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How To Make A Good Domain Name

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Brandable Names Always Sell Morefact

How To Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Website! (Tutorial)

Brandable domain names are sold so much than any other types of domain names. These are domains that sounds like a great brand and can easily be associated with any businesses.

Big businesses spend thousands of dollars to build their business.

They wouldnt mind paying you that much money to acquire a great domain name that you own.

Dont believe me? Visit BrandBucket and see how much most of their domains cost just because of their great brandability.

Its one of the most visited online marketplace for creative and brandable business names. Most of their domains are sold for thousands of dollars.

And yes! People do purchase these domains.

So if you are into buying and selling domains, buying brandable domain names puts way ahead of the game and ensures your success.

Buy The Common Misspellings Of Your Domain

This, however, can grow your annual domain bill even further, so its your call.

In general, youre going to be pretty safe if you just focus on a couple of the most likely misspellings of the domain.

Looking at my earlier example, could be misspelled as single T.

Once you have those, redirect them back to your main domain name.

Country Code Top Level Domain

Country code top-level domains are domains that are specific to a country.

Domains in the .ca, and the .uk registry are ccTLDs.

Site visitors tend to prefer ccTLDs that are specific to their country.

So if your clients are in Australia, it might make sense to use the .au version of the domain.

Traditionally, ccTLD domains tended to convert a higher rate within their respective countries.

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Keep Your Domain Name Away From Hyphens And Doubled Letters

The best thing you can do is to avoid hyphens and doubled letters in your domain name. You want your small business website to be as professional as possible, so including them wont send a good message.

Additionally, hyphens and double letters tend to be easily forgettable. So it might create confusion among the visitors whenever they try to search for your website.

An ideal domain would be free from those elements. For example, instead of, a good practice is to keep it so that it sticks in peoples minds.

How Does Our Domain Name Generator Work

Choosing A Website Domain Name Guide

Nameboy is the original domain name generator started in 1999. Our domain name generator analyzes the keywords you entered in our domain name search tool and suggests the best domain name ideas for your business.

Our artificial intelligence algorithm combines common words, random words, prefixes, suffixes, and the search keywords to make domain name suggestions that are suitable for your needs.

In our opinion, most other domain name generators in the market are fake because they dont actually check domain name availability. Instead, theyre just random word mesh tools that waste your time.

Nameboy on the other hand actually checks domain name availability status, so you can save time and find a good domain name idea thats actually available to register.

Aside from the main .com domain, our domain search results also include other popular domain extensions like: .net, .co, .org, .info, .blog, .biz, and more. This allows you to find top ideas for your industry or website name.

Our users often use Nameboy as a business name generator, catchy website name generator, startup company name generator, online store name generator, URL generator, and sometimes just for simple domain name availability search. We believe that weve built the best domain name generator in the market that shows top ideas, faster.

Go ahead and give it a try!

When you find the cool domain name that you like, we recommend that you register the domain name immediately, so no one else can take it.

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Why It Pays To Put Some Thought Into Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your websites home address on the Internet. And while its not the only thing that affects your sites success, there are tons of reasons its important to choose a domain name carefully:

  • A unique, memorable name is more likely to stick with visitors and encourage them to return.
  • Your domain name can immediately give new visitors an idea of what your site is all about.
  • Domain names have an impact on Search Engine Optimization .
  • Changing your domain name after creating your site can lead to time-consuming complications.

Names have power this is as true for a website as for anything else. Picking the right domain name should therefore be a careful process, and youll want to consider all of your options before settling on a winner.

What Do I Do If The Website Name I Want Is Taken

If the domain name you want is already registered, you have a few options. First, check out the recommended, similar domain names in your search results to see if one of those works. You should also consider an available domain name with an extension other than .COM, such as .IO, .CLUB, or .ROCKS. There are hundreds of new TLDs to consider. If youre really set on securing your first choice of domain, find the current registrant using Whois Lookup and see if they are willing to sell it. Learn more

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Best Domain Name Suggestions Tool In 2021

It is important that your domain name should be easily remembered and means something while also describing what the brand does or sells.

However, sometime when you find a catchy name that reflects your brand, the perfect domain might already be in use, which forces you to search for another name.

Today, there are many tools available to which helps you to generate domain name according to your choice and business. Here, are the best domain name generator tool with its features and links.

Use A Domain Name Generator For Inspiration

How to Choose A Good Domain Name

Feeling stuck on choosing a domain name? You can pull ideas from Shopifys free domain name generator. Load the tool, plug in a keyword, and well return popular and alternative domain names you can use for your business.

Sneak peek: Say you want to sell hats, here are a few options available right now:

Not the right domain name for you? The domain name generator also shows alternative options.

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Target Your Business And Locality

Not every business has to be globally focused. You can also achieve growth by targeting a particular locality or country. To do so, you can get a domain name that contains a localized web address extension.

For instance, to get a higher ranking in the search engines of France, you may want to get a .fr extension in your domain name. A geographic domain extension will also help you achieve trustworthiness among the local users.

How To Register A Domain Name

+ Ways to Get it for Free

Are you looking to register a domain name, but dont know where to start?

Part of creating a website is buying a domain name that has to be unique.

In this step-by-step guideline, were going to show you several options on how to register a domain name and also cover some commonly asked questions that might pop up in your mind while registering a domain.

  • To Conclude: How to Register a Domain Name
  • Ready? Lets first start by explaining why is it crucial to choose a good domain name.

