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Can You Buy Domain Through Wix

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Wix Domain Name Prices

How to Connect Domain to Wix Website 2022

Registering a new domain name with the Wix website builder is free the first year when purchasing the Combo, Unlimited, Pro, VIP, Business Basic, Business Unlimited, Business VIP plan or one of the Editor X packages. You will receive a voucher and you have two months to use it. Although they dont offer all domain name extensions with this promotion, quite a big list of domain endings is available. Wix lets you use popular extensions like .com, .net, .org or and more. This offer is only available for annual deals, monthly plans users arent eligible.

But you are probably wondering, how much is a Wix domain name after the first year? Fair question, but this will depend on the domain extension that you choose and the registration period.

Registration period
$ 28.95 /year

* Wix will charge you for the selected period in advance.

After the first year, Wixs domain name prices are a bit higher compared to other registrars. In the long run, hosting your domain name with another provider will save you some money.

Wix also offers privacy protection. However, this is a paid add-on at Wix , which is free with many other registrars . If you dont want your contact details to be visible on the public WHOIS domain information database, its recommendable.

Hostgator Best For Budget

HostGator is a web hosting company that guarantees uptime 99.9% of the time. It also offers 24/7 support an impressive 365 days a year via phone and live chat.

HostGator is also affordable. There are three hosting plans to choose from: the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan, and the Business Plan. If you go with the most affordable plan, youll pay just $2.75 a month for web hosting.

Keep in mind, however, that youll need to sign up for three years of web hosting to receive the lowest monthly price and your domain name is only free for the first year. After that, it renews at $17.99 per year.

But HostGators plans are incredibly affordable, to the point where they make it easy on your wallet if you dont want to settle for the most basic of hosting plans.

If you need shared hosting for more than one site, the Baby Plan allows you to host as many as you need for just 75 cents more per month.

What makes HostGator particularly scalable is their unmetered bandwidth and site storage on all shared hosting plans. That means you can accomodate as many site visits and use as much storage space as you need, within reason.

Most sites wont have to worry about using up too much of their servers resources. And youll never again have to count monthly visits to make sure you dont exceed your limit.

If you prefer a one-year term, the monthly fee increases to $3.95 for the Hatchling Plan and $5 for the Baby Plan, with a free domain for the entire one-year duration.

How To Connect Your Domain On Wix

If youve purchased a domain through Wix, or signed up to one of their premium plans which includes a free domain for the first year, you can easily connect and assign your domain to your website:

  • Navigate to the Domains page
  • Assign your domain to your website
  • If you have multiple domains or multiple websites, you can assign them to different websites and unassign them easily through Wixs domain manager.

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    Where Can You Purchase Domain Names

    You can purchase domain names through registrars accredited by ICANN . These registrars are responsible for both managing your domain and keeping track of periodical renewals.

    The price of a domain name may vary across registrars, as they offer different domain plans with different feature lists. In general, you can buy a domain name for between $10 and $20 per annum. However, this depends on many things, like the specific domain extension you want to buy, validity period, running offers and discounts, and more. You can also purchase pre-owned domain names from their rightful owners, though these names usually cost more.

    Domain Name Registration Through Wix Conclusion

    Wix Review

    If youre looking for a quick and easy way to register your domain name for your Wix website, getting your domain through Wix may be tempting. However, we strongly recommend that you dont use Wix as your registrar and instead go through Namecheap. You get lower prices on renewal rates and free WHOIS protection.

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    Wix Is Easier To Use Than Godaddy

    Drag-and-drop: drag anything anywhere you want to ADI builder and section-based drag-and-drop: More restrictive movement
    What did our users say? The drag and drop feature is excellent, allowing quick and easy redesigns. Its step-by-step format makes it really easy to create a website. It removes the thought process.
    Ease of use verdict Very beginner-friendly with helpful tips and hints along the way LoserLess flexibility in movement can be frustrating

    A website builder is an online platform that allows you to build your very own website from scratch. Wix and GoDaddy are two such platforms but which is easier to use?

    Both Wix and GoDaddy have a fairly straightforward onboarding process. With Wix, all you need to do is set up your account and choose from one of its many templates, before being launched into the editor .

    GoDaddys starting process has a little more to it. Thats because its an ADI builder, which means it does the majority of the hard work for you, but it needs more information from you first. All you need to do is answer a few introductory questions, and itll create a starting website for you!

    Tell Me More About ADI!

    Both Wix and GoDaddy offer an ADI option. However, Wix also has a classic editor, for those of you that want complete creative control over how your website looks.

    With Wix, youll be able to move anything anywhere you want. This is because its considered a pure drag-and-drop builder, so there arent really any creative limitations.

