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How To Transfer Your Domain To Shopify

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Transferring Your Store To Shopify From Woocommerce

How to Connect your Domain to your Shopify Store

If youre transferring from WooCommerce, youre in luck. Shopify does have an import process that should allow you to import the bulk of your product info into Shopify.

As you create your Shopify store, Shopify will ask you if youre transferring stores and which platform youre transferring from. If you select WooCommerce, youll see an import option in your store dashboard as soon as your store is created.

Theres more info on the WooCommerce import process for Shopify here.

Transfer Domain From One Shopify Store To Another

Shopify enables you to transfer your primary Shopify domain from one store to a different Shopify store from the Domains page. Along with the domain, there will be the email forwarding and DNS records available to be transferred.

Firstly, log in to your Shopify store that uses the domain that you want to transfer to get your things done.

For desktop

  • Step 1. From your Shopify admin, navigate yourself to Online Store and then Domains.
  • Step 2. Click the Manage option to open the settings for the domain that you choose to transfer.
  • Step 3. Just click on the Transfer domain button.
  • Step 4. After that, hit a click on Transfer to another Shopify store.
  • Step 5. Next, you need to confirm whether your registrar information is up to date. If the associated email address is correct, and then click Send transfer link. After that, there will be an email that contains a transfer link sent to you.
  • Step 6. After receiving the email, just click the transfer link in the email text that you had.
  • Step 7. Finally, you just need to log in to the Shopify store where you want to transfer the domain and see your result.

Using iPhone

Using Android

Final Thoughts How To Connect Google Domain To Shopify

Shopify has opened up the doors for entrepreneurs all over the world to start a business and become successful. Though just opening a store wont guarantee success. There are a number of factors that go into the success or failure of an online business. The biggest factor in the success of an online store has to do with the average order value. That is why we recommend a post-purchase upsell sequence. Zipifyis the best in the business when it comes to post-purchase upsells where users are upsold after their initial purchase.

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What Is A Domain

A domain is known as the URL or the website address. It is where your customers go to find your store online.

From the Domains page in your Shopify admin, you are able to manage your domain settings for your online store. In case you use the wholesale channel, then you are able to manage the domain settings for your wholesale store on the Domains page of that channel.

Your primary domain will be ser in the form of by default.

  • Note: You can consider which domain you want the most and decide to purchase. Even if you leave Shopify, you still keep ownership.

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Two: Prepare The Domain For Transfer

Log in to your domain account. Make sure the email address associated with the account is current, functional, and not tied to the domain you wish to transfer.

Unlock the domain you wish to transfer. The exact process for this varies slightly from one domain registrar to the next, but is typically done by visiting the domain settings and clicking Unlock.

If you do not see the option to unlock the domain, chances are the domain is not eligible for transfer.

Once the domain is ready for transfer, youll receive a transfer key, also known as an EPP code or transfer authorization code.

How To Switch From Squarespace To Shopify The Ultimate Guide

If you wish to migrate your web store from Squarespace to Shopify, here is the guide that can help you with that.

  • Sign up for Shopify and explore the general settings of the platform.
  • Import your Squarespace web store data to Shopify. There are two major ways you can go here. The first option is to use one of specialized store migration apps that are specially created with this purpose in mind. Actually, there are several of them out there, but the most popular and easy-to-use services are Cart2Cart, Bulk Discounts, Product Reviews etc. Another option is to transfer your web store data manually by exporting the products into CSV files and then importing them and customer lists in your new Shopify website.
  • Make sure your products are organized properly. This is especially important if you have used a migration app. If needed, add and update product details . Create a product collection youd like to organize, if there is such a necessity.
  • If you wish to avoid problems associated with your inventory list, browse and select inventory apps to track the product stock and check, if you dont run out of items you sell.
  • Customize your Shopify website. Having finished uploading products, focus on your web store customization. Shopify abounds in stunning designs. What you need to do is just to select the one from an extensive collection of themes, preview, install and customize it.
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    How To Link Your Godaddy Domain To Shopify


    When you sell your products in the Shopify platform, the thought of How to link your Godaddy domain to Shopify will, for sure, come to your mind occasionally. Since every business starts with an idea, every website starts with a domain, it is crucial to know how to do that effectively.

    The process will not be challenging if you follow our step-by-step instructions. Hopefully, you will be able to link your Godaddy domain to Shopify smoothly and create a successful store. Now, let’s get started!

    Shut Down The Old Site

    Close Shopify Store – Transfer Shopify Domain Name to Namecheap – how to close your shopify store

    Once your new Shopify e-commerce site is up and running, it is time to shut down your old site. Remember that you are paying for the old site, so you would not like to pay more than a month extra. Make sure there is no data left in the old site that has not been imported. Once you verify this, cancel the subscription. Thats it! The old site is now shut down and your new Shopify e-commerce site is up and running.

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    How To Buy A Domain From Shopify

    I guess when you are reading this section, you have already aware of what a domain is and you have decided to buy a domain so that your customers are able to visit the shop. Luckily, Shopify has a helpful function that allows you to buy a domain if you havent had one.

    Follow the instructions from another post on our website to know how to buy a Domain from Shopify

    Prepare Your Domain For Transfer

    Before you can transfer your domain to Shopify, you need to unlock your domain and get a transfer authorization code from your domain provider.

    When you transfer a domain to Shopify, your domain’s A record and CNAME record are set to Shopify’s default domain records. If additional records are present on your domain before the transfer, then make a copy of those records to add to the Domains section of your Shopify admin after the transfer. For example, you might need to add an MX record to reconnect your domain to an email hosting service.


