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How To Change Domain Name Google

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Google Domains- Change Your Name Servers

Before moving forward, make sure your current domain is already added and verified within Bing Webmaster Tools.

Step One: Setup a 301 permanent redirect from your old domain name to the new one. This is the fundamental step.

Step Two: Login to your Bing Webmaster Tools account. Add and verify the new domain name.

Step Three: Click on the old domain name within Bing Webmaster Tools. Then under Diagnostic & Tools select Site Move.

Step Four: Select the radio button that says I am moving URLs from this site to another verified site.

Step Five: Click on select destination site and select your new domain name.

Step Six: Change Scope to be Domain and then click Submit

You have now successfully informed Google and Bing about your domain name switch. This will help ensure that you dont lose any established keyword rankings. This also helps both search engines speed up the indexing process and understanding of your website under the new domain name.

How To Buy A G Suite Domain At Signup

When you sign up with G Suite through the step-by-step wizard, youll be setting up or creating your domain name at the same time. So youll want to give some thought as to what domain name you want to use before you start the wizard.

Its probably best to have the person who will be administering your G Suite handle the setup process.

After entering some basic information about your business, including business name and administration information, youll reach the domain screen. G Suite will ask whether you have a domain or whether you need one.

Reasons Why You Should Change Your Domain Name

  • Your current domain name doesnt reflect your brand and business.
  • Industries shift. Perhaps your domain name is no longer relevant or helpful in distinguishing your product and business in the marketplace.
  • Your domain name doesnt set the right tone for your website.
  • Maybe your original domain name is just a bit too clever and the attempt at humor isnt the tone you want for your site.
  • Your domain name isnt getting traction.
  • Too many hyphens and numbers in your domain name? Or is it super long? All of these decrease your domain names memorability, and if people cant remember your domain name they cant make it to your site.
  • Pro tip: Make sure the domain name you decide to use passes the Radio Test. If someone were to hear your domain name spoken aloud on the radio and never see it in print, could they be reasonably expected to understand the spelling and make it to your site?
  • Your business name changed.
  • For the sake of uniformity and branding, try to change your domain name to match your business name.
  • You want to change your domain extension.
  • Maybe the .com domain name you originally desired wasnt in your budget, so you chose a different TLD. But now, youve saved some money and are able to purchase the domain name you always wanted. Inversely, perhaps you bought a .com or .org, and have since discovered a TLD more relevant to your niche that youd like to use, like .tech or .club.
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    Check Outside The Website For Outdated Info

    Apart from checking the social networking sites and blogging platforms that you are active on, make sure your social book markings and directory submissions are all up to date and are in sync with the information you have on your new website. As an example this is from Expedias Google plus page: This is also a great way to find brand mentions on the web, which are not yet linking to your website. When doing a search for in Google you can find a brand mention with no link like this one

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    Respond To An Error Message

    How to Change Domain name

    If you see one of the following error messages, here are suggestions for troubleshooting:

    • Invalid DNS: You need to add a CNAME entry.. If you have already updated your DNS, wait 24-48 hours and try again.
    • The URL check failed. Please change the URL and try again: Type your custom URL again, and click Assign.
    • This isnt a valid URL: Make sure you typed the full web address with no typos. Your URL must include a subdomain, like www.
    • This URL is already in use by another Google service: This site is already being used by another service like Blogger, classic Sites, or AppEngine. Delete the existing mapping before assigning your URL to a site on Google Sites.
    • This URL is already in use by this site: Your custom URL is already linked to this Google Site.
    • This URL is missing its certificate: Delete your custom URL and try to assign it again. Learn how to remove the URL.
    • This URL is not verified. Please verify your ownership: Learn how to verify your site.
    • Youve reached the maximum number of URLs for this domain: There is a limit of 20 mappings made per week for your URL.

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    Domain Name Changes With Google In Mind

    We can’t simply point the new domain name at the existing site and carry on as normal. From Google’s perspective, there would be two websites with exactly duplicated content – the new domain, and the old domain.

    This scenario is likely to end in a Google Panda algorithm penalty, which will decimate organic search traffic volumes – not what you want.

    Some Redirects May Be Treated As Soft 404 Error Pages

    Can it be surmised that Google might label certain 301 redirects as SOFT 404 and so devalue all signals associated with them?

    Will this be the same for e-commerce sites?

    What Are Soft 404 Pages?


    QUOTE: A soft 404 means that a URL on your site returns a page telling the user that the page does not exist and also a 200-level code to the browser. Google, 2018

    From my experience, not all soft 404 are created with enough volume to be a problem on most sites, but some auto-generated pages on some sites can produce soft 404 at a content level that with enough number that can cause indexation challenges.

