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How To Change Domain Shopify

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Install The Cart2cart Migration App

How to Change Your Shopify Store’s Name and URL

The easiest way to move your data and content from Big Cartel to Shopify is with the Cart2Cart migration app, provided in the Shopify App Store. This app has a free demo migration, but for the real migration rates start at $69 per migration.

The Cart2Cart app moves the following Big Cartel items to your Shopify store:

  • Products and product images.
  • Your customer data and the customer shipping information.
  • You orders, manufacturers and order products.

Select the Get button on the Cart2Cart app page.

This returns you to the Shopify dashboard, in which you can click on the button that says Install Cart2Cart: Shopify Migration Module.

Specify that youre a New Cart2Cart User, and fill in your information like full name, email and desired password. Click on the Register button once done.

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What Exactly Is My Shopify Domain

A domain is the web address, also known as a URL, that people will use to find your store on the internet.

When you first sign up for a Shopify account, you’ll be asked to name your store. Your Shopify domain is dynamically created using this store name in the format This domain is set as your primary domain by default.

This domain will be used to access your Shopify admin dashboard. It can also be used as your customer-facing URL, but this is something we strongly discourage. Instead, to establish credibility and trust, we recommend purchasing and using your own branded custom domain name. Customers want to work with your company, not Shopify.

Should I Buy A Domain Name From Shopify Or Use A Third

The advantage of buying a domain name from Shopify is that you can manage your store and domain in one place, and the process of connecting your domain to your Shopify store becomes much simpler. However, by doing so so you are placing all your eggs in one basket if you lost access to your Shopify account, you could lose access not just to your store but your domain name too. For that reason some merchants prefer to keep their domains and Shopify stores separate.

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Can I Change My Shopify Domain Name

When you are starting an Shopify store it can be hard to come up with a store name. More difficult still is finding a domain name when the one you had in mind has been taken. Usually you have already started a store by this stage. You therefore may be wondering if it is possible to change your domain name once you have already registered and assigned on to your store. Having run multiple stores over the years, I would like to share with you some important insights on the topic here with you today.

So, can you change your shopify domain name? Yes it is possible to change your domain name at any time. To do this, you will just need to purchase a new domain, add the new domain and assign it to your store in Shopify, update the CNAME records and verify pwnership. The process only takes between 5-10 minutes.

I know what its like, when you are starting your new store your mind goes blank. Unless you have really thought about your name and your brand ahead of time, its easy to panic and choose a brand/domain name you no longer like in a couple of months.

Thankfully, its easier than ever to change your domain name. Id like to share with you how to do this as well as some other considerations.


How To Change Shopify Store Name Via Shopify Admin Panel

Changing Domain Name and Store Name

The second way to change Shopify store name is to do it via the Shopify Admin panel.

To do that go to your Shopify Admin panel and click the Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the panel.

Then click on the General tab and youll see a text input labeled Store name. You should see your current store name in there. All you have to do to change your Shopify store name is to delete the current name and type in your new, desired Shopify store name.

and youve just changed your Shopify store name!

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Why Change Your Shopify Domain Name

Shopify is one of the most used platforms by professionals in all industries. Even though this application helps several people to make their business profitable, this is not always the case with others. You must first know how to use it properly. Many fail to realize their sales project for several reasons which are among others: the absence of references, the adoption of bad strategies, too long delivery times, poor quality of the product, etc.

One of the solutions turns out to be the change of the domain name. Indeed, a plethora of reasons can explain the change of the Shopify domain name. One of them is wanting to move from a less vast sector to a more targeted one.

Similarly, an input error when opening the account, the success of a business or the choice of a domain name incompatible with the brand image may justify changing the Shopify domain name. In addition, be aware that the Shopify domain name can also be changed for reasons of modernity. Technology is changing, so you need to update your domain name to keep up with the current trend.

S To Change The Shopify Store Name

Step #1:Log in to your Store.

Step #2: Go to Settings > General.

Step #3: Enter the new store name and also select the store industry. There is a list of options available, choose one. If your store industry is not on the list then choose Other.

Step #4:Save the Changes.

Thats it! You are now all set with the new store name.

Hope reading this blog helped you to resolve your doubts or concerns about Shopify domain name or store name. Check out our blog section to learn more.

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Changing Your Myshopifycom Url

As mentioned, you cant change a URL since its tied to your account when contacting Shopify support. If you want to change the domain that is displayed to customers, then setting a custom domain as a primary domain will do just that.

