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How To Become A Domain Name Reseller

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What Is The Api Query Limit

Become a Domain Name Reseller! Make Money Selling Domain Names!

There is no limitation on apiaries. However, in queries over api, you only need to send one request, then the second request after the first request. In case of exceeding the limit, our system team can go to the required limitation. Please note that you can use the test environment to test your queries before testing them.

The Benefits Of Reselling Domains

Reselling domain names is quite similar to real estate. If you own the right domain and right word combination, then the domain offers a lot of potential, just like a real estate location. In case youre a bit resourceful and ready to learn quickly, you will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits that come with the professional resale of domains. These benefits include:

  • Domain reselling doesnt take too much effort. Signing up for a reseller account is simple and comes with tools like 24/7 support and automated billing.
  • It certainly doesnt take a ton of technical knowledge. For a tech-oriented business, the bar is pretty low with domain reselling.
  • Support is included. NameSilos reseller program offers a world-class support team available at all hours, 365 days of the year.
  • Domain reselling can be a simple add-on service. In case you have an existing digital business, SEO, or design agency, you can easily add domain reselling as an additional service, helping you add a repeated revenue stream to your existing business.

What Is Domain Reselling All About

Domain reselling is buying parts from domain registers and reselling them on behalf of other clients. This helps your clients develop their unique branded website and avoid the difficulty of securing the domain name they desire.

As a reseller, you are the one who can make the most significant profit by buying domains and reselling them to others. Typically, you will receive a commission fee from the domain registrar you work with, and you will also make money on the domain registration costs when reselling the name.

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Choose The Best Domain Reseller Program For You

Every domain reseller program is unique, so finding one that meets your budget, includes your desired features, and is tailored to your target audience is key. Choose a provider with API integrations, a helpful knowledge base of tutorials and resources, and other tools to set you up for success .

We recommend trying DomainNameAPI, whose free membership and simple signup process lower the barriers to entering the domain reseller business.

Other factors to consider when choosing a domain reseller program:

Different program providers have their upsides and the features that set them apart from the competition. DomainNameAPI wins popularity with its free membership and varied list of domain names, including more than 800 domain extensions.

Another way to sell domain names is by becoming an ICANN accredited registrar. To start a business as a domain name registrar, you must first register and apply for an ICANN accreditation, which can be costly. This route may be more difficult for most users because you must directly register domain names and work with multiple registries to obtain a variety of TLDs. Keep in mind that youre essentially competing with some of the largest domain registrars GoDaddy, Google, and the like if you go this route.

More Domain Automation Features

Domain Name Reseller Business

Everything you need to become a professional domain registrar.

Real Time Availability Checking

Check domain availability using real-time polling of WHOIS services and registrar APIs

Nameserver Management

Both customers and administrators can view and change the nameservers all domains are pointed to

WHOIS Management

View and make changes to the WHOIS Contact Information held at the domain registries in real-time

Automated Renewals

Automatically invoice for renewals and trigger renewals with domain registries when customers pay you

Domain Syncing

Daily syncronisation of domain due dates and status, as well as auto detection of transfers away

Premium Domains

Sell premium domains via supported registrars with automatic markup tiers and premium checks

Free Domains

You can bundle domain registration for free with certain hosting packages

DNS Management

Allow customers to directly view and manage DNS Host Records for their domain

ID Protection

Offer your customers ID Protection and allow them to upgrade to it at any time

WHOIS Lookup

Perform a WHOIS lookup and view the WHOIS information for any domain on-demand

Domain Search

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Create A Domain Reseller Account And Plan A Business Model

Once you figure out your domain program provider, you can move on to creating a domain reseller account. First, you must apply and get approved by the registrar or web host. Some program providers make this easier than others.

Program providers with white-label services allow you to customize your business the way you want. This feature also gives you more freedom while planning a business model. You can choose how to communicate with your audience and build a memorable brand.

You can access the backend to upload logos, update messaging templates, and make use of other features to create a cohesive business voice through the control panel. You can also consider whether you want to add other services such as email or web hosting to your catalog.

Creating a competitive pricing model is extremely important to the success of your business, and the pricing decision starts with the domain program. You want to make sure the prices you set up can help you break even when splitting sales with the program provider.

You also consider the types and how many TLDs you want to sell. This decision comes down to the target audience and the scalability of your business. If growth is your goal, adding TLDs as you go can be an effective plan of action.

