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Can A Non Profit Use A Com Domain

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A2 Pricing For Nonprofits

A2 has discounted rates for accredited, US-based nonprofits. To qualify, youll need to prove your nonprofit status by providing A2 with all the relevant documentation.

Because its discounts work on a case by case basis, its impossible to provide you with an exact amount. However, A2s shared hosting plans range from $7.99/month to $18.99/month, so you can expect to shave at least a couple of bucks a month off that.

From our research, A2s biggest strength is its managed WordPress hosting service. Plans start at $24.46/month definitely worth considering if you own a custom-built WordPress website.

Org Vs Com Vs Net: What Do They Mean And Which Is Better

A website address is made up of two components. The first is the domain name, a unique element that connects your online address to your brands name and goals. The other one is the domain name extension, which reflects the type of website and its purpose. While many believe that understanding what is a domain name comes down to what’s between the two dots of a URL, the few letters after the second dot play a much bigger role in determining the credibility of your site and how it aligns with your brand.

Also known as top-level domains , domain extensions are used to categorize websites by type, location or business model. Out of the thousands of domain extensions available on the web, the most common ones are .org, .com and .net. In order to choose which one is right for you, youll first need to learn what they stand for and understand their strengths, weaknesses, and differences.

What Does Com Mean

The .com domain extension stands for company and is the No.1 premium domain extension. Although businesses commonly use both .com and .org extensions, .com is almost exclusively used by for-profit businesses.

.Com extensions are also more mobile-friendly, allowing them to better capitalize on the continuing mobile trend. However, when searching for the perfect domain name, youll find that there are many more .org extensions available to purchase. In fact, competition for a great domain with a .com extension can be fierce.

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Whats The Difference Between Org And Com

Short for .commercial, .com is generally used for the domain name of a for-profit business website. On the other hand, .org is short for .organization and is most often used by non-profit organizations. That said, both domain extensions are high-quality, equally memorable, and add credibility to the websites they represent.

Only Legally Recognized Ngos Ongs Charities And Nonprofits Can Register Ngo And Ong

Unlike the .ORG domain, only legal nonprofits, charities ...

There are over 6 million .ORG domains addresses in use in the United States, but only 1.5 million nonprofits. Thus, there are possibly up to 4.5 million .ORG websites that are not specifically being used by nonprofit organizations. Even though .ORG is the most trusted domain on the Internet, there is no guarantee that a .ORG website is a nonprofit because any individual or brand can buy a .ORG domain. That is not the case with .NGO and .ONG. Only legally recognized nonprofits can purchase the .NGO and .ONG domains. Like .GOV and .EDU, nonprofits, charities, ONGs, and NGOs must go through a validation process when registering the new .NGO and .ONG domains.

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Inmotion Pricing For Nonprofits

With InMotion, you can pick up a as part of a two-year deal. The regular monthly price of InMotions shared hosting service is $7.49 $22.99, but if you plan on processing a lot of donation payments, wed recommend upgrading to VPS hosting.

If you plan on processing a lot of donation payments, wed recommend upgrading to VPS hosting. InMotion offers the best VPS hosting of any provider, and comes with bulked up security to keep both your and your pledges information secure. Plans for VPS hosting range from $34.99/month to $159.99/month.

InMotions prices are already competitive, but theres an extra bonus on offer nonprofits are able to request a discount by getting in touch with InMotion directly.

A Dot Org Website Doesnt Mean Its A Charity

In todays LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik raises the alarm over the sale of the .org domain registry to a private equity firm. A big concern here is that the private equity firm has a captive audience and can easily raise prices for use of the dot org domain extension. Read the LA Times article . . .

The dot org domain extension started raising a different issue for me as early as 2012, when I wrote at about the fact that a dot org didnt mean you were dealing with a charity. Its a way for a charity faker or scammer to draw you in. See my 2012 article and related podcast.

