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Why Are Gg Domains So Expensive

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Why Are .IO Domains So Expensive?(The Real Reasons)

Why io domain is expensive. They dont have the scale or resources to purchase it. Officially io is a country-specific TLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory but because it has become so popular and widely used among tech companies and startups io is unofficially considered a generic top-level domain and is considered by Google as such. What determines the cost of domain.

For example do you want to register the TLD sucks. Io domains are expensive because they quickly became trendy with tech startups due to their similarity with information processing in tech circles IO stands for inputoutput. Prepare to pay hundreds of dollars.

Quality baggage A strong domain history ie a good reputation valuable link juice and healthy traffic stats. So why are io domains so expensiv. A content management system CMS is a computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.

And it doesnt stop there. Namecheap offers domain options for as little as 88. CMSs are typically used for enterprise content management ECM and web content management WCM.

You must have experienced some of the domains are priced higher than others. Io domains are recognizable. Here are my reasons why IO domains could be a better choice for building companies these days I have my own startup called Codegiantio-More availability than traditional domains.

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What Are The Requirements For Registering An Ae Domain

The .ae domain is an unrestricted domain, which means that it can be registered by any individual or company and they dont even have to be based in the UAE. When registering an .ae domain, you must not exceed the 63 character limit and must also refrain from using special characters. Bear in mind that 1 year is the minimum registration period. On the IONOS website, simply enter the domain name you want in the search field and see if it is still up for grabs, then add any other services you might need such as matching email address, web hosting, or WordPress, and continue to finalize the .ae domain registration.

Which Companies Are Using An Ae Tld

A lot of companies have already opted for the .ae domain instead of the .com domain. This is due to many reasons but mainly because of better rankings due to local SEO and the fact that companies can also increase trust in customers by showing theyre local. There are also more .ae domain names to choose from so companies are more likely to find their perfect name still for sale. Companies that are using .ae domains include UAE-based businesses such as the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank , Dubai Bank , Abu Dhabi Media , and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company .

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Drawbacks Of Channel Island Domain Suffixes:

1. Google doesnt recognise .JE or .GG as belonging to a search engine jurisdiction, so for example, they wouldnt get prominence in where as a domain would.

2. Channel Island domains cost more than a .com or Where as you can easily pick up popular domain extensions for under £10, a Channel Island domain prices are £88 for the first year and £49 for subsequent years.

3. The registration process for a .JE and .GG domain is long winded and it can take a day or two before the domain is in your hands.

4. Any administrative changes to your Channel Island domain, such as change of nameserver or whois record takes time as it requires human approval in Alderney.

5. A .JE or.GG domain is not really suitable for businesses that may expand into new geographic markets, as they not recognised by surfers outside of the Channel Islands.

Growing The Domain Flipping Business

Yes, Facebook chose Meta for its new name and forwards ...

He admitted its getting a little difficult to manage so many domains though, especially doing it as a side hustle to his primary business,

But heres how the math shakes out:

  • For every 1000 domains Mark registers, he pays a fixed cost of $10,000 in renewal fees each year.
  • He expects to sell around 2% of his inventory each year, at an average price of $2800.
  • That would bring in $56,000 in incremental gross sales from the new registrations.

Based on an average domain purchase price of $40, that adds $40,000-45,000 to his bottom line for every 1000 new domains he invests in.

There are some commissions and other fees involved, but thats a nice profit for a side hustle that he loves doing.

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Estimating How Much Domains Will Sell For

Domain flipping is a familiar business model: youre trying to buy low and sell high.

But estimating which names are going to go up in valueand by how muchis the tricky part.

You can use a tool like NameBio to research comparable sales based on keyword or extension. For example, the domain we mentioned on the podcast ended up selling at auction for $9000.

But generally speaking, youre trying to gauge how many end-users will want to use the domain.

Youre also looking at names and trying to determine how they can be used, like the .gg domains Mark bought that could be used as team names.

GoDaddy also has a domain appraisal tool, but Mark said this is a very rough estimate since it may include comps from 10+ years ago. Estibot is another tool that also appraises domain names, but again, only use these as a rough guide.

Mark said you can also Google the name of the domain to get a feel for how popular the word is. He also looks on LinkedIn and GitHub to see if other people are using the name for projects.

All of these can help you get a sense of the potential commercial value.

Reasons To Buy Ng Domains With Domainkingng

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  • Avail additional pro features like domain forwarding, email forwarding & lots more without any extra cost!
  • 24/7 priority technical support for any domain related questions. We have an average response time of under 10 minutes for all support tickets & emails.
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    How To Get Started As A Domain Investor

    Instead, he advised that anyone interested in buying domains should go find some podcasts, blogs, and other resources that will teach them about the business.

    Potential places to start:

    If you dont find it interesting, youre going to struggle because there is a lot to learn and things to stay up-to-date with.

    Whats A Premium Domain Name Going To Do For Me& My Site

    Why is Champagne Actually So Expensive

    Your business will get a ready-made and memorable brand. Marketing costs will be reduced. After a one-off payment, your premium domain name wont need promoting to make it a household name, its already there!

