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How To Transfer My Domain Name

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Two: Choose The Domain To Transfer

How do I transfer my domain name?

From Gandiâs main page, click âTransferâ below the search box in the center of page. Or, you can go straight to our transfer page Then, search for the domain you wish to transfer.

When you start the search our system will then see if the domain can be transferred to Gandi. You will either see a green checkmark icon and a transfer link, or a red error indicator and a reason the domain cannot be transferred.

Click on âtransferâ next to the domain that is transferable to add it to your shopping cart. When you are ready click âCheckoutâ in the top left corner to enter checkout.

The Registrar Is Asking Me For A Code Where Do I Get This / I Don’t Know What You Mean By Authorization/epp/transfer Code And I Can’t Find It How Do I Get This Code

An Auth-Code is a code created by a registrar to help identify the domain name holder and prevent unauthorized transfers . An Auth-Code is required for a domain holder to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another.

Your registrar may allow you, via an online interface tool, to generate and manage your own AuthInfo code. If not, you will need to contact your registrar directly to obtain it. Your registrar must provide you with the AuthInfo code within five calendar days of your request.

Transfer Away From Namecom

If you would like to transfer your domain name to a new registrar, there are three things you will need to do within your Name.com account before initiating the transfer.

Bring up the domain details page in your account:

  • Log into your Name.com account
  • In the list of domains, click on the domain name you would like to transfer.
  • Now that you can view the domain details, you can prepare the domain to transfer away:

    • Unlock your domain so it can transfer to the new registrar.
    • Get the auth code for the domain name, which you will need to give to your new registrar to initiate the transfer.
    • Disable the Whois Privacy some registrars require that you disable the Whois Privacy on your domain, for security reasons. However, many registrars no longer require this. You may want to check with your new registrar before doing this, to confirm that the Privacy for your domain needs to be disabled.
    • Copy or export your DNS records. You can either write them down, copy+paste the values and information, or use our tool to export the DNS records in a neat CSV document.

    After you have followed these steps, the domain name is eligible for transfer to the new registrar and the transfer should complete within 5-7 days, or you can contact us to expedite the transfer.

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    Request An Authorization Code

    To transfer your domain, you’ll need an authorization code . This code is there to protect your domain from being transferred by an unauthorized party.

    Additionally, this code serves as the bridge between your old registrar and your new provider and must be supplied within five days of your request, typically by email. Some registrars permit auto-generation of codes directly from their control panels.

    How To Ensure Your Transfer Is Uninterrupted

    How to transfer my domain name to your end?

    One of the security measures to prevent your domain from being transferred without your consent is a validation email sent to one of the email addresses on your WHOIS information. To ensure that your transfer succeeds without interruption, please be sure to check these email accounts carefully and address any emails regarding your transfer.

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    Prepare Your Domain For Transfer:

    • Unlock your domain remove the Registrar lock you may have set for added security
    • Obtain the Auth/EPP code from the current Registrar:

    Auth/EPP codes are required for all .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .info, .me, .co, .io, .ca, .tv, .in, .mobi, .cc, .pe, .com.pe, .net.pe, .org.pe, .tech, .top, .party, .loan, .faith and other new gTLD domains. If you cannot request an EPP code in account with your Registrar, contact them and ask to provide it to you.

    More Details On Domain Preparation & What Can Cause A Transfer To Fail

    There are a few things that will cause a domain transfer to fail. If you have followed the preparation steps, you have eliminated the majority of these possibilities. The information below will help you understand why you will take each of these steps:

    • Domain is not more than 60 days old or has been transferred within the last 60 days.Per ICANN regulations, a domain that has been newly registered or transferred from one Registrar to another within the last 60 days is not eligible for transfer.
    • The domain is locked or on hold with the current Registrar.Most domains will have a Registrar Lock in place for added security. We recommend you leave these in place unless you are transferring a domain from one Registrar to another. You should have access to remove these directly within your account at your Registrar. If you do not, contact their help department for assistance If the domain has a hold in place, it will be reflected in the domain status when you do a WHOIS lookup. These are usually put in place at either the registry or Registrar level. You will not have direct access to remove these and will need to contact the losing Registrar for assistance in removing them.