    QUOTE: Returning a code other than 404 or 410 for a non-existent page can be problematic. Firstly, it tells search engines that theres a real page at that URL. As a result, that URL may be crawled and its content indexed. Because of the time Googlebot spends on non-existent pages, your unique URLs may not be discovered as quickly or visited as frequently and your sites crawl coverage may be impacted (also, you probably dont want your site to rank well for the search query GOOGLE, 2020

    However, Google will also treat certain mismatched or incorrect redirects as soft-404 type pages, too.

    And this is a REAL problem and a marked change from the way Google worked say ten years ago.

    Sign up for our Free SEO training course to find out more.

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    Update All Previous Mentions Of Your Old Domain Name

    Once youve double-checked everything, the last step is to update all previous mentions of your old domain.

    This means changing your email address. For example, if your email address is , youll need to change it to This is more professional and gives your business a consistent look.

    Its also essential to change the email destination for contact forms on your website.

    Youd want to change old mentions of your website in places like:

    • Your email signature
    • Google My Business listing
    • Ad campaigns

    Last, write a blog post about your domain change since itll improve your relationships with customers and prospects.

    How To Change Server Names On Google Domains

    Changing Primary Domain in Google Workspace

    Method for those who dont have email addresses with the domain name or who have one or more addresses but have had the validation of the shopping cart team to change the DNS.

    Select the area you want to change . When you hover over the DNS icon, you will see another icon called Configure DNS . Click on this icon .

    On this new page, under the section Server Names, select Use custom server names .

    Delete the different server names already present and enter the names of Panierdachat servers in the Server name field:

    Nameserver 1 : ANDY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM

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    Migrating Backlinks To The New Domain

    After creating a copy of your existing backlinks, you have to inform Linkody about your new domain.


    Linkody will not look for new links to your old domain but this functionality helps to check when manually added or imported links have been added to the new domain.

    So, its quite useful

    STEP 1: Add the new domainClick on ADD NEW DOMAIN and add your new website.

    STEP 2: Go to Settings and add your old domain.Hover over the tab that includes your new website and on the far right side you will see the Settings button. Click on it and select Configure.

    On the box under Old Domain, add the URL of your old website.

    Save the changes and you are all set. Linkody will use this information to manually cross-check added or imported links.

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    How To Change The Data Stream Url Of Your Ga4 Property

    If you are authenticated into a GA4 property via MonsterInsights, and you have changed your website URL, all you need to do is reconnect MonsterInsights to your GA4 property.

    You can do this by logging into your WordPress site and then navigating to Insights » Settings » Google Authentication » Reconnect MonsterInsights.

    MonsterInsights will automatically create a new data stream for you which will be configured with the new website URL.

    If you are not authenticated into a GA4 property via MonsterInsights, and you are instead dual tracking GA4, you will need to manually remake a data stream. You can then use the newly created ID and update the Dual Tracking option at Insights » Settings.

    To make a data stream within your Google Analytics account click the Admin Cog, then Data Streams.

    You can then click Add stream in the top right corner followed by Web.

    Enter your website address followed by an easily identifiable name for your data stream. Click Create steam.

    Thats it! Youve changed the Data Stream URL of your Google Analytics 4 Property!

    Are you interested in setting up Google Search Console for your new site so you can see how its showing up in the Google search results? Then see our guide: .

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    Have Google Crawl The New Domain

    You should request that Google crawl the new website, in order to let them quickly know about the new domain and so that they can index the contents.

    To do so, just type the URL you want crawled into the top search bar in Search Console. This will give you access to the URL Inspection tool where you can send single URLs to the through the REQUEST INDEXING Indexing link.

    A Web Retailer Buys The Perfect Domain Name

    How to Change the Domain Name of Your Google Analytics Property ...

    In early 1999, Jeffrey Braverman, the CEO of the business decided to shift their focus to the web and came up with the name While the shift brought in an increase in sales and with time transformed them into one of the most respected online dealers in nuts, seed and other bulk food, Mr. Braverman wanted to make the sometimes difficult-to-remember name to something which would be easier to remember. The problem arose when they decided to change domain name from to Within two weeks, they suffered a 70 percent decline in non-paid Google traffic, which cost the company over 150 orders per day. So with the release of the new top level domains, how will you make sure that your SEO efforts don’t take a beating? And are there any obvious wins you can profit from? This is why we have created this post compiled by tons of articles by well known experts and from our own consulting experience. Fortunately for all those who are thinking of changing their domain names, this definitive guide will make sure you dont go nuts in the process! Follow these 15 steps and you will be able to change your domain name without losing Google rankings, making sure to communicate correctly in your organization and outside and benefitting from the marketing opportunities that are normally missed. So how do you change the domain name of your website?

