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Can You Fight Eminent Domain

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Why Does Eminent Domain Exist

Can A Person Fight Eminent Domain?

The purpose of eminent domain is to build things and install systems that society needs. The goal of eminent domain should be to take a property to install power lines or to build roads and hospitals things that serve the community as a whole. In many instances, this is how eminent domain is used, but there are always rare exceptions. Sometimes eminent domain is used to benefit private corporations and non-government entities, which can often lead to challenges and potentially get the eminent domain action blocked.

Nevertheless, eminent domain inherently interferes with property rights because it allows the government to take your property whether you want them to or not. There are limitations that are meant to make eminent domain a bit fairer, such as the requirement that the government make an offer to buy the property before taking it. Ultimately, that might not be fair enough to you, the property owner, and so you always have the right to have an attorney help you throughout your eminent domain case.

+ Can A Landowner Prevent Condemnation

You can challenge the right to condemn your property by filing a motion to dismiss the condemnation proceeding. For example, a landowner could challenge the condemning entitys claim that it seeks to condemn the property for a public use. If the court grants the landowners motion, the court may award the landowner reasonable and necessary fees and expenses incurred to that date.

What Is Inverse Condemnation

Usually, in eminent domain and condemnation cases, the government is the plaintiff. But in the case of the inverse condemnation, the property owner initiates the lawsuit, reversing the typical order of the parties. Inverse condemnation occurs when the government takes private property without going through the proper process or paying the required compensation. Therefore, the landowner has the right to sue to obtain just condemnation.

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Can You Beat Eminent Domain

Homeowners rarely fight off eminent domain

If youre dead set against selling your property to the government, you have the right to fight eminent domain in court. However, the only way to pull off this feat is to prove the government does not plan to use your land for justified public use an unlikely outcome.

Guiding You To The Best Possible Result

Can LA fight foreclosures with eminent domain?

If circumstances permit, we will fight to help you keep your land. If that is simply not possible, we will draw upon our extensive trial experience to help you maximize your financial recovery. To explore your options with an experienced condemnation law attorney in Texas, contact our law firm online or by telephone at .

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Can The Government Truly Seize Your Land In Kenly Nc

The statutes in North Carolina grant some parties the right of eminent domain. Basically, the right to condemn private property in Kenly North Carolina for public use. Although public use is not defined in the legislative statutes, the Supreme Court of NC has attempted to provide clarity to the phrase. However, as times and circumstances transform, so does the explanation of what describes governmental duties and functions associated to the power of eminent domain for the good of the public.

How Long Do I Have To Fight My Eminent Domain Case

You usually have one year from the date you received notice of the condemnation lawsuit, but you may have only 120 days in some cases. If you do not respond within the time allowed in your case, you waive your right to argue for more compensation.

Note that you must file an official Answer with the court which states your disagreement with the offer amount, and request a jury trial.

Also remember that, while all of this is happening, the condemning authority officially owns the property they took and can begin working on it!

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Are You Challenging Eminent Domain A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

Even if you have a very good reason for opposing a government agency’s proposed taking of your property through eminent domain, making the case on your own may be extremely difficult. Don’t fight an uphill battle get professional help from an experienced, local eminent domain attorney today.

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+ Who Can Condemn Property

Landowners fear eminent domain in fight against high speed rail
  • Only a governmental entity or a private entity granted the power of eminent domain under law is permitted to condemn property.
  • Entities only have the power of eminent domain when such power is conferred to it by the legislature.
  • The Texas Comptrollers website lists all entities that have been given the power of eminent domain, you can find a link to the website in on the Resources page.

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How To Protect Yourself From Eminent Domain

While the government may have the power to take your property through eminent domain, you are entitled to due process rights and just compensation.

No one wants the government to take their property away, especially for a price less than the property is worth. However, under federal, state, and local laws for eminent domain or condemnation, the government is able to do just that, and also bring legal action against you if you refuse.

While the government may compel you to transfer title to them, they are required to pay you the fair market value of property. Without representation, however, there is a much higher likelihood that the government will try to pay you as little as possible.

The eminent domain process can be intimidating, especially to those unaccustomed to it, and you may want to know how to protect yourself from eminent domain actions. Thus, many will accept the governments initial offer without question. This is a mistake. If you are a property owner facing loss of your property, you are entitled to seek legal counsel to protect your rights and prevent the government from taking advantage of you.

When Do You Need To Pay For Eminent Domain

Dirt, timber, or rock appropriated from an individuals land for the construction of a highway is taken property for which the owner is entitled to compensation. In general, compensation must be paid when a restriction on the use of property is so extensive that it is tantamount to confiscation of the property.

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Eminent Domain Attorneys In Myrtle Beach Sc

If the government is trying to take your property through condemnation, you need to know what your options are. Your SC eminent domain lawyer at Coastal Law can help you to determine whether it is possible to fight the condemnation, what the full value of the property taken is, and whether the government owes additional compensation for the reduced value of any remaining property.

If youve received a Condemnation Notice or if you are attempting to negotiate with a government agency over a proposed condemnation of your property, call Coastal Law now at 488-5000 or contact us through email for a free consultation today.

Can The Government Truly Take Your Business In Marston North Carolina

Can You Challenge an Eminent Domain Action?

The statutes in North Carolina grant certain parties the right of eminent domain. In essence, the right to condemn private property in Marston North Carolina for public use. Although public use is not defined in the legislative regulations, the Supreme Court of North Carolina has made an effort to provide clarity to the expression. But, as times and conditions transform, so does the explanation of what constitutes governmental duties and functions in regards to to the power of condemnation for the benefit of the public.

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Examples Of Eminent Domain In Texas

Since Texas is a state rich in natural resources and open land, the government and public utility companies have paid landowners to take their property. According to the United States Constitution, and Texas Constitution, these condemning authorities can only take land if they provide just compensation, and according to Texas Property Code Chapter 21, the use of the land must benefit the public good.

