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What’s The Difference Between A Website And A Domain

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What Is The Difference Between Webpage Website Web Server And Search Engine

Domain vs. Website: Whats the Difference?

In this article, we describe various web-related concepts: web pages, websites, web servers, and search engines. These terms are often confused by newcomers to the web or are incorrectly used. Let’s learn what they each mean!

Prerequisites: You should know how the Internet works.
Objective: Be able to describe the differences between a web page, a website, a web server, and a search engine.

Publishing Your Finished Site

Now that you have the basics under your belt, lets discuss how a website goes live online. Whenever you surf the Internet, web browsers send file requests between special servers, known as Domain Name Systems .

While its easier for humans to read words, computers communicate with numbers. DNS servers translate domains into numerical identifiers, or IP addresses. This complex exchange helps a server validate a site and URL, and it takes place in seconds.

DNS servers have unique IP addresses. Thats why its important to point your domain name to the correct DNS servers to publish your site. Simply put, its a way of telling other servers where your site lives online. You can use the same domain name even if you move to a different web hosting platform.

Your web host platform may take care of this final step when the provider also hosts your domain name. If youre working with two separate providers, your website host will tell you which IP addresses to target.

How To Build A Website

The days of needing to learn how to code or hiring a developer to build your website are long gone. These may still provide you with a more customized or unique website, but there are tools that will allow anyone to build a great-looking website without requiring any technical expertise.

The particular steps you need to take will be different depending on which site builder you choose, but the process will look something like this:

  • Choose a template.
  • Customize with your own text, colors, fonts and images.
  • Add additional functionality and widgets .
  • Add additional pages .
  • And thats all there is to it. Each of these steps can take minutes or days depending on how much effort youd like to put into it, but generally speaking, it can be relatively quick to put a website together nowadays.

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    What Is Domain Hosting

    Domain hosting is a service that provides domain names for websites. A domain hosting service sells domains and registers them to an owner in exchange for a yearly subscription fee. Different types of domains have different prices, from as low as around 10$ reaching up to the $1000s. Depending on how common or uncommon the domain is.

    A domain is set up like this It has different sections separated with dots. What a domain does is direct visitors to a specific website, much like the address of a house. Every domain has a matching IP address that sets its location on the internet. Of course, its much easier to remember and share a domain name than an IP address.

    Domains are categorized into levels. The most common are top-level, generic top-level, and second-level. All web hosting providers that also offer domain hosting all have top-level domains, some generic top-level domains, and some second-level domains. The usual domain names are .com, .net, .org, .edu, .edu

    There are also specialized domain hosting providers that offer all sorts of second-level domains, and generic top-level domains like .photo or .media.

    What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting And Domain Name


    Web Hosting and Domain Name are terms that youve probably seen thrown around on the internet. If you wanted to know what they are, how they differ, youve come to the right place.

    Web hosting and domain name are two of the basic things that you need to create a website. By working together, they make websites appear on the internet. However, those two are quite different despite working together.

    In this article, we will explain the real difference between web hosting vs domain name, along with everything else you need to know. Without further ado, lets get started by introducing the two.

  • Final Thoughts
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    Whats The Difference Between Domain And Hosting

    Do you want to know the difference between domain and hosting? Wondering why these two often come together? Most beginners have these thoughts, while some even dont know that theyre separate things.

    Thats mainly because domain name and web hosting are required together to set up a website. However, theyre not one thing.

    In this article, well explain what domain and hosting are, how they work, and how they are different from one another.

    Do I Need A Domain For A Website

    The answer is yes. A domain gives your website a unique and searchable address, making it accessible to internet users. Without a domain, your visitors would have to look for the IP address at which your website is hosted. Since an IP address consists of a string of numbers and characters, this can make it hard for your visitors to remember.Remember that choosing a simple yet memorable domain name can help create a professional first impression.

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    What Is A Domain

    Now, what is a website domain name? When thinking about websites vs. domains, it is essential that you remember that websites act as the online storefront that potential consumers will peruse, and that storefront is made up of a variety of things such as pictures, files, data, and pages. When a computer communicates with another computer, it does so in a similar manner to how we travel from place to place. We start at a beginning point, then follow roads and directions to that final destination address. Computers act the same and in order to reach that desired endpoint, they require an address system to distinguish one computer or server from another.

    In the early 80s, computer scientists, under the auspices of the American government and military, began constructing the world wide web. This computational network allowed computers to speak amongst each other and allowed the user to visit websites by physically entering their numerical address. The categorization system they created to assign unique 32-bit digits to each device or website was called the Internet Protocol Address System. Colloquially, we now call this the IP address.

    Difference Between Domain And Hosting: Conclusion

    Whats the Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Hosting?

    The simplest metaphor for this relationship is that your domain name is your street address and your web host the ground it is build on. People use your address to come visit your house, and the actual website is the decorating and furniture that youve put inside your house.

    To send your website live, you need to register your domain, and once this is done, find a web host. They will allow you to access their servers to store your website and email so that others can browse to your site and visit.

    If youre new to websites, I would recommend finding a domain and hosting package, preferably one that has a free domain thrown into the deal. We have a special deal with HostGator that provides just this for our readers at the button below.

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    Difference Between Domain And Hosting

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    A website is more than a collection of web pages and Web management is a variety of things. Web management includes designing the website, along with various administrative tasks such as web security and picking the right web hosting service. While a lot of things goes into making a website up and running, web hosting definitely tops the list. To help you better understand, we break hosting down with an analogy that you can easily understand. Imagine youre opening a new store, for which you need a name, a location, staff, and products. Even if one of these essential items is missing, your store cannot open. The same goes for a website.

