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How To Buy A Domain Anonymously

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How to Purchase a Domain Name (Where to buy a domain for website)

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How Might Your Identity Be Discovered

To understand how to set up a website anonymously, you must first appreciate that your identity might be obtained via:

  • The WHOIS record for any domains you register.
  • Your IP address .
  • Your service providers’ account records .
  • Your email address.
  • Your credit card details or other payment method.
  • Your Google Analytics account information .

How Do I Permanently Buy A Domain Name

Its not possible to permanently own a domain name since its not a one-time purchase the maximum period of registration is ten years. You will need to pay and renew your subscription if you want to keep using the same domain name.This is to cover the maintenance costs or domain tax collected by the ICANN.As the number of registered domains grows, the tax increases. Hence, registrars need to adjust their pricing accordingly, which is why the renewal fees are more costly than the registration prices.

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How To Make An Anonymous Website Conclusions

There you have it. As you can see, setting up an anonymous website can be quite easy as long as you do it right.

For this using an Offshore Web Hosting Provider like Orangewebsite, that also can anonymously register domain names requiring little contact information, is key.

If you follow the steps I have laid out, you too can have an anonymous website.

If you host your anonymous website in a country like Iceland with Orangewebsite, you will also safeguard yourself against frivolous US DMCA takedown notices as well as other potential infringements on your freedom of speech and privacy rights that unfortunately, have become a much more intrusive part on our liberties in the Western world.

These infringements on a webmasters ability to express themselves and conduct business on the world wide web is not only a US problem, but its also a problem for many modern Western democracies.

But hosting your website as well as buying your domain name anonymously in a country like Iceland, gives you the best of all worlds. Iceland is not a signatory to an MLAT treaty with the United States, nor any country for that matter, its also not a member of any intelligence gathering and cooperation organizations like the 5 eyes, 9 eyes or 14 eyes .

However, Iceland is a modern Western country where you do enjoy consumer protection rights, so you dont have to worry about your Web Host or your Domain Name Registrar going out of business and leaving you hanging in the lurch.

What Is Private Registration For A Domain Name

[SOLVED] How to be anonymous on buying Webhosting and domain ...

Private registration for a domain name allows you to remain anonymous and helps to increase the privacy and security of your website. Whenever you purchase a standard domain name, your registrar is required to pass on your personal information to ICANN . This is then associated with your domain and registered within the WHOIS database. The personal information contained within the WHOIS database including name, postal address, email address and phone number is then available to members of the general public.

However, a private domain gives you the benefit of removing your personal details from the WHOIS database and replacing them with those of the registrar. In essence, it works in the same way as removing your telephone number from any publicly available listings allowing you to keep your contact details out of the hands of strangers. In this case, IONOS replaces your registrant details, administrative contact details, and technical contact details with our own. This anonymity is particularly important to ward off threats to online security. A private domain gives you the peace of mind to continue operating online without sharing personal information with would-be hackers or other would-be threats.

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How To Host A WordPress Website Anonymously

After buying the domain name anonymously, your question is how to host it anonymously?

Again, its straightforward to do. Njalla got our back. You can easily purchase a powerful VPS from Njalla and configure your WordPress Website on that VPS. That is as simple as that.

Let me know in the comments if you want me to create a complete step-by-step process to host your WordPress website on a Njalla VPS anonymously.

As Njalla is situated in Caribbean Iceland, they can provide a robust level of security.

You can also use other services to host your websites anonymously, other than Njalla. But our preference is Njalla.

Can You Get A Free Anonymous Domain Name

For a quick ad hoc solution you can get a free domain at. However, it will not be registered under your name.

You should also note though that when a domain is not registered under your name, you wont have any ICANN protection. Therefore, you also risk losing the domain with no line of defense.

For hosting you can use GitHub Pages which is free too and requires just an email address to register.

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How To Bulk Buy Domains

If youre lucky enough to be in a position to buy a bunch of domain names all at once, its actually very easy to do. In fact, right here at Namecheap, we have a bulk domain name search tool where you can search and purchase them all in one place.

This tool means that users can search up to 5,000 keywords and bulk buy domains if they wish. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to secure a bunch of domain names to point towards their main site, or if youre a start-up that doesnt want to lose the chance at some great domain extensions that are relevant to your industry.

Bulk buying domains means that its easier to protect your brand from competitors that may buy similar domains to you, in order to capture your potential customers. If they manage to get your domain, they may even sell it back to you at a high price at a later date.

Imagine you own a product that youd eventually like to market globally. Another advantage of bulk-buying is to secure country-code TLDs for the areas youd like to sell in, making online marketing easier for you in the future.

Best Anonymous Hosting Solutions In 2022

How and Where to Buy a Website Domain Name – A Complete Guide

BySead FadilpaiContributions fromWill Roszczykpublished 16 February 22

Find the best anonymous hosting, and strengthen your privacy online

When it comes to having an online presence in the modern world, anonymous hosting can provide you with an untraceable website. Offered by some of the best web hosting services, anonymous hosting is particularly ideal for users wanting to both maintain privacy online, and protect their identity.

With anonymous hosting, this is easily achieved, because signing up does not require personal data to be shared with a provider. As an example, many anonymous hosting platforms utilize cryptocurrency payment gateways, such as Bitcoin, to ensure that no personal or identifying information about the customer is revealed.

However, it’s worth noting that it can be difficult to find the ideal anonymous hosting provider when it comes to building and publishing a completely anonymous website. In this scenario, it may be that a given provider doesn’t offer domain name privacy protection. Such a situation would in turn risk you, as the user, having people track you via information registered via a DNS server, on sites such as WHOIS.