    • Youll spend less on PPC advertising. Organic traffic will be greater from a higher ranking premium domain name.
    • Customers will know what theyre going to find on your site. So money saved on promoting your domain name to explain its meaning to your customers.
    • Boosted SEO, increased page ranking, and quality traffic. Because your domain name matches what customers are using in searches.
    • A money keyword/phrase in your domain name means you can use it in anchor/link text in a natural way, which will improve SEO. A money keyword/phrase has a higher ranking in search results because it matches what customers use in searches.
    • The trust and authority of a premium domain name will encourage reputable companies to link to your site.
    • A premium domain name will enhance funding and partnerships opportunities with established companies in your industry.
    • A short name works well on social media. Using a URL shortener on a long domain name turns it into meaningless characters.
    • More beneficial when used for advertising such on billboards, tv, banners, print ads. Being short and memorable, and with no buttons to click, customers will try and be able to remember. Word of mouth referrals are more likely and youll see an increase in direct traffic to your website.

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    What Makes A Good Domain Name

    Mark said he starts with what he thinks is a cool name. He also only buys a domain name if he sees at least one potential use for it.

    Often, what he thinks the domain will be used for isnt what the buyer ends up using it for. But if it makes sense to Mark at the time, he will buy the domain.

    Hes also careful not to buy any names that may have a trademark issue. Thats something you need to be careful about when buying domains if you want to stay out of legal trouble.

    Domain Flipping: Start With What You Know

    Its a huge ocean, and if you dont come in with some focus youre just all over the place, Mark told me as a precautionary warning to new domain investors.

    With a background in self-publishing, he used to buy tons of domain names related to self-publishing. Hes sold a lot of them over the years, but still has quite a few, including:


    To come up with the ideas for these names, Mark went into a Barnes & Noble and looked at the little cards they have on their shelves for book genres.

    Today, Mark still buys up a lot of new domain names with the words book, story, or novel in them as he loves the publishing/writing niche.

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    For Which Purposes Is The Ae Domain Suitable

    Registering the .ae domain name is a great idea for local as well as international companies that want to represent their business in the United Arab Emirates. Because .ae covers the whole of the UAE, its the perfect choice for any business that trades in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, or Umm Al Quwain. Visitors will see the .ae domain and know that your company can provide relevant and localized information about products and services. This professional image also helps to evoke trust in potential customers, which in turn leads to higher profits from targeting the local Emirati market.

    Although the .ae domain is mostly used as a domain extension for Arab speaking countries, it can also be used for completely different purposes. AE can also stand for American English as well as American Enterprise, American Express, and even Albert Einstein. A play on words in also possible by using the ending to spell out a word, for example,,, and The .ae domain is so versatile that it can be used in a variety of ways to suit your business.

    Any Domain Purchases You Regret

    unnamed file 1

    Every once in a while, Mark goes through his list of domains and looks for how many domains he regrets buying and thinks hell never sell.

    The last time he did this he came to the conclusion that hes spent around $5,000 over the last 4 years on domains he regrets.

    One funny story Mark shared was a time he won the auction for for just $99.

    It felt like a steal for such a premium domain name and it was. The domain he actually bought was

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    Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Domain

    Lets say the domain name you really want costs $50 per year, but you could settle for a second choice thats only $10. Youd be wise to think twice before passing on the more expensive one just to save a few bucks.

    Your domain name is your brand. Its your identity on the web, your calling card, the web address youll give to your customers and friends. Something this crucial to your online presence is not something to skimp on. So even though your first choice is more expensive, it may be worth the price.

    Now that its on your mind, why not register your next domain with Namecheap? Right now .com domains are just $5.88grab one while they last!

    Andrew Allemann is editor of Domain Name Wire, the longest-running blog covering the business of domain names. Domain Name Wire has covered the business of domain name investing for over ten years.

    Why Are Good Domain Names So Expensive

    We are moving quickly away from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to an online world. You gain a global customer base by having a presence online. Most people now shop by browsing their favourite shops online, they no longer need to travel to the mall. What took an hour of travel and three hours searching can now take minutes and a few clicks. The COVID-19 outbreak of 2020/2021 further confirmed the movement from physical to online stores. Standing out from the crowd and having a recognisable brand is paramount. The number of competitors is growing.

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    Domain Flipping: $70k+/yr Investing In Domain Names Part

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

    Can you still make money in domain flipping?

    Last year, Mark Levine flipped 70 domain names, for around $160k in gross profit.

    Of that, he spent a little over half on renewal fees for his domain name portfolio and acquiring new domains to add to it, netting $70-80k for the year.

    Not bad for a part-time hobby!

    In his spare time, Mark manages a portfolio of 3500-4000 domains. Thats not huge by domain investor standards, but still a good-sized collection.

    With established investors like Mark, I was curious to find out if there was room for new players to earn a profit.

    Tune in to hear:

    • what it takes to buy low and sell high in the world of digital real estate
    • where to buy and sell domains
    • how new up-and-coming extensions level the playing field for new investors

    Thanks to Andrew Alleman for the intro!

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