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How To Make A Domain Email With Gmail

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Change Your Primary Domain For Google Workspace

How to Set-Up a Custom Email for Your Domain Name in Gmail – Use GSuite to Create Domain Email

If you get a new domain or rebrand your company, you might want to change the domain for your Google Workspace account. Then you can use the new domain for your email addresses, Drive sharing, Meet, and other services.

Switching your primary domain is an involved process and you might consider adding another domain to your account instead. Learn about alternatives to switching your domain.

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Add Your Custom Domain To Your Gmail

After you have your domain credentials in hand, log into your Gmail account. To begin, log into your Google account and click on the settings icon in the top right corner. Click on the Accounts and Import tab at the top.

Navigate to Accounts and Import, then scroll down to Check mail from other accounts.

A new window will open asking for your email address. Once you have entered that and clicked Next, click Import email from my other account , and click next.

Here is where you will input your POP3 server information including the port along with the username and password associated with your domain. Check the option boxes that you wish to use, then click Add Account.

Next, to allow Gmail to also send emails out from that domain, you will want to click the Yes, I want to be able to send mail option, then Next. On the next window, you will fill out your name and email address and make sure the Treat as an alias option is checked then click Next.

On this final window, you will enter the username and password associated with your domain once more, then fill out the SMTP server information including the port. With that done, click the Add Account button, then enter the code you should have received in the verification email to finalize the process.

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Setting Up Mailgun Account

Instead of paying for a Google Apps account, theres a way to add your domain to Gmail for free.

Here comes Mailgun!

Mailgun is a service that allows you to send, receive and track email automatically. Its free plan allows you to send or receive up to 10,000 emails a month.

Now, you can use your Gmail account with a custom domain email address

your domain.

Head down to Mailgun and sign up for an account.

Make sure you sign up with your Gmail or other email accounts you have access to.

Dont use an email account with your custom domain to register. If you do, you will encounter a problem verifying your account.

Once youve verified and activated your account, your dashboard should look something like this.

Next, you need to add your domain to Mailgun.

To create a custom domain, you need to update your Free plan to Concept plan which still lets you sent up 10,000 emails per month for free. Click on the link the the Getting Started box to upgrade your account.

Next, simply key in your payment detail.

You can click on Domains link under Sending to view list of domains on your account. Next Add New Domain button to add a new domain.

Type in your domain name and click Add Domain button.

By default, Mailgun recommends you to use a subdomain instead of the root domain, for example, instead

How To Add Email Forwarding

How to hook up a custom domain email to your free Gmail ...

You do not have to set-up a forwarder from your domain email address to your Gmail address but it should provide faster delivery of new mail to Gmail. Before you configure Gmail, you should create an email forwarder.

Return to the cPanel and create an email forwarder from your custom domain email address to your Gmail address.

  • Under the Email & Office tab, find the Forwarders section.
  • Click the Add Domain Forwarder button.
  • Now all emails to will be forwarded to your Gmail account.

    Note that Google also offers Google Workspace a paid suite of business tools that includes Gmail. Google Workspace offers several business advantages especially collaborative working and organization. We discuss this below in the FAQ.

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    Gmail Domain Setup: A How

    Many first-time domain owners are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of domains and their integration with other services, such as Gmail.

    For example, did you know that you can link your domain to your Gmail account so that your business can take full advantage of G Suite services? Boiled down, this means that you can connect a Gmail address to your domain name, and then access it from just about anywhere in the world.

    Lets say that you have a domain called and your name is Tom. With you can easily create as the email, and then have that linked directly to a Gmail account. If you dont already own a domain, you can find one and complete the purchase process with in minutes. This way, you get to keep a professional looking email and have the power of the G Suite at your fingertips as well.

    Now, getting started can be a little daunting but finding a domain name and linking it to a Gmail is easy with Lets discuss the steps to take to setup a Gmail and domain, plus everything you need to know about Gmail for business. makes it easy to add G Suite for Business to your domain name.

    Log Into The Control Panel Of Your Hosting Account

    Once you purchase the hosting for your domain name, you will receive an email with the login link to your control panel . On the left, you will see a snapshot of our control panel through Hostgator.

    Control Panel Email Section

    Once you log-in the control panel, there will be a Mail section: click on Email Accounts.

    After you are done setting up your new email and password, click on Create Account. You do not have to click on Create A Gmail For Work Account as this tutorial will set it up for you, for FREE!

    Okay, so domain email has been created and now we move to our Gmail. As we are now transitioning to the Gmail, keep your control panel open in a different window we will need to get back to this a couple more times in this domain email to gmail integration!

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    Configure Forwarding Between Your Domain Email And Gmail

    Now we get to the good stuff: forwarding emails sent to your business domain on to your Gmail . This step is divided into two parts for inbound and outbound emails.

