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How To Make A Domain Name Email

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Get A Free Email Domain With Mailcom

How to set up email at your own domain name

If you want a 100 percent free email domain without the need to purchase your own web hosting and/or domain name, you may want to consider using This service provider wont enable you to create a custom email domain, so it may not be the best solution for established businesses. However, if youre a freelancer or a new startup and dont mind using a generic domain name from a ready-made catalog, it could be optimal for you.

Once youve filled in your details and chosen your password, click on I agree. Create an email account now. Then, select Activate your account now, and youre done:

Note that, unfortunately, this option wont allow you to send and receive emails via Outlook or Gmail. Youll have to log into each time you want to use it.

Boost Your Business With A Domain Email Account

The difference between using a business domain email address and a generic one is plain to see the former will have a positive impact on your companys image, while the latter will harm it.

If you were considering hiring one of two companies, and one had a domain email address while the other had a generic one, its likely that youd be more impressed by the company with the domain address. Your prospects and customers will have the same reaction when comparing your company to your competitors.

Using a domain email address helps promote an image of professionalism and credibility, sending a signal to people that you take your business seriously. It helps establish and maintain branding for your business and separates you from competitors who choose to use a free email account.

Add to those reasons the increased privacy, accessibility, portability, and security that come with a domain email account, and you can only arrive at one conclusion setting up a domain email account is a smart move for your business.

Do you have a professional email address for your business or do you prefer sticking with the free services?

How To Use Your Professional Email Address On Mobile Devices

Since youve set up your email address through Google Workspace, accessing it on your mobile phone is very simple.

Using the Official Gmail App

If you arent already using the Gmail App, which is available for both iOS and Android, download it and log in with your freshly-created Google Workspace credentials. Easy peasy.

If you are already using it with another address, youd need to add your new professional email address to it.

To do so, open your Gmail App on your phone.

On Android devices, press the hamburger icon to expand the menu, scroll to the bottom, and click Settings.

From here, all you need to do is click the Add account link.

Next, click the Google button to open the Google Account login page.

You may have to enter your smartphones pin code before being able to continue.

Once you see the Set up email page, log in with your Google Workspace account.

Thats it.

If youre using an iPhone, the steps are pretty similar. Tap on your thumbnail in the top-right corner of the Gmail app

This will bring up a new window where youll need to choose the Add another account option on:

You should now have the possibility to add your freshly-created professional email address, simply pick Google as your preferred option here:

What if you dont want to use the Gmail app, but rather the standard mail app on your devices? Well, heres how to add your professional email address to it.

Using the Standard Android Email App

Using the Mail App on iOS Devices

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Test Your Email Address

Since Google confirmed that you correctly entered the MX records, this is technically not a necessary step.

But its the fastest way to take your new branded email for a spin inside the Gmail inbox.

Open another email account, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, it doesnt matter. Compose a new email and enter your new email address in the To field.

Write a random subject like First email and send it.

Now, head over to Gmail and log in with your Google Workspace credentials.

Need a hosting solution that gives you a competitive edge? Kinstas got you covered with incredible speed, state-of-the-art security, and auto-scaling. Check out our plans

If you did everything correctly, you should see the test email you send from your other account in your inbox.

You can also try composing and sending an email the other way around to confirm that you can send mails without issue as well.

Are Business Emails Free

How to Create Your Own Personalized Domain Email Address

Just to clarify Its not possible to get a free business email address with a website domain on the end of it like You could get a free email that ends in, or, but that could look pretty unprofessional.

Youll need to pay for website hosting to get that free email address that ends in your own domain, and many hosts like Bluehost offer a free business email address with their hosting plan.

Because these plans offer so much with them, including the free email address, they are nearly free solutions to get you a business email address.

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What Is The Storage Space Of Email

Email storage space is the total amount of data, in megabytes, that your email messages occupy on the server. Each character written in your email message is equal to one byte of space. The size of your email attachments like PDF, images, slides, etc. are also included while calculating the storage space used.

All professional email providers have a fixed storage space that they allocate to each email account. Once this limit is breached, all incoming emails will bounce. Also, you will not be able to send any new emails. Hence, it is important to monitor the current storage space consumed by your email account to prevent the loss of important incoming client emails.

Create Email Address At Custom Domain

To create an email address at your new custom domain, first log into your Bluehost account.