We’re here to help though: below, we’ve run through our top five best anonymous hosting providers, and explored the key factors you should take under consideration before you choose a service.

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Registering A Domain Name Anonymously

You cant register a domain name 100% anonymously because you will have to give your personal information to your domain name registrar.

However, you can keep your domain name registration private by opting for domain privacy, also known as WHOIS protection, so that your contact details are not out there for everyone to see.

Some domain registrars offer you domain privacy for free, while others charge between $5 and $20, and in rare cases more, if you want it.

If youre asking us if its worth it, we think it is.

An underestimated benefit of WHOIS privacy is that it is more difficult for social engineers to steal your contact information and impersonate you to your domain registrar if they want to steal your domain name.

Small business owners wont necessarily care about this, big influencers, fast-growing startups, and Fortune 500 companies whose domains can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars probably will.

How Hard Is To Be The Anonymous Owner Of A Website

I’d like to create a website with a very radical political message. It won’t be unethical but I feel the points I plan to list in it will definitely make me a lot of enemies.

How hard would it be to protect my identity from anyone finding out who I am? I know domains always have a $10/year option for privatizing your registration information but is there any other protection I should think about having?

  • 10You need to spend some time determining and then explaining just how anonymous you intend to be. Simply hiding your name, eg. whois protection, isn’t going to do it. It’ll help some, but more may be required.

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How To Buy A Safe Domain

To register a website domain safely for yourself, its important to be vigilant and use your common sense when purchasing on the internet.

Make sure that the web address you have visited has an SSL certificate. Take a look at the URL in the browser bar above and you will see a padlock symbol. Click on it, and it will say that the connection is secure this means that potential hackers will not be able to view or modify any data that is transferred between a server and browser.

For example, when online shopping, its important to look out for that padlock you dont want to share your bank details with an untrustworthy website.

You can register a website address safely by visiting a well-known registrar like Namecheap, GoDaddy, or HostGator online.

Can You Host A WordPress Site Anonymously

Njalla: Pirate Bay Co

Orange Website not only offers complete anonymity when you want to buy a domain name and register it, it also offers to host your WordPress site anonymously as well. How?

Orange website offers offshore hosting plans that are hosted in Iceland, where online censorship is low.

Iceland is not part of the EU or USA. Icelands independent freedom of expression legislation guarantees publishers, journalists and bloggers a safe haven to publish their words without being harassed.

Read more about these protections from the International Modern Media Institute.

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Why Do I Need A Domain

A suitable domain name is the first step towards setting up an online presence for your business. Free subdomains show a lack of professionalism that a custom domain could otherwise provide. Your domain and your website together make the first impression to your potential clients. Additionally, when you buy a custom domain, you have total control over the entire domain, the email addresses, subdomains, etc. On top of all these benefits, another foremost reason to buy a domain is that your website could get a better ranking in the search engine results page when people enter a search term that is relevant to your business.

Which Tlds Are Eligible For Private Domain Registration

Private domain registration is applicable to selected TLDs like .in, .me, .tv, .net, .name, .org, .com, .biz, .info, .academy, .accountant, .amsterdam, .attorney, .boutique, .brussels, .club, .consulting, .domains, .email, .fashion, .football, .hosting, .immobilien, .london, .miami, .ninja, .photography, .pub, .restaurant, .site, .srl, .tienda, .tips, .university, .viajes, .voyage, .website, .wedding, .wiki, .world, .xyz. For full list please refer to the Help Center.

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A Threat To Free Speech

However, banning all anonymous domain registrations isn’t without consequences to a desirable free circulation of information on the Internet.

As MEP Patrick Breyer warns, the new directive threatens the safety of activists and whistleblowers by ending their anonymity, which is, in essence, the only layer of protection they have.

“This indiscriminate identification policy for domain holders is a big step towards abolishing anonymous publications and leaks on the Internet.

This policy endangers website operators, because only anonymity effectively protects against data theft and loss, stalking and identity theft, doxxing, and death lists.

The right to anonymity online is particularly indispensable for women, children, minorities and vulnerable persons, victims of abuse and stalking, for example. Whistleblowers and press informants, political activists and people in need of counselling, fall silent without the protection of anonymity.” – MEP Patrick Breyer.

Germanys top-level domain registry DENIC also expressed concerns about the new directive.

In feedback to legislators, DENIC welcomes proposals for enhancing cybersecurity across the EU but feels that new requirements on collecting registration data will not necessarily provide increased DNS security or prevent abuse.

Can Ionos Provide Me With A Private Email Address


When you sign up for a domain with private registration, IONOS replaces the email address visible within the WHOIS database with a generic proxy address. Any emails sent to this address can be forwarded to your choice of email account. IONOS offers free email accounts as standard with our hosting packages, meaning you can easily create a private email address that also allows people to contact you through WHOIS. However, you have full control over the email you receive and our powerful spam filters help to keep out unsolicited mail.

Changing the email address that your private domain forwards mail to is simple with the IONOS Control Panel. All you need to do is log in and enter the email address you wish to use. You may even use a separate email address specifically for this purpose to further cut down security risks. However you decide to set up your email address, IONOS will help you to stay safe and secure as you build your website.

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How Does It Work

Our chosen Whois privacy service provider Withheld for Privacy, hides your contact details and replaces them with anonymized information. This means youll stay safe from unsolicited phone calls, junk mail, and identity theft.Importantly, your contact information is not required by our privacy service provider, keeping it safe and secure with us.If someone were to look up your domain name, they will see anonymous domain registration information just like in the example below.


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