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    Type #: Creating A Brand New Word From An Already Popular Word

    Example:- connects a user with WordPress SEO & related plugins

    I will begin with one of my favourite domain names This domain is owned by Joost de Valk who runs a consultancy business around this website. He has successfully built a business around SEO consultation for WordPress powered websites and Magento platforms. To make his website popular he has written highly useful articles in his website like the ultimate WordPress SEO Guide , the Magento SEO guide etc.

    There are hundreds of highly useful articles in his website, tailor-made for anyone who runs a website on WordPress. He helps people with their SEO efforts by releasing an awesome SEO plugin for WordPress. These initiatives have helped him earn a great reputation and this way he has built Yoast as a brand name which stands for WordPress SEO and related activities.

    How Joost might have arrived at the domain name ?

    Use Domain Name Generators For New Domain Ideas

    Build Credibility by Choosing a Good Domain Name

    There is no wonder that most of the good domain names are already registered.

    Luckily, there is a way you can generate hundreds of thousands of domain names. Thats where a domain name generator comes into play.

    Basically, a domain name generator automatically adds relevant and most common suffixes.

    NameCheap is a great domain name generator tool. Heres how to use this tool to generate an unlimited number of domain name ideas.

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    Research Your Desired Domain Name

    Once you pick a good domain name, youll want to check if the domain is already registered. You can use Shopifys Domain Search tool to see a custom domains availability. Another common way to conducting a WHOIS lookup.

    Before committing to a domain name, youll want to make sure that no other business is using the same one. There are three ways to check:

    • Run a trademark search. Head to and search the trademark database to see if anyone registered a similar name.
    • Check social media. Search Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other relevant social media channels to check your names availability. This will come in handy when you go to create your accounts, too.
    • Do a Google search. Last but not least, type your desired name into Google to see if anyone is closely tied to your brand.

    What Is A Domain

    In simplest terms, a domain is the name of a website. Therefore the domain for my website is

    According to Wikipedia, a domain is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet.

    You can think of domain names in the same terms as an address for your home. Where your home has a street number and road, a domain name uses the same structure to find and locate a website. Similar to your home, there can only be one address. Each domain is unique. Because there can only be one address, this is where domain flipping comes into play.

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    Using Your Domain Name As A Competitive Advantage

    A domain name isnt just a web address in someones browser. Its how to position your brand and present yourself to the digital world, whether youre blogging or selling products online.

    Your domain name doesnt need to be overly clever for it to be perfect. Instead, choose one that is simple, memorable, and has a nice ring to it. Youll look more professional and gain instant credibility with your shoppers, which will likely lead to more awareness and sales for your business.

    Check The Domain History Via Whois

    How To Find A Good Domain Name For Your Business

    Right after Wayback Machine, is your other go-to tool for getting to know the history of a given domain name. This one is very useful for at least two reasons:

    • First, you can see the current domain info stuff like who the owner is who the registrar is, and so on. Theres no point in me listing everything here just go to, input your favorite website and see whats up.
    • Second, gives you access to a whois history report. This is a paid service $10 but the price tag is rather small in relation to what you get in return, which is all the whois data associated with a given domain name from the very beginning. This means that you can see what the domains history is, when it was registered, and how many times it potentially changed hands.

    In the end, if youre considering getting an existing domain, which can be quite pricey, spending an additional $10 doesnt seem that brutal. Plus, it can save you headaches later on.

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    Lock The Domain So It Cant Be Stolen

    Even though it may seem odd at first, domain hijacking actually happens more often than youd imagine.

    Not going into the boring technical details, your domain can be stolen via several means. Most commonly, this involves either hacking your password or convincing you to give out your password via a phishing attack, plus some other fun things.

    Basically, if someone gains access to your registrars user account, they can do whatever they wish with your domains.

    Some domain registrars offer a feature in which they keep your domain in Registrar-lock status, which prevents unauthorized attempts at domain transfers. In this state, your registration information and DNS configuration cannot be changed until you unlock your domain name.

    Luckily, enabling this option is often very easy and only requires you to select a specific box in your registrars user panel. Heres what it looks like at SiteGround:

    It’s Okay To Append Or Modify It

    If your domain name is not available, it’s okay to go out and add a suffix or a prefix. It is okay to use an alternate TLD extension, like we talked about previously, and it’s okay to be a little bit creative with your online brand.

    For example, let’s say my brand name is Pastaterra. Maybe I’ve already got a shop somewhere maybe in the Seattle area and I have been selling pasta at my shop and now I’m going online with it. Well, it is okay for me to do something like, or, or even

    With these rules in mind, I would love to hear from all of you about your domain choices, domain name biases, and what you think is working in 2016. Hopefully, we’ll see you again next week for another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Take care.

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    Develop The Domain Flipping Instinct Learn To Calculate Domain Name Value

    Try throwing a few random domains at an expert domainer and theyll be able to give you a ballpark figure almost instantly, and more often than not, they wont be far off. Their experience in the space trained and wired their brains to automatically appraise domains on the fly.

    They see a domains price tag and they can instantly tell whether its under or overvalued. This is probably the most important skill one should have in this industry.

    Neil Patel has an interesting related quote: The most important thing to remember when buying sites is that you always make money on the buy, never the sell.

    In order to successfully do this, you must be able to spot undervalued domains.

    This is what will ultimately translate for you into a handsome profit margin when you get the opportunity to resell the domain for its real value.

    So how do you develop that instinct? NameBio maintains a database of over 500,000 historical domain sales . They have interesting filtering features by which you can narrow down domains by price range, date sold, keywords and more.

    Simply sifting through the listings on NameBio long enough will quickly develop your domain appraisal instinct.

    Using the keyword search feature youd also be able to familiarize yourself with how much domains typically cost on average in a certain industry or niche. Even better, they have an addictive little app called The Domain Game available for iOS and Android.

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