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How Much Does A Custom Domain Cost

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A business website can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Web design prices for business websites, for example, range from $2,000 to $75,000, while annual website maintenance can cost $400 to $60,000. These prices, however, do depend on the size and features of your site. Depending on your website, you may pay less than these estimates.

View the average cost for website building and website maintenance, by business type, below.

What Are The Prices Of Domain Names In 2022

When youre looking to buy a domain, its only normal to want to know everything about the prices. Buying a new domain generally costs somewhere between $10$20 per year, but the cost varies depending on the domain provider you purchase your domain from.

The type of domain also determines the price. Different domain providers offer different pricing packages and features. In other words, you should invest some time into shopping around before you decide to make a purchase.

There are two most common types of domain names:

  • Top-level domains TLDs are reliable and trustworthy and include the most popular domain name extensions like .edu, .net, and .com.
  • Country code top-level domains ccTLDs are reliable because they add national legitimacy to a website.

Lets take a look at some of the prices from the most popular domain name registrars:

  • non-premium TLDs $12.99 per year

What To Do If The Domain Name You Want Is Already Taken

If your desired domain name is unavailable, youll need to decide how much using it is worth to you. Youll likely have to spend a lot of money if youre determined to buy it from the current owner.

Because of the California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR regulations from the European Union, its not quite as easy as it used to be to look up a domain owners contact information on the WHOIS directory. However, you can still use the directory to see the organization name related to the domain.

Even if the owner has opted for full domain name privacy protection, their domain registrar should be able to help you connect with the domain owner via a third-party company, such as Tiered Access. This helps to ensure privacy for the domain owner. You should expect the process to take several days.

Once youve made contact, the next step is to make an offer, either directly or through a domain name broker. For a fee of 1520% of the transaction cost, a broker can assist in managing the negotiation process and provides protection for your money.

Of course, you have other alternatives as well.

You could use a different TLD, set up a domain lease, or search for a very similar name that is available. Well discuss some tips for doing that next!

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name With Ipage

iPage isnt new to any of us not only because of their web hosting services but also affordable domains. You will pay between $9.99/year to as a high as $35/year to own any of their website names. Their .com domains retail for $14.99/year. This rate will also act as your renewal rate.

There are other great domain registrars such as BlueHost, DreamHost, and Google just to name but a few, that are well known for offering affordable domains alongside a list of other great features.

You can actually use the following factors to tell if a domain registrar is ethical and reliable:

  • No hidden fees. Everything has been laid bare. On a different note, such fees always make it hard knowing exactly how much is a domain name.
  • Lets you have direct access to all your Whois records, your auth-codes, registrar locks, and other significant elements such as full control of the DNS settings.
  • Avoid those who dont pay the registry upfront for the specific period of time youve registered your domain name for.
  • Provides a privacy email service from Whois at absolutely no cost.
  • Never sells or shares your data with third parties.
  • Prompt in responding to your queries and not too pushy with their services.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress & Weebly

How Much Does WordPress Cost Per Year

While WordPress and Weebly are both platforms for building a website, they are very different platforms. WordPress requires some technical ability, whereas Weebly is an all-in-one host and site builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Weebly makes it very easy for those with no web design experience to build a professional website, and robust ecommerce features are included beginning with the 100% free plan. Read our Weebly review to learn more.

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Why Are There Price Differences When It Comes To Domains

While the Domain Name System like the Internets phonebook is endlessly big, no one wants to have a cryptic sequence of numbers and letters as their web address. In additional, many top-level domains or domain extensions have different levels of prestige. This, in turn, is mirrored in the price. While traditional endings like .com or .org are among the most popular domain endings, new TLDs are only slowly gaining in popularity.

There are also many different domain providers. Their price differences are usually not obvious, but some providers have special offers every now and then. While price should not be the only factor in choosing a domain provider, it is definitely worth comparing several providers.

To help you understand what youre actually paying for, well briefly explain the structure of a domain. Every domain is made up of various building blocks, that together technically speaking make up the fully qualified domain name . If you look at your browsers address bar, the domain starts after the protocol specification ” rel=”nofollow”> ). This is followed by:

  • Third-level domain: Sub-domain for websites this is usually www
  • Second-level domain: Domain name freely selectable often contains the brand name or the name of the web project
  • Top-level domain: Domain ending TLDs are limited differentiated between two types:
$2040 Generic

Expired Domain Name Cost

An expired domain is a domain name that has already expired, and the owner has decided not to renew. This expired domain will go back on sale, and people can purchase it usually at a price similar to the yearly rate of a new domain.

Expired domains are available for purchase on specific domain marketplaces, such as FreshDrop and Expired Domains.

If a domain is soon to expire, you can use the backorder service to place an advance order. This service often charges around $25-99 one-time fee. There are online tools like WebsitePlanet and to check a domains expiration date.

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Can Domain Registration Costs Rise

You may be wondering if the domains you own can go up in price. In short, yes, registration costs can rise.

As a registrar, it is our job to communicate with registries and tell them to reserve the domains that you want to purchase.

If an increase in price occurs on the registry side, that means we may raise our prices to help cover costs.

But dont forget, that here at Namecheap, we also provide expert customer support, helpful features and account management everything you need to build your online presence.

