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What Characters Can Be In A Domain Name

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Example Of Idna Encoding

How to Change Domain Name in Wix (Free Wix URL)

IDNA encoding may be illustrated using the example domain Bücher.example. This domain name has two labels, Bücher and example. The second label is pure ASCII, and is left unchanged. The first label is processed by Nameprep to give bücher, and then converted to Punycode to result in bcher-kva. It is then prefixed with xn-- to produce xn--bcher-kva. The resulting name suitable for use in DNS records and queries is therefore “xn--bcher-kva.example”.

Technical Requirements And Process

In the process of registering a domain name and maintaining authority over the new name space created, registrars use several key pieces of information connected with a domain:

A domain name consists of one or more labels, each of which is formed from the set of ASCII letters, digits, and hyphens , but not starting or ending with a hyphen. The labels are case-insensitive for example, ‘label’ is equivalent to ‘Label’ or ‘LABEL’. In the textual representation of a domain name, the labels are separated by a full stop .

How Do I Register A Domain With Special Symbols Or Characters

Daring Fireball tweeted:

We Dont Lie to Google:

I’ve been thinking about creating a url shortener and a short url similar to would be ideal as no one will ever have to manually type the symbol.

I tried to register a domain with a heart on a few of the more popular domain name registrars, but upon submitting I was told that the domain name contained invalid characters.

How do I search and register a domain with one of these symbols or characters?

  • 1 o.k.wNov 12 ’09 at 0:48
  • yeah, sorry… not programming related. Will ask on SF or SU now that I have “discovered” those sister sites.

As mentioned above, an internationalized domain name allows the inclusion of language-specific characters. You can use this tool to see how such names are mapped into regular ASCII domain names that begin with the special xn-- followed by regular characters, followed by an encoding to insert special characters within the regular ones. For example: is the ascii mapping of noë when the nol is the normal part and the kma specifies to insert the ë between the second and third characters of nol to give noël.

Read . First of all, many characters are not permitted in IDNS. Secondly, the recent announcement is that registration will open for a limited set of IDNS names in a few months, not now.

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What Is The Best Domain Name Length

While generally speaking a short domain name is best, there are some exceptions to this guideline to bear in mind.

The “short is good” mantra is true to a degree, but registration of a short address needs to be a decision based on a more holistic approach.

For example, consider these two examples of web addresses left of the dot.

  • 8xuz-zy
  • purpleflombles

The purpleflombles example has double the characters of 8xuz-zy but it would be reasonable to conclude the purpleflombles name would be easier to remember and relay – and that is a key point to consider when choosing domain names. It’s not just the fact the 8xuz-zy isn’t really pronounceable, but also that it has a hyphen and a number in it.

Good, short web addresses are becoming very hard to find in .COM but you may have better luck trying to find and register domain names of a reasonably short length that are still available.

If you can’t find a suitable short domain name – don’t panic. There’s nothing wrong with longer domain names either, but some of the basic rules apply

  • Must be easy to remember
  • Must be easy to relay to someone else
  • Must be easy to spell

Don’t go overboard on length though – very long addresses can look rather spammy and that leads us to another related issue that will become increasingly important – web usage on mobile devices.

What Is The Average Domain Name Length?

What Is The Maximum Domain Name Length?

Can Domain Names Have Hyphens

Can you use the

Yes, domain names can have hyphens. You can register a domain name with a hyphen in it, for example,

However, a domain name cannot start or end with a hyphen. The hyphen needs to be in the middle of the domain name. And you cannot have two consecutive hyphens in the middle of the domain name.

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Rest Of Website Address

Periods do appear in website addresses but are used to indicate the break between the domain name and the type of domain they do technically not form part of the name itself. The first slash in a website address after the domain name indicates the break between the text making up the domain information and text indicating the location of the particular file on the relevant server that hosts the website. Further slashes after this indicate a directory within the server. The last part of the website address contains the file name. You can use a wider range of symbols in the directory and filenames. However, some symbols may cause confusion on some computers and software, which may interpret the symbol as an instruction.

Homoglyph Bundles And Eu Extensions

Homoglyph bundles are applicable to the following extensions:

  • .eu

Visually identical or confusingly similar characters across different scripts are bundled.

  • Latin a versus Greek

There are exceptions to this rule. Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of characters that are bundled with one another, despite not being visually identical or confusingly similar:

  • Latin ß and Latin ss
  • Latin ss and Greek
  • Greek and Greek
  • Greek and Greek and Greek and
  • Greek i and Greek i i i i i i.

Should one or more domain names happen to be part of a bundle but were registered before 6th May 2015, they will continue to be registered. Should they be deleted, they will not be available for new registration and will become homoglyph blocked in the EURid web-based WHOIS.

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Can You Use Hyphen In A Domain

You can use a hyphen in a domain but not 2 consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth positions.For example, is acceptable but is not a valid option.

Although hyphens are valid in a domain, it is strongly advised not to use them. People can easily type the version without the hyphens and you can lose traffic. If you decide to use it after all, just use one that connects 2 words.

I would like also to mention that a hyphen doesnt affect your performance on search engines . They evaluate websites based on content and other factors. A website with a hyphen can succeed if the content is good or there is a clever marketing approach.

Here are some examples of domains with hyphens.

