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Who Makes Nature’s Domain Dog Food

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Final Recommendation Of Nature’s Domain Dog Food Reviews:

Costco’s Kirkland brand natures domain dog food

You cannot maintain the health of your dog only by selecting the best dog foods, but you should also feed them the right amount at the right intervals. Nutritional needs of your larger dogs and smaller ones are very different.

The health of your dog mainly depends on the diet. If you provide him the best dog foods, you can prevent lots of diseases. Kirkland Natures Domain dog foods are highly beneficial for keeping your dog strong and active.

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Organic Chicken & Pea

Rating: 4.5/5

This Natures Domain recipe is crafted for adult dogs and made with premium and organic ingredients. What is organic? Simply put, it is anything that is grown or farmed without using synthetic materials. It doesnt use GMO-products, human-made fertilizers or pesticides, or growth regulators.

Organic chicken starts off the meal and provides it the most amount of protein. Its the only animal-based ingredient in this recipe, because the rest of the primary ingredients are made up of vegetables.

Because protein is an essential requirement in any dog food, the protein content of the chicken is further supported by the presence of organic peas, organic lentils, and organic garbanzo beans.

Organic sweet potatoes and potatoes provide the carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates act as one of the energy sources of dogs, and they add a balance to protein-based diets.

And since carbs are more easily broken down than protein, they can provide canines with quick bursts of energy for short-term intense workouts and play.

Fat comes from organic canola oil and flaxseed. Flaxseed is high in fatty acids and is rich in omega-3s. Its a nice addition to any dog meal because its also laden with magnesium and vitamin B1. Organic canola oil is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and it also contains omega-6s as well as vitamins E and K.

This is the guaranteed analysis for the recipe:

Elizabeth Facebook Fan Diamond Naturals

Thank you for making a high quality dog food at such affordable prices. All three of our dogs love the Diamond Naturals food and are at healthier weights with shiny coats because of it. Just wanted to say keep up the good work! They go through a 40 lb. bag every 2.5 weeks and we are so happy to have found this food for them at prices that dont break the bank. Elizabeth, Facebook fan

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False And Misleading Statements

According to the case, both the front and back of every bag of Kirkland Natures Domain Turkey Meal & Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs and Kirkland Natures Domain Puppy Chicken and Pea Formula state that the food is grain-free.

Moreover, the suit states, wheat does not appear anywhere on the foods packaging, including in the products ingredients lists.

The lawsuit argues, however, that the defendants representations that Kirkland Natures Domain products are grain-free and safe for dogs that may be sensitive or allergic to grains are false and misleading.

According to the case, an independent analysis of the products ingredients found significant amounts of wheat that y any scientific standard would be considered more than just a trace amount.

The suit argues that consumers were misled by the defendants grain-free representations into paying more for a product they believed would benefit their dogs health, weight and overall well-being over cheaper dog food alternatives known to contain wheat.

While one of the plaintiffs says he stopped purchasing the defendants products when he found out they were mislabeled, the other says he bought the products until his puppy tragically died in late 2019 after consuming the food for months.

Natures Recipe Canned Products

Kirkland Signature Nature

Many of the same recipes that are available in dry food form also come in canned food. Natures Recipe offers an assortment of life stages, special needs, and grain-free options for wet food including several limited-ingredient recipes. Here is a list of Natures Recipe canned dog food recipes:

Life Stages Dry Food Recipes:

  • Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Chicken & Wild Salmon Recipe in Broth
  • Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Broth
  • Adult Lamb & Rice Recipe Cuts in Gravy
  • Senior Lamb & Rice Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Special Needs Dry Food Recipes:

  • Easy to Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Cuts in Gravy
  • Easy to Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Homestyle Ground
  • Easy to Digest Lamb, Rice & Barley Cuts in Gravy
  • Easy to Digest Lamb, Rice & Barley Homestyle Ground
  • Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken & Duck Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Easy to Digest Chicken & Venison Recipe in Broth
  • Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe Cuts in Gravy

Grain-Free Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Ocean Fish & Tuna Recipe in Broth

Pure Essentials Dry Food Recipes:

  • Grain-Free Lamb Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Salmon Recipe in Broth
  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe in Broth
  • Venison Recipe in Broth
  • Duck Recipe in Broth

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Heres What You Need To Know Kirkland Signature Dog Food Manufacturer And Recalls

As with any dog food company, Kirkland has experienced some recalls since its launch to shelves. One included a voluntary recall in 2012 which was due to salmonella contamination. This was an isolated incident, and Kirkland dog food has since had very few recalls on their products.

