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What Is A Valid Domain Name

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The Organization Of Domain Names

Using a .dev domain name on OpenShift with a valid SSL certificate

Each country organizes its domain names according to a hierarchy. So, the Internet domain names come in four major types. For instance, they are top-level domains, second-level domains, third-level domains, and country domains. These domains are further segregated into the subsections so as to provide information about the various given domains.

For organizing the domain names for countries, each nation in the world is designated a top-level Internet domain. Each of them has a unique two-letter alphabetic code. Basically, each country has a specific entity, responsible for its top-level domains .

When we consider domain vs URL, only the domain name may have a relation with a specific country. So, the URL is not country-sensitive.

Some examples of country-specific TLDs:

  • Brazil .br
  • .blog

Can Domain Names Have Dashes

Both a dash and a hyphen are represented by a – character. But a dash has spaces on both sides, and a hyphen does not. For example, the text my business is using a dash, while my-business is using a hyphen.

A domain name cannot contain dashes. You cannot register a domain name my, but you can register it as which is using a hyphen. So

Why Do I Have An Onmicrosoftcom Domain

Microsoft 365 creates a domain for you, like, when you sign up with the service. The user ID that you create when you sign up includes the domain, like .

If you want to have your email look like :buy the domain or just follow the steps in Add your users and domain to Microsoft 365 if you own it already.

  • You can’t rename the onmicrosoft domain after sign-up. For example, if the initial domain you chose was, you can’t change it to be To use a different domain, you’d have to start a new subscription with Microsoft 365.

  • You can’t rename your team site URL. Your team site URL is based on your domain name. Unfortunately, because of the way SharePoint Online architecture works, you can’t rename the team site.

  • You can’t remove your onmicrosoft domain. Microsoft 365 needs to keep it around because it’s used behind the scenes for your subscription. But you don’t have to use the domain yourself after you’ve added a custom domain.

You can keep using the initial domain even after you add your domain. It still works for email and other services, so it’s your choice.

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What Characters Can Be Used When Registering Comau Domain Names

Domain names can contain up to 63 characters, enabling you to register domainsthat reflect your product names, campaigns, or slogans in most cases.

The valid characters for use in domains are:

  • Any letters of the alphabet example:
  • Any numbers 0 to 9, example:
  • You can also use a hyphen , example:
  • Domain names cannot begin or end with a hyphen
  • You can use a combination of numbers, letters and hyphens, example:
  • You can use multiple instances of hyphens, but not a double hyphen
  • Domain names can begin and end in a number, example:
  • Other forms of punctuation, symbols or accent characters cannot be used.
  • The name’s length must be between the range 3 and 63 characters

The easiest way to remember most of these rules for your future website address is to think “LDH” which stands for Letters, Digits, Hyphens.

Domain names are not case sensitive. This means you can advertise your web namein upper or lower case or a combination of both. For example is the same name as both andDOMAINREGISTRATION.COM.AU

For some further tips to consider when choosing a name and informationabout eligibility for registering different domain extensions, please read our domainname search guide.

Building Blocks Of A Domain Name

Your Domain name is not valid

A domain name always ends on an extension or Top Level Domain . Different TLDs exist:

  • for countries
  • for regions
  • general
  • others

This part cannot be chosen freely. You must make a choice between the extensions allowed by ICANN. A full list is available here.

A name can be chosen under the TLD. E.g. Everyone is able to register a domain name according to the following rules.

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How To Assign A Nameserver To A Domain

Whenever you purchase a hosting package, the provider will provide you with a set of Nameservers, a Primary Nameserver and a Secondary Nameserver which will look like this:

You might find it at other places depending on your hosting provider and you might also receive it in the welcome email from the hosting provider.

You have to copy these Nameservers, and enter it into your domain management interface like this:

Does Google Care Which Tld You Use Does Tld Affect Seo

The short answer is that, no, the TLD you choose does not affect SEO. According to Matt Cutts, Google just tries to find the best content, regardless of TLD.