Heres an excerpt from what I wrote back in 2012:

Charity Baloney

  • Its time for Charity Baloney where I do my best to slice up myths related to charities.
  • Todays Charity Baloney is the belief that a dot org website means youre dealing with a charity.
  • The three most common domains are .com, .org and .net
  • Weve all gotten used to dot com which we think of as a business or commercial site.
  • And charities that I know of that have websites typically use dot org.
  • I wonder if fishermen use dot net.
  • I took a look at the site and it told us
  • .COM, .NET and .ORG are unrestricted open domains.

    • The truth is any group or even individual can have a dot org website.
    • Did you know that theres a google is clearly a business, not a charity is a separate website
  • These are available
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    Using A Fun New Unique Tld

    You might consider using one of the relatively new TLDs, of the thousands available today. The reasons for choosing something fun, like .academy, .school, or .play include the opportunity to be unique and seem cutting edge. These TLDs also offer the opportunity to more accurately brand your domain name to communicate what your organization or business is about. Google says using a new TLD wont hurt your search result performance, but it also wont help.

    It is important to carefully consider the value of using a fancy new TLD. While it may seem like a good option for your organization, there are also risks associated with this choice. Importantly, if you choose a new, more unique TLD, you should purchase the .com version as well, because a lot of people may still default to typing in .com. You can point the .com version to your unique TLD domain so that if someone types your name with .com, they will still find your website. For example, if a restaurant chooses a domain name with but they do not own the version, this could be a big problem. If the .com version is owned by someone else, people accidentally typing when looking for their website or sending an email will find their competition or an unrelated business instead.

    Confusion: Org Isnt Just For Nonprofits

    Registrations have increased but major misconceptions about .ORG extensions remain, according to the new domain name report released by Reston, Va.-based Public Interest Registry , the nonprofit that manages the .ORG top-level domain .

    Some 10.3 million individuals and organizations have websites with the .ORG TLD, a 2 percent increase during six months and a 3 percent increase during 12 months. PIRs semi-annual Dashboard report showed that new .ORG registrations increased by 13.6 percent during the first half of 2013. Overall, 10.3 million individuals and organizations have websites with the .ORG TLD, a two-percent increase during six months and a three-percent increase during 12 months.

    Brian Cute, CEO of PIR, said that the increase of new .ORG domains is part of an ongoing upward during the past few years. During that time, the number of .ORG new creates have been between 11 percent to 15 percent, so the 13.6 percent increase in the first half of 2013 is very much in line with the trend that we have witnessed since 2010, said Cute. We believe that this trend reflects the active and diverse organizations that make their home in the .ORG space.

    Despite being an open domain to the public, 28 years of built-in consumer perception has made it difficult, even today, to change misconceptions about .ORG being closed and exclusively available only to nonprofits, explained Cute.

    Other key findings from the report include:

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    When To Use Org

    The .org domain extension stands for organization and is most commonly used for nonprofit organizations. It’s also sometimes used for websites that arent necessarily for-profit but provide the public with free information and resources, like a public library.

    You should consider a .org domain extension if your website is one of the following:

    • A nonprofit organization
    • A public education website providing information
    • An open-source software website

    Org Vs Com Differences

    As you compare .org vs .com, youll notice that the distinction between the two appears to be fairly simple: one is for nonprofit uses while the other is used by commercial organizations. If you want to create a nonprofit website, use a .org domain. If your goal is to build an online business, go for .com instead.

    But, of course, nothing is ever black and white. As the availability of .com domains drops, businesses are opting for alternative TLDs in order to be able to use their intended domain names. With only around 10 million .org domains registered, accounting for less than 5% of the global total, the .org has risen as one of the preferred alternatives to the .com extension.

    Technically, any type of business or organization can use a .org domain as long as they back it with the right that will avoid potential misunderstandings among those who still connect this domain extension with nonprofits. However, the notion that .org domains belong to charities, NGOs and educational platforms is so ingrained in the collective mindset that you might want to keep this TLD as a last resource only.