After youve set the new custom domain name, your URL will still be displayed in your address bar when youre logged into the account.

How To Change A Domain Address In Shopify

How to Change Domain Name in Shopify

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform that allows you to manage every detail of your store. At some time you might want to change the name of your website. This could be because of rebranding or other reasons. If you do this, youll need to buy a new domain name.

This can be done via Shopify or through a third-party option. Once you have bought your new domain name, then you can change your current domain address in Shopify using these steps.

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Use The Best Business Name Generator Based On Your Niche:

Just search for the domain name and you will get the domain availability status and list of domain suggestions if your searched domain name is already taken.

For example, I searched for the term toyo, as it is not available with .com, I got the below cool suggestions:

Now lets see how you can change your store name in Shopify.

Can I Change My Shopify Store Name

As explained, while its quite easy to change your Shopify store name, changing your subdomain name is not possible. Even youve updated the name store, the * domain name will stay the same as when you first set up a Shopify account.

To strengthen your brand identity, consider purchasing a new domain name either from a third-party vendor, such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, Namecheap, or directly from Shopify and apply it to your store.

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Change The Name & Click Save

In this tab, simply change the name of your store and click Save in the top right corner.

Your settings will apply instantly, and your store will start showing your new name in the header and footer of your store.

Of course, if youre changing the name of your store, you may also need to change the domain to match. Thankfully, Shopify allows you to add and redirect new and existing domains.

Way To Add An External Domain Via The Shopify Admin Website

How To Add Or Change Your Shopify Domain

#1. First and foremost, on your desktop computer, go to Shopify admin and log in.

#2. Select Online Store from the Sales Channels section.

#3. Then, press Domains.

#4. After that, tap Connect existing domain

#5. Click Next after entering your domain in the Domain field

#6. Shopify now knows which domain you want to connect to, but you have to update your domains DNS settings to point to Shopifys servers for it to operate.

#7. Log in to your domain providers dashboard, choose the domain you want to utilize, and then select Manage Zone.

#8. Then, set TTL to the shortest time feasible and point your A record to the Shopify IP address, which is .

#9. Point your CNAME record to and set the TTL to the shortest possible time.

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Does Your Shopify Store Name Matter

There are several levels to this answer.

First is the technical one. When youre creating a new Shopify store, youre asked to provide a name for your store. This name will be used to create a Shopify sub-domain.

You can use this subdomain as your public URL that your customers will see but, for the obvious reasons, not many people decide on that. A better option is to use a custom domain .

Yet, in case you stick with the sub-domain as your stores go-to URL then youll be able to change your stores name but it wont affect the sub-domain. It will remain the way you named it during the first setup process.

However, when you decide on a custom domain then you may change your Shopify stores name but it wont affect the custom domain nor the sub-domain. Still, you can do it for esthetic reasons.

And here we come to another level of the Does your Shopify store name matter? and therefore Can you change your Shopify store name?. question

Your Shopify store name is the way for your visitors, leads, and customers to remember your store. Thus, if its catchy, easy-to-remember, and resonates with them, itll be much easier to stick around in their memory.

Buy A Shopify Domain Using The Shopify Mobile App

1. Open the Shopify App on your mobile device and press the Store icon in the bottom right corner.

2. In the Sales channels section press Online Store.

3. Press Domains

4. Press the BUY NEW DOMAIN button at the top.

5. Type the domain you want to buy into the domain search box and see the domains available.

6. Choose the domain you want and press the Buy button next to it.

7. Add your payment details and complete your purchase.

8. Return to the Domains screen. If your new domain is ready it will be listed here. Press the Change primary domain link.

9. Select your new domain from the list and press Save.

Congratulations! Your new Shopify domain is ready to go.

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What Is My Shopify Domain Name

When you create a shop on Shopify, you will be given a default web address for your shop. This is the web address that customers will type into their browsers to visit your shop. The extension will be based on the name you choose for your shop.

For example, if you name your shop Martha Pet Shop your extension will be

So my Shopify is a free domain extension that Shopify provides you as default but we strongly recommend you to buy a custom high-level domain like .com or .net if you are serious about your business.

You can buy a custom domain name for your shop anytime and replace it with the default my Shopify domain.

Reset All Dns Settings For Your Domain

Tutorial: How to Change Your Shopify Store Name Site URL (Beginners Guide)

You can reset your DNS settings to the default configuration. Resetting your settings deletes all your records except the A record and CNAME record, which are reset to point to Shopify.