Domain Name Resellers Explained

When an industry grows, various avenues of business emerge. With the growth of the world wide web and ever increasing number of websites, domain names have become an in-demand commodity. As a result, the domain name registration industry has created many business avenues for entrepreneurs. Becoming a domain name reseller is one such opportunity for individuals and organizations for making a profit.

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Seo To Sell Domain Names

Ive left this one until last because it is the most important and most effective way to convert sales in our experience. Search Engine Optimization is no easy task, but can be the most rewarding. To get started with some sound SEO advice, read our blog on how to boost SEO on your WordPress site. If you choose to use the web builder that comes with the reseller plans, they connect perfectly to our SEO tool which can actually make suggestions and edits on your behalf! SEO tools are a must have for all businesses both small and large. SEO is made up of many key things such as speed, content, creativity and keywords to name a few its never ending and requires attention.

Is Domain Reselling Profitable

How To Resell Domain Names With Reseller Club & WHMCS
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If youre thinking about selling domain names, then you have probably already asked yourself if domain reselling is profitable. And although you might expect a simple yes or no answer, there is a bit more to it than you might think. So for now, lets say that it depends and talk about what you need to do in order to make domain reselling profitable.

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Who Can Be A Domain Name Reseller

Any individual or company can become a domain name reseller. Becoming a domain name reseller is a relatively low cost way of entering the domain name market. Most web hosting companies today are either domain registrars or domain name resellers. Many web design firms, SEO, search marketing agencies, and even freelancers are now becoming domain name resellers.

Tips To Boost Your Domain Reselling Business

As you begin your reselling business, its essential to work smarter, not harder. Setting competitive pricing is one of the most significant ways you can set yourself up for success. Attractive pricing promises lucrative discounts for your domains, drawing new clients to your business. Special offers and promotions can set you apart from your competitors. They also bring you closer to connecting with clients on more than a financial basis. Finally, think of customer satisfaction. Customer service can bridge the gap between losing a client and gaining one.

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How To Become A Domain Reseller Featuring Advice From Domain Experts At Domainnameapicom

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Below, we expand on what it takes to become a successful domain reseller and give an overview of the domain name registration process.

Best Domain Reseller Modules

Resellers â Get your personal Domain Name

The web control panel is a domain management panel compatible with all web browsers.

Advanced Domain Reseller Panel

You can easily manage all your domains, whether they are small or thousands.

Ready Super Site

Super Domain Hosting sales site with ready-made design and infrastructure.

Vip Domain Hosting Site

Vip Domain Hosting sales site will increase your sales!

Free Domain Reseller Api

Domain Name Api’s comprehensive APIs are free to use!

WHMCS Module

Easily manage your payments and bills when selling online.

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Do They Offer Free 24/7 Support

If youre running a business, technical issues can cost you time, money, and consumer trust. Theres huge value and peace of mind in knowing youll have access to help whenever you need it. Some registrars offer free 24/7 support to resellers, while others offer limited hours, or charge extra for the service.

Its also worth investigating the quality of support they provide. Do they outsource this part of their business or have they invested in an in-house team? The best way to gauge is to call them and see!

Make Cash From Selling Web Hosting Solutions Too

A proper supplement to your domain name reseller business would be to sell web hosting plans too. Thereby, you can give a package deal to customers who would like to have their site and need both a domain and a web space hosting package. Given firms furnish such options. With ‘ResellersPanel’, for instance, you can buy a VPS or a dedicated server, and they will also give you a domain name reseller account and cost-free invoicing software to bill your customers. You can then offer domain names and accounts to clients, and since they offer a lot of diverse domain name extensions, you will be able to offer domain and hosting services to persons from all around the world.

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Selling Domains Using Enom

First, you need a domain marketplace to resell domains. These marketplaces charge the reseller a small fee for the domain registration, then the reseller tacks on an additional price to create their own profit margin before selling the registration service to a customer. The fee the marketplace charges for a particular domain varies depending on the domain chosen. But, as the domain reseller, you have control over your profit margins. That means regardless of market demand, you can earn your set profit.

For its domain marketplace, InMotion Hosting uses eNom. eNom allows you to resell many classic Top-Level Domains such as .com, .net, .org, and .blog. In recent years, eNom has also added a number of new TLDs buyers have found very appealing, such as .car, .blog, .today, .news, and many others. Thanks to our partnership, eNom provides all of these TLDs at very reasonable pricing to InMotion Hostings customers.

