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What Is Business Domain Name

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Why Your Business Needs a Business Domain Name | The Journey

A quick overview of a few terms related to domain names and websites that are helpful to know.

An individual that registers a domain name. That’s you!
The entity that maintains the integrity of a top-level domain. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is the registry for .CA. Hey, that’s us!
Web hosting service
A company that provides space on a server to allow your website to be viewed on the internet.
Content Management System
Software that helps you create, manage and modify website content. Popular platforms include WordPress, Wix and Weebly. Pick one that’s good fit for your technical skill level and price point.
The company you purchase your domain from and manage its settings. Most companies offer other services in addition to selling domain names. Which brings us to

Increase Professionalism With A Domain

An often-overlooked benefit to registering a business domain is the ability to create and use domain-specific email addresses. Many small business owners still use free email services like Gmail or Yahoo to communicate with their customers.

Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy, and they expect the businesses they use to have a certain level of professionalism. In a highly competitive market, small differences like having a business email can be the factor that tips the scale in your favor.

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How Long Does A Domain Name Registration Last

Domain name registration typically lasts from one to 10 years. Be sure to note the expiration date and renew the name before then. Any good service provider will start sending notices of pending expiration months in advance, so pay attention.

Exactly what happens after a domain name expires varies by country. Some include a grace period, but be sure to check before you buy. With some registries, there is a penalty if you go past the expiry date, and it can get quite expensive once you get into what is known as the redemption period.

If you pass this point, the domain can be made available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so there is no guarantee that you will get your domain name back. The bottom line is to keep an eye on your domain expiration dates and set them to auto-renew if possible.

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Domain Names Allow Us To Distinguish Sites

The number of worldwide websites exceeds one billion, and that number is growing by the second. Domain names allow humans to distinguish one site from another instead of having to use the long unique string of numbers known as an internet protocol address. Domain names are made up of the domain extension , the second-level domain , and a host name . Together, these details make up a uniform resource locator .

The Value Of Your Business Domain Name

12 Quick steps to Choosing Your Business Domain Name

The Internet has transformed the way small business owners get things done. The revolutionary changes in advertising, e-commerce, and instant communication have transformed business. Whatever business youre doing online, it starts with a domain nameyour unique online address. It identifies you and your business, attracts customers, and is the first impression visitors has of your business. With millions of websites competing for attention, pick a domain name with care.

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Does Your Choice Of Domain Affect Seo

Your choice of domain name does matter for search engine optimization , but probably not as much as you think.

Having target keywords in your domain name matters, but not nearly as much as it used to. It’s much more important to have a high-quality website, and your website builder can help you with that. Don’t worry too much about how the domain name will affect SEO, as there are many other ways to improve SEO.

Should You Worry About Domain Squatting Or Cybersquatting

One of the bigger annoyances about buying domain names is dealing with cybersquatters, also known as domain squatters. These are people who purchase domain names of popular brands, people or trademarked brands and “sit” on them, hoping to sell the name back to the rightful owner for a profit.

You can avoid this by securing those top-level domains all at once when you are first looking to secure your business’s domain name.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Name For Your Llc

Many professionals, including coaches and other people in the arts can have their own businesses. However, if you’re producing goods for sale it might be better to choose a different business domain company name because this will relate your products directly back towards yourself when naming them after themselves.

Which Domain Extension Is The Best

How To Choose A Domain Name (BEST Business Domain Name) 2020

You can never go wrong with a .com domain extension. Try to get a domain name that keeps your business brand consistent and also has a .com extension.

Depending on where you live, other extensions also might be good options. For example, if your business is based out of the United Kingdom, it never hurts to have your localized domain extension in this case, .co.uk in addition to a .com.

So, using the above example, here are two great options:

  • highstreetplumbing.com
  • highstreetplumbing.co.uk

If you can’t find a .com available for the domain name you want, your next best option is to choose a .net. If your business is a nonprofit, try for an .org. These are the three most prominent TLD choices. If it fits your business, you could also try out some of the newer domain extensions. You can find the full list of currently available domain extensions here.

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Identify The Goal Of Your Website And Business

If youâve kept those five tips in mind while crafting your business domain name, youâre well on your way to owning a stellar domain name for your brand.

But as youâre working through the linguistics of your business domain name, always check back into the goals of your website and business to make sure youâre staying on track.

Itâs easy to get lost in fun, catchy, to-the-point business domain names and stray too far from a domain name that actually identifies your business and conveys your businessâs goals.

But if you want to be found online, you should make sure that your business domain name makes sense with what your service and business are.

Differences Between A Domain Name And A Url

While a domain name and a URL share some similarities, they refer to different things. A URL acts as a complete website address that can direct visitors to a specific page on a site. A domain name is just a part of it.