    The process for preparing a domain for transfer varies by third-party domain provider. If you have trouble preparing your domain for transfer, then contact your third-party domain provider. Shopify Support can’t log in to your third-party domain account for you, even if you give your explicit permission.


  • Log in to your third-party domain provider account.
  • Confirm that the email address associated with your account is up to date and doesn’t belong to the domain that you want to transfer.
  • Make a copy of any domain records that you might need to configure your domain after the transfer.
  • Click Unlock next to the domain that you want to transfer. You might need to approve this choice by clicking on a link in a confirmation email.
  • Click Transfer this domain, Transfer out, or similar to get a transfer authorization code from your provider.
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    Considerations For Using A Third

    Before you start, review the following considerations:

    • Unexpected behavior can occur when you use third-party proxies. Shopify isnt responsible for any loss of data.

    • Shopify Support cant log in to your third-party domain account for you, even if you give your explicit permission. If you need help with your third-party domain settings, then contact your third-party providers support team.

    • If you want to receive support for your domain settings from Shopify and manage all of your domain settings directly in your Shopify admin, then you can transfer your third-party domain to Shopify.

    • You dont need to use Certification Authority Authorization records. However, if youre required to use them, then make sure that the following certificate authorities are added to each CAA record:

    Build Your New Shopify Site

    Easy Tutorial points domain to Shopify from third party ...

    First, lets get your Shopify store built.

    During this step, dont worry about your new Shopify store conflicting with your old store. Your Shopify store will be locked behind a password so no one will be able to see it until youre ready to launch your new store. Youll control when it becomes publicly accessible.

    The new store will be built on a Shopify subdomain which looks like this: this means there wont be any conflicts with your current store, which will still be live on your current url. Traffic and revenue will keep coming into your current store like normal. Youll , find the temporary subdomain and pick a theme. From there youll load your products, build out your pages , and set up payments. If youve never set up a Shopify store before, you may want to stop here for a minute and check out my complete guide on how to create your ecommerce store on Shopify.

    For some of this, youll have to build it by hand. Youll need to add the elements to the homepage yourself, for example. Its definitely tedious but once its done, youll be so glad that you moved everything over. The benefits of Shopify drastically outweigh this one-time transfer.

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    Is It Easy To Transfer From Squarespace To Shopify

    csv file from within Squarespace. Because the two platforms are direct competitors, its not exactly easy to import your . csv file into Shopify. There are multiple ways to get your products migrated, whether its through an automated service offered on the app store, or manually entering small product catalogs.

    How To Transfer Your E

    If you have an e-commerce store, then you would have probably realized that Shopify is the best eCommerce store. The plans, features, and other options available make Shopify the best platform for entrepreneurs to start an eCommerce store.

    If you have an eCommerce store on a platform like WooCommerce and want to shift over to Shopify, it is easy to do so. We tell you in this step by step guide how to do so. This article is useful for those who already have a WooCommerce store and want to shift it to Shopify.

    Transferring your store to Shopify is easy and gives you many benefits.

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    How Shopify Manage Your Domain

    Shopify enables you to manage all your domain settings on the Domains page in your Shopify admin.

    A primary domain is the domain name on Shopify that customers often see in the address bar while they browse your online store. In some cases, you are able to use your root domain or a subdomain as your primary domain, however, there is only one primary domain for you to use in most cases.

    From the Domains page of your Shopify admin, you can assign your primary domain. Then, before you decide to set a primary domain, make sure that you have done these actions so that Shopify can manage your domain.

    • buying a domain through Shopify or from a third-party
    • adding your domain and all the subdomains you want to use with your store
    • setting up your root domain
    • setting up your subdomains.

    ### How to buy a domain from Shopify?I guess when you are reading this section, you have already aware of what a domain is and you have decided to buy a domain so that your customers are able to visit the shop. Luckily, Shopify has a helpful function that allows you to buy a domain if you havent had one.

    Follow the instructions from another post on our website to know how to buy a Domain from Shopify

    Should You Switch From Wix To Shopify


    BuiltWith data shows Shopify accounts for 27% of all ecommerce websites online today, while Wix accounts for 12%.

    Wix is an ideal option for many online shops, but its not right for all business models. Wix is better suited to stores that are just starting out, while a Shopify store may be more beneficial for an established store that has outgrown the Wix platform.

    Shopify is far more scalable, so if you find that youre reaching the upper limit of your Wix plan and arent ready to pay for their enterprise level pricing at $500+, then investing in Shopify makes sense.

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    Moving Website From Squarespace To Shopify Is It Worth It

    If you are currently looking for website transfer options, then there is definitely something you are not satisfied with. This also depends a lot upon the type of project you run. If you have an ordinary personal/business website, then its ok to keep working with Squarespace as this is a really great website builder that is rightfully included into the list of the most trusted and feature-laden systems. The platform abounds in features and design customization tools that can give your project high end look and advanced performance.

    But what about eCommerce projects? Is Squarespace functionality enough to cater to the increasing needs of your web store? If you already own a web store and notice that its size, product assortment or sales volume have increased, you will sooner or later realize the need to switch to a more niche-focused website builder.

    This is where Shopify will be the most suitable solution. The software works great, if you intend to create a web store from scratch or promote the existing eCommerce projects that have moved from other platforms like Squarespace. The platform is a nice pick for building all types and kinds of online stores, irrespective of their specialization, product assortment and bulk, variety of management and promotion options implied. Shopify is currently the best web store creation platform and its definitely worth switching to, if you intend to grow your eCommerce business.

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