    Domain Names Purchased Elsewhere

    Now lets say you already own your custom domain name. Then, what are your options?

    Note: If your domain name is currently hosted with GoDaddy, Namecheap, or IONOS, we have a domain name tool that will provide more detailed information.

    Basically you have two choices: either transfer or connect your domain name to your Wix site. There are fundamental differences between the two options so lets break them down in detail.

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    How To Get A Domain Name For Your Website For Free

    Now that you are aware of two most popular options to create a website with your own domain name for free, it makes sense to provide more detailed guidelines on their application. This will help you figure out the major steps needed to start and manage a website with Wix and Bluehost as well as focus on the ways to get free domains from each of these systems.

    If you decide to give preference to using the website builder and choose Wix for this purpose, mind the following list of steps youll be expected to undergo to launch a website from scratch:

  • Sign up for the website builder, providing your login credentials. You can use either your email or social network account to register with the system.
  • Pick a Template. The website builder will offer you a list of niche-specific templates to choose from. All of them are responsive, free and customizable. As soon as you make your template choice and proceed to its editing, the system will automatically offer you to make up a free subdomain for your website. This will be enough to design the website and test the feature set of the system before publishing it.
  • Edit the Theme. There is no need to possess coding expertise to develop and edit websites with the system. Just add the required content, upload media files, edit SEO settings, integrate widgets and apps to give your project the required design.
  • These 4 Website Builders Connect Domain Name For Free

    How to Connect Domain to Wix Website 2021

    Nowadays people tend to reach for businesses online. Your social media profiles arent just flexible enough to showcase your products and achievement in the most desired way. And thats why you need a website, which lets you control almost every visual aspect of your unique pages. Thus, website builders were born, for people without any knowledge in coding to create their own websites.

    However owning a website might require some investment, a typical WordPress hosting can range from $0.99 to $34.95 per month depending on the package and company.

    The cost might be just a tiny fraction of the budget for most people, but the price can multiply if the business was located in the country with a weaker currency. This means that those ten bucks a month can be enormous in the eyes of others, especially for those small or local businesses.

    Although therere a hefty amount of free website builders that let you start at zero cost, a lot of those free packages dont come with the option to connect with your own domain name, which is, in my opinion, extremely important.

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    Cost To Buy A Domain Name

    While you can get a domain for free, you may want to purchase one instead. A free domain will contain a designated prefix of the registrar, which is best if youre establishing an online presence or only temporarily need a website.

    If you want your website to professionally stand out and grow with your brand, however, then invest in a domain name.

    With Wix, the cost of a domain name depends on several factors, including:

    • The plan you purchase

    • Local currency

    • Local VAT laws

    However, all Wix premium plans come with a domain for one year, which cost between $14 and $39 a month. After a year, you can renew your domain for anywhere between $13.95 and $15.95 a year.

    You can also purchase a domain that already exists from another person or business. This is why having a desirable domain name can be good for your bottom line if you ever want to sell it, you can make significant money. For example, in 2001 was sold for $11 million. In a 2012 interview with BBC Today, CEO, David Roche explained that at the time, this was considered a crazy sum of money. He then added, Now we look back and think, what a bargain.

    Small Business Expert and Marketing Blogger

    What Is A Domain Name

    What is a domain name, anyway? This term describes the address that you type into a browser to arrive at a website. It is essentially a websites home, so every domain is unique. An example is

    Domain names were created so people could more easily access a websites Internet Protocol , a string of numbers representing individual websites. Every URL has an IP address, and unless you are a computer, a domain is much simpler to remember than a string of numbers. For example, take the IP address to most, this is just a complicated string of numbers. But its domain name, is not only simpler to remember, but it also conveys a distinct brand that numbers cannot.

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    Creating Your First Wix Website

    Creating your first, second, third, or even fourth website with Wix is really easy. Theyve designed their platform to be beginner-friendly, and it does exactly that.

    Navigate to Wixs homepage and click Get Started to begin building your first website.

    Wixs editor is very easy to use, allowing you to drag and drop elements you want onto your website. Theres a wide choice of templates to get started with, ranging from to restaurants.

    Whether youre looking to add headings, title bars, menus, or even a blog, Wix can guide you through the whole process. You can even design your website separately on mobile if you want to give it a different look altogether. Wix is designed to be mobile friendly, so your website will already be on the right track for SEO.

    How To Change Domain Names On Wix For Free

    How to Publish Your Wix Site and Connect Your Domain

    As previously mentioned, you can change the account and site name for your Wix sites for free.

    Changing either of these will change the final domain name on your Wix site.

    Here’s how to change them:

    Click on your account name on the top right hand corner and head to Account Settings.

