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How To Switch Domain Names

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How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Domain Name

How To Change Your DNS (Domain Nameservers)

Transferring a domain name is a quick process. Once youve completed a few steps , the rest of the process is taken care of by the registrars.

You can complete your portion of the transfer process in one sitting It only takes an hour or two, max, and thats being generous. Then, the registrars do their parts to complete your transfer which can take up to 5-7 business days.

Why Cant I Transfer A Domain Name I Just Registered To Another Registrar

There are certain situations that can prevent a domain name from being transferred to a different registrar, such as a new registration. Your registrar may deny a transfer request if the domain name is within 60 days of initial registration. Another situation is if the domain name is subject to a 60-day Change of Registrant lock. You cannot transfer a domain name to a different registrar within 60 days of making changes to the registrant name, organization or email address . At their discretion, some registrars may provide an option for you to opt-out of this 60-day lock period. However, this rule is in place for your protection against unauthorized transfers and the registrar does not have to offer this option. If your ultimate goal is to transfer the domain name, you may want to consider completing the transfer process before changing your contact information.

Registrars also have the option of denying a transfer request within 60 days from when you last transferred the domain name to a different registrar. You may have the option to change web-hosting providers instead of registrars to avoid the inter-registrar transfer process altogether. You may also update your domain names nameservers or change the hosting IP address assigned to your domain name. Check with your registrar and/or hosting provider to see what options you have.

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Update All The Things

Doing a full rebrand requires updates of:

  • Google My Business Profile, social media profiles, and other significant sources of traffic
  • internal documents
  • product packaging

You wont get everything overnight. Thats ok. This takes time. Think of it more as a treasure hunt – see how many of your employees can find places that have your old domain!

There you have it. Good luck with your domain name makeover!

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How To Change Your Domain Name: A Step

Whether youve been the proud registrant of your domain for one day, a few months or even several years, a change of heart may leave you wondering, How do I change the domain name of an existing website to a new one?.

Dont panic. Were here to help.

Maybe your dream domain name has recently become available, or youve decided to rebrand your website and need to buy a domain name thats more in line with your new look. Whatever the reason, there are steps to follow to ensure that the change wont affect your website, or your website visitors.

If youre a complete newbie to the world of domains or would like to brush up on your knowledge before we begin, start by reading our domain definition.

Ready? Lets begin.

Update Your Contact Information

How To Change Your Free Domain Name On Wix

Both the registrar you’re leaving and your new DNS registry provider will need to contact you during the transfer process. As a result, it’s critical that your contact information is up to date.

Log in to your current registrar’s control panel and check your account details. Make sure your name, phone number, and physical address are all correct any missing information could cause the transfer to take longer or be rejected.

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How A Domain Change Can Affect Seo

Your search result placements can be adversely affected by a number of factors website downtime, for example. Right now, however, we want to focus on the potential negative consequences of changing your sites domain name.

Although it may not be a regular occurrence, there are certain times when you might consider switching your domain name. This could be because a more user friendly or relevant domain has become available, you want to combine two existing sites, your business name has changed, or your sites focus has shifted.

Regardless of the reason, its important to understand that even the smallest of changes can affect your rankings. One of the main reasons for this is that any links on your site to content under the previous domain will no longer work. Search engines are unable to categorize dead links, meaning that the content cannot be ranked.

As we mentioned earlier, low page rankings can have a negative impact on your conversion rates and site traffic. Fortunately, there are ways of getting around this problem.

Can I Change My Hostgator Domain Name

HostGator can always be used to register a new domain name. You must first enable Update Domain in order to update the domain. Your domain change has been successfully completed and you will receive a notification. Thank you for your interest in domain update.

The HostGator brand is not new to the web hosting industry. Web hosting services that powers millions of websites on the internet and include a variety of plans and features are provided by Microsoft. If you already have a domain with HostGator, you can simply change its name servers by following the steps below. All domain names that have been registered with the current primary domain must be changed if you want your sub domains to function as one. If you have a CMS platform such as WordPress or Drupal installed, you might also run into issues with the domain. You can obtain the DNS of your computer by logging into your HostGator account. After youve successfully configured your name servers in your account, youll be able to access your website in your browser.

