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Is Domains By Proxy Legit

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Help Me Figure Out Who Keeps Spamming Me To Try And Sell Me Their Domain

Tech Support Scam / Scammer destroyed!! – 1-888-965-8445 –

Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I wasn’t sure which subform to put it in.Cliffs Notes:- I regularly get emails from someone trying to get me to buy a domain that has a similar URL to one of mineBackground:I own a domain. Let’s call it My reg info is protected by domainsbyproxy.comEvery few days I get a spam email from someone trying to sell me .The email is always forwarded to me through .The email content is always the same:

  • shovenose said:09-29-2012 06:40 PM

    I have had similar ones.FWIW, Wild West Domains and Domainsbyproxy are both GoDaddy companies.

  • Full Domain Privacy & Protection Protect Your

    GoDaddy’s privacy partner, Domains by Proxy®, protects you from hackers, hijackers, and data miners by replacing your name, address and other details in the public WHOIS directory with its business address and phone number. You retain complete control of the domain, including the rights to sell, renew, cancel or transfer it. Hijackers beware.

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    I Didnt Find Any Errors

    I use the service and I am completely satisfied. The support is excellent, they respond fairly quickly, they are versed in their work and are absolutely competent. I bought a Ru proxy for FB. The accounts on them are excellent, I cant catch checkpoints from the word at all the speed is excellent. In general, I recommend cooperation!

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    When In Doubt Contact Your It Support Team

    As a leading provider of IT Support in the greater DC area, Network Depot has encountered all types of determined efforts to exploit our clients, and we realize the importance of knowing how to best protect against the latest methods used by scammers. We will always make sure to keep your business briefed on and protected from the latest scams, so that your company can keep its focus on its core mission.

    This article was written by Network Depots Marketing Director, Chris Sylvester.

    For assistance with domain name scams and any other IT-related issues, please contact us here at Network Depot.

    Is Ariatshoes A Scam Or Legit

    Domains By Proxy LLC (пÑеÑензии 2019 года)

    Internet Site Age

    At the time this report was first written and published, was precisely 19 days old. This address was exclusively developed on Mar 26th, 2022.The owner of this particular internet domain name url is reported as Private.Domain Name System Records prove that is hosted by: NS58.DOMAINCONTROL.COM & NS57.DOMAINCONTROL.COM

    Fraud Reviews

    Ariatshoes hasn’t been found by any one of the below services to conduct or contain malware practises. This factor all alone wouldn’t mean is safe rather only that such virus reports have not been found yet.


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    The Tariff Was Surprised

    Good evening! I am surprised at the flexible list of tariffs for the purchase of proxy servers! At first, of course, I thought they were scammers,but here I was mistaken! Here anyone can easily choose the right option! Servers from Russia, the USA, Germany and other countries are easy to find in your price list! I use it myself and recommend it to others!

    Domainsbyproxy Is Used By Scammers To

    DomainsByProxy is used by scammers to hide their identity when registering domainnames. I get the businessmodel, but they are not doing enough against scammers. I was scammed by someone that used the website to sell fake products. Now he took the website offline after scamming many people. The website is hosted by GoDaddy and registered by DomainsByProxy to protect the identiy of the scammer.

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    Extended List Of Countries

    Good proxies on one hand, low price. Under the social. Fire networks work beautifully. I did not believe that at such a price it was possible to buy something on the way, but I was wrong. These guys have good proxies in one hand. They proved to be excellent! They do not give for the test, I bought 1 piece for the test for the sake of interest))), then I was surprised and bought 50 pieces.

    Domains By Proxy Godaddy Scam – How To Remove Privacy On Domains

    This is the way this works. When you register a new domain GoDaddy will often offer you a free private registration for a year. So you just check a box if you want it and check out. After a year when you go to renew your domain you have to pay $9.95 for the next year of private registration there is no way to opt-out you ether pay the extra $9.95 or you cannot renew your domain. So you contact GoDaddy support and they tell you they cannot help you since Domains By Proxy is a third party and you need to go to their website and login to your account but you need your username and password which you do not since you never signed up for anything you just checked a box. Now you find out they have no phone support and they do not answer your email. So maybe you just give up and try to transfer your domain to a different register but when you try and get your Authorization Code to move your domain from GoDaddy the request is blocked by Domains By Proxy and you get no response. So I am guessing most people have given up by now and just pay the extra $9.95 and with 10s of millions of domains Godaddy is making millions on this scam. Free is far from free just say no!

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    How Does A Domain Proxy Protect An Organization

    Improve Corporate and Institutional Security A proxy server reduces the chance of a breach. Proxy servers add an additional layer of security between your servers and outside traffic. Because proxy servers can face the internet and relay requests from computers outside the network, they act as a buffer.

    Retrieving Your Domains By Proxy Login Information

    Retrieving Your Domains By Proxy Login Information Domains By Proxy® provides Private Registration for your domain names. When you purchase privacy services, DBP sends you an email message with your customer number, password, and a link to the DBP website.

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    Anonymous Problems With Product/service Complaint

    Complaint Type: Status:



    14455 N Hayden Rd Ste 219, Scottsdale, AZ 85260-6993Email this Business

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    Chinese Domain Name Scam

    Spam/Scamming Domains by Proxy Company and the Security ...

