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What Is Domain In Digital Marketing

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The Importance Of Domain Names

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One way to determine a businesss success is if the website is attracting and engaging incremental traffic constantly. If you fail to get your website right, no amount of Facebook or Google ads will be able to help you.

Your domain name shadows these following aspects:

1. Brand Positioning

A good domain name helps you establish your brand and what it has to offer. For example,

2. First Impression

You introduce your business with its name. Thats your first impression. Guess what would be the first impression of

3. Marketing Touchpoints

Good domain names add that extra zest to your digital marketing efforts. They can be used as touchpoints that attract and engage your users. For example, will help you make your message more effective.

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How Domain Parking Fits Into Domain Investing

Domain parking goes hand in hand with domain investing. Entrepreneurs in the business of snatching up promising domain names and turning them for a profit should be aware of cash parking.

Domain investors like Alvin Brown of Kickstart Commerce admit that while having ads up on parked domains dont usually generate amazing returns on their own, parking them is infinitely better than letting the domains sit around doing nothing.

He also talks about how companies like GoDaddy are updating their cash parking interfaces to make parkers more money, which is great news for anyone interested in getting into the game.

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How To Find A Domain

Find a domain registrar its that simple. There are many out there and on the face of it, they all work. There will be a search bar somewhere on the page, all you have to do is type in your desired domain, and odds are a few options will pop up.

It might seem simple and easy, but like with any service there are those who strive to satisfy their customers, and others that view them as sponges that need to be wrung out dry.

Permission to Spam: Watch out for cheap companies. Low rates and special deals are great, but they could be masking other revenue sources. Often, in order to make up for their unbelievably low rates, these businesses sell your email to others without your knowledge, or they will sell you other services by spamming you themselves. That $0.99 domain might come in exchange for 9,000,000 spam emails. Look closely at the terms and conditions, if you see language explicitly stating that they wont share your private information youre safe. If you dont, then assume a spammer will be getting your name soon.

Sneaky Fees: Some of the less savoury registrars will have additional fees that pile on and on to your domain. Suddenly that $0.99 a year name has an administration fee, a onetime activation fee or any other fee that the company makes up is required in order to get your low price. Additional services are not the same as sneaky fees. Many accredited registrars will offer hosting, email or web support as well as other services.

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Create The Perfect Website With Eurodns

You now have all the information you need to choose the most appropriate domain extension for your business. Don’t forget to choose a hosting solution, you will need it to have your website online! Do not hesitate to consult our Plesk or managed WordPress hosting products which will allow you to either have complete control over your site or have our team of experts take care of it for you. For more tips on how to choose your hosting solution, check out our dedicated blog.

How To Choose A Domain Name That Assists Your Online Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing: An Ultimate Guide to Become ...

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Digital has become a pillar of business success, brand awareness, and customer engagement, all in a very short timespan. Brands now rely on social media channels to connect with their target demographic and inspire interactions, while sponsored posts grant them more visibility and optimal targeting. Although some might succeed just fine on social media alone, building a website that portrays your key brand identity and your purpose is still essential.

Its that one-stop-shop for your potential customers to fall in love with your app or business, get to know your offers, and of course, discover an entire library of useful tips and advice on your blog. However, what most business owners fail to realise in those early days of setting up their company is that the content of your website isnt the only card you need to play right. Your domain name is another crucial piece of the digital marketing puzzle. It helps with everything from SEO and user-friendliness to making your brand more memorable.

If youre not certain how to choose a domain name to represent your brand online, heres a brief guide to help. Use the following tips to choose a domain name that will reflect your values, but also come with tangible marketing perks.

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B2b Versus B2c Digital Marketing

Digital marketing works for B2B as well as B2C companies, but best practices differ significantly between the 2.

  • B2B clients tend to have longer decision-making processes, and thus longer sales funnels. Relationship-building strategies work better for these clients, whereas B2C customers tend to respond better to short-term offers and messages.
  • B2B transactions are usually based on logic and evidence, which is what skilled B2B digital marketers present. B2C content is more likely to be emotionally-based, focusing on making the customer feel good about a purchase.
  • B2B decisions tend to need more than 1 person’s input. The marketing materials that best drive these decisions tend to be shareable and downloadable. B2C customers, on the other hand, favor one-on-one connections with a brand.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. A B2C company with a high-ticket product, such as a car or computer, might offer more informative and serious content. Your strategy always needs to be geared toward your own customer base, whether you’re B2B or B2C.

Ineffective Forms Of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing activity is still growing across the world according to the headline global marketing index. A study published in September 2018, found that global outlays on digital marketing tactics are approaching $100 billion. Digital media continues to rapidly grow while the marketing budgets are expanding, traditional media is declining . Digital media helps brands reach consumers to engage with their product or service in a personalized way. Five areas, which are outlined as current industry practices that are often ineffective are prioritizing clicks, balancing search and display, understanding mobiles, targeting, viewability, brand safety and invalid traffic, and cross-platform measurement . Why these practices are ineffective and some ways around making these aspects effective are discussed surrounding the following points.

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Think Short And Sweet

The simplest way to look at the issue of selecting your domain name is as follows: people prefer simplicity. Short and memorable names that are easy to say and type into a search box are the best way to go. They reduce the time anyone will need to find your website, and they are easy to scan when a customer is searching for a more generalised term, such as the products that youre selling.

