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How To Get Xyz Domain Free

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How To Get Free .XYZ Domain | Free Domain 2020 | Domain

We’re fanatical about your success. Hear it from our users Strikingly just works.

Seth Godin

I started using this tool and it turns out it’s a simple web development tool that is all plug and play… It’s hard for me to imagine a website being ten times more beautiful than what you can build with Strikingly.

Rebecca Bloom

I run a small business from home and I quit GoDaddy long ago because it was expensive and pretty byzantine. I work part-time and I don’t want those hours spent on satellite website issues I want to maximize my earnings. Strikingly is so intuitive and functional. I love it!

I’ve told tons of my friends about it already.

Mike Pacifico

I actually just want to say how impressed I’ve been with the site/software/mobile app. I looked at a few options before going with Strikingly, but I’m so glad I did.

Amazing UI/UX, perfect balance between being simple, yet customizable and at no point was I “stuck” everything just seems to work. Great stuff and thanks again!

Zia Kusuma

I’m one of your big fans! Strikingly is just amazing! I always had problems choosing templates or themes whether it’s on Tumblr or WordPress, with a bunch of options, but only few that suits my taste. But Strikingly won my heart!

David Smooke

Are There Any Other Costs Included

Once you pay for your web hosting subscription you will get your domain name completely free of charge no other costs included. This deal even includes a free SSL certificate that will secure your website and run it on HTTPS.

The only other cost you might have to worry about is the renewal fee once the year of free domain name registration is up.

What Is A Domain Name

Generally, domain names are defined as names given to a any network domain virtually on internet that permits the identification of this network domain.

Also, domains can equally be defined as IP which permits the identification of resources such as of a local computer or PC accessing the Internet, any server hosting a website etc.

Note that any service communicated through the internet is or any stuff you got to see on internet is probably found under a domain name.

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Easy Ways To Get A Free Com Domain For Life In 2022

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Do you want to set up your online business and have a limited budget to do that?

Well, we won’t let your hope die so quickly, as, in this post, we will offer you the 7 ways to get free .com Domain name. Not only .com but any TLDs with no extra charge. Just follow the guide below, and you will know.

We all know that a domain name is the first step in building your online business. It is the address of your website for beginners through which anyone on the net can find you easily.

Some of the common domain names used by 46% of the websites on the net are- .com, .net, .org, .edu, .info, and .in.

After a domain name, you will search for a trustworthy, speedy, and supporting hosting partner for your website. Now, if you buy these services separately from internet giants like GoDaddy, A2Hosting, or 1& 1, then you will end up emptying your pocket in the first year of your online business only. And you might even think the online store to be a costly affair and drop your dreams.

Well, folks, no need to think so much in advance as we are there to guide you through your lasting online journey and make your presence count.

The budget problem is not that huge, as a little bit of right awareness will help you accomplish your goals in no time. How? Its because we will tell you the best ways to get a free .com Domain name and save money.

How To Get Free Xyz Domain And Web Hosting

Free .xyz domain for every one get it now !! Limited time

You can Get a Free XYZ Domain name with any Web Hosting Package, So just Buy a Web Hosting Package and Get a FREE domain name.


1: Just Go to

2: Choose Business or any other higher Web Hosting Package and click on Order Now!

3: Now Search your XYZ domain name on this page.

4: Now Enter this Promo Code while checkout.Promo Code: XYZFREE

5:Now Complete the order, and you have to pay only for web hosting and you will get the domain name free of cost.

What you will get in $6.99, if you pay us $6.99 you will get an XYZ domain name for a year with 1 GB disk space 10 GB bandwidth, 10 emails accounts, 10 subdomains, 10 databases, etc, and our servers take backups weekly of your accounts, and you can manage our web hosting accounts by Cpanel that is the most famous and reliable panel for hosting accounts.

Just Order an XYZ domain name + 1 GB Web Hosting package, and use the promo code XYZFREE at the time of checkout and you have to pay only web hostings price only.

So guys hurry up and order now for your free domain name and web hosting, you can also contact us through SMS, phone call, WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype.

Skype: zainhosting

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Get A Free Xyz Domain Name At Hostmight

Do you need .XYZ domain name? We now have another offer which let a .XYZ domain cost 0.00 BDT. One of the fastest growing domain/hosting providers in the Bangladesh , Host Might is launching a coupon code helping you to get a free .XYZ domain. If you wanna get your free domain, take this chance right now cause its going to expire soon.

Can I Register Multiple Domains With This Coupon

No, you cant. This coupon can be used just once by every user. So be wise while choosing the name for your domain. You will have right to just one chance.

Nevertheless, you can still create multiple domains if you got multiple accounts. I think here you can use your sense to get to do this.