The brand is much loved by breeders and pet owners and has seen many switch their furry friends over to the Kirkland label as they have seen wonderful results.

What Do We Know About The Kirkland Brand

The Kirkland Signature brand, under the Diamond Pet Foods company, has been operating for almost 50 years. As such a well-established and highly regarded pet food manufacturing company, the Kirkland brand has had great success in expanding its existing line of dog food products to include Natures Domain, a grain-free offering high in animal protein.

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Costco For Pets What Is Kirkland Dog Food

Kirkland dog food is a brand name that is sold at the popular store, Costco. The Kirkland brand dog food formulas meet all of the required nutrient profiles for dogs at all stages of life. They also include a wide variety of ingredients and do not use any dog food fillers such as wheat, soy, or corn. Their ingredients include protein sources such as lamb and lamb meal, as well as fish meal, chicken, chicken meal, rice vegetable, and more.

Additional Ingredients Of Interest

Costco! Dry Cat Food – 3 Types! Nature Domain, Maintenance Cat, & Nutra Nugget Cat Food

The food has some other ingredients that stand out. Flaxseed is a good source of Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, though the fish meal, as an animal source, is better. It is also a natural source of vitamin K and other nutrients.Dried beet pulp is a good source of insoluble fiber. Some people are wary of this ingredient but it is frequently used in dog foods today. It helps with colon health and, contrary to what many people believe, it is not a cheap filler or sweetener. Beet pulp is what remains after the sugar has been removed from sugar beets.

The food contains a few more carb sources: cracked pearled barley, millet, and potatoes. Many people associate millet with bird seed but its actually a good source of protein, amino acids, and fiber. Cracked pearled barley is not as nutritious as some other forms of barley that have more of the hull left, but its still a comparatively nutritious ingredient. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, especially starch. They have more vitamins and minerals than most people credit and they provide some fiber action.

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Feeding The Pooch With A Sensitive Stomachkirkland Grain Free Dog Food

A lot of dogs suffer from grain intolerance which means that they have a sensitive stomach to grain. If this sounds like your dog then you should consider switching them over to a grain free dog food. Luckily, the Kirkland brand as one for you Kirkland Salmon Meal and Sweet Potato Natures Domain Dog Food Formula.

Kirkland Signature Natures Domain Whats The Difference

Kirkland Signature is one product line under the Diamond Dog Food company name. Natures Domain pet food lies within the Kirkland Signature brand name and denotes its range of affordable pet food made from high-quality ingredients.

Natures Domain range of pet food includes offerings for dogs of all ages and sizes, with each formulation offering a unique mix of ingredients designed to meet specific nutritional needs. Despite being plant-based, Natures Domain dog food is high in protein from animal sources, meeting the nutritional needs of dogs of all sizes.

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Which Types Of Dogs Might Do Better With A Different Brand

Dogs who require a specialized diet because of a disease or other health concerns would benefit from a different brand. For example, a dog who suffers from kidney disease would do well with Blue Buffalo Kidney Support as recommended by a veterinarian. If you have a dog who is overweight and diabetic, then Hills Digestive/Weight/Glucose Management could be an option.

Taste Of The Wild Pros & Cons

Kirkland Signature Nature


Competitive Pricing

Taste of the Wild produces a wide variety of dog foods that emphasize their commitment to limited ingredient recipes. They also use natural habitats for recipe inspiration and incorporate a unique mix of different protein sources. The brand stands out for the variety and eclectic animal-based protein sources they incorporate: duck, quail, bison and venison are all used in different Taste of the Wild recipes.

Another appealing feature of Taste of the Wild is the availability. Unlike Natures Domain, it can be found at many pet food suppliers and online outlets, making it a convenient choice. While it is slightly more expensive than Natures Domain, the higher percentage of animal-based proteins and variety of recipes make Taste of the Wild a popular choice for discerning dog owners.

However, it is produced by the same manufacturer as Natures Domain and uses the same blend of domestic and imported ingredients, which explains their shared recall history.

Next, we will take a look at three of their most popular dog food options.