With that being said, the TLD you choose might have some indirect effects on SEO. For example, if you choose an odd, unknown TLD, visitors might have trouble remembering your site, which could lead to fewer inbound links. GrowthBadger conducted a study comparing top-level domains and found that .com domains are 33% more memorable.

Similarly, if you use an unfamiliar TLD, visitors might be less likely to click on your site in the search results due to a perception of spam, which could lower your CTR rate.

For example, in a survey of 1,000 people in the UK, VARN found that 70% of respondents didnt trust newer, less well-known TLDs as much as popular TLDs, like

So unless you have a good reason for choosing a lesser-known TLD, youre probably better off sticking with one of the popular options. Thats why we use a .com domain at Kinsta.

.com TLD

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So What Is A Domain Name

A domain name is essentially the web hosting equivalent of a postal address. Heres what you need to know:

  • A domain name is your websites equivalent of a street address.
  • They consist of a website name and a domain name extension .
  • All domain name registrations are overseen by ICANN.
  • Domains work by forwarding visitors to the appropriate server.
  • .com domains are the most popular, powering 46.5% of the web.
  • ccTLDs use country codes and designate geographic areas .
  • gTLDs tend to be designed for specific use cases .
  • Every domain name registrar has a different signup process.
  • You can use domain search engines to find available domain names.
  • Domains can be transferred from one provider to another.
  • Servers are physical machines that store your websites files.
  • If you need help, our support team will be more than happy to help.
  • How Do I Find A Domain Name For Myself

    Hey Tate: How to purchase a domain name for valid TLS/SSL certs in your development systems.

    Hostinger offers a domain name search tool to help you find a suitable domain. Simply enter a domain name of your choice in the search box and press Enter. Our system will then display a list of available TLDs or extensions based on your suggestion.If your preferred domain name is already registered, choose another extension or try coming up with different variations using your brand name. Once you find your unique domain name, you can claim it by proceeding with domain registration.

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    Valid Domain Name Characters Guide

    You have your business that is doing well. But you want to create a website for it. That’s awesome!

    But in order for you to create a website, you need to register a domain name- a unique one at that.

    Where to start? You need to know that not all characters and symbols are valid to use as domain names.

    But what is a domain name? Let us guide you through the whole thing!

    Why Do We See Dots In Domains Sometimes

    You might have seen some website addresses like that You cant actually register this kind of phrase with a dot but after you register your domain you can create subdomains.

    For example, now that I own, I can create as many subdomains as I want like,,, etc. You do not pay additional money for these options.

    For example, google registered and they have created many subdomains for different services. Pay extra attention that google paid for the other top-level domains such as,, etc.

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    Can You Use Non

    You can use characters from many different languages in a domain like Chinese, Arabic, Greek, and others. These domains are called internationalized. In the background, these domains are actually translated to English characters and numbers so the domain name system can recognize them.

    For example, if I register the German name müller my domain registrar will translate that to xn--mller-kva. You can use that conversion tool from Verisign with letters from your local language conversion tool.

    There is a big portion of the human population that they dont speak English but they use the web so there was a need for that addition.

    You cant mix different languages in a domain name. You should choose one language and stick with it.

    **Previously I mentioned that you cant use hyphens in the third or fourth position. You see now why this is happening. The hyphens in those positions indicate that the domain was registered as an internationalized one.

    Which Characters Are Not Allowed In Domain Names

    Check Valid Domain Name Javascript

    Most of the special characters except hyphens are not allowed in a domain. Things like an underscore, period, comma, apostrophe, exclamation mark, question mark, ampersand, bracket are not valid options.

    Some special characters are not allowed in a domain name because they are reserved for other cases. For example, a question mark indicates that certain values are assigned to certain parameters. In the below screenshot I did a search on Linkedin with the keyword logistics.

    After that search, i see only results relevant to the keyword logistics. Dont confuse a url with a domain. As you can see in the above screenshort there are many special characters, even some underscores!

    The URL is everything you see here: origin=GLOBAL_SEARCH_HEADER .

    linkedin is the second level domain and com is the top-level domain!