Not everyone got the money to register a domain for his/her website. so, you that found this, spread the news with your friends and family for this amazing opportunity because the coupon wont last for ever.

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Safety And Support For Your Xyz

Real DNS Power

Namecheaps network of DNS servers covers Europe and the US to deliver 99.99% uptime keeping your site running smoothly. Other DNS features include URL and email forwarding to keep your business moving forward too. Plus, we help keep your web traffic safe with DNSSEC as standard on all eligible domains.

Domain privacy protection

For increased privacy, a domain privacy service will mask your personal domain data from the publicly accessible Whois database. This also reduces spam and protects you against identity theft. Best of all, its included FREE for life with every eligible Namecheap domain you register.

How To Register A Xyz Domain

How to get free xyz domain 2021 | free xyz domain

Registering a .xyz is similar to registering a normal .com, .in domain. Step by step guide to registering a .xyz domain:

Step 1: Choose a domain name you want to register. Example:,, etc

Step 2: . Visit this site. XYZ Registry is the company behind .xyz domain names. The project is open for contribution or feedback on GitHub.

XYZ is a technological organization that provides domain names and related services to people and businesses worldwide. As an industry leader, XYZ offers a diverse range of goods, from its flagship, to category-specific domains. XYZ was formed in 2011 to provide internet consumers wanting a digital presence with innovation and choice. In addition, it offers all age groups the opportunity to build their projects, brands, and enterprises with new domain names by linking generations X, Y, and Z.

Step 3: Search for your desired domain name if its available.

Step 4: Select the term of years you want your domain to be registered for and then check out the approximate cost of registering the domain.

Step 5: The next step is to integrate add-ons according to your business/personal needs. Below are a few add-ons you can integrate:

Step 6: The next step is to fill out all your information and pay the required amount.

Step 7: Read the terms and conditions for better understanding and Submit the order. Your domain is now registered.

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Register A Xyz Domain For Free At Porkbun

Looking for a new domain? Why not register one for free! Porkbun is offering free first-year registrations of a .XYZ domain for all customers. Hurry and grab one before the offer is gone!

Did you know that Porkbun often offers its customers free domain names? For a long time now, this fantastic domain registrar has given a list of free domain names to help you launch projects without worrying about the domain costs, including .Design, .Ink, or .Wiki. And today, they have added the .XYZ domain to that free list.

So you can right away visit Porkbun, search for your .xyz domain name and enjoy it for free. The offer is valid for all customers and limits one free domain per account.

You have to use the following coupon code to claim the promotion.

Renew for $9.31. Limited time offer.

Features come free with your domain:

  • WHOIS Privacy

How To Get A Free Xyz Domain Name Without Hosting

On of the best way to come across internet and find a specific website or page is by searching for that websites domain name.

These domains names are offered by registrars who provide them free or provide the, paid. The prices varies on the domain value.

In this article, I will show you how to get a paid domain name for free. Just continue reading.

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The awesome folks at .xyz are providing free access to their .xyz domain names and other services to all those involved in Dojos worldwide!

For the next month, all members of the CoderDojo community can apply to get all of the below for FREE:

  • A .xyz domain of your choice
  • Weebly website builder
  • Limited edition XYZ swag bag
  • A chance to be interviewed for their #WebsiteWednesday series

At XYZ, we believe CoderDojo Ninjas are the future leaders and entrepreneurs of the world. Thats why we want to equip you with everything youll need to start innovating on your very own piece of the internet. We cant wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Shayan Rostam, Global Director of Registry Operations, XYZ

How To Get Your Own Xyz Domain

How to Get Free .xyz Domain names and more!

Blockchain technologys popularity has heralded a fundamental change from centralized to decentralized institutions. Companies that use blockchain technology tend to stand apart in every manner. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies an original concept for a more transparent and secure digital currency, Web 3 a decentralized web experience, NFT a shift in the art business, and Metaverse a shift that will blow peoples minds in the next few years. Blockchain is causing havoc in every industry.

As a result, how we can bet on established domains such as .com, .in, .eu, and .gov? Non- .com domain names appear to be more popular among blockchain enterprises. For instance, the .xyz domain is one of the most commonly used by Blockchain organizations.

The popularity of the xyz domain skyrocketed in 2015 after Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, chose as its URL. This was primarily because American Broadcasting Corporation used, whilst BMWs fleet management section used . As a result, the .xyz domain received a lot of attention.

According to Domain Name Stat, the popularity of the .xyz domain has exploded in recent years. The graph below depicts the increase in the number of registered .xyz domains in 2021.

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Are Xyz Domains Better Than Com Domains

The TLD you use should depend on your needs.