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Changing The Domain For Your Website

Here are some things you need to check off your list:

  • Purchase a new domain name.

    If you need some inspiration for a new domain name, read our guide: Bringing your business online: How to choose a domain name and more.

  • Set up your website.

    Prop up a website with your new domain, either with a web building platform or purchase a hosting package.

    Hold up!

    Setting up a whole new website might sound like too much work or expense for the time being. In that case, it is simpler to forward your new domain name to your existing site. It just takes a few minutes to paste the destination link in and hit save. Now you can use your shiny new domain on materials and itll redirect to your existing site, all for the cost of a domain registration. Easy, eh?

    If you’re looking to do a full migration though, continue to step three.

  • Migrate the content to the new website.

    This can be quite complex, especially if you have a website with a lot of pages. Tip: do this in a test environment to iron out all of the kinks before you do the real deal. We can rely on trusty Moz to help you with their Website Migration Guide.

  • What Problems Might I Have If I Change The Target Of A Domain Name Alias

    How to Change Domain Name / Website Address / URL of Your WordPress Site

    Our service allows you to create domain name aliases, which act as a second interchangeable domain name for a set of files on a hosting account on our server.

    Its easy to think of the alias as being secondary or less important, but thats really not the case. The two domain names really are completely interchangeable for almost all purposes.

    Occasionally, we hear from customers who ask us to switch the aliased domain name and the main hosting domain name, usually because their business has changed and they now think of the aliased domain name as the main one. Such a switch wont change how the domain names actually work, or how other people see them. Customers ask just because it makes the labels aliased and hosted better match how our customer thinks of them.

    This kind of change is usually not necessary, though. It requires closing the original hosting account and opening a new one, then moving the files, email, databases and other content from the old location to the new one. It can cause many subtle problems and annoyances that will take you a great deal of time to fix.

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    Back Up Your Database

    While its not completely necessary to back up using the WP-CLI, we highly recommended you carry out a full backup before altering the database. Of course, you should be backing up your site on a regular basis, but its especially crucial when you are about to make a big change.

    If you already have a backup system or plugin in place, feel free to continue using it. However, lets show you how a WordPress backup can be achieved with the WP-CLI.

    Firstly, lets check that the WP-CLI is able to detect your WordPress site. Try running the following command:

    wp core is-installed

    If you receive any kind of error message, make sure WordPress is up and running, and that youre in the correct WordPress directory within the console. Once youre set, initiating the backup is as simple as typing:

    wp db export

    This command should generate a database backup, and you should receive a success message if it runs correctly. If all goes well, you can simply ignore this file. However, it will come in handy if something goes wrong well touch on how to import your database by typing the appropriate command later.

    Change All Internal Links

    Heres a little-known fact: Some SEOs heads have exploded when thinking about changing all internal links to a new domain name. Okay, Im kidding, but its not far from the truth. The thought of changing all internal links on a website sounds crazy, but Im here to tell you that it doesnt have to be painful. Actually, it can be extremely straightforward.

    If youre using a CMS like WordPress, there are some plugins that can help with the change. For example, Ive used the Better Search Replace plugin in WordPress, which enables you to easily change all instances of the first domain name to the new domain in one fell swoop. You have a lot of control, as well. You can make changes to all tables in the database, and you can test a dry run to see what will be changed.

    So, instead of manually working through changing links on every post and page, you can automate that task with a plugin like Better Search Replace. By the way, it doesnt just handle links. It can change links to resources as well . I highly recommend looking at using a plugin like this versus trying to do it manually. You might lose your mind if you dont.

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    Change Your Domain Name In Your Database

    To change your domain name inside your database, go to the control panel of your web hosting account and search for phpMyAdmin.

    Once you log in, youll see a huge database that holds the core data for your website.

    On the left-hand sidebar, click on the options table. Itll look something like wp_options.

    Select this tab and change all references of the old domain name to your new one.

    Now, in a new tab, search for your new domain, and if you did it correctly, youd see that most buttons and pages link to your new domain name. However, some wont change, and thats why youll need to install a WordPress plugin called Better Search Replace.

    This plugin will search for all references and change them to another.

    Once the plugin is installed, head over to the Search For tab and enter your old domain name. Next, enter your new domain name in the Replace With section.