  • Moisture: 10%

Key Ingredients

Beef, lamb broth, beef broth, vegetable broth, lamb liver, bison, dried egg whites, potatoes, peas, dried egg product, potato starch, roasted lamb, roasted venison, ocean fish, guar gum, sunflower oil, natural flavor, tricalcium phosphate

  • Moisture: 10%

Key Ingredients

  • Moisture: 10%

Key Ingredients

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Up Close And Personal With Kirklands Natures Domain Dog Food

Before we get into the details of Kirklands Natures Domain dog food, lets look at the company behind the brand. Their name might not appear prominently on the packaging, but it is Diamond Pet Foods that ultimately produce these dog food offerings.

Founded in 1970 in Meta, Missouri, Diamond Pet Foods continue to operate from the same area as they have for the past 48 years. One of their product lines is the Kirkland range of pet products, which also makes Taste of the Wild pet food. Within the Kirkland brand name lies Natures Domain range of grain-free, plant-based pet foods.

Who Makes Kirkland And Where Is It Produced

Kirkland Signature brand dog food is manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond manufactures its own brand of dog food, as well as for many other companies. There are five factories located across the United States, and you will find Kirkland Signature dog food sold through Costco and a few varieties on Amazon.

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Valerie Minnesota Diamond Naturals

Just wanted to take a moment of thanks for Diamond Naturals line. We have been through various pet foods over the years and owning four large dogs , we have sought to find the best value for the best quality and far and away, Diamond Naturals is it! Our dogs love it, and we love the value for the quality of food. It just doesnt compare to the national brands, especially for the ingredients and the price. We have loved it so much weve recommended it to several friends and family members who have also made the switch and had favorable results. I love Diamond Naturals dog food and so do our four canines. THANK YOU so much for your continued efforts. Valerie, Minnesota

What Brand Dog Food Is Kirkland

Nature’s Domain Dog Food Ad

Kirkland dog food is a private label brand made for the large retailer Costco. It is manufactured by the same company that manufactures Diamond Pet Foods, owned by Schell and Kampeter, Inc. They are a U.S.-based pet food manufacturer with plants located in Meta, Missouri, Lathrop, California and Gaston, South Carolina.

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What Is The Best Kirkland Signature Dog Foods

Check Latest Price

At Costco, we can get high-quality pet food and treats that are comparable to similar options sold at other stores for a fraction of the price. The pet food we buy is a Kirkland-labeled product thats manufactured by the folks behind Diamond Naturals dog food, a popular pet food brand. The Kirkland Signature Natures Domain food is Costcos premium brand of pet food, and our animals have always loved it. The Costco Kirkland Signature cat food is about $1.67 per pound online and $1.10 per pound in-store. We save more than $500 a year buying our pet food from Costco. While a few cents saved on pet food may not seem like a big deal, it adds up. Thats 420 lbs of dog food and 108 lbs of cat food per year. Using Costco online prices, that adds up to $659.16 on pet food per year. In store, our total spent yearly on pet food is about $442.20. Compared to online Costco prices, were saving over $200. Compared to Petco, its more than two times cheaper, saving us a little over $500 per year.

Is Kirkland dog food essential? Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles Kirkland Signature Super Premium Puppy Chicken Rice Vegetable Formula is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages including growth of large size dogs 70 lbs or more as an adult

Kirkland Signature Natures Domain Organic Dog Food 135kg

Surrey, BC
West Coast

On Koodo $40/6gb plan.

bonita! wrote: How is their cat food? Sorry to thread crash.


MikeBrewerWheelerDealer wrote: My two dogs have been eating Natures Domain grain free dog food from Costco for over 3 years now.I switch between the salmon & the turkey formulas. They have no digestion problems at all, and seem to like it very much.For around $38 a for a 35 lb. bag, you can’t go wrong. It rates well on dog food Advisor.

Winterfell wrote: is a great resource for information about the quality of food: … -dog-food/Edit: just saw Mike’s post, I’ll leave mine still. The more educated people are on pet food the better.

The Dog Food Advisor does not test dog food products.


Winterfell wrote: Yes. However, it is a solid foundation for people to select a quality food for their dogs. The site is there as a guideline, not monetized in any way. Once you start exploring pet food companies, it is astonishing seeing the difference of ingredients.

A significant number of dog foods are not likely to meet the claims of nutritional adequacy printed on their labels.

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