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    Why And How To Transfer Your Domain

    Let’s say you already have a great domain name, but you’re not happy with your domain registrar. Don’t worry, you can transfer your domain to another registrar. So how do you figure out if transferring is right for you? Here are a few things to consider.

    Why transfer?

    Not all domain registrars are the same. From the features they provide to how reliable they are, there’s a lot more to registrars than just selling you names. If you’re not satisfied with your registrar, the good news is you’re not locked in. You can make a switch anytime.

    What To Do After Buying A Domain Name

    1. Purchase Web Hosting First things first youve just purchased a domain, and now you need to give it someplace to live. When it comes to web hosting you have two options, look for a stand-alone web hosting service or use a domain registry and web hosting combo service. Odds are you purchased your domain name from a website that also offers web hosting plans. By purchasing both from the same place, you shouldnt have to worry about connecting your domain and hosting service theyll sync with each other automatically. You will also be making all payments to the same company which can make writing those services off at the end of the year a bit easier.

    2. Create a Domain-Specific Email Address When you move into a new home, you get a new address. Getting a domain-specific email address is kind of like getting a new postal address. People need to know where you are and where they can reach you. Creating a custom email address that matches your domain gives you a professional polish that gmail or hotmail just cant muster. Most web hosting and domain registry services offer domain-specific email addresses as part of their plans. Many plans will even come with one free email and the option to add more as needed.

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    Final Word On Changing Your Domain Name

    Changing your domain name without losing your Google ranking can seem like a technical and frustrating process. However, if you follow the steps laid out in this blog post, youll be able to change domain names, keep your Google ranking, and check if your website is working correctly, all within a few hours.

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    How To Change A Web Address

    UPDATE! New Google Sites – Customize Your Domain Name

    There are two ways to go about changing a site’s domain. You can:

  • point the new domain to the existing website
  • create a new website account with the new Web address, and transfer a copy of the website across
  • Option 1 is far quicker and easier so this is the update method I’ll focus on here, because it doesn’t require making and transferring full site backups, like the second option.

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    How Do I Change The Dns Of My Domain Name On Google Domains

    You bought a domain name on the website and you want to link it to your shop Panierdachat?

    To do this you need to change: The server names

    • If you dont have an email address for the moment with this domain name. Ex. = you can change the server names right now
    • If you have one or more email addresses with this domain name, please contact us before changing the domain names so that we can scan your domain name so that we can change the server names without risk of loss.

    Change Your Domain Name

    Whats the value in changing your domain name? Without a good reason, its best to leave it alone, but thats not why youre here.

    Before we discuss how to change your website domain name, its wise to take a minute and consider the motivations behind that decision. Changing your domain name isnt something to be done on a whim.

    Domain names are oftentimes the first impression someone will have of your business and website so its important to take them seriously.

    Why might you want to use a different domain name for your website? I just dont like it, isnt a good enough reason, but the motivations below are.

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    Check For Crawl Errors And Indexation Issues

    Checking for crawl errors and indexation is extremely important when transitioning from one URL to another. In Google Webmaster tools go to the left menu Crawl Crawl errors early on during the transition period.

    It helps you to find out where errors have been reported and whats responsible if something goes wrong in the new website. Keeping track of new indexed pages and old de-indexed pages, and not to mention the keyword rankings are all very important factors of changing URLs.

    Emails: Change Your Business Email Addresses To Reflect Your New Domain Name

    How to change nameservers at Google Domains

    The steps to changing your email domain address are different depending on what email system you use. Make sure you check with your service provider first. These steps are rather general in nature, but still a really important part in your domain name transition.

    • Re-create all inboxes: You will need to create a new email inbox for all email addresses you want to be associated with your business domain. Eg: if you had , you will need to create an inbox .
    • Re-direct old emails: Once you have created all the new inboxes you will need to re-direct your old email inbox. This is so people who forget you have a new domain name can still reach you when they email the wrong address. You may also want to migrate your old inbox content so you dont lose any of your previous emails.
    • Update email signature: If you have an email signature, make sure you update it with the relevant new links. Check for any email addresses, website, social media handles etc.
    • Update email address listings: Make sure you update your email address in any public business listings you may have and on your website itself.

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