Now, click on the Email & Office menu option on your left and then click on the Manage button next to your domain name.

This will you to your email account panel. Click on the Create button to continue.

You also need a strong password for your email address. Simply click on the Generate button next to the password field to allow Bluehost to automatically create a strong password for you.

You can also set your email storage space and change other settings under the Optional Settings section. Keep in mind that the Basic Bluehost plan only allows a maximum storage space of 100 MB. So if you want unlimited storage, we recommend getting Bluehost Plus or above.

When youre done, scroll down and click Create.

This will create your email account at your custom domain name. Now, you can access your mailbox to send and receive messages at your new business email.

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Our Top 25 Domain Names

First impressions countmake your mark with

Here at, we think that different email domains are a great way to bring a little personality to your email address or to give it a professional touch. We offer more than 200 domain names, but these are the undeniable favorites:

Why Choose A Email Domain

How to Create an Email Address with Your GoDaddy Domain Name
.email overview

The internet runs on email. Anyone doing business or building their brand online uses it to keep in touch with colleagues, make new connections, and discover new opportunities. If email is important to your new website, a .email domain extension could be just the thing. Register your .email domain name to start building relationships and growing your business today.

.email facts, stats & history

.email is a newer, generic top-level domain . That means anyone, anywhere in the world can register a .email domain name. And because it hasn’t been around for as long, you have a better chance of getting the exact domain name you want. Even better, a .email domain name is super-specific, clear, and precise. Whatever your connection to email, this TLD makes sure its the first thing your audience notices.

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What Is An Email Domain Name

Most businesses and professionals use a custom domain name that represents their brand and matches their official website. For example, if your website is, you can create an email address in this format: .

It is a standard practice to use an email address with your own custom email domain name for professional purposes. This helps with brand recognition and it also serves as a sign of authenticity so your email recipients always know that youre an official sender associated with your brand name .

Where Can I Get More Help Setting Up My Custom Email Address

The best source for help setting up your custom email address is through the provider where you purchased your domain name. For example, if you registered your domain through Bluehost, contact its customer service team for additional troubleshooting help via phone or live chat. If youd rather have someone set up your custom email address on your behalf, you can find technical support freelancers on Fiverr for as little as $5.

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What Is The Best Professional Email Hosting Option

Okay, so youve decided on a custom email domain. But what is the best option to host and handle your emails?

You have several different options, from using the options included with your hosting provider to opting for a premium solution like , which is what we use here at Kinsta.

Our entire team gets trustworthy, branded email addresses, but they also get to keep the familiar UX of Gmail for their business communication.

And thats the tip of the iceberg.

Choose A Hosting Plan And Sign Up For Bluehost

How to Create a Free Email Account With Own Domain Name

As we discussed earlier, all Bluehost hosting plans come with free custom email domains. So to start with, head over to Bluehost and click on the Get Started Now button.

On the next screen, youll see details of the available Bluehost plans. All of these plans will let you create an email domain for free, but you should consider all the other features to make the best pick for your needs.

Click on the Select button under your desired plan to continue.

Next, well be creating your new domain name.

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Change Your Email Address To Use Your Custom Domain Using The Microsoft 365 Admin Center

You must be a global admin to perform these steps.

  • Go to the admin center at .
  • Go to the admin center at .
  • Go to the Setup> Domains page.

  • On the Domains page, select Add domain.

  • Follow the steps to confirm that you own your domain. You’ll be guided to get everything set up correctly with your domain in Microsoft 365.

  • Go to Users> Active users.

  • Select a user to edit their username and change it to the domain you just added.

  • Note

    If you are not using an Exchange license, you cannot use the domain to send or receive emails from the Microsoft 365 tenant.

    How Do You Set Up A Professional Email Signature

    If youre using Gmail, set up your email signature by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select Settings and scroll down to find the Signature box, where you can input your signature.

    Alternatively, you can design a professional email signature using a signature generator like WiseStamp. WiseStamp lets you create a customized professional email signature that includes images, links, icons, and morewith no coding knowledge. Learn more about the best email signature generators.

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    Sign Up For An Email Hosting Service

    Now that youve got your domain, its time to sign up for an email hosting service.

    Most domain providers offer a hosting plan, but you do have the option of connecting your domain to an entirely different hosting provider. There are a few things youll want to consider when choosing your email and web hosting service:

    • Whats their pricing?
    • Do they have a secure platform with strong security?
    • How much storage capability do they have?