The Emergence Of The Domain Name Reselling Business

How To Become a Domain Reseller -Hosting Reseller

In theory, becoming a successful domain reseller isnt for everybody, although its not too difficult to grasp. It requires a major investment in reliable IT infrastructure and start-up costs. In that respect, it takes someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to begin reselling in a competitive and rapidly-expanding market.

Still, becoming a domain reseller is a significantly lower investment than domain registration. In short, becoming a domain name reseller is a low-cost way of entering the domain name market. As a result, the market has quickly become a viable extension of digital marketing agencies, web designers, web hosting companies, freelancers, etc.

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Is Being A Domain Reseller Profitable

Absolutely. Some providers, like Hover, for example, have built their business around selling domain names its their bread and butter. For most of our resellers, however, the real value that domain names bring is that they often complete a service offering or website building experience. Beyond earning a potential margin on each domain name sale, you realize the long-term benefits of increased customer stickiness and a great UX. Plus, youll be able to attract customers who are in the dreamer phase: not yet ready to build their website, but definitely ready to secure the URL for their big idea.

What Is A Domain Name Reseller

Similar to reseller hosting, domain name resellers work with service providers to deliver domain registration services to end users. They partner with registrars through registration programs to offer and sell domain names to customers while building and diversifying their branding and business operations to remain competitive.

Domain registration resellers buy domains from an accredited registrar that communicates with the registries to retrieve domain names from their TLDs databases. Since resellers provide domains to the end user at face value, they are also responsible for user experience. Their business operations are usually centered around creating a seamless registration experience, delivering top-level domain names, and providing attentive customer service.

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Automated Domain Reselling And Management

We integrate with all the major domain registrars to provide automatic registration, real time domain availability checking, nameserver management, automatic renewals and more.

Intelligent Domain Name Suggestions

Suggestions, also known as Domain Namespinning, work by providing your customers with intelligent domain name suggestions at the time when they are looking to buy a domain, increasing the chances of securing a conversion and often leading to sales of additional names.

WHMCS comes with built-in support for Domain Namespinning with the eNom and LogicBoxes APIs that allows you to give you your customers the ultimate domain purchasing experience.

Domain Transfers Made Easy

Make it easy for customers to transfer their domains to you with:

  • Simple order process
  • Automatic request for EPP Code
  • Automatic transfer initiation
  • Automated daily polling for status changes
  • Automatic confirmation emails upon completion

Spotlight TLD Extensions

Shine the spotlight on your best selling and new/premium domain extensions using Spotlight TLDs. With Spotlight TLDs your top performing extensions are displayed prominently and with their logos for maximum impact. Use it to promote new extensions, special offers and more.

Is It Profitable To Be A Domain Reseller

cPanel overview for hosting that is shared and Reseller Hosting ...

Totally! Depending on your margins, you can profit quite a bit from domain registrations, particularly on the more expensive gTLDs if you choose to resell them. As the domain registration space is a competitive one, youll want to set attractive pricing. The margins you have typically depend on the Domain Reseller tier offered by your reseller partner, well touch on this later on.

That said, when reselling domains, its best to consider other factors, like market prices for the TLDs in question. Most domain resellers find that offering domain registration is an extra service on top of their core business and is worth their time. Giving their customers the ability to manage and register their own domains is a great added benefit to your existing portfolio.

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What You Need To Become A Domain Reseller

As I mentioned, there is an annual fee of $59 to get started which gives you a turnkey website. All you need to do is login and customize the look, enter the information as to where you want your commissions deposited and a few support options.

Then it’s time to start marketing, if you already do any sort of design services this is a great way to monetize the domain names and web hosting that you offer your customers. If you’re just wanting to start a website to make money it’s important to find a niche market to market to so that you’re not competing with the large domain registrars.

The Best Domain Reseller Program: How To Choose

Becoming a part of a white-label reseller program is a great way to create extra income on the side. Unlike most entrepreneurs who take the time to build a company from the ground up, resellers can quickly and easily start and scale a business with little capital. This is because resellers do not create the goods and services they sell.

Many providers of domain name registrations and web hosting are resellers. NameCheap, for example, is a leader in the domain name industry with more than 10 million domains under management. However, the company is a part of a reseller program offered by eNom, the worlds second-largest domain registrar.

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