A URL consists of a protocol, a domain, and a path. The protocol shows whether a site has an SSL certificate. Keep note that URLs have a path only when they direct visitors to a specific page on a site.

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Check If Your Domain Name Is Available

To find out if your proposed domain name is available, use our Business name check tool. You can also use the tool to check if your business name is available.

Note that a domain name doesnt give you protection of that name. It simply secures you the url. You should always register your business name first and consider protecting it with a trade mark. If you use a business name or domain name that someone else has already trademarked, you could face legal action.

My Favorite Business Startup Tools

How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Business Website

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Other Domain Name Types

We focused on the different extension types above. The following are the different available structures of domain names:

Second-Level Domains

Second-level domains are below TLDs in the domain name hierarchy. An SLD is the section of a domain name located on the left side of the last dot. Take www.hostinger.com, for example hostinger is the SLD, and .com is the TLD.

Some domain name registries use an SLD to indicate a specific type of entity registering. For example, academic institutions in the United Kingdom mostly register websites under .ac.uk.


A subdomain is a separate division from a larger domain but still shares the same servers. There is no need to purchase and register a subdomain. Technically, the www on most URLs is a subdomain that indicates a site is part of the world wide web.

The most common use for a subdomain is to organize and divide web content into separate sections. For example, Google uses developers.google.com to provide specific information for developers.

Another use of a subdomain is to create another website with the same name but different languages. Take Wikipedia as an example, which has a separate subdomain for each language. It uses en.wikipedia.org for the English version and es.wikipedia.org for the Spanish one.

Free Domains

A free web address often uses the same structure as subdomains. For example, instead of hostingertutorials.com, it would be hostingertutorials.wordpress.com or hostingertutorials.blogspot.com.

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What To Do If Your Business Matching Domain Name Is Unavailable

Help, my business domain name is taken? What should I do?

These days it is hard to find a matching domain web name to your firms name because over 250 million domain site names are already registered! No worries. I have great tips on how to get an awesome domain name below:

  • Pick one or two keywords that you must have in your domain, such as your name, profession or brand.
  • Add key words Add words to your essential words determined above. Did you know that Tesla could not get the matching domain name Tesla.com since it was already taken! So they added a logical brand extension word motors to make their current domain TeslaMotors.com.
  • Use Name Generators Experiment with free online name generators for some domain name inspiration. I list the best business name generators in my article.
  • Consider different domain extensions If your desired name with a .COM is not available, see if by changing the three-letter extension you have better luck. Try .net, .info, .site, .online. since these are internet-themed and not specific to any industry Avoid some of the trendy extensions that could quickly go out style like .moda.
  • Tag on your location One of the easiest and best ways to get your matching domain is to add your town, region or state to your name. An example SharpNails.com is not available, however, SharpNailsNYC.com is available.
  • Gtlds: Generic Top Level Domains

    How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Business

    A generic top-level domain is an extension that does not rely on a country code. There are no specific criteria to get a gTLD. However, some extensions are sponsored by designated agencies or organizations.

    Some generic TLDs are restricted to specific types of registrants. For example, an academic institution can use .edu, and a governmental agency can use .gov. If your domain does not fall under particular categories or institutions, you will not be able to use the extension.

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    How Do I Buy The Domain Name

    Auction hosts will have protocols in place for making payments and transfers, so refer to their customer service team or FAQ section if youre not sure.

    Its a similar story if you want to buy a domain name outright. The registrar will guide you through the process and the name will be yours. A standard fee will normally include a purchase fee and a yearly renewal fee it will possibly involve a set-up fee as well.

    Or if youve approached by the owner directly, you can make transfer and payment arrangements between you.

    When youre buying a domain name, be aware of legal implications. There is no established domain name law, but you enter into a contract with a domain name registry or reseller when you sign up. Dispute resolution policy can be used if the registry or reseller rules that the domain name you bought was purchased maliciously, such as buying it to sell to a competitor at an increased price.

    The UK Domain helps small businesses and individuals get online, offering digital and business expertise along with tools for you to reach your goals. You can use the domain search tool below to help you find the perfect domain name.

    Learn how to achieve more online with free and trusted advice from the UK Domain. Browse articles, guides and more here.

    Unlock The Power Of Keywords

    Internet search is based on a framework of keywords and phrases when indexing addresses and sites, so why not take advantage of this when choosing your domain name?

    Brainstorm keywords related to your organization and use these in shaping your chosen name. For example, your butchers shop might name meat, butcher, smoked, cured, savory, friendly, and service as descriptive keywords for your business. An appropriate name might then be SavoryService.com or TheSmilingButcher.com. Either domain respects the fact that search engines work off of such keywords when indexing and fetching information for users, while providing a description of what customers can expect in the process.

    What keywords do people use to search for businesses like yours? Use them in your domain name if you can.

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