    But before you search and replace old references, remember to select all tables. Youll now see that all old references are replaced with new ones, and if you click on View Tables, you can see the before and after results.

    Last, go back to the account of your old domain inside the control panel, and make your new website the primary domain.

    Now weve changed our domain name, but all our backlinks are still pointing to the old website.

    What Is A Domain Transfer

    Domain Management: How To Update Nameservers

    A domain transfer is the process of switching your domain name from one registrar to another. To be eligible for a transfer, you must have been with your current registrar for at least 60 days, since ICANN enforces a 60-day Change of Registrant lock.

    You might want to initiate a domain transfer for a number of reasons. Maybe your current registrar has suddenly increased their prices, or your site is taking more time to load. Maybe you’ve found a better deal somewhere else and prefer to consolidate multiple domains under a single DNS registrar.

    Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transfer a domain.

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    Set The Primary Domain Name For Your Azure Ad Organization

    When your organization is created, the initial domain name, such as â,â is also the primary domain name. The primary domain is the default domain name for a new user when you create a new user. Setting a primary domain name streamlines the process for an administrator to create new users in the portal. To change the primary domain name:

  • Sign in to the Azure portal with an account that’s a Global Administrator for the organization.

  • Select Azure Active Directory.

  • Select the name of the domain that you want to be the primary domain.

  • Select the Make primary command. Confirm your choice when prompted.

  • You can change the primary domain name for your organization to be any verified custom domain that isn’t federated. Changing the primary domain for your organization won’t change the user name for any existing users.

    Transfer Your Domain Name And Build Your Online Presence

    Transferring a domain name shouldnt be a complicated process. At, our goal is to make your domain name transfer as painless and intuitive as possible.

    If you have any questions, dont hesitate to reach out to our teams, leave a comment down below, or check out this Knowledge Base article to learn more about transferring a domain name to your account.

    Transfer your domain name today.

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    How Do I Transfer Domains To Godaddy

    Transferring domains to GoDaddy is simple.

  • Unlock the domain name youd like to transfer with your current registrar.
  • Get an authorization from your current registrar. This isnt necessary in all cases, such as when transferring country-code domain . If the authorization code isn’t shown in your account manager, ask your current registrar to email them to you.
  • Verify contact information on your domain name. The administrator’s contact information may be used by your current registrar during the transfer process.
  • You can transfer up to 500 of your domains to GoDaddy at once in our bulk domain transfer tool. If the extension youd like to transfer isnt listed, you cant transfer that domain name to us.

    Determine Your Dns Host

    How To Properly Change Primary Domain on GoDaddy Web Hosting Account.

    We do not offer DNS hosting. This means youll need to operate authoritative DNS servers for your domain or obtain services from a DNS hosting provider. Where available, work with your IT support team to determine how youll host a new domain.

    You do not need to have your hosting situation determined before making a request for a .gov domain. However, the domain cannot be activated until name server addresses are added to the .gov registrar and they are responding authoritatively.

    For more information, see What are the name server requirements for .gov domains?

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    How To Buy Your New Domain

    Now that you know how to decide on a new domain name, youre less likely to change a purchased domain name later on down the line. So, lets move on to registering your domain!

    Get started and search for your domain name right here at Namecheap. And, if youre looking to purchase website hosting and domain together, we offer an all-in-one package deal where you can save money.

    Discover our dedicated page on the price of domain names, where you can take a look at our best prices for up to ten years.

    Once you have your sparkly new domain name, its time to make sure that youre ready to prepare all the content youd like to take from your old website to your new one.

    Transferring Domain Name Ownership: Everything You Need To Know

    Transferring a domain name is a straightforward process.

    Sure, there are a few steps to the whole thing, but they arent complex or anxiety-inducing, especially not when you have a guide.

    In this post, we cover the A to Z of how to transfer a domain name. Keep reading, and youll learn the following information:

    • What does it mean to transfer a domain name?
    • Common reasons for transferring a domain name.
    • How to transfer a domain name.
    • Cost of transferring a domain name.
    • Whether or not your website and email will go down during a domain transfer.

    Use the table of contents below to jump to a particular section in this guide or start from the top for a comprehensive overview of transferring domain names.

    Heres everything you need to know about transferring domain names in one place.

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