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How To Change My Domain Name On WordPress

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How To Change Domain For A WordPress Site Created With Easywp

How to Change Domain Name / Website Address / URL of Your WordPress Site

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How To Change The Domain Name Of A WordPress Site

This article will walk you through the process of changing the domain name associated with your WordPress installation.

Please note

  • Please always back up your website before making major changes so that you can revert quickly in case of problems
  • This procedure is not intended to be used for WordPress Multi-User installations

Before starting, you must have already linked your new domain to your account. We recommend adding the new domain as an Alias to your account so that both new and old domains can work with your WordPress website in parallel.

Pointing A Domain Name At Your Site From A Domain Registrar

If you bought your new domain name from a domain registrar that isnt also your hosting provider, youll need to start by telling the domain registrar that the domain name needs to point to the server that your site is hosted on.

In SiteGround, you can find information about your servers address by logging in and then clicking on Websites > Site tools > Dashboard.

Scroll down to the Site Information section, where youll see your IP address and nameservers.

Use the nameserver addresses with your domain registrar to have your domain point to the nameservers your site is using on SiteGround.

Note: If youre using email provided by your domain registrar, youll need to use DNS settings instead. If youre using a third-party service such as Gmail, you can point your domain to SiteGrounds nameservers and then point your MX records to Gmail.

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Update Your Website In Google Webmasters Tools & Google Analytics

Google Search Engine Console is the new version of . After shifting your website to a new website domain name, you will need to send Google a request to change the address of your previous domain. This way, Google will know that you have changed your domain and will give you SEO benefits

Also, while you are at it, if you use the Google Analytics tool to analyze your websites performance, make sure to update site address on it too.

The same thing has to be done in Google Analytics.

Update Google And Bing

How can I change the domain name for my WordPress site ...

Now that you have your old domain routing requests to your new domain, its time to update your web properties with and Bing Webmaster Tools. If you never set these up for your, go ahead and create them, verify them, and repeat the steps for your Then follow the steps below. You should have four properties in total between Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools .

Change of Address in Google Search Console

In Google Search Console you will want to do what they call a change of address. This is very important as it lets Google know instantly that everything is changing. So dont skip this step! You will need a verified property for both your old domain and new domain.

Simply click into your old domains profile, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, and select Change of Address. Then follow the remaining prompts.

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WordPress Switch Urls Same Server

Lately Ive had quite a few clients changing their domain names to retool their message or to entirely change their branding. It so happens that these websites are all on Hostgator but the procedure should be similar for any web host. There is information in the WordPress Codex > > Changing The Site URL which should not be ignored but they make it sound harder than it needs to be.

Important givens in my WordPress domain change scenario:

  • The new domain has to be already registered and DNS settings pointing to your web host.
  • Client indicates they are letting their old URLs expire eventually.That means the primary domain on the hosting account needs to be updated to the new URL. Do not count on your memory down the road to untangle it because the site will go down and you wont be able to get to WordPress easily , take care of it while you are thinking about it.
  • This is a simple domain switch Primary domain: www.domainABC to parked domain: www.domain123
  • WordPress is installed at the root directory and is a single installation, not MultiSite
  • The the old URL needs to work as long as it is not expired. Google will know the site as the old URL.
  • Take care of this task when you are not in a hurry and when there is low traffic on the website.

Go-time change your WordPress URL:

Best of luck to you. I hope this helps give you confidence in using the WordPress Address and Site Address fields.

Edit Functionsphp #edit Functionsphp

If you have access to the site via FTP, then this method will help you quickly get a site back up and running, if you changed those values incorrectly.

  • FTP to the site, and get a copy of the active themes functions.php file. Youre going to edit it in a simple text editor and upload it back to the site.
  • Add these two lines to the file, immediately after the initial < ?php line:
  • update_option update_option 

    Use your own URL instead of, obviously.

    3. Upload the file back to your site, in the same location. FileZilla offers a handy edit file function to do all of the above rapidly if you can use that, do so.

    4. Load the login or admin page a couple of times. The site should come back up.

    Important! Do not leave this code in the functions.php file. Remove them after the site is up and running again.

    Note: If your theme doesnt have a functions.php file create a new one with a text editor. Add the < ?php tag and the two lines using your own URL instead of

    < ?phpupdate_option update_option 

    Upload this file to your theme directory. Remove the lines or the remove the file after the site is up and running again.

    Here are some additional details that step you through transfering a LAN-based WordPress site into an externally accessible site as well enabling editing the wordpress site from inside the LAN.

    Two important keys are router/firewall modifications and the wait 10+ minutes after making the changes at the end.

    using ssh to log into your server

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    What To Know Before You Create A New Domain Name

    Changing your WordPress domain name is simple, but there will be the occasional need to adjust your websites PHP code. This code is essential to the operation of your website and mistakes made there could bring your domain to a halt. Some quick prep work before you start will guarantee the process goes smoothly.

    • Before doing anything, create a full backup of your website. Do this either manually by exporting your database or by using one of many backup plugins. Some reliable options are Updraftplus, BlogVault, and VaultPress.
    • Buy and Register your new Domain name by pointing it to the correct name servers.
    • Have a File Transfer Protocol client. The FTP will allow you to access your server directly from your computer. Theyre easy to use, but be prepared for some learning curve. We recommend FileZilla, a great FTP for beginners to brush up their FTP skills.
    • Head to Hostingers Domain Checker and type in your preferred new domain name. The checker will tell you if that option is available and it will offer some alternative suggestions in case that domain is already taken.