    The four basic elements required to get your website up and running are: the domain name, a web server, maintenance staff, and content. In the hosting world, the site name, otherwise known as the domain name, is the first thing thats need to be decided before anything else. For the potential customers, the first reference they have to a business or organizations online presence is its domain name. When a website starts gaining momentum, the domain name becomes a valuable entity. Thus, choosing a good domain name is a crucial decision for any business and it is mostly a marketing decision. So, its important to understand the difference between the two.

    Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting

    Going back to the start of this article, if the domain name is like your physical address then web hosting is like the physical building and the contents stored within.

    Domain names are used to create a handy little shortcut to link what visitors type into an address bar to the server thats used to host the website. Theyre entirely digital and stored in a centralized database.

    Hosting is a little different because it requires a physical server thats located somewhere in the world and connected to the internet. Its essentially like a computer hard drive that stores all of your websites files and databases. Its called a server because it literally serves your website to your visitors.

    When you type a URL into your web browser, it sends a request to the specific server that your site is hosted on. The server then uploads the files and transmits them across the internet to the device that youre using, which downloads the files and displays them. Feel free to have a look at our more detailed guide about domain vs hosting relationship.

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    So What Is A Domain Name

    A domain name is essentially the web hosting equivalent of a postal address. Heres what you need to know:

  • A domain name is your websites equivalent of a street address.
  • They consist of a website name and a domain name extension .
  • All domain name registrations are overseen by ICANN.
  • Domains work by forwarding visitors to the appropriate server.
  • .com domains are the most popular, powering 46.5% of the web.
  • ccTLDs use country codes and designate geographic areas .
  • gTLDs tend to be designed for specific use cases .
  • Every domain name registrar has a different signup process.
  • You can use domain search engines to find available domain names.
  • Domains can be transferred from one provider to another.
  • Servers are physical machines that store your websites files.
  • If you need help, our support team will be more than happy to help.
  • Buying A Domain Name And Web Hosting Separately


    With this path, you register your new domain at a domain company of your choice and your hosting at a hosting provider. Youll then point your domain to your hosting account.

    I personally used this path. The domain for this site is at Namecheap and my web host is InMotion Hosting.

    Domain Name Registration Examples

    • Namecheap focused on simplicity & cheap long-term pricing.
    • GoDaddy focused on promos & complementary products.
    • focused on integrating w/ Google products.

    Web Hosting Examples

    • Bluehost focused on broad appeal with good usability.
    • InMotion Hosting focused on support & overall value for businesses.
    • SiteGround focused on technical features for developers.

    Advantages of Buying Domains + Hosting Separately

    • Better long-term pricing
    • Easier to leave with fewer service commitments
    • Easier to manage lots of additional domain names.
    • More access to premium domain and domain extension options.
    • Companies usually specialize in one or the other.
    • Cheaper if the hosting project wont launch soon.

    Disadvantages of Buying Domains + Hosting Separately

    • Lose out on short-term specials & discounts.
    • Not as convenient as using a single company.
    • Have to troubleshoot across different companies .
    • Extra configuration steps.

    Once you buy your hosting, you can install website software on your account. Ive written how to do this for free with WordPress software.

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    How Web Hosting And Domain Names Work Together

    The basic idea is that web hosting is a storage for a website whereas the domain name is the address of the storage. If web hosting is a house that contains all the files of a website, then the domain name is the address of the house.

    The files are necessary for a website to run as stored in the web hosting server. For someone to actually access that file, theyd need to know where that server is located on the internet.

    This is where the domain name comes in. If you have the domain name, you can direct your browser to the exact location of those files. And finally, you will be able to use the website.

    How To Obtain A Domain Name

    To obtain a domain name, you must register a domain name with a Domain Registrar like Launchpad, which you can do so through your Customer Portal or .

    Please check out this article to guide you on registering your domain name.

    Things to Remember in Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website:

  • Evaluate the purpose of your website. Do you wish to create a website for your business? Is this for personal use? Or would you be creating a website for an organization?
  • Make sure that the domain name is not yet registered.
  • The domain name should be easy to remember and not too long.
  • Dont buy domain names that are similar to existing sites or what we call trademarked domain names.
  • Avoid including numbers on domain names.
  • For more tips in choosing a domain name, please refer to this article, Advanced Tips on Picking a Domain Name.

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    Whats The Difference Between Domains

    A domain is the name of a website, a URLis how to find a website, and a website is whatpeople see and interact with when they get there. In other words,when you buy a domain, you have purchased the namefor your site, but you still need to build the site. Adomain registrar and host

    Hereof, what is the difference between domains?

    The difference between the three lies withintheir purpose. The most popular domain, .com, is used tocreate commercial, profit-driven websites. The domain, .net,is used to represent network-related domains and finally,.org, is used to present non-profit organizations.

    Furthermore, what is the domain of a site? A website is made up of files like HTML pages, websitebuilder software, images, and more. If the domain name isthe web address of your website, then web hosting is the home whereyour website lives. This is the actual computer where yourwebsite’s files are stored.

    Likewise, what is the difference between a domain and a domain name?

    In my experience, domainusually is used as a shorter version of domainname depending on the context. ‘Domain‘ can referto the technical aspects of the strings only though. ie,.com is a ‘ tld’ or top leveldomain.

    Which domain is the best?

    Best Domain Name Registrars Compared

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