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    Replace Your Domains Old Nameservers

  • Log in to the domain registrar where you bought the sites domain.
  • Look for the settings to configure the domains nameservers. It varies depending on each registrar, but you can often find this under Domain Management or Domain Overview.
  • In your new accounts hPanel, go to Domains -> -> DNS and click Change Nameservers. Here, you have two options:
  • Fill in the fields manually.
  • Select Use Hostinger nameservers to use Hostingers default nameservers.
  • Click Save.
  • Note that if theres a discrepancy between the number of nameservers your new host provides, you should follow these tips:

    • If your new host has two nameservers, but your registrar has four nameserver fields, simply enter the first two fields and leave the rest blank.
    • If your hosting provider gives three nameservers, but your registrar only has two nameserver fields, simply enter the first two nameservers.

    Five: Finalize The Transfer

    How to transfer domain name from Namecheap to Hostgator

    Once the transfer of the domain name to Gandi has been successful, we will send an invitation email to the email address of the future owner at Gandi.

    The owner must accept a final invitation email before the domain will be visible in their list of domains.

    During this step, you will be able to choose to import the domain to an existing Gandi v5 account or to add it to a new account.


    If you do not perform this step, you will not be able to see or manage the domain name.

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    Is It Free To Transfer A Domain

    No, although the fee and structure varies. Some registrars, like GoDaddy, charge a flat fee for the transfer itself. All registrars will charge you a registration fee when your domain is up for renewal. Some will bundle both costs together. You also have the option to register a domain name for free.

    Domain Name Transfer Process

    • .au transfers are actioned once confirmation has been received by Webcentral from the authorised contact for the domain
    • It takes 48 hours for the relevant domain registry to transfer the domain
    • While the transfer process is free, registrations within the renewal period will require the registration renewal payment to be submitted at the time of transfer.
    • Top level domain transfers take 510 days to complete
    • You may need to contact your current registration provider to remove a registrar lock on your domain before you begin
    • You may transfer an expired domain to Webcentral. However, if the status of the domain is “Redemption Period”, “Pending Delete” or “Expired”, you will not be able to transfer the registration and should contact your current registrar.
    • Requires a minimum of 1 year renewal upon transfer, which is then added to the end of your registration period.

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    My Domain Name Registrar Denied My Request Why What Do I Do

    There are a few reasons why your request may have been denied.

    There could be a discrepancy between your information and that of the domain owner. Alternatively, they cant verify that youre the owner. Make sure your contact information is up to date, and be sure to send what they need from you .

    The domain name owner may have sent an objection to the transfer. If youre not the domain name owner, be sure to get in contact with them to resolve the issue.

    If you owe your DNS registrar any fees from previous domain purchases, they may have put your domain name on hold. Be sure to pay any outstanding amount owed.

    Your domain name may still be under Lock in your portal. Make sure this setting is set on Unlocked.

    Alternatively, you may be under the 60-day Change of Registrant lock, in which case youll have to wait 60 days to make the transfer.

    How To Transfer A Domain

    How to transfer my domain name
  • Update your contact information.
  • Set up your email sending domain name.
  • Unlock your domain.
  • Make sure your domain is eligible for a transfer.
  • Create an account with your new registrar.
  • Enter the authorization code.
  • Pay for your domain transfer.
  • Finalize the domain transfer.
  • Cancel your previous service.
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    Get The Names Of Your Name Servers

    If you’re using Amazon Route 53 as your DNS service or you’re continuing to use the existing DNS service, we’ll get the names of the name servers for you automatically later in the process. Skip toStep 5: Request the transfer.

    If you want to change the DNS service to a provider other than Route 53 at the same time that you’re transferring the domain to Route 53, use the procedure provided by the DNS service provider to get the names of the name servers for each domain that you want to transfer.

