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How To Setup A Google Domain

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Why The Domain Registrar You Use Matters

How To Setup Google Domains Email Forwarding (email alias tutorial)

Registering a domain is simple, but the experience can vary depending on which service you use.

Every registrar can help you accomplish the same task, which is registering a domain. However, the experience can vary a lot depending on the service you choose. For example, heres what it looks like when you find a domain name using HostGator, which doubles as a web host and a registrar:

Were not big fans of the interface, but it works. In this case, the domain we want is available for $12.95 per year, and there are plenty similar options below:

Now lets try out Namecheap instead. While they offer web hosting too, in this case, theyre a lot more focused on choosing a domain. The same domain is a couple of dollars cheaper here:

Moreover, they show you a lot of alternative Top Level Domains right off the bat, which gives them an edge over HostGator. Finally, lets check out Google Domains:

In this case, the domain we want is about one dollar cheaper than it was on HostGator, but more expensive than if we used Namecheap. This is a common theme when it comes to .com domain names. They vary somewhat depending on the registrar you choose, but the difference tends to be small. However, prices for other less-known TLDs tend to swing a lot more.

Why Use Google Domains

Google Domains is a no-nonsense registrar. Theyre not trying to nickel and dime you for Premium DNS, or trying to sell you on unnecessary web hosting bundlesyou simply pay the registration fee, configure your DNS, and forget about it. A good example of this is DNSSEC, an important feature that prevents DNS spoofing and poisoning attacks on your domain by authenticating your DNS contents with public keys. GoDaddy only includes this as a paid feature, but its a free feature of Google Domains.

Google Domains is also just extremely easy to configure. Adding new records is a breeze, and their DNS system even supports Synthetic Records, which act as a collection of automatically configured records. You can use these to automatically enable G Suite for your domain, verifying ownership with a CNAME and routing to their mail servers with an MX record in one easy to add line. Other records include automatic subdomain forwarding and free Dynamic DNS.

On top of this, Google Domains is very secure. Your domain name is extremely importantit literally controls access to your site, and if someone managed to gain access to your account, they could steal your entire website. Its important to lock your account down. Google supports two-factor authentication, which you should really enable regardless of whether you own a domain.

How To Register Google Domains

Posted on May 24, 2018 by John Hughes in Tips & Tricks

There are a lot of services you can use to register your next domain. Aside from dedicated registrars, plenty of web hosts can also help you set up domains too. In fact, you have so many options, figuring out which one to use can be complicated and that was before Google threw its hat in the ring.

has been around for a while now, but the service is still in beta. In this article, were going to talk about whether it makes a difference what domain registrar you use. Then well talk about Google Domains itself, and walk you through the process of registering a domain through them in three steps.

Lets jump right in!

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Is Google Sites Domain Free

With Google Sites, it doesnt charge anything to utilize it.There will be no additional charges for features or support like those found in other site builders, but once you reach a certain storage limit, youll be charged.Google Sites will charge you for any domain you do not intend to use once your domain has been assigned to you.

How Do I Point My Domain To Google Sites

3 Steps to Properly Setup Your Google Apps Domain
  • Go to Google Domains on your computer from your home or work computer.
  • Manage the domain name by clicking its URL.
  • Open the Menu .
  • Simply click Continue under the Simple site section.
  • Enter the url under which you want to display your subdomain.
  • Sign into your domain using an assigned Google Site.
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    Configure Your New Domain Name

    When you access your Google Domains dashboard, youll see a list of all your existing domains. Next to each one, there are several options you can click on, including Website, Email, DNS, and Settings:

    If you click on the Website button, youll be able to use Googles tools to create a new site. Well skip this since were using WordPress. However, keep in mind theres also an option here enabling you to forward your new domain to an existing site:

    While youll definitely want to , lets firstly check out the other settings you have access to. If you return to your dashboards main screen and click on the Email button, youll see two options. First off, you can create custom emails using G Suite, which you can learn how to do by reading this article. Just keep in mind each account will cost you $5 per month:

    Secondly, you can create email aliases that forward emails to existing accounts. Google Domains enables you to set up to 100 free aliases for each domain. All you have to do is choose an alias, type which email it should redirect its messages to and youre set!

    Now, lets jump to the DNS tab from your domains dashboard. This section packs in a lot more settings, so youll want to check out if you need a primer on them. Changing the settings themselves is rather intuitive, which is another pro for Google Domains:

    You can also turn off privacy protection from this tab, although there really isnt a good reason to do so:

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    How To Set Up A New Domain With Google Domains

    New Google Sites – Setup Custom Domain

    Anthony Heddings

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    Google Domains is a domain registrar and free DNS service from Google. If youre in the market for a new website domain name, you should definitely be considering Google Domains for its ease of use and enhanced security.