    Your email hosting provider will deal with the backend of your email address, so you dont have to do this manually. They will help you deal with incoming emails and communicate with the rest of the web to ensure files are sent and received properly.

    Verify Your Domain Name With Google Workspace

    How to setup a custom email address using your own domain name with Google

    Next, youll need to verify your domain name with Google Workspace by adding something called a TXT record. Depending on how you have things configured, you can do this at either:

    • Your web host
    • The place where you registered your domain name

    Google Workspace will provide detailed instructions for most popular hosts/registrars.

    Heres what it looks like to add the TXT record using cPanel :

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    Connect To Your Email Provider

    How you connect your domain to your email host depends on where you registered your domain name. If you registered a domain name through an all-in-one domain and email hosting service like Google Workspace, youll simply follow the remaining prompts and the work is done for you. On the other hand, if you registered your domain through a web hosting service, site builder, or another third-party service, you may need to take additional steps.

    For example, if you got your domain as part of your web hosting plan, you need to navigate to your web hosting providers instructions on how to set up your new business email address. For most, you will see an option labeled Email from within your account dashboard. Follow the prompts to set up your custom email address.

    From there, all you need to do is decide how you would like your email address formatted. For help deciding which is right for your business, learn more about choosing a professional email address.

    For Those Using An Email Provider

    Since every email provider does things differently, I won’t be able togive you a detailed description of what to do. Instead, I’ll tell you the general steps, so that you have anoverview of the entire procedure. Armed with that information, you will have a better idea of what to lookfor on your email provider and registrar’s websites.

    There are essentially two things that you need to do. Set things up at your domain registrar’s end sothat mail sent to your domain is directed to your email provider. You will also need to set things up at youremail provider’s end so that they will actually accept the email sent to your domain.

    Some email providers allow you to do this bypointing yourdomain to their service. If they say something like letting them host your domain, or host your DNS,or asking you to set your domain to use their nameservers , this is what they want.Step-by-step instructions on how to do this, including an explanation of what this mysterious “nameserver”thing is, can be found in my article onHow toPoint a Domain Name to Your Website. Don’t worry that the article seems to be talking about awebsite and you are only concerned about email. The steps are the same, since you are essentially lettingyour email provider take over your website’s address, even if you don’t have one.

    When you have done that, log into your account at yourdomain name registrar.

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    How To Make A Custom Domain Email If Your Name Is Taken

    So, youve narrowed down your domain name choices. Youve still got to remember that all three of those combinations could already be taken. The internet is a big place, and with businesses growing year by year, domain names will too. Even if your favorite domain name are taken, dont despair. There is a solution.

    Try using your business location in your domain name. Not only will this increase the chances of success, but it will help bump up your SEO ranking . Mix it in with different variations of you and your companys name. Youre bound to come across one that fits the bill eventually.

    How To Make A Professional Email Address With Google Workspace

    Easily Create and Use Domain Name Email Address Now

    Making and registering your first professional email address can seem overwhelming. But it becomes a simple process when you break it down step by step.

    First, if you dont already have a domain name, you need to register one. You will also need premium web hosting with DNS support.

    If you already have a domain and a website, you can skip straight to step three.

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    How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name By Paying For Google Workspace

    If youre willing to pay, another way to use Gmail with your own domain name is to pay for , formerly called G Suite.

    Google Workspace essentially lets you create an entire Google account with your own custom email, instead of using a Gmail address. This not only gives you access to Gmail with your own domain name, but it also gives you separate access to other Google tools such as:

    • Drive
    • Calendar
    • Etc.

    If you have an organization, you can also set up Google Workspace for your entire organization so that you can all easily share files with one another.

    Theres a lot to like about this method. However, the downside is obviously that it isnt free!

    There are two ways to go with Google Workspace:

  • Business plans these plans let you pay per user and start at $6 per month per user. So if its just you, youll pay just $6 per month. However, if your business has five employees, you would pay $30 per month .
  • Individual plan this plan is tailored to individuals who wont need to add other team members. However, its a little more expensive at $9.99 per month.
  • If you want to save money, using the Business plans is the best option . However, because the Business plans are tailored towards teams, its a little more complicated to set things up.

    If youre willing to pay a slight premium for simplicity and you know that you wont need to ever add more team members, its totally fine to go with the Individual plan.


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