    If the registrar for your domain is also the DNS service provider for the domain, transfer your DNS service to Route 53 or another DNS service provider before you continue with the process to transfer the domain registration.

    If you transfer DNS service at the same time that you transfer domain registration, your website, email, and the web applications associated with the domain might become unavailable. For more information, see .

    How To Transfer Your Domain To Namehero

    Prior to launching our world-class cloud web hosting, I had originally developed the NameHero platform to manage my personal domain portfolio. Buying domains since 1998, some aftermarket, some at auctions, etc. I had stuff going everywhere. It was to the point where I couldn’t keep track of my names, hence I developed an interface that suited all of my needs.

    I strongly believe our platform will help you achieve this while also making it much easier for our Superheroes to support all of your web hosting services.

    Important: You do not have to wait until your domain is transferred to NameHero to begin using it with our Web Hosting. Simply enter the nameservers of your web hosting package at your current provider and they’ll transfer over automatically.

    You can easily transfer your existing domain from another web host or registrar to NameHero by following these steps:

    Note: A domain transfer is not a website migration. This article explains how to move an existing domain registration over to NameHero. To learn about migrating your website and all its data read this.

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    Pay For Your Transfer And Wait For The Process To Complete

    A lot of platforms enable you to transfer domains in for free, but require you to renew them for an additional year. This means that for your transfer to happen successfully, youll need to pay for the renewal beforehand.

    Once you complete the payment process, the transfer itself shouldnt take long. With some registrars youll need to wait several days, but with others it can take less than a day. When the transfer is complete, your new domain will appear under your management screen on your new platform:

    If you have other domains you want to transfer to the same service, the process will be identical. Just rinse and repeat until youre done!

    Check Your Transfer Status

    How to Transfer a Domain Name From One Registrar to Another EASY!

    Domain transfers will be initiated only after payment has been made. Once the transfer has initialized, be sure to watch for an incoming confirmation letter to the email address listed on the domain WHOIS. The domain transfer should be decided within 7 days from the date listed in the confirmation letter. If the transfer was successful, then the domain’s new information should appear when using a public WHOIS lookup tool.

    If your domain is not available to be managed at after successfully being transferred, or if you would like a more detailed information regarding your transfer status, please contact us via phone or Live Chat for assistance.

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    Prerequisites To Transfer A Domain Name

    Before you submit a request to transfer a domain name to HostPapa, please complete the following steps with your current domain provider.

    Note: These steps may vary slightly depending on the domain provider.

  • Make sure that your domain is unlocked. The lock/unlock option should be part of your domains general settings.
  • Contact your domain provider to get your EPP code. This code, also known as Auth-Code or transfer code, is necessary to transfer a domain between registrars.
  • Our domain registrar will send an email to the registrant after the domain name transfer has started. This email includes a link to a new page requesting the AuthCode and transfer authorization.
  • Note: This does not apply to .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, and .me.uk TLDs. To transfer one of these domain names to HostPapa, please contact your current domain provider and ask them to change the IPS tag for your domain to PROMOPEOPLE. Some domain registrars do this through a control panel, but others may need to receive a fax, email, or letter to carry out the trade.

    Check our Domain Registration/Transferring Rules article to get more information on transferring a specific domain name.

    How Do I Transfer Domains To Godaddy

    Transferring domains to GoDaddy is simple.

  • Unlock the domain name youd like to transfer with your current registrar.
  • Get an authorization from your current registrar. This isnt necessary in all cases, such as when transferring country-code domain . If the authorization code isn’t shown in your account manager, ask your current registrar to email them to you.
  • Verify contact information on your domain name. The administrator’s contact information may be used by your current registrar during the transfer process.
  • You can transfer up to 500 of your domains to GoDaddy at once in our bulk domain transfer tool. If the extension youd like to transfer isnt listed, you cant transfer that domain name to us.

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