    If youre in need of a strong .com domain alternative for your business or online portfolio, you should take a look at .net instead.

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    Org Vs Ccom The Bottom Line

    Both .org and .com domain name extensions are added to the end of websites to identify whether or not they represent a non-profit organization or a for-profit business. .Org is short for .organization and .com is short for .commercial. Deciding on the right one will make your site more credible and searchable, which Im sure youll agree, are critical to its success.

    To get a domain name with a .org or .com extension, youll need to use a reputable domain registrar like or Bluehost. Widely considered one of the best registrars and hosting companies, they offer a variety of affordable, feature-rich hosting plans to get your site off the ground in the blink of an eye.

    Who Should Use Each Type

    Unlike the .ORG domain which can be registered by any ...

    Choosing between a .com and a .org domain extension is a relatively straightforward decision. First, ask, What is the purpose of this site?

    While there arent any hard rules, there are some basic expectations from internet users that you should keep in mind. Users often assume that a .com is registered to a business and a .org to a nonprofit. Of course, there are exceptions and some .org sites are proper business while some .com sites are nonprofits. But why confuse your website visitors when you dont have to?

    Most businesses choose a .com extension to show their credibility and demonstrate their companys legitimacy. This helps users understand that a business runs the site.

    Nonprofit organizations usually choose a .org domain extension so that potential visitors understand the site will provide free information and resources, like a public library or A .org site can also signal to a user that the website serves its visitors without profit.

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    Why Go With Org

    Yes! You’ll need to sign up for a Verizon Small Business Essentials plan. Make sure your domain is ready to transfer and supply the authorization code.

    The details will vary slightly depending on your current domain registrar. But don’t worry, its easy. Learn more in the Help Center.

    How Do I Register A Org Domain

    Securing your very own .org domain with IONOS couldnt be easier. First, you will first need to ensure that your domain name is available. You can do this by simply entering your desired name into the search bar at the top of the page. If the domain name you selected isnt available, you will be provided with several similar alternatives. For example, you might get a recommended synonym or slight variation in your chosen name. Once youve selected a domain name, its then simply a matter of following our simple registration instructions.

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    Net Vs Com Differences

    The most obvious difference between a .net and a .com domain is their purpose, as they were created for network and commercial sites. If your goal is to provide internet-based services or networking platforms, such as creating a forum, you should buy a .net domain. On the other hand, if your goal is to make money online, whether it is with a personal blog or an eCommerce website, youll want to purchase a .com domain name.

    However, with nearly half of all domain names registered with a .com extension, .net has risen as the go-to alternative for unavailable web addresses. With time, the semantic differences have significantly diluted and the original purposes of these TLDs are no longer the main difference between the two. When it comes to comparing .net vs .com in 2020, the most significant distinction is the effect each of them has on mobile websites.

    While choosing a .net or .com extension does not impact your site’s SEO capabilities, mobile browsers UI design can negatively affect sites with a .net domain. Most smartphone keyboards have a button dedicated to domain extensions, but as youve probably noticed its default option is always .com. As a result, searching for .net domains is more time-consuming and less user-friendly. With mobile accounting for more than half of all online traffic, this small detail can have a significant impact on the success of your site.

    I’m An Advanced Usergive Me Some Technical Details

    You’re about to add a TXT record to the DNS settings at your domain registrar. This is the easiest method for most new Google Workspace administrators.

    If you prefer a different verification method, you can also use the setup tool to:

    • add a CNAME record at your domain registrar. This is similar to the TXT verification method described below.
    • If your domain doesn’t have MX records for an existing email provider, you might be able to use an MX record to confirm your domain ownership. Note: The setup tool only offers this option if it determines your domain is eligible for this verification method.

    To use one of these other verification methods, click Switch verification methods when you open the setup tool.

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