    The latest and more insidious type of domain name scam, however, involves emails sent out primarily by Chinese domain registration service companies. These emails warn the recipient that another company is attempting to register multiple domain names that contain the recipient companys name or trademark information. The messages describe the situation as urgent and strongly recommend that the domain name owner quickly register multiple similar domain names to protect their trademark or brand. The messages usually also stress that their organization has blocked these competitive registration efforts temporarily, but they need prompt action from the recipient to halt this process. These scammers hope that the domain name owner will fall victim to the fear of losing their brand identity or trademark information to a competitor and purchase some or all of the new domain names. In addition to winning business through false pretenses, these companies charge prices that are usually far above the standard rates offered by reputable registrars.

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    Let Us Shield Your Personal Data

    out of5based onreviews


    • DNS Backups
    • TTL control

    When you register a domain name, you are contractually required to enter ‘Registrant Details’ including personal data such as your name, address, email and phone number.

    Ordinarily, this data is then sent to the relevant registry for your chosen domain in accordance with the Registry requirements.

    For, .uk,, or domains the registry is Nominet. If your chosen domain name is a .com or .net, your data will be sent to our own registrar, escrowed, in line with ICANN regulations and when required, the registry, Verisign. Third parties that can show they have “legitimate interest” can then access your personal data from the registries directly.

    According To Whois Lookup

    According to WHOIS lookup, Domains By Proxy LLC is the domain registrant of the website It seems to collect data from an Alberta government website and poses as a search engine on Alberta businesses. However, when data change, Domain By Proxy LLC does not keep the information up to date thereby perpetually displays incorrect or out-of-date data on I have tried to contact the owner of the website through its domain registrant email address and phone number. So far, I have not received a response. According to Alberta Queen’s Printer which is the company that Domain By Proxy LLC appears to be getting their data from, numerous business owners have called to complain, but nothing can be done by AQP as they are not affiliated with Domain By Proxy. First of all, I would like to know why this US company is collecting data from Alberta Canada and not keeping the it up to date. Secondly, I would like the data cleaned up to reflect changes.

    They protect scammers. It isn’t possible to report sites, that do scams. They are not trustworthy. So they are scammers themselves.

    Read 1 more review about Domains By Proxy, LLC

    Received fake invoice via this domain so be careful

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    Where To Find Official Information About Your Domain Name Registration

    Because of its importance to your company, make sure that your domain name is registered properly with a respected and reasonably-priced domain name registrar such as,,, or many others. If you need to confirm who your registrar is, you can look up your websites registration information with the help of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . This non-profit organization is responsible for guidance on the sale, supply, and protection of domain names and actively works to prevent fraudulent and unethical activities in this area. Using their WHOIS Lookup data service will enable you to quickly find the relevant information about your companys domain name. For additional useful information go to .

    Change My Privacy Email Forwarding Settings

    Self-Hosted Website with Reverse Proxy using Your Domain in 10 Minutes

    All eligible domains registered with GoDaddy have all domain contact info automatically substituted with proxy details from our privacy service provider, Domains By Proxy®. Domains with Domains By Proxy® enabled get a private, unique email address to protect your personal info on the WHOIS directory. Set up this email address to forward messages to your preferred email account, change your settings to choose how you want to receive your emails or turn off email forwarding completely.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  • Under Privacy Settings, select Edit next to Privacy email forwarding.
  • Select your email forwarding settings and enter your preferred email address when appropriate:
  • Forward all email to this email: Every email sent to your Domains By Proxy® email address will be sent to your preferred email address. Enter your preferred email address in the available field.
  • Filter for spam and forward to this email: We’ll check for spam emails sent to your Domains By Proxy® email address and remove those, so you’ll only receive legitimate messages. Enter your preferred email address in the available field.
  • Do not forward email: You won’t receive any emails sent to your Domains By Proxy® email address.
  • Select Save to confirm your changes.
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    Register Your Domain With Domain Proxy

    If you want to register your domain with Domain Proxy, simply select it during the checkout process and authorise us as your proxy. Then, we take care of everything behind the scenes so your details are protected.

    If you don’t select Domain Proxy at the point of purchase, your personal data will be sent to the relevant registry and we are unable to retrieve it.

    You can add the service at a later date but only new details or updated records will be protected at that point. Please remember, our proxy service only applies to the following extensions: .com, .net,, .uk,, or

    Can A Domain By Proxy Charge You$ 50

    At this point in time the Domains by Proxy customer can get charged $50.00 by Domains By Proxy because they recently received an inquiry related to your domain name. Yes, you heard me correctly: GoDaddy and Domains By Proxy will charge you $50.00 because someone sent them a message concerning your domain name.

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    I Have Been Using It For Over 7 Years

    I have been using it for over 7 years, I buy 5500 proxies. Fast, high quality proxies. Permanent IP addresses. Rarely there are replacements some networks are removed, others are put into operation. It is possible to independently change the issued proxy pool. Conveniently. If you have any questions, they are quickly answered in support.

    What Do You Think Add Your Review

    Domains By Proxy LLC (пÑеÑензии 2019 года)
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    This Domains by Proxy LLC company, The register my domain to without my authorization and the register my domain on December 12/6/22 without my permission. I build this domain and website through Shopify on December 6,2016 with license of state ********** and Shopify can’t renew my domain being registered by Now I call and the person I spoke to ***** He want me to buy the Domain, I said excuse me this is my own domain and website I work hard to build my company, who ever register my domain in your is against the law. I found out today who own the Domains by Proxy LLC and GoDaddy is the founder of, Bod *******. They register my domains in to sell my domain. I have zero tolerance of this company.

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