    Under Basic Info, select your Account name to edit it.

    Then enter a new account name and hit Save. Make sure the account name is available

    Note: Don’t worry if you accidentally changed to a wrong name. You can always change it back.

    Now all your sites will live under the new Wix domain with the updated account name.

    Now that you’ve updated your account name and the web address of your Wix site, let’s go and change the name of your individual Wix site.

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    Inmotion Hosting Best Vps Web Hosting

    InMotion Hosting offers both shared hosting and VPS web hosting. Both types of hosting come with a free domain as long as you sign up for a minimum of 6 months.

    VPS hosting is an excellent choice if youve outgrown shared hosting and are seeing considerable site performance issues.

    Going with VPS ensures your site loads faster and efficiently handles dynamic resource demand. Plus, you get a lot more control over your hosting environment.

    With that said, VPS hosting is a bit more expensive since youre getting more features and improved site performance.

    InMotion Hostings three-year VPS plans include:

    • 2 GB RAM $31.99 per month
    • 4 GB RAM $41.99 per month
    • 6 GB RAM $61.99 per month
    • 8 GB RAM $77.99 per month

    If youre switching from shared hosting, the introductory plan is more than enough and you can upgrade as you need more server resources.

    You can choose from monthly, six-month, one-year, two-year, and three-year agreements. However, you have to opt for at least a six-month contract to get a free domain name. But signing up for three years in advance gives you the best deal.

    InMotion Hosting also offers unmanaged VPS hosting options for developers and advanced website designers looking for even more flexibility with advanced command-line control.

    Wix Vs Godaddy Seo: The Verdict

    Its tight, but GoDaddy just beats Wix for SEO. Wix has a few SEO specific apps, whereas GoDaddy has more built-in SEO tools. From editing meta descriptions and URL slugs to getting keyword suggestions and submitting a sitemap, everything you need to rank highly is readily available to you.

    Like the Sound of GoDaddys SEO Tools?

    No one likes getting stuck or confused, but its great to know that help is on-hand if you do.

    One of my clients asked me if its good to build her website on WIX. In fact, the only good thing about Wix websites is that they are so easy that even the most technologically-challenged person can have a site up and running within an hour. I know why people use Wix sites . Folks are a bit intimidated about setting up their websites but this is one shortcut that is not worth it. I want you to know why you should not use Wix for your website or blog, no matter how tempting it is.

    1. Its not good for branding. Wix is known for cheap, but you own nothing for yourself. The domain, the template or even the content. People will feel that you are not actually in business if you are using a domain like

    Wix makes it easy to jump right in, throw collectively an internet page and post it. before you do, you want to stop and assume, and work out what your enterprise desires for your online presence.

    You deserve better than that.

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    Free Website With Own Domain Is It Possible

    Do you wonder if its possible to set up a website with your own domain without any budget investment? There are several ways to do that due to the availability of domain name registrars that provide such an opportunity. The range of platforms to start a free website and to host it for free afterwards is quite extensive as well.

    There is one thing, however, you should be aware of. Free web building and hosting services mostly work well for small projects meant for personal use. If you intend to launch a full-featured website with powerful integrations and design customization options, this variant wont make any sense for you. This is because such a domain name wont belong to you and, thus, you wont be able to manage and set it up with regard to your project/business requirements. Hosting a free website with GitHub pages or other suchlike services may be a suitable solution for simple websites, but not for large-scale projects.

    If you still intend to host your website for free, you will face the need to pick a domain name zone for your project. Thats not quite easy as popular domain zones or .gov, for example, are rarely provided at no cost. Instead, you can get a domain with less widespread extensions like a generic , a reserved or a second level domain. The latter usually consist of two parts and belong to financial/governmental projects. To get such a free domain, you may contact a domain registrar or a hosting provider of your choice.

    How To Set A Custom Domain With Wix And Namecheap

    Wix How To Buy A Domain (2022) – Change Domain Name in Wix

    To setup a custom domain name with Wix using Namecheap or any domain name registrar for that matter requires you to create a CNAME record and an A record.

    • CNAME Record / Host www /

    In your Namecheap account simply select the domain you want to update. Under the domain tab make sure it is set to Namecheap DNS. Then navigate to Advanced DNS and create two records listed above by clicking the add record button. Simply save and wait a few hours to propagation.

    Yes, you can point your domain to Wix by changing Namecheap DNS to custom DNS and inputing the nameservers Wix gives you. However, your SSL certificate wont work. You get a free SSL and youre going to want your website to be secure.

    If you have any issues you can always contact Wix support and they will work with you to get your website, custom domain and your SSL certificate setup properly.

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