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    Register And Pay For Your Domain

    When you jump to your cart, youll see the domain you chose earlier, how much it costs to register, and a couple of extra options:

    The first one covers WHOIS protection, which hides your personal information from public searches. We recommend leaving it on by default since Google Domains doesnt charge any extra for it and it protects your privacy:

    Moving on, Google Domains will also turn on auto-renewing by default. The $12 were paying, in this case, only covers one year of domain management. When the time is up, we can renew the domain or let it go, in which case someone else might snatch it up. We recommend leaving auto-renewal on by default since Google will inform you when the next charge is coming up regardless. This means youll have more than enough time to cancel the auto-renewal if you want to:

    Now click on the CHECK OUT button and Google will ask you to fill out a form with your personal information. Remember, this data wont be public, but your registrar still needs accurate information to stay on the right side of the law:

    Finally, Google will ask you for payment information to complete the process:

    Once they process your payment, youll see a success message:

    Now, Google will send a verification email to the address you linked to your domain. Once you confirm you own the email, youll be able to start making changes to your domains settings.

    Choose A Domain Name And A Tld

    The first part of this process works much the same regardless of the registrar youre using. Youll need to come up with the domain name you want to use and check out if its available. In this case, you just need to type it into the search bar in the middle of the Google Domains home page:

    For this example, the domain we want to register is available with the .com TLD, so we went ahead and added it to our cart clicking on the icon to the right:

    If this isnt the case for you, Google Domains offers a lot of other TLDs you can choose from. You can also check out additional options by jumping over to the ALL ENDINGS tab:

    The TLD to choose is up to you, but we recommend you read our article on the subject if you want to use something aside from .com. When youve added the domain you want to your cart, move on to step number two.

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    An Introduction To Google Domains

    is a registrar that launched in 2015 to residents of the US. Technically, the service is still in beta. However, in practice, it works much as youd expect any other registrar to. With it, youll be able to find available domains, then register and manage them.

    Since were talking about a Google service, you can expect a high-level of polish and additional features. For example, Google Domains offers one-click configuration options for . It also enables you to forward your emails to any Gmail address, protect your personal information, manage your Domain Name System settings, and more. Instead of talking up the service non-stop, were going to show you how it works in the next section, so you can compare it with your current registrar.

    Key Features:

    • Register domains using over 60 TLDs.
    • Get free WHOIS protection for free with any domain you purchase.
    • Set up custom emails using G Suite.
    • Forward emails to any existing accounts.
    • Get access to top-tier support.

    Price: Varies depending on the specific domain | More Information

    Using A Google Domain For Your Pixieset Website

    Setting up a Custom Domain: Google Domains

    If you already have a domain that is hosted by Google Domains, you can link it to your Pixieset Website in a few quick steps.

    If you’d like to read more information about domains in general or check out our FAQ’s, take a look at our All About Domains guide.

  • Sign in to your
  • Click the Manage button next to your domain
  • 3. Select DNS on the left menu.

    4. Scroll down to Custom resource records.

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    Want Us To Do It For You

    Just come through chat because of the 2-factor authentication on your google domain account that will require quick verification through a code!

    Google is going to send you a verification that will require you to send us the code in real time!

    You can do this by logging into your Carrot account, then clicking on the orange chat bubble:

    Thanks for your help with this!

    How Do I Point My Google Domain To My Website

  • Enter the Google Domains domain name.
  • You can access the menu by opening the page or by clicking on the settings icon.
  • You can also Add a forwarding address to an existing webpage from the Forward to an existing webpage menu.
  • Provide a URL or IP address under Website URL.
  • Forward the default values if you think theyre good.
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    My Site Is Showing As Not Secure Or Missing The Security Certificate

    The SSL security certificate may take some time to generate. We would recommend leaving 24 hours for this to complete but it should be a lot faster. You should also try clearing the cache of your browser in case older results are loading. If you are unsure and still having issues after some time, please contact us.

    Now Lets Attach That To Your Carrot Site

    How to setup a custom email address using your own domain name with Google

    Sign into your Carrot Account page and click the green box to add a custom domain.

    Enter your domain name on Step #1, then hit Save Custom Domain to save changes.

    Thats it! If you have any trouble at all, hit up support via email or live chat for guidance. We will also gladly do it for ya if you provide Support with your Google login info.

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