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How To Set Up Free Email With Godaddy Domain

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Why You Need A Business Email Address

How To Set Up A Professional Email For Free With Godaddy Domain

Here are the important reasons for using the business email address:

  • It is a custom business email address and thereby is more professional.
  • Business email address is short and can be remembered easily.
  • You can ensure that every email you send has a standard format and therefore maintain consistency.
  • Sending emails with a business name enables you to promote your brand.
  • Professional email addresses are less unlikely to be marked as spam by customers.

Get A Free Email Domain With Mailcom

If you want a 100% free email domain without needing to purchase your own web hosting and/or domain name, this is your best option.

This method wont enable you to create a custom email domain, so it may not be the best solution for established businesses. However, if youre a freelancer or just starting out and dont mind using a generic domain name, it could be optimal for you.

Mail.com enables you to set up an industry-specific email account thats completely free. You can pick from a variety of domain names such as example@graphic-designer.com or example@programmer.net. Simply sign up for an account to get started:

Once youve filled in your details and chosen your password, click on I agree. Create an email account now. Then, click on Activate your account now, and youre done:

Note that, unfortunately, this option wont allow you to send and receive emails via Outlook or Gmail. Youll have to log in to Mail.com each time you want to use it.

How To Get A Free Email Domain

If youre running a business, its smart to obtain an email domain thats consistent with your branding. Using a personal address to communicate with your customers doesnt look professional and might undermine your credibility. However, finding a free email domain can be tricky.

Many web hosting companies offer free email domains if you purchase one of their plans. Some of them are a real bargain, and you can easily connect them to your Gmail account. Alternatively, if you dont want any associated costs, there are other solutions that might better suit you.

In this article, well discuss three methods you can use to create a free email domain, with or without purchasing web hosting or your own domain name. Lets dive right in!

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How To Get Your Free Email Domain With Bluehost

To get a free domain through Bluehost, you must sign up for a web hosting plan. Start by going to Bluehost.com and selecting a plan. Then follow the prompts to complete the registration process, which includes selecting your desired domain name.

With that done, you can set up your new professional email address using your business domain. Navigate to Email & Office from your Bluehost dashboard and click the +Create button under Email to create up to five free email accounts.

Heres how to set up your free email domain with Bluehost in three steps:

  • Select a plan and register your domain.
  • From the Bluehost dashboard, choose Email & Office.

Setup Email Within Godaddy

Setting up your GoDaddy domain with Webmium

This is the case when you have domain registered and email plan hosted with GoDaddy. First login to your GoDaddy account to see the Domain Manager screen showing all your domains. Click on the square dots icon next to Domain Manager menu and go to Emails & Office section.

You will see the GoDaddy Workspace Control Center. Click on Create button to start creating your email account.

You can setup forwarding email or individual email or multiple emails based on what you have purchased. Enter your email address and password.

Choose the email plan, quota, spam filtering and auto reply. After setting up, you will see the email is listed in the control center. Click on the Server Settings from the right side bar or from the menu Tools > Server Settings.

You will see the current status of MX records and CNAME entries like below.

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Maintain MX and CNAME Records

For settings up an email you should maintain CNAME and MX records in your DNS zone file. Go to DNS Manager section and add two MX records details with priority as 0 and 10.

Create CNMAE records for all three entries.

Now, go back to email server settings and ensure that the status is showing as green for MX entries.

Watch the video to understand creating email account in GoDaddy workspace control center.

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Enter Smtp Server Information

Once youve entered your GoDaddy email, Gmail will ask you for your SMTP server information. In case you have no idea what this information is or where to find it, simply click on the Help button at the top of the screen and click on the button labeled Email Client Settings. There you will find your POP3 and SMTP settings.

Once on the settings page, click the button labeled Send through Address.com SMTP server. You should type in the name of your SMTP server and open the drop-down menu that follows to click on port 465. Then you can type in your GoDaddy domain email and your password and select the option Always use a secure connection when sending mail.

Make sure to double-check your settings so you dont make any mistakes. You can now click on Add Account. Gmail will verify the settings you entered. Now all emails you send with your Gmail will appear as if theyve come from your GoDaddy email.

Godaddy Email Hosting Business Premium Plan: Pricing And Functionalities

The Godaddy hosting Premium Plan offers the complete Microsoft Office 365 package on top of an email hosting service with 50GB space . Godaddy email hosting Business Premium plan costs $15.99 per month.

This might not sound particularly expensive. However, if you are a private user, you can get pretty much the same by purchasing a Microsoft 365 subscription for just $6.99 per month. As I already explained, Microsoft 365 subscription also offers a free personalized email address. If you are a company and not a private user, Godaddy email hosting Business Premium plan becomes much more convenient as Microsoft 365 for business is more expensive than the one for private users and families.

To summarize:

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How To Use A Custom Domain Name For Email

For the sake of this article, well use GoDaddy as an example. Just follow the steps below to attach a domain name to your email.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account.

  • Navigate to Professional Email.

  • Fill out your email information.

  • Complete setup.

  • For the small monthly fee involved, Professional Email is a no-brainer for me to build trust and make sure emails are recognizable when landing in contacts inboxes. I use Microsoft 365 for my main eCommerce site.

    What To Do Next

    How to Set Up Email to Your GoDaddy Domain Name – 2020 | GoDaddy

    Many small business owners are surprised to find out that with all the tools and venues you can use for marketing, email marketing is still the Big Kahuna. Here are a few stats to convince you to learn how to use a custom domain name for email so you can use it for email promotions:

    • For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.
    • Email subscribers are three times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.
    • With an ROI of around 4,300 percent, email practically pays for itself.

