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How To Buy A Url Domain

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Check Domain Name Availability

How To Buy A Domain Name From Google Domains

After you choose a domain name, check its availability. You can type a domain into your navigation bar, a search engine, or use a dedicated domain name search database to make sure its available to purchase.

Its best practice to have a few domain name options ready in case your first choice is taken. If your preferred domain name is unavailable, take a moment to think about what the replacement should be ideally, once you get your domain, you wont want or need to change it anytime soon. Try simple variations like including the or my at the front of your domain name, or changing the TLD. If youre set on a specific domain, you can also reach out to the owner and see if theyre willing to sell, and at what price.

If youre launching a business, consider buying multiple domains including common alternate spellings of your brand name, and international domains if you plan to scale so visitors have more ways to find you. You can move, forward, or point domains to ensure people land exactly where you want them to, no matter which domain they use.

What To Do Once Youve Purchased A Domain

If you go with a website builder that allows you to select a custom domain name as part of the building process, choosing the domain is likely the first step. After youve selected the name you want to use, domain registration takes about 24-72 hours, but you can usually start customizing your website before the domain registration process is complete.

If you opt for a registrar that doesnt offer website building services, or if theres a separate website builder youd prefer to use like WordPress, the next step is to connect these two services. This involves modifying the DNS settings with your domain registrar to point your domain to the website builder of your choice. Non-technical users might have a difficult time completing this step successfully, so using a platform like Squarespace or Shopify might be a better option in this case.

Its worth noting that domain registration and website hosting are separate services, though most domain registrars and website builders offer both. Domain registration only prevents other people from using your domain name it has nothing to do with the storage available for your website content. Most likely, youll have the most success with a solution that allows you to manage your domain registration, website hosting, and content management from one central platform.

Have Your Domain Good Heres Whats Next

With your domain name registered, the next natural step to take is getting a good hosting setup, so that your future website is off to a great start.

Lastly, if your ultimate goal is to start a blog, read this guide of ours. It covers all the steps to building a successful blog from 0 experience to 150,000+ readers every month.

I hope this guide on how to buy a domain that is taken has been helpful.

If any of the steps described above arent clear, feel free to ask away in the comments.

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Names And Ip Addresses

The first step in acquiring a host is to register a name. These are regulated and maintained by name registrars, which ensure that there is no repetition. The actual registration can be done directly through the registrar but most likely will be done by a third party like a hosting service. They are easily readable by people, but for computers to understand them, domain names have to be linked to binary IP addresses through special servers called domain name servers . This system allows for a them to be transferred to another server should the webmaster decide to use a different platform.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name

How to find your Primary Domain name

Usually, a .com domain name costs $14.99 / year. The cost of domain changes is based on each different extension. Some are even more expensive than this.

We do not suggest using anything but .com domains because everybody remembers a .com domain, and your smartphone keyboards have a pre-built key for .com

Domain extension

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Web Servers And The Internet

The Internet is nothing more than a large collection of computers attached to a telecommunications network and a set of protocols that establishes the rules for data to be sent and received by them. Most computers are linked to the Internet through a modem that directs traffic to and from a local phone or cable company. An Internet service provider directs the incoming and outgoing data through a local hub to regional hubs.

All the data that makes up a website is located on one or more specialized computers known as servers. Servers can be expensive to purchase and maintain, so companies, known as domain hosts or website hosts, lease server resources to subscribers in return for monthly fees. This allows most anyone to create a website that is available to the public on the World Wide Web , which is the collective network of all websites in the world that can be accessed through the internet.

In order for computers to understand each other, universal codes and protocols have been established. One of the most important of these protocols for websites and domain hosting is hypertext transfer protocol . It is this protocol that allows queries to be sent to specific servers so that the websites on those servers can be accessed.

How Can A Company Offer A Lifetime Domain Registration

There are some registrars who make the offer of lifetime domain registration. If the maximum amount of time ICANN allows is 10 years then how is this possible? The short answer is questionable ethics on the deal .

The only way this works is when the registrar purchases the domain on your behalf and leases it to you. Meaning while they give you the access and use of the domain as if you had ordered it through another registrar, they technically own it.

They take care of the renewals every ten years. If the company is good to their word and stays in business, then everything runs smoothly.

However, since youre not the one who has officially registered the domain, if the company went bankrupt, was hit with regulations or fines, or even was bought out, you could lose your domain.

You would not have the protections that come from having registered it yourself. Since the company is acting like a middleman on your behalf, if they have problems you lose the domain and whatever was paid for those extra years.

This Forbes article talks a bit about the practice, its not one that most registrars offer and although some attempt to do this honestly, its a red flag situation for sure.

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How To Buy A Domain Name: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you wondering how to buy a domain name? Well break down the exact steps for you in this guide.

Sleep better at night with Kinstas premium WordPress hosting

Whether youre a new business owner about to create your first website, a marketer branching out into a new field, or just want a website for your hobby, weve got you covered.

Registering a domain may seem tricky if youve never done it before. But its surprisingly easy after all, there are over 1.9 billion websites online .

In this article, well teach you how to buy a domain name and review some of the best domain registrars on the market .

Lets go.

How To Get A Domain For Free

How To Buy and Register a Domain Name (URL)

If you already have hosting services, you wont be able to use this method unless youre ready to upgrade to a better plan or switch to a new host. As such, timing is an important consideration if youre set on getting a domain name for free for the next year.

