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How To Change The Gmail Com Domain Name

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Heres How To Create A Custom Domain Email Address With Gmail:

Use GMail With a Custom Domain Name for FREE
  • Purchase a custom domain name. I purchase all of mine from GoDaddy.com.
  • Visit
  • Youll have the option to set up your account the Express or Custom way. I recommend Express its really quick!
  • Now you need to verify your domain name. The easiest way in my opinion, is to insert an HTML tag into your sites home page easier than it sounds, promise. To do this, you need to copy a provided code into your websites < head> section. Many WordPress themes, such as Headway and Genesis, have a space for this . If you cant find it, then theres a plugin you can install here that will provide an easy-to-edit < head> section. Then, just copy the code that provides in that section.
  • Once youre done, login to your account and click Users. There, youll see the option to add new users . Adding new users is $6 per user, per month or $72 for the year. This is totally worth it to me!
  • Thats it! Youre done! Rejoice!
  • If you have any questions about using Gmail with a custom domain, feel free to leave a question in the comments!

    Understanding Your Email Name And Email Address

    Alright, before I get into the guide part of this guide, I have to clarify a few things.

    Dont roll your eyes. This is legit confusing.

    Your email name, your account name, and your email address are all different things, and you may be able to change some without changing the others, and you may change one that does affect the others.

    Thats a clunky and ambiguous sentence, so heres the rundown:

    • Google account name is the name associated with your G Suite or Google account. It may or may not be equivalent to your email name, depending on how you set it up. Changing it will automatically change your email account name.
    • Email account name is the name used in your email account. Its the name people see when they receive emails from you. You can change it without changing your Google account name.
    • Email address. This is your literal email address. Hopefully, thats straightforward enough. You can change either or both of your names without changing itand you may not be able to change it at all. More on that later.

    If You Can’t Change Your Name

    If you get an error that says “This setting can’t be changed for your account,” it may mean:

    • You’ve changed your name too many times during a short period of time.
    • You’re on a Google Workspace account and your admin doesn’t allow you to change your profile name. Your admin may be able to help change your name. Who is my administrator?

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    Loss Of Search Traffic And Rankings

    Losing traffic or your search rankings are the biggest risks youll face when changing your domain name. However, theres no guarantee that will happen and there are ways to mitigate these risks which were going to share with you.

    When you update your domain name for your website, search engines will need to rescan your site to learn about it and re-index it. Theres no exact time frame for how long that will take, so your search traffic may be down for a while. One thing that can help in this scenario is keeping your domain name age in mind.

    Domain age is an SEO ranking factor and older domain names tend to be given more credence by search engines, . Consider purchasing your desired domain name and holding on to it for a while before using it. Doing this doesnt guarantee that you wont see any drop in search traffic, but it does help to mitigate that risk.

    Another option is to purchase a premium domain name when changing your domain name. Premium domains are shorter, more memorable, and keyword-rich. Additionally, since theyve been previously registered, they often have a history of web and search traffic, and so theyre already familiar to search engines. If you decide to go that route, look into the history of the premium name. There are domain history tools you can find with a quick online search, and theyll help you determine if the premium name you want has ever had issues with spammy site traffic or black hat SEO practices, neither of which will help with SEO.

    Sign Up For Google Workspace

    Google now free to use gmail.com in Germany

    While the first option will save you some money, I do recommend just signing up for instead. Its much simpler and more reliable than option 1. In addition to a custom email address with Gmail that matches your websites domain name, youll have tons of extra features that make it easier to collaborate, store documents, share files, and even add or remove user accounts for other people on your team that use your domain name in their email addresses:

    • During the contract, I could make files & events shareable with all TDN employees to easily collaborate
    • Finally, when the contract ended, I could freeze their accounts with 1 click so my business info is safe!

    All of those benefits were possible because I had Google Workspace. They actually offer a 14-day free trial so you get a better sense of what its like to use all their features. In addition, they provide promo codes that help save 10% off for the year.

    This promotion is only available for the Business Starter and Business Standard packages. There are a few differences between these 2 plans the standard plan comes with much more storage space and lets you record video meetings. But in general, the standard plan is only worth the extra money if you have a lot of files that you need to store or if you work as part of a team that does a lot of collaborative work remotely, otherwise, Id go with the basic package.

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    Create Your Custom Email Address

    This is where you create the email address youd like to ultimately use. So

    With Bluehost, its effortless to do that. Just click the Advanced tab and scroll down until you see Email, then click Email Accounts.

    On the next page, click the Create button.

    On the next page, specify the domain you want to use . Then choose the username youd like to send emails as. Also, be sure to remember your password as youll need it later.

    Configure The New Provider In Your Email Tool

    Weve already created an identical email address with your new provider, and weve also set a redirect that will send all new emails to that new provider.

    The main thing to do now is to configure that new email address in your email tool .

    Go back to cPanel on your new host, and click on Email Accounts.

    Click on CONNECT DEVICES next to the email address that youre migrating to the new host.

    On the next page, youll see all the details needed for configuring this email in any email tool.

    • The first section is where you can find auto-config files for some of the popular tools.
    • The second section shows the raw config details, which you can use to configure your email by hand in any tool.

    Note In this model, youre going to have two instances of the same email address configured in your email tool. Theres the version still hosted on the old server and the one hosted on the new one.

    At this stage, when someone sends you an email, it should be delivered to your new host. However, within the next two days or so, you might still be getting an odd email landing on your old server. This is because domain name redirection doesnt take effect right away.