For example, .xyz doesnt have a designated country or industry. So, its excellent for a multi-purpose site or for when you want to claim a unique domain for personal use. We also recommend it to small business owners on a tight budget.

On the other hand, .com is intended for commercial use like a business website or an online store. The popularity of .com makes it easy to build authority and win clients trust. However, a .com domain is usually much more expensive.

We are a web hosting provider on a mission to bring success to everyone who goes online. We do it by constantly improving server technology, providing professional support, and making the web hosting experience seamless.

Why Register A Xyz Domain Name

  • It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense.

    XYZ is used daily, worldwide, as a short, easy-to-remember phrase. Because XYZ is composed of three letters, just like the popular, .com, .net, and .org extensions, it brings a familiar quality to an innovative new extension. We end the alphabet with XYZ so why not end a domain name the same way?

  • It’s Perfect Forâ¦

    Anyone can use .XYZ for any purpose. It’s for bloggers, startups, and businesses of any size. .XYZ is ideal for companies that want a shorter version of their URL, are looking to launch promotions and microsites, or simply want to shake up their image.

  • There’s a new memorable TLD in town.

    Let’s face it, finding an available .com is hard! It seems like all the good ones have long since been registered. But .XYZ is new, and it’s pushing the reset button on your domain name search. This is a fresh opportunity to register a great domain without fighting the .com crowd. But don’t wait — just like with .com, the ones that make sense are disappearing fast. Secure your new .XYZ now!

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How To Get A Free Com Domain Name

If you buy domain services and hosting plans separately, you will spend approximately $40-$50 yearly. But if you buy the domain services under an exclusive offer of a hosting firm, you will get it for free.

Let’s see the process of getting .com or other TLDs for free you might get other services like SSL, unlimited websites, storage, bandwidth, and email hosting.

Trusted By Millions Of Entrepreneurs And Creatives

How do I get a free .xyz domain?

Making a website has never been easier.

Ben Keene

Founder, Tribewanted

“Within an hour, we had probably our best landing page yet and for a fraction of the price. It’s amazing. Since then, I’ve built about 15 sites on Strikingly it’s currently my favorite startup tech tool.”

Tsveti Kamova

Owner, Red Paper Plane

“We chose Strikingly from the very beginning of our project aiming at simplicity and style. Now as our project is growing, we are very happy to see that our favorite platform is enriching its functionalities and will meet our needs.”

Edd Baptista

Painter & Illustrator

“There is no formula for what ‘cool’ is. It’s a gut reaction. You just know it the moment you see it.”

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Are There Any Hidden Costs

After purchasing one of our eligible free web hosting plans, you will receive a free domain name for one year with no hidden costs. However, after the first year of domain name registration, you will need to pay renewal fees annually to keep the domain.

Security is our top priority as a web hosting company. Therefore, we will also give you an SSL certificate for free, making your site run on HTTPS securely.

Get Free Xyz Domain Free In Pakistan

Hello guys, Today we are offering a great free domain name offer for our Pakistani clients, now you can get it.XYZ domain name free of cost with any web hosting package, even you buy our smallest package that has 1 GB web hosting disk space and its price is just $6.99 per year so you will get a free .xyz domain name with it. This offer is for a limited time, you can enjoy this offer till 31 December 2022, after this date this promo will be ended and you will buy this domain TLD at the normal price.

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Get Your Free Xyz Domain In 3 Simple Steps:

  • Check your email for a unique coupon code. Forms may take about a week to process
  • Get your .xyz domain and everything else youll need at
  • .xyz are offering those involved in Dojos free domainson their .xyz domain extension for a year, as well as use of the Weebly website builder, hosting and WHOIS privacy protection. After that, they will extend the free offer to those that are actively using their domains and reach out to us . Yeah, thats right! Dojos can now get really cool names such as etc. for their projects and websites.

    Please note:Deadline to apply: July 24th 2017. This competition is ONLY open to all CoderDojo participants. All applicants MUST be either a champion / mentor / youth attendee of the Dojo to be eligible to apply. Each person should only apply once . All participants applying must attend a CoderDojo which is verified and registered on Zen, the CoderDojo Community Platform. This opportunity is open to all Dojos meeting the criteria above .

    Is Xyz Right For You

    Get your .xyz domain for free with our hosting at ExonHost
    .xyz benefits

    All types of people looking for a unique extension without a country code flock to .xyz. And its independence doesnt end there. The generic top-level domain is also multi-generationalGens X, Y, and Z all feel some affinity to the extension.

    Ideas for your .xyz domain

    Maybe your brand is a bit rebellious and you want a domain extension that packs a punch. Maybe you want to emphasize that you dont have any regional affiliation. Or maybe youre a retailer targeting Gen X, Y, and Z.

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