    The fact is that promotional emails are one of the most economical ways for any business to connect with customers. To be effective in those efforts, you need to have a professional email address.

    Thats why musicians use email marketing software to share their performance schedule with fans, nonprofits use it to get donations, and photographers use it to promote their portrait services. It just works across all industries.

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    Different Scenarios Of Having Email

    The email setup in GoDaddy is easy when you have a domain and email plans on GoDaddy. But it is very common to have a domain registered with one registrar and hosting a site with separate company. In such a case you should carefully setup email either with registrar or with the hosting company. Any wrong entries in the DNS will cause the emails stop working. Most of the time, you cant receive any emails, though you can just send email that will never sent to the recipient. We have a domain registered with GoDaddy and host the site on SiteGround. On top we do have Cloudflare CDN enabled. In this case, there are few options possible to setup the email.

    How To Edit Images In Godaddy Website Builder

    To change or edit an image using the website builder, just click the image you want to edit and then click the image icon.

    The Choose Photos modal will popup and this is where you can browse your computer or use on of Godaddys other services to insert images into your website.

    We are going to add an image from our local machine so just click the browse button and find the image on your computer.

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    How To Find An Available Domain Name

    Ideally, your domain name is your business name with the domain name extension .com. Though, it can be hard to get the desired domain name as a majority of common names are already taken. You can try prefixes or suffixes or adding keywords to your business name in order to find an alternate domain name that is available.

    Godaddy Email Setup On Mail For Ios Phones And Tablets

    Setup Business Emails with GoDaddy.com

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can set up your Godaddy email address by following these easy steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device
  • Go to Settings, tap Passwords & Accounts and Choose add account
  • Select Other as the account type
  • Tap Add Mail account and fill in your details
  • Select IMAP
  • Fill in imap.secureserver.net as the host name in the INCOMING mail server:
  • Fill in smtpout.secureserver.net as the host name in the OUTGOING mail server:
  • If needed, fill in again your username and password and click Next
  • Congratulations, you successfully installed your Godaddy email on your iOS device. Open the Mail app in your iOS device to start using your Godaddy email address

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    How To Use The Godaddy Website Builder

    The Godaddy Website builder is a simple to use online application that allows you to easily create web pages in under 20 minutes without knowing code or design.

    Note: I want to mention that this should only be for personal website. Please do not use this website builder to create business websites as its cheap and not a quality product.

    To start head to Godaddy and find the website builder section.

    Choose the product you want to use to create your website.

    We are using the personal option that features 1 month free and $5.99/month after that.

    Choose the domain you would like to create your website on.

    Now you must select a theme or template to customize for your website.

    Browse the templates and find one that has the layout and colors that you would like for your personal website.

    Once you choose your desired template, Godaddy will show your template and now its time to edit it to your liking using the website builder.

    Business Standard Package :

    One last note if youre a registered nonprofit, you can get Google Workspace at a discounted rate, or even for free through . Regardless of whether youre nonprofit or for-profit, its best to take the long-term view and sign up to get all of Googles business productivity tools, especially given that can save a few extra dollars if when sign up with the promo codes. If you want to switch later, it will be a pain in the butt to transfer all your emails to Google Workspace. But if you still want a quick fix for the time being, heres a quick workaround to use Gmail with your own, custom domain email for free.

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    Godaddy Email Hosting Essentials Plan: Pricing And Functionalities

    The Email Essentials plan is the entry level Godaddy email hosting plan. This is the entry level plan, but it already offers pretty much anything you need from an email hosting service.

    Godaddy email hosting Essentials plan offers:

    • A personalized domain for your email
    • 10GB storage space for your emails, contacts and calendars
    • 400 email aliases
    • Your data will be synced in your devices

    The price for Godaddy email hosting Essentials plan is normally $5.99 per month. However, you can get a discount for your first year and only pay $1.99 per month! To be honest, you will not easily find another reliable email hosting offering such low prices. Godaddy can afford offering competitive prices thanks to the fact that they are very big and successful .

    Adding Buttons To Godaddy Website Builder

    Godaddy Tutorial: Setting up a new Email Account

    To add buttons to your website, look at the left vertical menu and find the button link.

    Drag the button link to your webpage where you want to add it.

    Here, you can edit all the settings for the button.

    To link to a page on your website builder, click the red down arrow icon and select the page you want to link to.

    You can change the button text in the label field, the background color, the font color and you can even add rounded corners on the advanced tab.

    When you are done, click the Save button and your new button will now be on your website builder site.

    When you are happy with all your changes, click the Publish button at the top of the website builder and your website will be published live!

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    Add An Email Account In Godaddy Hosting

    Posted by admin in Email, Resources

    The first thing to point out is that the directions in this tutorial about adding email addresses to your GoDaddy account may vary slightly depending on what type of GoDaddy account you have and how its already setup. However, most of these differences are minor. If you do encounter a problem not covered in this guide, you can always make a free call to GoDaddy customer service and they will walk you through the process, 480-505-8877.

    To get started, use your internet browser to navigate to . Next, log in to the website with either your account number or user name with password. In the top navigation of the site, click on Email and then in the drop down choose My Email Account. A new sub-window will appear within the page with your email account plan options.

    At this point youll want to click on Manage Account which will take you to your email account control panel.

    Once in the email control panel, click on the add button to create a new email address. Repeat this step for each email address you want to add.

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