Black Jack

Can A Domain Name Start With A Number

Namecheap: How to Change Domain Name Servers

Yes, domain names can start with a number. However, it is only recommended where it makes sense.

For example, would be more appropriate than On the other hand, is likely a more desirable domain name than, purely due to popular culture and branding.

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What Are Some Successfulexamples Of Long Domain Names

Some good examples are,,, . These sites get a lot of traffic and have a big success even if their domains are considered as long. The characters are more than the ideal number but still, there are not more than 3 words and the domains are easily memorable.

If you are interested to get a free domain and good hosting service read this post: Where and how to buy domain and hosting .

If you want to read how a domain affects your google rankings check here:

Which Characters Are Not Allowed In Domain Names

Most of the special characters except hyphens are not allowed in a domain. Things like an underscore, period, comma, apostrophe, exclamation mark, question mark, ampersand, bracket are not valid options.

Some special characters are not allowed in a domain name because they are reserved for other cases. For example, a question mark indicates that certain values are assigned to certain parameters. In the below screenshot I did a search on Linkedin with the keyword logistics.

After that search, i see only results relevant to the keyword logistics. Dont confuse a url with a domain. As you can see in the above screenshort there are many special characters, even some underscores!

The URL is everything you see here: origin=GLOBAL_SEARCH_HEADER .

linkedin is the second level domain and com is the top-level domain!

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Does Domain Length Matter

The short answer is that it does but not for the reasons you think about it. Long domains dont affect directly your position negatively in search engines neither can cause you any kind of penalty.

What they affect is the overall user experience. The domain name is the first thing someones sees when visits your site or the search results on google. What would be the first impression in that case if he sees a very long domain? He will probably think that your site looks spammy and not a trusty one.

Users have used to visit sites with a shorter length and in some cases have connected authority with a relatively short domain .

People need to type a longer domain that takes more time and also the length affects how memorable a domain name can be. Shorter names are more memorable than long ones and stick easier to someones head. Even some things like your email they will not look so professional, example: . You need to think about how your domain looks like under different situations like printed in a business card, a t-shirt or a clever online or offline advertisement.

Does your domain work well in those cases? If the answer is yes then dont worry so much about length. It is ok to use long domain if the previous problems are solved.

How Important Are Domain Names

Can you use the

Summary:The term domain name may seem like a highfaluting term that has meaning only for computer wizards and for those who spend days and nights in their computers. The truth is that the term domain name is a simple geek term referring to the address of a website.

To make it simpler, domain names are essential to websites in the same manner that names are important to people. Can you imagine people being addressed or being called using a series of pin numbers instead of their nam

Keywords:domain names, internet, business

The term domain name may seem like a highfaluting term that has meaning only for computer wizards and for those who spend days and nights in their computers. The truth is that the term domain name is a simple geek term referring to the address of a website.

To make it simpler, domain names are essential to websites in the same manner that names are important to people. Can you imagine people being addressed or being called using a series of pin numbers instead of their names? Remembering names is already a problem for most people so you can just imagine how chaotic it would b e if people do not have names but just numbers.

This works the same way with websites which are addressed using domain names instead of a series of numbers commonly referred to as IP address. Like most numbers, IP addresses can be hard to remember and they are permanent meaning a new IP address for a new web hosting company.

  • About Eli

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Idns Rules For Eu And Its Variants In Other Scripts

Script matching at the second level

When you register a .eu domain name, you cannot combine characters from different scripts. All the characters of the domain name at the second level must come from the same script.

The digits 0 through 9 and the hyphen can be used with all Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters. If you like to register an exclusively numeric domain name – possibly including hyphens you should specify the extension during registration. In the case that the extension is not specified, the .eu extension will be set by default.

Script matching throughout the domain name

The script of the second level domain name must match the script of the extension . In other words, if the domain name being registered is in Latin script, the script at the top-level will be .eu. On the other hand, if the domain name being registered is in Cyrillic script, the script at the top-level will be ..

Can Domains Have Accents

Domain names can have accents that belong to international languages, for example, übèr-dmâíñ.com However, when registering such a domain, you cannot register it as is. You would first need to convert it to its ASCII equivalent, which is, by using an online converter.

Your browser will be able to read and decode the internationalized domain name when you type it in the address bar.

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What Characters Are Allowed In A Domain Name

A domain name is a way people find your website, business or home. If you consider domain name as the address, the web hosting service is a building.

Almost every website that we come across throughout the day, has its unique domain name. For example, Amazon is the name of the company, while the domain name is

Hosting A Domain Name With Compound Characters

How to List Domain Names for Sale

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Stéphane Bortzmeyer


In a previous article, we saw that it is perfectly possible to use compound characters in a domain name. Examples of this are ré, académie-franç, and many others. These names are handled like any other domain name and can be used, for instance, online in URLs or web addresses such as http://ré For the end user, they are just like other domain names and have no distinguishing features, unless the software is very old or contains bugs. However, for a technician configuring the software behind the hosting of these names, and the associated services, this is not always the case, and often they have to be handled differently.

This article is therefore intended for those technicians, for example, the system administrator of a HTTP server used to serve a website whose domain name contains these compound characters . It focuses on free software, like Apache or Nginx, since they are essentially the basis for Internet services infrastructure.

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