This means that the government and utility companies can only pay you for your property if they intend to use the land to develop some sort of public infrastructure. Common examples of this infrastructure include the following:

  • Gas, oil, and water pipelines
  • Power and electrical transmission systems for coal, natural gas, or nuclear power
  • Government buildings, like courts or libraries
  • Schools and public parks
  • Public transportation, such as airports or train stations
  • Highways, roads, and streets

The government cannot take your land for private purposes. If you believe that the intent behind the project may not qualify under eminent domain, speak to your lawyer. Although these situations are not common, you may be able to fight the taking.

Can I Prevent My Property From Being Taken Under Eminent Domain Laws

Your land has been targeted for purchase against your wishes. Can you prevent it from being taken through eminent domain laws?

Texas and United States eminent domain laws allow the government the right to force the acquisition of private property, but several requirements must be met before a private landowner is required to give up their land:

  • Only a government entity, or a private entity acting under government authority, has the right to exercise eminent domain.
  • The land acquisition must be for public use.
  • The landowner must receive just compensation for their land.
  • In most cases, the first 2 requirements are difficult to fight in court. However, it can be possible depending on the circumstances.

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    What To Do When Your Property Is Condemned

    The first thing to understand about eminent domain is that from the moment you receive notice of the intended action, you are in an adversarial relationship with the government. Your better impulses to be helpful and accommodating to state officials can be your undoing. Any information you volunteer, such as what you think your property might be worth, will be used to advance the governments case against your property. So, rather than cooperating with the state and hoping for the best, contact the skilled eminent domain attorneys at Stubbs & Schubart, P.C. We will manage your case professionally, ensuring that your rights especially your right to just compensation will be respected.

    Public Use Or Purpose

    Can the Government Force You Out of Your House? | Kelo v. New London

    In order to exercise eminent domain authority, the land must be purchased for public use or purpose. This means that whatever the land is going to be used for will be of benefit to the general public. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to prevent your property from being taken through eminent domain if a court determines that the condemnation is not for a public use project.

    Examples of a government entity exercising eminent domain would be purchasing private land along a highway for expansion of the road. An example of a private entity working under government authority would be an NFL team purchasing land to build a new stadium or a health care cooperative building a new hospital.

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    Facing An Eminent Domain Action Call Sever Storey Today To Schedule A Free Case Evaluation

    If you believe that your property is subject to an eminent domain action, speak to a lawyer as soon as you can. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced eminent domain attorney, call Sever Storey today at 318-3761 or contact us online.

    What Is A Public Use

    The term public use generally means that the property will be used or available for a public purpose after it is acquired by the condemning party. Examples of public uses include roads, public buildings, schools, parks, etc. The Utah Code defines various uses that qualify as public for eminent domain purposes in § 78B-6-501, and other enumerated public uses are found in other Code sections. Public use does not necessarily mean that the property must be owned by a government entity.

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    Diminution In Value Is Compensable In South Carolina

    Just compensation may involve more than just the market value of the piece of land the government is taking.

    When the governments plans for redevelopment also will cause a reduction in the value of the landowners remaining property, the government must also compensate the landowner for that diminution in value.

    Although SC law expressly provides for compensation for diminution in value, the SC Dept. of Transportation recently attempted to take a portion of a Myrtle Beach landowners property and block their access to the 17 bypass without compensating for the reduction in value of the remaining land.

    SCDOTs own appraiser submitted an estimate of $72,000 for the land the SCDOT was taking and $445,000 for the reduction in value of the remaining land because anyone accessing the property would now have to travel as much as 2.24 miles further than they would have before the redevelopment.

    The SC Supreme Court found that the SCDOT was responsible for paying the diminished value of the remaining property, reversing the lower courts decisions.

    What Does Public Use Meancan Eminent Domain Be Used To Give My Property To A Private For

    Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide: Grassroots Strategies ...

    Eminent domain was traditionally used to construct new roads, public buildings, parks, and water/sewer fixtures to improve community services to the general public, i.e., public use. As cities matured, the public use definition was broadened to allow cities to rectify blight through redevelopment of decaying neighborhoods and revitalization projects for commercial areas. In some states, public use also includes condemnation for economic development. This use is the most controversial because it generally involves the transfer of land to private interests. As part of redevelopment plans, Government agencies can use the power of eminent domain to take private property and turn around and transfer the property to a private company. Also, certain private companies have been granted the right to acquire property by eminent domain, including railroads, energy companies and natural resource companies.

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    Can The Government Actually Take Your Land In Marston Nc

    The laws in North Carolina grant certain parties the right of eminent domain. Essentially, the right to condemn private property in Marston North Carolina for public use. Although public use is not defined in the legislative statutes, the Supreme Court of North Carolina has attempted to provide clarity to the term. However, as times and conditions change, so does the meaning of what represents governmental duties and functions in regards to to the power of eminent domain for the good of the public.

    The Government Lacks A Sufficient Public Purpose For Condemnation

    The power of eminent domain only allows condemnation of private property for a legitimate public purpose. While public purpose has been interpreted broadly, there may be defenses against the governments exercise of eminent domain. If the government cannot justify its proposed condemnation with a valid public purpose, its actions may violate your constitutional rights.

    Recently, local governments and redevelopment authorities have used the power of eminent domain to condemn private property on behalf of developers, to pave the way for new construction in areas designated as blighted by municipal authorities. The intended public purpose or benefit may be to increase tax revenues and ignite economic development for a struggling municipality or to replace or improve what some may consider to be a blighted or older community. In some states, such a purpose has been expressly prohibited by statute or constitutional amendment and a public purpose challenge may be successful.

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