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How To Get Your Domain On Google Search

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Before we dive into how to get to the top of Google search, you should know what the ranking factors are that Google looks for:

You want the answer, not billions of webpages, so Google ranking systems sort through the hundreds of billions of webpages in our Search index to give you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second.

These ranking systems are made up of a series of algorithms that analyze what it is you are looking for and what information to return to you. And as weve evolved Search to make it more useful, weve refined our algorithms to assess your searches and the results in finer detail to make our services work better for you.

There are more than 200 actual ranking signals, but heres what you should focus on if you want to get your business on page one of Googles search results in 2019:

Want to know more ranking factors? Search Engine Lands SEO Periodic Table is what you want to see:

Use The Url Inspection Tool For Individual Urls

If your site only consists of a few pages, or you have added new pages that you would like indexed immediately, then you can use the Google Search Console URL Inspection tool to just submit those specific pages to Google.

To do so, select URL Inspection from the left-hand side menu. Then type a URL that you want to submit to Google into the Search function.

Google Search Console will then run a live test, fetching and examining the URL in real-time. If it has no detectable errors, you can Request Indexing.

Google will now add the URL to a priority crawl queue. Once the page has been crawled, the URL will be indexed, helping it to rank in Google Search.

Should You Submit Your Site To Directories To Get Indexed In Search Engines

QUOTE: Most directories send you VERY little or no referral traffic and on their own in little numbers have little impact in SERPs. Low-quality directory links are clearly not the type of links Google wants to count as a vote which render most SEO-friendly directory submission services redundant. Shaun Anderson, Hobo 2020

You could, of course, think about submitting your site to directories. There are some good-quality directories out there. A link in ONE OR TWO of these directories will probably get your site into search engines.

Unfortunately, there is a LOT of low-quality links you will probably stumble upon first. That kind of backlink can quickly turn toxic and too many of them can cause you problems.

Hobos thoughts are to AVOID all low-cost, cheap SEO submission services, especially those based around submitting

your site to SEO directories.

Often pointless and often risky.

Hobo recommends forgetting about link building and focusing on creating high-quality content on a fast, responsive website.

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How To Get Your Business On Google Maps And Increase Local Leads From Local Seo

When you Google something like plumber, ac repair, digital marketing company, youve probably noticed that Google uses your location data to display nearby businesses. Obviously, if you own a local business, you want to get in those local listings in between the PPC ads and organic listings.

To get your business on Googles map listings, you need to optimize your NAP citations across the Web. The more local citations you can build with consistent NAP information, the better.

You also need to have a flawless Google My Business page. Heres what that means:

If youre a local business, you NEED to get savvy with local SEO. Learn more about local SEO and why it matters here > >

Other resources you might find helpful:

Getting Your Site On Google Search

What is wrong with Google Domains? Any time I search for a domain that ...
  • 1Understand the process. Sites are added to the Google Search index automatically as Google’s bots scour the web for new content. You don’t need to actively do anything to submit your site to Google, but there are several things you can do to increase your chances of being indexed.
  • 2Design your site with a clear organization. The organization and hierarchy of your website has a big impact on whether or not your content will be indexed by Google. This means that your pages should have a manageable number of links, that all of your content is easily reachable with single links,
  • 3Make sure your content is original and helpful. If you have well-written, helpful content on your site, you have a higher chance of being indexed by Google. Avoid copying and pasting content from other sites, and make sure all of your content is clear, concise, and relates to your site’s purpose. Include words and phrases that readers would use to find your site.
  • Make sure that important words and names are written out in text, and not just shown in pictures. Google cannot index words that are embedded in pictures.
  • 4Create a sitemap. A sitemap is a file that contains the layout of your site. This allows the Google bots to quickly see all of your site’s pages, allowing it to index much more effectively. for instructions on creating a sitemap from scratch or by using a tool.
  • You’ll be asked to include all versions of your site, including “www.” versions and non-“www.” versions.
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    Submit A Website To Google

    To submit a website to Google, switch back to Google Search Console and make sure youve selected your website using the Search Property drop-down menu in the top left corner:

    Then, click on the Sitemaps option under Index in the sidebar. You will then be given the option to Add a New Sitemap. Type in the sitemap URL and click on Submit.

    Google will confirm that the sitemap has been successfully submitted. Google will then process the sitemap and should index your website soon after:

    Register Your Website With Google Search Console

    Registering your website with is a must if you want to control how your website interacts with Google Search. Here are just a few of the

    • Get content indexed by Google Once you register with Google Search Console, you can submit sitemaps and individual URLs.
    • URL inspection View detailed crawl, index, and serving information about your pages.
    • View search analytics Find out which search terms bring users to your site, analyze page positions in Google Search, and much more.

    Registering your site with Google Search Console is free, quick and easy. To do so, open the and click Start Now. Then, under Domain, enter your websites URL.

    Google will now give you a list of options to verify that you own your site. If youre already , you can verify your site by using your existing Google Analytics tracking code.

    Otherwise, we recommend using the DNS record method. Once you select that method, Google will display a code that you will need to enter into the DNS configuration for your website. To do this, copy and paste the code.

    You will next need to log into your hosting account and in the cPanel select Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

    Then add the Google Search Console code as a TXT record.

    If you are unsure of this process, simply speak your hosting providers support team who will either walk you through what to do, or add the code for you themselves

    You will then need to wait between a couple of hours to a day to Verify your site with Google Search Console.