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    Changing Nameservers On Godaddy

  • Log in to GoDaddy account
  • Go to Manage Domains under your account
  • Then Click on Manage DNS
  • Add Primary Nameserver first and then the secondary Nameserver
  • Once you have changed, it might take a few hours to completely propagate the updated nameservers. It may take anywhere from 10 minutes to up to 4 hours in most cases. If it doesnt propagate within 4 hours it is advised to contact the support team.

    You can change other DNS records from your domain management interface. But once you have changed your Nameservers you can change other DNS records as well from the Cpanel. You might find a DNS Zone Editor, where you can select the type of record to update, as shown below:

    Can You Use The Ampersand Symbol In A Domain Name

    Again, characters that you can use in your domain name include letters, numbers and hyphens. Unfortunately, you wont be allowed to use the ampersand as a part of your domain name. For example, the following domain name will not be allowed:

    Take a look: this author actually typed bacon& on the search box. Even Google wouldnt hear of it.

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    List Of Valid Domain Name Characters That You Can Have

    I have detailed out below all the valid and invalid characters that a domain name can contain.

    If you are interested in reading all the finer details of a particular character, then skip to the last to see the table of all the characters that you can or cannot include in your domain name.

    Okay! With that said, lets begin

    How Do I Choose The Best Domain Name

    How to select Expired Domain Name and get BACKLINKS from the First Day.

    Great question! Here’s a few core things to consider when choosing your new domain name:

  • Choose a name that’s creative and unique. This may be the differentiation needed to stand out amongst competitors. Take a domain name like, for example.
  • Keep your name easy to remember as well. The sweet spot is ideally one or two words that capture the essence of your website. is easier to remember than, for example.
  • If you’re a local business, consider adding your region to your domain name, such as .nyc or .asia, to help your site’s visibility.
  • Consider buying more than one domain. As your site’s popularity increases, you don’t want copycats to purchase similar domains before you do.
  • And lastly, avoid numbers, hyphens, or symbols of any kind.
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    Should I Register More Than One Domain

    Yes! Registering multiple domain names protects your brand from domain squatters or copycats who may try to register alternative versions of your domain. For example, if you own, you may want to consider registering and as well. You may want to consider misspelled versions of your domain name too.

    Want to learn more?

    Weââ¬â¢ve got you covered. Here’s a few articles about searching for a domain we think you’ll find pretty helpful:

    Other Domain Name Types

    While the above-mentioned domain name categories are the most frequent, there are other variations that you can run into.

    Second-Level Domains

    Youve probably seen these domain names before. Were talking about a domain that sits directly below a top-level domain name. Were not going to get too technical here because its easier to show with examples, particularly when it comes to country codes.

    For example, British companies occasionally use instead of .com, and its a perfect example of a second-level domain. Another second-level domain is, which is often used by governmental institutions, and, which is used by academic institutions and universities.


    Subdomains are useful because they dont require webmasters to purchase an additional domain name to create divisions within their site. Instead, theyre able to create a subdomain that effectively points to a specific directory on the server. This can be super useful for campaign sites and other types of web content that should be kept separate from the main site.

    For example, Facebook uses to provide specific information for web and app developers who want to use the Facebook API. Another great example is

    Free Domains

    There are also free domain names that you can get from different website builders such as, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.

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    Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting

    Going back to the start of this article, if the domain name is like your physical address then web hosting is like the physical building and the contents stored within.

    Domain names are used to create a handy little shortcut to link what visitors type into an address bar to the server thats used to host the website. Theyre entirely digital and stored in a centralized database.

    Hosting is a little different because it requires a physical server thats located somewhere in the world and connected to the internet. Its essentially like a computer hard drive that stores all of your websites files and databases. Its called a server because it literally serves your website to your visitors.

    When you type a URL into your web browser, it sends a request to the specific server that your site is hosted on. The server then uploads the files and transmits them across the internet to the device that youre using, which downloads the files and displays them. Feel free to have a look at our more detailed guide about domain vs hosting relationship.

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