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How Much Is My Domain Name Worth Calculator

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Valuing Your Domain Name

How to determine the value of a domain name.

Domain names are tricky to value. They are completely unique. There is only one of each domain name available. Thats why someone reached out to you about buying the domain namethey cant buy a copy of it!

Here are three resources you can use to figure out how much to ask for your domain name.

1. Estibot

Estibot is a free and automated domain name appraiser. Automated domain name appraisers are controversial. The key is to not worry too much about the specific value that Estibot says your domain is worth. Instead, look at the supporting information Estibot provides.

For each domain name, Estibot displays:

  • If the domain is registered in popular extensions If your domain is, are and .org both registered by someone else? If a domain is registered in multiple extensions, its a good sign that theres a demand for the domain.
  • Comparable domain sales Estibot has a database of public domain sales that its aware of. While no two domains are the same, this helps figure out what similar domains have sold for.
  • Search analytics Domain names with more searches and competition for search ads tend to be more valuable, all things considered.

2. NameBio

NameBio is a free database of comparable domain name sales. Although Estibot uses its own database of comparable sales in its valuations, NameBio is a standalone database with over 1.9 million sales and has excellent search features.

NameBio search parameters include:

  • Placement
  • Extension

Finding Your Domain Name Value Heres How

How much is my domain worth? Have you asked yourself this question before? Or have you perhaps received a request from a potential buyer and are not sure how to work out the value of your domain? The past shows us that its not so straightforward to estimate the worth of your domain even web services that specifically support this kind of request often dont provide accurate estimates. Its probably unlikely that your domains worth is in the millions, like the 2005 acquired domain from the travel agency, which sold for USD 90 million. But other price segments will also see you making a profit for selling your web address.

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This article summarizes the key facts on domain value, providing you with a solid foundation on the valuation and costs associated with buying a domain or selling one.


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Appraisals For Individual Domains

Do you want to buy or sell a domain, but are not sure of its value? Our scientifically backed domain appraisal will identify a domain’s value quickly and inexpensively.

Our many years of experience, and the world’s largest database of domain sales aid our experts in determining your domain’s precise market value. The result: A meaningful, scientifically backed domain appraisal within 5 business days a perfect starting point for price negotiations.

  • Scientifically backed appraisal: Domain analysis based on 10 factors, such as search engine suitability, advertising effectiveness, selling or buying prospects
  • Includes market indicators: List of comparable domain names and previously achieved selling prices
  • Appraisal is sent via email within 5 business days

99 USD per appraisal

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Research Other Website Sales

If youve never bought or sold a website before, chances are you wont know how much money is likely to change hands.

Speak to a website broker to find out more about their previous sales of websites in your industry or other comparable businesses. This will give you the most realistic expectations as they are based on real-life experience rather than algorithms and multipliers. Along with prices, you can find out more about what information to include on the listing and what sales tactics to use.

Value Your Domain Name

Top 5 Website Value Calculator

Determining the value of your domain should not be a difficult process, irrespective of your reason for trying to find out.

The most important thing is that you need to know the factors that make a domain name wanted in the first instance.

Determining domain name worth.

You need to understand that with evaluations like this, several exceptions could easily occur. The value of a domain is strictly dependent on what a buyer is prepared to pay. What we are trying to say here is that in some cases, reality may differ from the things you read in theory.

When you calculate the estimated worth of a domain, you will have a reliable baseline. This way, you wont sell a domain that costs a lot for peanuts.

With that covered, lets take a look at the features that are important when considering a domain name. These features include:

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Dictionary Word Or Makeup Word

This is quite obvious, but a lot of people seem to ignore it. The importance of a domain with correct spelling cannot be stated enough. Several buyers will not be motivated to use anything that is sloppy looking and unprofessional.

On the other hand, when you use unexpected spelling sometimes, it can be of benefit to you. In some rare cases, unexpected spellings increase the brand value of a domain name.

Lets see some examples

Also Check:

Mysitewealth Domain Value Calculator

Mysitewealth lets you know about complete site performance that includes the value of the domain. The search results with the tool let you know about the website income, the age of the website, daily page views, global traffic rank, estimated domain value of the site you enter and Google index stats.

It covers almost all the factors in determining the appraisal value of a domain name. The highlight of this domain name value calculator is it gives a detailed coverage of every value and metric that you can think of.

Mysitewealth also lets you know about a domains overall rating. It lets you check whether the domain is three stars or five stars rated. This helps in the valuation process as reviews play an important part of a website. The other features of the website include domain calculator and social media stats.

Domain value checker calculates the sites value based on website ranking and global keyword statistics. The social media stats feature lets you know about your sites shared links to social networking websites. It is the best free domain appraisal tool for a site.

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Which Are The Best Domain Name Value Estimators & Domain Appraisal Services

Appraise the worth of a domain with this amazing list of domain value calculators and free domain name valuation tools. Offering instant and comprehensive data on any website/URL you enter, these domain value estimator tools will help you make a well-informed decision. Thus, check out this list of free domain appraisal tools and assess the value of a domain before you purchase or sell one.

Page Contents

Think Art Not Science When Calculating Domain Value

Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

If youre looking for a predetermined formula to calculate exactly what your domain is worth then, unfortunately, youre out of luck. Domain appraisal services can churn out a number based on a complex set of criteria, but theres much more to domain names than algorithms and search rankings. A domain exists in the wider context of the online and offline worlds, and all of their complexities and nuances will play a part in how much interest there will be in your domain.