    How To Choose The Best Niche For Blog

    Changing Domain Names For WordPress

    To start a blog, first of all it is very important to consider that what do you want to give information about on your blog? Many bloggers have the same problem later that they do not choose Blogging Niche according to their interest in blogging before starting a blog.

    There is always some topic for every person, about which he likes to know, read and understand. So something about which you know very well. If you choose your blogging niche according to the field in which you have a lot of good information, then you will never have any problem going forward.

    Many bloggers initially start their blogging journey with any niche, but just think for yourself and see how much you can write about something that you are not interested in? Tired of one day, you will stop writing about it yourself.

    You may choose any blogging niche, but you should have complete knowledge about it and your interest in it. Choose any topic about which you like to take information and write, then only you will be able to stay in blogging with that niche for a long time.

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    How Do I Change My Url On WordPress

    Simply login to your WordPress website and go to Settings » General page. From here you can change WordPress site URLs under the WordPress Address and Site Address options. WordPress Address and Site Address are usually the same address. Dont forget to click on the Save Changes button to store your settings.

    Why Change Your Domain Name

    In many cases, changing WordPress domain name is inevitable. The most common scenarios are:

    • Rebranding you want to rebuild your companys image with a new brand name. Here, a new domain reflects your rebranding strategys consistency. Some prominent brands like Twitter applied this marketing strategy very successfully.
    • Domain Extension Change if you currently running a website on a subdomain like, or youre using a less popular extension like .mobi or .shop which doesnt resonate well with your audience, swapping to a different extension can be a great idea!

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    What Is Primary Domain Name

    A Primary Domain is usually the main domain name that you have chosen to represent your website address. If you only have the one domain name registered, then that will be your Primary Domain. However, if you have several domain names registered, you will need to select one that will be your Primary Domain.

    Best Plugins For WordPress Blog

    How Do I Change My Domain Name On WordPress Bluehost ...

    Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO:

    If we talk about SEO for WordPress Blog, then Yoast SEO and Rank Math SEO are the most used plugins in WordPress. It is available in both free and premium versions, but you should use the free version first.

    Jetpack by

    This is the official WordPress plugin for your blog from WordPress. Through this plugin, you can add multiple functionalities to your blog such as Social Sharing Feature, Related Posts, Contact Form, Business Hours, Slideshow and Google Map Location etc. You must also use this plugin for your blog.


    This is also a default plugin for WordPress that comes inbuilt with any WordPress installation. It is basically an anti-spam plugin which filters each and every comment coming on your blog according to Spam and Genuine. This is an important plugin from the point of view of security of your blog.

    W3 Total Cache

    This plugin helps a lot in improving the performance of your blog. It reduces the loading time of your blog so that your website or blog loads quickly. W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin is the best and popular caching plugin for WordPress.

    Wordfence Security

    Google Site Kit Plugin

    This plugin is Googles own official plugin for WordPress. Through this plugin, you can use very important tools for blogs like Google Adsense, Analytics, Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights in your WordPress Dashboard only.

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    How To Move Your Site From WordPresscom To WordPressorg

    Do you want more control and flexibility over your WordPress website? Are you ready to move from to might be a good starting point for blogging, but as your website evolves, youll want more options to customize and enhance your site.

    Thankfully, there is a way to switch over to self-hosted WordPress so you get more control over your blog.

    In this step-by-step guide, well walk you through how you can move blog from to in just 4 simple steps.

    Since this is a detailed guide, heres a list of what well cover through this guide.

    Note: If youre planning to switch domains, we have a complete guide on how to properly move WordPress to a new domain name.

    Before you make the move, we want you to be clear on what you can expect when you switch from to so that you can be absolutely sure that its the right decision.

    How To Change A Domain Name

    Changing the domain name itself is a relatively straightforward task. For WordPress, change the domain by following these steps:

    1. Log in to WordPress.

    2. Go to Settings and select General.

    3. Enter the new domain in the WordPress Address field.

    4. Enter the new domain in the Site Address field.

    5. Save changes.

    6. After updating WordPress, change the domain name on the web host portal.

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    Adding Ssl To Your Domain

    Before you configure your domain in the WordPress dashboard, its a good idea to add SSL to it. This means youll be using https:// in front of your domain instead of https://.

    SSL will enhance security when people are providing data on your site. Its essential if visitors are going to be inputting personal details to your site or buying products or services from you. And it has SEO benefits too Google will rank sites with SSL more highly than those without.

    The good news is that adding SSL to your new domain is free using the Lets Encrypt service. You can either use a plugin to do it, or if youre with SiteGround, you can do it via the SiteGround dashboard.

    Redirect Old Domain To New Domain

    How to Change Your Domain Name in WordPress 2018

    In this stage, you will require to setup a permanent 301 redirect to your website. This will help with both user experience and SEO of your site. Your users, who will land to your website from search engine, will be redirected to your new domain.

    To set up permanent 301 redirect, log in to your cPanel and click on the file manager and open your websites folder. Now, find the .htaccess file and click on edit.

    Now, add the following code to the top of your .htaccess file.

    #Options +FollowSymLinks

    You must replace with your newly added domain name.

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