Resetting your DNS settings for a domain also deletes the CNAME records for any subdomains that belong to the domain. If you want to keep using your subdomains, then you can delete your DNS records manually.


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Important Checklist When Changing Your Shopify Domain

Changing your Shopify domain name is fairly simple even if you buy the domain through Namecheap, Godaddy or Google Domains. If you have zero tech skills then I suggest you just buy the domain name through Shopify.

Changing your Shopify URL is the easy part. There are a lot of ramifications when you do change the URL of your store.

How this will affect your store depends a lot on why you are changing or adding a domain to your store .

It is important to pay attention to the checklist below to see how or if it will affect your store when you change the URL of a Shopify store.

Set Up Your Existing Domain To Connect To Shopify

If you’ve purchased your domain through third party, then you need to edit your DNS settings and point your A record to Shopify’s IP address, which is Copy, and your CNAME record to point to Copy.

  • Log in to the account you have with your domain provider.

  • Find your DNS settings. Look for your account admin panel, or your domain management area, or DNS configuration, or similar.

  • Edit your A record to point to Shopify’s IP address Copy

    The admin panel might feature drop-downs or editable fields, or you might have to check boxes or edit a table. However you interact with the admin, you need to:

  • enter or choose the symbol, or A record
  • enter Shopify’s IP address Copy as the destination for the A record.
  • Save the A Record .

  • Find the CNAME record in your DNS settings.

  • Change your www CNAME record to point to Copy. This redirects your customers to your store when they enter www before your domain name.


    Often, you need to provide just the prefix without the dot, but for some domain providers you need the whole subdomain. Use the existing entries as a guide, or follow your provider’s instructions.


    CNAME records must always point to a domain name, never to an IP address.

  • Save the CNAME Record .

  • Now you need to verify your connection in Shopify.

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    Select What Type Of Domain Youd Like To Add

    At the top of the Domains setting screen, youll be given the option to either connect an existing domain, transfer one you already own to Shopify , or buy a new one.

    After clicking on one of these options, youll get instructions from Shopify on how to complete the process.

    You should note the following:

    And thats it!

    We hope have found our guide on how to change your Shopify store name or domain useful do feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below .

    You might also like check out our additional Shopify resources, take a look at our Shopify tutorial, or download our free ecommerce kit .

    Connect Domain Via The Shopify Mobile App

    How to Set Your Primary Domain on Shopify in 4 Easy Steps â AVADA Commerce

    Now, we will show you how to connect domains by using the Shopify mobile application.

  • Inside your Shopify app press the Store icon on the bottom right corner.
  • 2. Find the Sales channels section and press on the Online Store.

    3. In the menu choose Domains.

    4. There are two buttons. Tap on the Connect existing domain button.

    5. In the search field type a domain name that you want to connect and click on Next.

    Congratulations! Youve added the existing domain to the Shopify store. But it doesnt work. To activate it you need to make a few additional actions with domain DNS settings.

    So, go to the dashboard of your domain provider. Choose the domain that you connected to Shopify and click Manage .

    Now you need A and CNAME records. Firstly, edit an A record and point it to the Shopify IP address Here you also should set the lowest time for TTL .

    The next step edit or create the CNAME record. Now you need to point it to and set the lowest time for TTL as in the previous step. In 48 72 hours your domain will be verified. When you get a notification and successful verification, go to the Shopify mobile app => Store icon => Online stores => Domains. Click on Change primary domain and select the name you want to use.

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    Template Design And Customization Capability

    Consumers are increasingly preferring to shop from their mobile phones, with 45% of shoppers completely shifting to m-commerce since March 2020. Both Shopify and Wix provide mobile-responsive templates, which means whichever platform you choose, should guarantee a great shopping experience across all devices.

    Shopify comes with thousands of free and premium, paid themes in different design styles, for different industries. Each one of them is easily customizable, based on the version you choose to install paid ones, obviously offering more customizations. Paid themes begin as low as $19 and can go upwards based on what youre looking for.

    On the other hand, Wix has over 800 templates, among which only 114 are e-commerce specific templates. While these templates are free to use, they dont offer much customization abilities.

    As a plus, Shopify also gives you the freedom to play around with your sites code and change whatever you want in the theme file as well. This flexibility attracts many medium and large business owners looking to adapt to new design trends.

    Verdict: Wix might offer free templates, but the options are very limited for eCommerce businesses and the flexibility of customization is much lower. Shopify is a better choice here.

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