To figure out domain value, you ultimately need to understand who your potential buyers are. What industry are they in? Is a website important for their business? How relevant is your domain? A domain is only as valuable as someone is willing to pay for it, so knowing what related domains are priced at, how sought after your domain is, and how much to reasonably expect a buyer to pay will help you arrive at the right number.

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Research What Similar Domains Are Sold For

To figure out what people may be willing to pay for your domain name, you need to know what people are charging for similar domains. We mentioned earlier that the value of a given domain can shift dramatically over time, so you probably cant use what you initially paid for the domain as a baseline.

At this stage, you will need to do some digging to see what domain names are currently being sold for and compare them to the ones you own. Fortunately, several sites collect information about domain sales. One of these is DN Journal, which can tell you about the past three weeks highest reported sales.

Another site that does something similar is Domain Name Wire. On its blog, you can find regular roundups of prominent, recent domain sales.

If your domain is concise, you may find ShortNames especially useful. This site also collects recent sales, but specializes in short domain names.

These sites are all handy resources to help you track what names are selling for the highest amounts. For example, if we take a look at the most recent list provided by DN Journal , we can spot several domains that match the criteria we outlined earlier.

Featured prominently in this list are short, memorable, clear, and keyword-heavy domains. If one of your domains is very similar, you might be sitting on a potential goldmine. These roundups can also help you catch recent trends in domain names.

Where To Sell Your Website

As with any sale, its incredibly important to make sure that you sell your website through a safe, secure, and reputable website broker to avoid issues.


We looked at Flippas business valuation calculator above but Flippa is mainly a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Once youve figured out what your business is worth, you might want to take the next step.

Describing itself as the #1 platform to buy and sell a business, Flippa has a handy directory of trusted business brokers, showing their location, specialties and the price range of the businesses that they represent. You can then list your business with your chosen broker through a Flippa account.

Empire Flippers

Again, Empire Flippers offer a great business value calculator and they can take care of the next step, allowing you to make more money than if you sold the site on your own.

When you list your business with Empire Flippers, it will be sent out to over 90,000 . This gets your site seen by more people and attracts more genuine interest. These connections allow Empire Flippers to target buyers that they know are looking for a particular type of site.

FE International

FE International is a professional website broker offering direct access to a global network of over 41,000 pre-qualified investors.

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Brandbucket And Squadhelp For Branded Domains

If you are dealing with a branded domain , then your best bet is to use sites like Brandbucket and Squadhelp.

Both of these are marketplaces for branded domains. Sellers can submit their domains to the marketplaces, the team will review and help appraise it, and then it will go live. Buyers can then acquire the domains. Most of the buyers are business owners looking for an eye-catching name to use.

Another way to get an estimate of the value of your branded domain is to analyze their marketplace for what type of domains are listed, what TLDs, how many characters, which industries, and more.

Domain Age And Other Seo Aspects

How Much Is My Website Worth? (+ 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling)

Domain age refers to the date on which the web address was registered. Domains that, for example, were registered in 2011 celebrate their 10-year anniversary in 2021. Whether the time of registration itself has an influence on how Google and others rate them isnt known. However, if the domain has already been active for years, this will surely influence the ranking and therefore also on the domain value. Especially the content and the number of backlinks that link to the domain determine the reputation of the web address. Another thing to consider is the trustworthiness of the web projects that were published under the domain in the course of time. From a technical, SEO point of view, this is relevant.

Even though websites published under the domain play a role in SEO evaluation, the domain value, as already mentioned, is not the same as the value of these websites. In other words, you only buy or sell the address, unless other conditions have been agreed upon.

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Top 10 Domain Appraisal And Domain Valuation Services

Digital real estate is becoming more and more valuable these days, with really in demand domain names commanding prices that would have once been thought to be insane. We are not kidding, either. Its not at all unusual for high-quality, top level domain names to go for six and even seven figures. Thats a decent chunk of change for what essentially boils down to nothing more than a website address. At the same time, figuring out the proper domain value for the domains that you own can be a bit of an uphill battle.

Domain name value can fluctuate wildly from one day to the next, and unless you are a legitimate domain evaluator knee-deep in the industry on a day-to-day basis the odds are pretty good youll have a tough time pinning the value of your domains down with a proper appraisal. Thankfully though, figuring out how much your domain names are worth has become a lot easier in the last few years with the rise of domain appraisal services.

Find the right one and youll have no trouble whatsoever getting a solid ballpark figure for your domain, something that you can use to start your domains and certainly something you can use to kick negotiations off on the right foot so that you get the most value for your digital assets.

How To Buy A Valuable Domain Name

You need to be your own appraiser if you want to be a successful domainer. For your purposes, only you can be the best website address value estimator. After all, it is your money that you are spending.

First, familiarize yourself with the valuation factors provided in the table above, then familiarize yourself with each of the tools described below.

Use this to find out if the keyword, product, or service is in demand and is being searched for. Select the exact match search. Google also gives you other information regarding keyword competition, how much people are paying to advertise, and traffic details. There’s so much you can learn about search history and behavior of internet users from tools provided by Google.

2. Comparable Names Sales History is the best resource available for free where you can estimate the value of your URL based on recent comparable sales. The best place to find what kind of names fetch higher prices is, the industry news magazine with a weekly sales report.

3. Forums

Online forums are the best places to access free resources and interact with other seasoned domainers. DN Forum is the best and largest forum of its kind on the internet where you can buy, sell, appraise, learn about, and discuss, all for free.

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