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    Get Social & Create Content

    Google loves fresh/updated content. If you want one of the best strategies for how to show up on Google, this is it. The more active you are on your Twitter, blog, Facebook, etc. the more credible Google will find your site. In the eyes of Google, this is what a high-quality website or social media property does. Theres no way to fake this so just do things the right way. Concentrate on creating valuable content that people will share.

    This is beneficial for helping you show up on Google for a number of reasons. First of all, you are creating more links, or votes to your sites. One option is to use widgets to connect your social profiles like Twitter to your other profiles and sites so you can syndicate fresh content that you post on one, to various profiles.

    If you have a little extra time we highly recommend spreading the love around in a unique way. Tweet something interesting one day, post a different status update on LinkedIn on another. Create a blog post here and there regarding your career or passion and share it on your site. Doing things this way is a more well-rounded content strategy that tends to perform a little better and help make your name more searchable on Google.

    Add Domain Properties And Verify Your Site With Google

    How To Add A Domain To Google Search Console | Verify A Domain In Google Search Console

    Before you submit your sitemap, you need to verify your domain with to confirm that you’re the owner of your Shopify store. If you don’t already have a , then you need to create an account.

    To verify your domain, you need to disable password protection for your online store. If you aren’t ready to launch your store, you can disable password protection and then enable it again after verifying your domain.


  • From your Google Search Console account, click and then select Add property from the drop down menu.

  • On the Select property type dialog box, select URL prefix and then enter the domain you want to add as a property, including the https://.

  • Click Continue.

  • On the Verify ownership window, select HTML tag. Or if you’re familiar with other verification methods, choose your preferred method. Learn more about verifying ownership with a TXT record.

  • Highlight the full HTML tag and copy it to your clipboard with cmd + c on a Mac or ctrl + c on a PC. Make sure you select everything, including the < and > . For example:

  • < metaname="google-site-verification"content="IV7BPLESttSpBdxSWN1s4zlr4HIcuHkGQYmE3wLG59w"/> 
  • Return to Google Search Console and click Verify.

  • Note

    The verification process is not always immediate. If you receive an error message from Google when you click Verify, then wait 15 minutes and click Verify again.

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    Submit Your Site To Google Search Console

    You can submit your website and verify it in Google Search Console. The procedure to connect your website is very simple with a little technical knowledge.

    QUOTE: Verification is the process of proving that you own the property that you claim to own. We need to confirm ownership because once you are verified for a property, you have access to its Google Search data, and can affect its presence on Google Search. Every Search Console property requires at least one verified owner. Google, 2020

    What Are The Top Search Engines To Submit A Site For 2022

    The most popular search engines in the UK are Google, with around 90% of the market share, Bing, and Yahoo. It is a similar picture worldwide. All search engines serve nationwide results, based on the reputation of a website and local results, based on the proximity of the user to the business.

    Google, for example, has many country-specific engines that help Google deliver more accurate results for UK-based users.

    The Hobo team still remembers the first time they had to add a site to Google. That was many years ago now, but they had no idea how to do it either.

    They didnt know if they had to register the site with search engines in some special way. Didnt know if they had to add the site to Google by themselves or pay Google to do it. Its simple to do so this article has been written to give you a better understanding of the process .

    This guide is a primer about getting your small business website into Google, Yahoo and, and free.

    Google is the principal driver of traffic in the UK.

    When it comes to submitting your site to thousands of search engines well, dont bother.

    There is only a handful of players in the UK and most partner with the top global search engines Google and Bing.

    Getting your site into search engines is one thing ranking high in Google, for instance, is another story altogether.

    Sign up for Hobos Free SEO training course to find out more.

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    Prove That Youre A Local

    Local business owners, this step is for you. Within the broader SEO world, theres an area known aslocal SEO, where Google helps direct location-specific searchers to solutions in their geographic area. Why is this important? Essentially, most people turn to Googles search box to find the business theyre looking for before taking a stroll down Main Street.

    is the response to this reality. It is a directory of business listings that populates what appears on Google Maps, as well as whats displayed in the Local Pack . In addition to keywords, creating a Google My Business account is one more way to give Google a hint that your business will be a quality result to display to users.

    To take advantage of this service, claim your business and fill out your profile with all relevant information, including: business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation and location.

    This is yet another instance in which its handy to create a website on Wix. Wix SEO tools provides you with a comprehensive SEO plan, pointing out all the places on your site that you should be optimizing – from your contact details to the text on your homepage – in order to get your website on Google. This makes it easy for users to find you with a quick Google search.

    Submit Your Site To Google

    How to QUICKLY [Get Google SiteLinks] for Your Site &  WordPress Blog

    So you understand what is SEO and its importance for being found on Google. While your website will most likely be found at some point by the Google bots constantly crawling the web, you can take a few actions to speed up this important process. Begin by giving Google a quick heads up that you exist by submitting your site to them.

    Make sure your website shows up on Google by submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console. This gives Google a nudge to speed up the indexing of your website.

    To get started, connect your domain to Wix SEO – which automatically submits your site to Google in 60 seconds or less right from your dashboard.

    To determine whether your site is already included in , simply do a quick site search using your sites homepage URL . If the search results display pages from your website, then your site is indeed on Google.

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