Of course, you shouldnt go for the shortest possible domain name if it deprives your brand of its substance or if it makes the site all the more confusing.

For example, adding numbers into the mix can make the search more difficult, even more so if someone uses voice search. The same applies to other less frequently used symbols, so short and simple words that evoke specific images and emotions are the best way to go. Find a middle ground that will increase your brand visibility, but that will also make it easy to find your business in as little time as possible.

Benefits Of Domain Parking

Digital Marketing Basics Lesson-2 I What is Domain or a Domain Name? I Domains I Domain Names

When you consider domain parking, remember it isnt practical for every type of entrepreneur. It definitely holds certain advantages for ones intimately connected to the internet.

For instance, if you owned a great URL but didnt quite know what to do with it yet, you could use cash parking as a way to generate revenue without needing to run a fully operational website.

As you wait for emails from potential buyers who are interested in your awesome domain name, you can make money without doing anything.

Or if youre in the business of purchasing promising domain names, cash parking is an excellent way of generating profit while waiting to find the right buyers.

Want to see if the domain you have in mind is available? Give it a try here:

If you managed to register a domain that youre not planning to keep, why not use cash parking to place potentially profitable ads up on your unwanted domain?

The outlook for entrepreneurs interested in earning money off of online ads has never been better just . Getting into the game now can yield definitive dividends.

But before you start throwing your money around, its important to understand how this form of earning cash ties into the world of domain investing. Its time to learn all about domain parking.

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How Does Cash Parking Work

While cash parking does require time and money to get going, it eventually becomes the dream for many online investors: a form of passive income that you can largely set and forget.

First, you need to tie your parked domain to a domain parking service. Cash parking works differently depending on your partner, but the account will allow you to select which domains you wish to park.

Heres an example of a domain parked through GoDaddys CashParking platform :

Every time a visitor drops by your parked domain and clicks an ad, you receive money through your cash parking account. Depending on your preference, your options normally include PayPal, direct deposit, and personal checks.

Also, some clicks will make you more money than others. Talk with whoever your parking provider is and you can keep such factors in mind in the future if you want to invest in more domains.

Why Is A Domain Name Important

Lets stay on that brand name bit for a moment. Your business name is one of the first few things potential customers will notice about your brand in the wild.

In the same vein, your domain name is one of the first things readers will notice about your website.

This is why its so important to choose a brand name and an accompanying domain name thats captivating and suitable for your brands persona.

Generally, its a good idea to choose something thats short and memorable. That way if potential readers hear about you outside of your website, theyll be able to remember your domain easily when they want to visit it.

If you need more help coming up with a name, check out our guide featuring 21 ways to come up with a domain name.

This is an important first step to starting a blog. Take your time with it.

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Use An Appropriate Domain Name Extension

Your domain name extension is those two or three letters at the end of your domain like .com or .net. Some of them have specific uses and indicate categories such .gov . Others can indicate the country that a website is based in such as .ca or .de .

It goes without saying that .com is the most sought-after extension. Businesses who want to appear formidable in the marketplace will pay top dollar to claim a .com domain.

If the .com you had your heart set on is completely out of reach than worry not, because theres still plenty of great options that still allow you to build a strong brand. Here is a list of common extensions and what they are usually used for.

.net technical sites

.co usually used to indicate a company or commerce site

.org nonprofits, and charities

.me personal websites, blogs, portfolios

.biz e-commerce stores or commercial use

Use Keywords Related To Your Offering

Domain Bird

Try to use keywords. For example, if you work in marketing try using marketing in the domain name. In other words, use the keywords people use when searching for your products or services.

The way you implement keywords into your domain can improve your SEO, but you need to understand how Google interprets keywords in 2018. Ultra-specific keywords used to be beneficial for rankings, but now it can have the opposite effect. For example, instead of choosing a domain name like, go with something broader, but still relevant, like Google will be able to use the other information on your website in combination with your domain to categorize your business. The reason for this change is that too many spammy, low-quality websites were using ultra-specific keywords to bolster their rankings.

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What Is A Domain Name The Marketing And Technical Info You Need To Know

Sat Jan 09 2021

When I first started on my own web development and hosting business back in 2000 I had no clue about DNS or how Domain Name Servers worked. To that point I also had very little knowledge about registering and maintaining domains.

It turns out this is still a mystery to many business owners and developers. But you can’t have a website, at least that anyone will find and recall, without a domain name, it is the deed to your property.

Unless you are into the technical side of the Internet you may have never considered what a domain name is, how to register one, how they work and what does it mean to register a domain name.

Domains provide a decentralized naming system for computers and the services they host on the Internet. Without domains we would have to memorize IP addresses.

In short, domain names are easy to remember aliases for online service addresses.

They provide a way to brand your business and imply what your site, business or organization specializes.

Not only are they a marketing tool, they are an important aspect that drives the technical side of the Internet. In essence, without domain names we would not have the Internet we have today. It most likely would have never gained popular acceptance because it would have remained very unapproachable as a technical eco-system, limited to a small set of enthusiastic engineers.

If you are wondering an IP address is the IP in TCP/IP.

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