    Forwarding incoming emails to Gmail

    Every compatible hosting service has their own way of configuring incoming email forwarding, but generally the process looks like this:

  • Sign into your admin account with your site host
  • Navigate to the tab or menu item dealing with email management
  • Forwarding outgoing emails through your domain email

    Once youve got incoming email forwarding set up, youll need to do the same within Gmail for outgoing emails. Luckily, Google allows us to do this for free via its SMTP servers. Heres how:

  • Within your Google account, navigate to Settings > Security > Less Secure app access, and turn it On.
  • Next, go to Gmail. Click the Gear Icon at the top-right, then the Accounts and Import Under Send Mail As, click Add another email address and fill the custom domain email from Step 2 into the pop-up field. Tick the box next for Treat as an alias, then click Next Step > > .
  • Enter the following settings:
  • Password Your Gmail password
  • Port/Secure connection using 465/SSL or 587/TLS
  • An email will be sent to your forwarding address. Click the verification link within through to the Gmail Settings page. Here, click Make default next to
  • Test out your forwarding

    What’s Required To Create A Business Email

    How to Set up Your Domains Email Address in Your Account

    We will walk you through creating each of these, however to get started you’ll need:

    • *an ABN
    • *a current email address .

    Why Crazy Domains and Google Workspace?

    There are a plethora of email options out there, each with their pros and cons. We don’t specifically advocate for one over the other, apart from that Crazy Domains and Google Workspace combination is what we use and have never had any problems with it.

    Purchasing and setting up email accounts directly through a domain name provider is okay, however we’ve personally found that email clients like Outlook or Airmail often don’t like the servers they use and remembering how to access them via a webmail client can be annoying.

    Google Workspace and Gmail are one of biggest and most secure email platforms in the world, and there’s also the added benefit of being able to easily access your emails via the Gmail website if you’re travelling abroad or don’t have a regular device with you.

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    Connecting Your Domain Email To Gmail

    So, you have your domain name all set up. Now, you just want to find a way where you can set up your domain email and access it easily. What better way than to access all your emails in one place! Below is the first part of the guide, explaining how to create the domain email on your hosting provider. We will be adding this domain email to Gmail later!

    Purchasing A Domain Name

    Checking for a domain names availability at is simple. Type the name you wish for in the search bar and then hit the magnifying glass symbol. If available, you can then buy your domain name. If unavailable, a list of similar names with slight variations to the domain name itself or the domain extension is presented.

    Once you have found that ideal domain name and confirmed its availability, youre then required to submit the following information to

    • The domain name and domain extension
    • First and last name
    • Billing information
    • Administrative contact information

    After you file this information, instantly starts the registration process, sending the request to ICANN, who then performs a WHOIS query to confirm your identity.

    As a note, you should be aware that domain registration does not last forever. It is similar to renting an apartment for a few years, with the option to renew that rent annually. With, you have the opportunity to purchase a domain name for a span of one to five years.

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    Registrars And Website Hosts

    The registrar may be the same company as the host, or it may be a totally different company. Most companies will allow customers to perform a name search & register it there. In fact if you choose a package first it is likely to get it for free for one year. Because the equipment required by registrars is so similar, most companies engage in both activities. Many companies marketed as registrars offer domain packages to those that use their name registration services, and other companies marketed as website hosts offer free or discounted registration for subscribers to their packages.

    Find a host first or start with a search on a registrar. However, if it is already registered, you can subscribe to nearly any other hosting service. All you have to do is tell the host the names of the servers where the name information is stored.

    Recap: Using Gmail To Create An Email With Your Domain

    How to hook up a custom domain email to your free Gmail ...

    Build professional-looking email addresses with Gmail and your domain. We recommend BlueHost to help you easily set your Gmail and create an email with your domain.

    Remember that by clicking the Email and Office on the side left navigation, you can easily find the right options to set up your custom email address.

    The Advanced tab can bring you to the email settings that can help you connect your custom email address to your Gmail account and it allows you to appropriate your email settings to your business needs

    You can also follow the steps above to connect this email address to a free Gmail account so you can both send and receive emails from Googles email solution.

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    St Access The Accounts And Imports Settings

    Access This Page by Clicking “All Settings” From the Quick Settings Menu

    From your main page on Gmail, click the gear icon and select “All Settings”. From there, you will click on the “Accounts and Imports” tab. There you will scroll down and select “Add a Mail Account”. That will begin the linking process.

    How To Get An Email Address On Your Custom Domain Name

    You probably have Gmail or some other free email account already. While that email is perfectly fine, it might not look very good when used for any sort of professional purpose.

    Were going to show you two ways to do that:

    • Option A). Involves handling everything within your user panel at Bluehost one of the leading web hosting firms on the web, famous for its low prices and good beginner-friendly approach.
    • Option B). Involves connecting your domain name to Gmail as in, yes, you will be interacting with your email through a Gmail-like panel, but youll be doing so in a way that lets you use your custom domain email instead of a standard address

    Something we need to admit right up front is that path is much more beginner-friendly. Wed give it 5/5 on the ease of use scale. Path is a moderate 3/5.

    Option A) Create Email Accounts for Your Domain Name with Web Hosting Provider

    Many top web hosting companies offer free email accounts for their customers. Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost just to name a few.

    In this example, well show you steps to create email accounts for your domain name with Bluehost:

    First, log in to your Bluehost panel and then go into the Advanced tab from the main sidebar.

    From there scroll down to the Email section and click on Email Accounts.

    From there click on the Create button.

    Heres how to fill that out:

    Once you have the fields filled in, click on Create again.

    Option B) Create Email Accounts for Your Domain Name with Gmail

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