But if youre starting a website from scratch, you need web hosting services in addition to a domain name.

So, it makes sense to bundle them together. Its an easy and affordable way to get everything you need in one transaction while saving a bit of money.

The biggest consideration is choosing the right host for your website. So, lets talk about how to do that.

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How To Buy Cheapest In Domain Just At 9 Rs Only

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Hioxindia where you can buy the .in domain at just 9 rs. You can go through by the given link
  • After that you will will have to check availability of your website name which you want to be make by searching on the search box.
  • Below the search box, there are many types of domain names are shown below. But you have to ignore them and find only .in domain name for your website. Choose it.
  • Now register yourself on this page website. Create your account on the hioxindia.
  • Then check out your order via various types of payment methods available on the hioxindia page like UPI, credit card, debit card etc.
  • Successfully placed your order and connect your domain with any hosting or blogger dashboard by changing domain name system.
  • Use your .in domain and enjoy.

How Do I Permanently Buy A Domain Name

Its not possible to permanently own a domain name since its not a one-time purchase the maximum period of registration is ten years. You will need to pay and renew your subscription if you want to keep using the same domain name.This is to cover the maintenance costs or domain tax collected by the ICANN.As the number of registered domains grows, the tax increases. Hence, registrars need to adjust their pricing accordingly, which is why the renewal fees are more costly than the registration prices.

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How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

When you register a domain name, the ICANN requires you to provide personal contact information that will be stored in the WHOIS database.

Basically, as soon as the domain name is in the database, the record is publicly available to anyone who uses the WHOIS search tool.

There are loads of WHOIS tools available on the Internet, but you can try out, for example, the ICANN Lookup tool.

How Can I Get A Free Domain For Com

How to find out who owns a domain name

You only need to register for any of the web hosting plans that offer a free domain name. However, make sure the value is enough for you to buy the .com TLD.For example, if you sign up for Hostingers Premium or Business shared hosting plans, you will get a free domain for one year with the value equivalent of a .com TLD.

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Hostgator Best For Budget

HostGator is a web hosting company that guarantees uptime 99.9% of the time. It also offers 24/7 support an impressive 365 days a year via phone and live chat.

HostGator is also affordable. There are three hosting plans to choose from: the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan, and the Business Plan. If you go with the most affordable plan, youll pay just $2.75 a month for web hosting.

Keep in mind, however, that youll need to sign up for three years of web hosting to receive the lowest monthly price and your domain name is only free for the first year. After that, it renews at $17.99 per year.

But HostGators plans are incredibly affordable, to the point where they make it easy on your wallet if you dont want to settle for the most basic of hosting plans.

If you need shared hosting for more than one site, the Baby Plan allows you to host as many as you need for just 75 cents more per month.

What makes HostGator particularly scalable is their unmetered bandwidth and site storage on all shared hosting plans. That means you can accomodate as many site visits and use as much storage space as you need, within reason.

Most sites wont have to worry about using up too much of their servers resources. And youll never again have to count monthly visits to make sure you dont exceed your limit.

If you prefer a one-year term, the monthly fee increases to $3.95 for the Hatchling Plan and $5 for the Baby Plan, with a free domain for the entire one-year duration.

How To Register A Domain Name For Free

Youve heard the rumor about free domain names. Is it true?

Yes! There are actually ways to get a free domain name for your website.

First, you can get a free domain name for a web hosting provider such as Bluehost.

They offer every new user a 1-year free domain with any of their hosting plans. You can either register a brand new domain name with them or transfer a domain name, registered with another company.

Some other hosting providers who also have a 1-year free domain policy:

  • HostGator
  • Dreamhost
  • InMotion Hosting

Note: The downside of getting a domain name from a hosting provider is more expensive renewals. After a free year, most hosting providers will charge a higher renewal fee, compared to domain registrars.

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What Are Domain Name Extensions

Domain name extensions help categorize different domain names. Its a special hierarchy, invented for the Internet.

You can choose among popular top-level domain extensions such as:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net

Or go with a local domain extension such as if you want to focus on building a presence in a specific country:

  • .fr
  • .au

Also, theres a bunch of creative domain extensions, launched recently. You can try playing around with them to create a shorter, brandable name. For example:


Follow These Steps To Buy A Domain Name:

How To Buy Domain Name From Godaddy – Godaddy Domain Registration
  • Determine the purpose of the website. From there, brainstorm a list of potential domain names that are relevant and ideally include a keyword of your websites niche.
  • Pick a brandable name. From the list, select a domain name that sounds concise, memorable, and easy to spell and pronounce. It should be catchy enough that users can share it easily with others. Avoid long, complicated names and symbols.
  • Check the domain names availability. Use a checker tool to see if its on sale and which TLDs or domain extensions are available. The most popular TLD is .com, as most users are familiar with it.
  • Choose a domain registrar or web hosting provider to buy the domain from. For the best domain registrar, we recommend because it’s a versatile provider that provides excellent value for money. If you choose to go down the web hosting provider route, we recommend Bluehost because it offers you a domain for free. Make sure it offers basic features like DNS management and email forwarding. Also, compare the pricing, renewal rates, add-ons, and support to see which one offers the best value for money.
  • Register the domain name. Complete the payment and domain registration process. A domain name can be available for use between one to ten years, depending on your preferences. Finally, remember to check your email to verify the domain ownership.
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