Another external factor to consider is ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which announced last year that it would remove historical price caps for the .org top-level domain from the Public Interest Registry contract.

Our concern is that removing the price cap for these legacy TLDs could lead to large and unpredictable price increases that would harm Internet users and stifle innovation. Its worth checking out our CEOs blog post on how were standing up to ICANN.

Is It Cheaper To Get Your Domain Name From Your Web Host

Buy Domain with Cheap Price!

When signing up for a web host, you will have the option of purchasing a domain name as well. In fact, a lot of web hosts, like GoDaddy and HostGator, will provide you with a free domain name for the first year. This can be tempting, but you need to make sure it is actually going to be worth it overall.

In a lot of cases, getting your hosting and domain name from the same place will work out cheaper, but it really does depend on the specific company you select.

My advice: sit down and do the math! And, when I say do the math, make sure you look beyond the first year!

So, lets say I wanted to purchase how much would it cost me to buy the domain name and web hosting?

Ill start off by purchasing them separately. This domain would cost me $8.88 per year if I were to buy it on

I then purchase Economy web hosting from GoDaddy, which costs $5.99 per month, equating to $71.88 per year.

So the total for one year is $80.76 . For two years, the cost is $161.52. For three years, the cost is $242.28.

Now, what if I were to opt for the domain name and hosting package from GoDaddy?

Well, for the first year, the domain name is free, so its only going to cost me the $71.88 for both. However, in the second year, I need to pay for the domain name, which will be added onto my package.

By searching on, I can see that would cost me $18.17 for the year.

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Cost Of WordPress Website Plugins

WordPress sites depend on plugins for additional functionalityfrom website security, search engine optimization , and analytics to ecommerce features, web forms, and appointment booking. While many are free, getting advanced or niche features often requires the purchase of premium plugins ranging anywhere from $5 to $100 a month or more. Also, not all are on a monthly cost basis some plugins require annual prepayment or a one-time licensing fee.

Heres how much some of the most popular WordPress plugins cost:

  • Jetpack: Free premium extensions cost from around $10 to $99 per month
  • Akismet: Free premium for $10 to $250 per month
  • Yoast SEO: Free premium for $99 per year
  • Elementor: Free premium starting at $49 annually
  • MonsterInsights: Free premium plans starting at $199 per year

Want to know more about the cost of plugins you might need? Read our list of the top WordPress tips and tricks.

Top WordPress Alternatives To Consider

WordPress pricing structure makes it easy to think that it is the lowest cost option, which is one of the reasons it is so popular. The other reason is the wide variety of available plugins and design options make the platform easy to customize. However, this versatility also makes it more difficult to use, increases data security risks and potential for downtime, and can make you dependent on third-party contractors to keep your small business website up-to-date.

The top alternatives that address these issues include:

Best For
  • 14-day free trial for all-in-one hosting, domain, SSL and site builder plans from $14/month
  • Ecommerce from $23 per month
  • Modern premade templates and content blocks to speed up the process
  • Free-forever version and paid plans from $6.99 per month
  • Ecommerce plans from $13.99
  • Appointment booking and chatbotseven in the free version
  • Free-forever plan or paid plans from $16 per month
  • Robust ecommerce from $27
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor and third-party integrationseven in the free version
Starting Cost

*Billed annually monthly billing is also available at a higher cost**With annual billing the first year renews at a higher rate

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The Domain I Registered Isn’t The One I Want Can I Get My Money Back

Sorry, we are unable to give refunds once a domain has been registered. If you have any problems with your domain and want to remove it, or you want to purchase another one, please contact Customer Service.

10. I spelled something wrong while registering my domain, or I want to change my domain for any reason after purchase. What can I do?

If you have spelled the domain incorrectly or would like to choose a new one we can “park” the domain and email our IT Department to unlink the domain from your account. Once the domain is unlinked, you can then purchase the new domain.

Please be advised that we will not issue a refund for the domain you had originally purchased.

If you wish to unlink your domain, please contact Customer Service and advise if you want us to “park” the domain.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Domain Name

What is Custom WordPress Theme? How Much Does It Cost? #Wpeasier # ...

Registering a domain name involves the initial cost to secure your chosen domain name, along with additional charges for privacy protection and renewals so that you can continue to own it.

For example, domain name prices are often in the £7-12 per year price bracket. Renewals can be charged at the same amount as registrations, as is the case with A2 Hosting. Or, they can incur a higher fee, such as, which charges $9.99 per year to register a .com domain name and $13.99 per year to renew it.

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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Domains

Imagine that every time you wanted to visit Google, you had to type its IP address into your browser instead of its domain name. It would be a lot more difficult to remember and type out than Same with for and for

Seriously, if I asked you to close your eyes and repeat back one of those IP addresses, you probably couldnt but I bet you could repeat back every domain name.

Thats the beauty of domain names they’re a simpler alternative for remembering and identifying websites, acting like a home address for websites on the internet. They tell visitors where different sites live so they can easily find and return to them.

To get visitors on your site and keep them coming back, you need a domain name thats unique, short, and easy to memorize and spell. Thankfully, you dont have to leave this up to chance. Instead, you can purchase and register a custom domain for your site.

In this post, well discuss what a custom domain is, how to get one, and how much they cost. Lets get started.

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