    In some cases, it takes up to 48 hours for all traffic to be correctly redirected to the new server.

    This is why you shouldnt delete your old email configuration from your email tool right away.

    That being said, the core of the work is done now!

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    Google Workspace Google Workspace Pricing

    Though it seems like most of Google Workspace’s features are available for free, its enterprise-level features are not. These include shared calendars, advanced admin controls , two-step verification, optional unlimited cloud storage, and data migration tools to help you transfer valuable data to Google Workspace.

    In 2019, Google increased its Google Workspace pricing for its Basic and Business packages. The move was in response to Microsoft Office 365 price changes.

    There are three Google Workspace pricing packages:

  • Basic priced at $6 per user per month
  • Business priced at $12 per user per month
  • Enterprise priced at $25 per user per month
  • Obtaining A Domain Name

    How To Change Gmail Name | Change Your Name On Gmail

    Before you can have a Gmail domain name, you first must register a domain. If that step is already completed, just skip this section and move on to the G Suite section. For those of you that have yet to complete this vital process, fear not, Domain.com has made domain registration cheap and easy.

    In order to claim a domain name, it must be registered with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit that keeps track of available, unused domain names. Because of regulations, a domain can only be registered with ICANN through a domain registrar such as Domain.com.

    Domain registrars are afforded this privilege because:

    • They have received accreditation through ICANN
    • They have built up years of experience in the world of domains
    • It helps centralize and track ownership and availability of names

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    Create A Gmail Account

    If you already have a Gmail account for yourself, leave that alone, and create a new free email address for your business.

    1. Go to www.gmail.com

    2. Click on Create account. If you already have an account you will be taken to that. Click on the icon for your account in the top-right of the screen and click on Add another account in the drop-down menu. The add account procedure is the same for creating a new Gmail account.

    3. Enter a name, email address, and password for your new Gmail address.

    Dont worry if your email address has to have numbers on it to make it unique no one will see this address.

    Press the blue Next button to move on.

    4. Enter account recovery and identification information on the next screen.

    Press the blue Next button.

    5. Google will send a verification code to the phone number you gave.

    Fill in the verification code and then press the blue Verify button.

    6. Press Skip on the next screen, which is about extra services.

    7. Check the two boxes at the bottom of the Privacy and Terms screen and press the Create Account button.

    A popup window will ask you to go back to the extra services screen. Ignore this and press the Confirm button.

    8. In the account creation confirmation screen, press Continue to get to your new accounts Inbox.

    Why Perform A User Rename Instead Of A Primary Domain Change

    As previously mentioned, performing a primary domain change does not change how users sign-in. It does change the resources and settings that are associated with the organization, and its not always possible to locate every resource that points to the primary domain out there on the web. Additionally, and currently most importantly, in order to perform a primary domain change all 100% of Chrome devices have to be deprovisioned, the licenses have to be removed, and after the domain change has been completed, all Chromebooks have to be re-enrolled in the new domain. This requirement is something that Google has been working to simplify and even has had a Beta program to test a new method where every Chromebook doesnt need to be touched, twice. But until it has been completely vetted, this is one of the current requirements for performing a primary domain change, and this is one of the major factors preventing schools from doing it. Amplified IT has been notified that the beta is still open, and for those with support contracts with Amplified IT, we can work with schools to bypass the Chromebook deprovision/re-enroll step of a primary domain change.

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    S To Change A Domain Name

    If you decide you need to change your domain name with your G Suite account, youll have to follow several steps.

  • Preparation. Before doing the switch, you need to notify your users that the changeover is about to take place. Youll also want to be certain you can sign into your new domain host administration screen, so you can set it up to start handling your email as soon as the switch takes place.
  • Start the process. Sign into your Google Admin console as an administrator. Click on Domains. Then click Manage Domains > Add a Domain > Add Another Domain.
  • Enter your domain name. Now enter the new domain name that you want to use. Youll need to verify that you have control and ownership of this domain name. Then follow the directions to update the MX records for the new domain, which prepares it to begin accepting email.
  • Prepare for G Suite. Make sure your MX records are set up to fully use G Suite. Additionally, youll want to edit the DKIM and SPF records for G Suite use.
  • Make the switch. From your Google Admin console, click Domains followed by Manage Domains. Your new domain name should appear. Click Make Primary to make the switch to the new domain name.
  • Once you make the change, by default, your old domain name will become an alias to the new domain name. This means users can receive email messages at either domain.

    You also have the option of removing the old domain name from your account completely.

    Using Gmail Instead Of Your Doteasy Webmail Application

    Gmail.com Logging In (Registration)

    Well, to be honest, there is a lot to like about Gmail a simple and friendly interface, good spam filtering, and much more, but the one main advantage of importing your domain email address into Gmail is the ample email storage space you get from Gmail.

    If you have a lot of emails that you dont delete, you could be maxing out your domain email storage quota.

    When you import your domain email account into Gmail, you are essentially downloading a copy of your domain email messages into your Gmail account. This setup allows you to:

    • Access your emails from any browser, any device, anywhere. You can even install the iOS and Android Gmail apps on your phone all settings will be auto-synced, so you dont have to re-import your domain email account into your mobile phone or device.
    • Store all your emails in your Gmail account instead of using up your domain mail server storage space
    • Take advantage of Googles uptime and stability as an online-storage solution for your domain emails

    But do keep in mind that Gmail is a product of Google, so if there should be any problems or if you need help with your Gmail account, you will need to contact Google for assistance. Doteasy will not be able to give you assistance as in-depth as Google would, afterall, Gmail is not our product.

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