the UK or India, try to search for country code TLDs. For example, Suta, a Shopify merchant from Mumbai, uses the .in extension rather than .com. The domain name is still clean and memorable and can be found without thinking about it.

We cover the pros and cons of various extensions in our ultimate guide to domains.

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Why Find A Com Domain

Think of a website address. Any website address. Unless a government or nonprofit site came to mind, chances are, the domain extension is .com. In fact, 52% of all websites are .com sites.

Especially if you’re going to be telling people what your website address is , there are benefits to using the default domain extension .com simply for easy recall.

Net Vs Com And More: What’s The Best Domain Extension

Why New Domain Extensions are Perfect for Custom Links

Your domain name is the face of your website and your online brand its the first thing visitors learn about your website. Every domain name is unique, but the best ones are relevant, familiar, and easy to remember.

domain extension

So, whats the right domain extension for your site? In this guide, Ill review and compare some of the most well-known extensions you can use to cap off your domain name. And dont worry if youre unsure what a domain extension actually is. Well start there.

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How To Choose The Right Tld For Your Domain Name

Different domain extensions wont affect how your website functions on the internet.

Some companies prefer using the .com domain extension to show that theyre successful enough to afford a premium domain, while other companies choose niche-specific domain extensions.

For those companies representing a niche, domain extensions like .space can help reassure your customers that youre the expert that understands them. You can also use your niche TLD in a creative way to establish a domain name that truly stands out

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Which Domain Is The Best For My Website

Finding an available domain name is only one part of choosing the perfect domain. Before performing a domain name search and registration, follow these best practices:

Length. Keep it short two to three words is ideal.

Simple. Dont use long or hard-to-spell words.

Keywords. Include a keyword from your industry. For example, if you sell soya beans in Dallas, try

Avoid numbers. Numbers are hard to recall and make domains more complex.

Brand name. Include your brand name for maximum awareness.

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Who Controls Domain Names

There is no one single entity that controls all domain names. Instead, there is a decentralized system of control that is managed by various different organizations and individuals.

The most important organization in this system is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . ICANN is a nonprofit corporation that was created in 1998 to take over the responsibility of managing the DNS system from the U.S. government. ICANN is responsible for coordinating the assignment of unique IP addresses, as well as managing the root zone file that contains the list of all top-level domains.

ICANN works with many different stakeholders in the domain name industry, including registries , registrars , and Internet users. ICANN also has agreements with various governments around the world to ensure that the domain name system is stable and secure.

Top 10 Most Popular Domain Extensions In 2022

Where to Buy a Domain? Best Domain Name Registrars 2022

Internet is completely booming and influencing the life of almost everyone out there from easy access to any website official portals, apps, online stores and so on

But wait, whats the most important thing to consider when dragging your business or finding any business or company name online.

Yes, true. Its the name of that firm which landed you to that IP address via nameservers protocol.

So, while searching for those IP addresses or in simple terms if you say Domain surely you may have observed that, there is a . before and after which prefix and suffix is added which indicates the complete domain.

Most of the time, you may have found .com used by every second website as it is the most used and registered Top Level Domain with 150 Millions registered domains.

The extension of prefix after the . is known as Domain extension.

So, lets discuss most popular domain extensions in the world and its reach, benefits and all. Without any further delay lets dive in to the topic


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Final Words On Most Popular Domain Extensions

Having the best domain registered that to it with the best Top Level Domain Extension can truly do wonders to boost the business or growth of ones identity.

TLD are easy to remember and founds use favourite. So, thats all for the best and most popular domain extensions in 2022.

Hope you have definitely like the post as much as we do sharing it with you. Dont forget to share it with your friends and family too who are eagerly searching for the best domain and best domain extension.

Thank you

How To Choose A Domain Name Registrar

Before choosing a domain name registrar, youll need to look into a few basic things, like top level domains . The top level domains are a part of the domain name system and not all the registrars offer all TLDs. Lets see an example of the domain structure for better understanding.

For example:

In this domain structure, www is the protocol, mywebsite is your business name or second level domain , and .com is the top level domain . You can choose any TLD that you need though youll need to check whether your domain registrar is selling it or not.

Easy, right?

The domain name search should be simple and intuitive. Sometimes you know what domain name you need to register. But, if youre confused about it, then the smart search system should also give suggestions in the search results to help you select your business name.

Therere many other aspects well be discussing below to help you choose the best domain name registrar for your domain name.

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Do The Best Domain Name Extensions Help Seo

Domain extensions dont have a direct impact on SEO, but they do have a lateral impact. Technically, a TLD isnt going to affect your websites placement in SERPs. However, the TLD you choose influences user trust, and that makes a difference when it comes to SEO. Less common TLDs are more often associated with spammy websites and are not always trusted by users. If youre searching for something online, are you more likely to click on the .com website or the .xyz one? Exactly.

Country-specific TLDs, like for the UK, also impact SEO. The site will be more visible to users in the specific region. If you have a domain extension, youll reach many more users in the UK than in the U.S. because search engines will return location-based results. If you target users in a specific geographic area, consider a country-specific TLD otherwise, dont limit your site to who it can reach.

Domain Names & Extensions: A Brief History

3 Tips to Pick the Best Domain Extension

Before 1984, when University of Wisconsin technicians developed a name server, there were no domain names, only numbers like to designate a website address. Imagine that on your business card!

Suddenly in 1985, domain names using the extensions .com, .net, and .org were available to the world. And today, tens of thousands of new domain names are registered every single day — with over 300 domain extensions ranging from .ac to .zw!

Your domain name will probably cost around $10 a year, but premium domains can go for up to $20,000 and in 2010, sold for $13 million. Ooh-la-la!

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Trick #: Ignore Small Price Differences

As youre checking out different options for domain registration, youll likely notice some price differences between one domain registrar and another. Dont let a dollar or two be the deciding factor here.

In the long run, this marginal difference is insignificant. Instead, look at the big-picture. Some services offer cheap domain extensions when you first sign up, then increase the cost when you renew.

Is your registrar offering free privacy protection? What other services are you getting? Can you turn on auto-renewal? How long can you register your domain for? Even factors like customer service should be taken into consideration.

Cheaper isnt always better. Getting the best domain extension is more important than saving $15 over the course of five years.

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