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Can You Have Numbers In Domain Names

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How Do I Buy A Domain Name

Why Does my Ecwid Domain Have so Many Numbers in it?

Its easy to get a new domain. Here are the steps:1. Decide on a domain name extension. The extension is the part at the end of the domain name .net, .biz, .org or .com, for example.2. Think about what you’d like on the other side of the dot. It could be your business name or your specialty.3. Type the domain you want into the box at the top of this page. We’ll tell you if that particular domain is available and show other you may like better.4. Pick a domain, add it to your cart and check out. You are now the proud owner of your very own domain. As long as it’s registered to you, no one else may use it.

Domain Names Containing Only Numbers

First of all, I did a small python script to go through the list we have and get all second level domains with only numbers in their names. Ive got 1,668,669 names in ccTLDs 3,870,873 names in gTLDs and 3,392,851 in new gTLDs. In total, we have 8,932,393 domain names containing only numbers out of 271M second level domain names in our dataset, which gives us 3,28% of numeric domain names on average.

Some summary and filtered domain lists available to download, for your research, if you need them:

TLDs Type
8,932,393 3.28%

Why Is It Bad To Have A Number In Your Domain

Numbers that have significance

lpstong said:Thanks for your input and thoughts. I was just asking because I just got a name and was told it was pretty useless for anything.

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Search For Your Domain Name’s Availability

Once you have found the right domain registrar for you, you’ll need to search for your domain name using the registrar’s search bar. There are millions of domain names out there, with thousands more added daily.

If you have your heart set on a domain name before doing a search, you might be disappointed to find it is already taken. Keep an open mind and incorporate important keywords into your domain when appropriate.

Purchase The Domain Name

How to Buy Old Domain Name for Your Website? » WebNots

When you have settled on the domain name and a suffix, you will pay to register the domain name with the domain registrar. This is not a one-time purchase, however. Typically, you will pay to own the domain name for one year, after which you can renew your registration for a fee. You can expect a registration fee of about $10 to $15.

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Choose A Domain Name Extension That Fits

Extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .net, at the end of web addresses. These can have specific uses, so make sure to choose one that works for your business. The .com domain extension is far and away the most popular, but it can be tough to get a short and memorable .com domain name because its been around for so long.

A bevy of new generic top-level domains like .app, .photography, .nyc and .guru offer a great opportunity to register short and highly relevant names. And here are some other top extensions and how theyre often used:

  • .co : an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info : informational sites.
  • .net : technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org : non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz : business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
  • .me : blogs, resumes or personal sites.

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Avoid Numbers And Hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood people who hear your website address dont know if youre using a numeral or its spelled out or they misplace or forget the dash. If you need these in your domain, register the different variations to be safe.

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Rfc : Observed Dns Resolution Misbehavior

Not defining anything, but providing some interesting facts:

The root name servers receive a significant number of A record queries where the QNAME looks like an IPv4 address.

A possible solution is to delegate these numeric TLDs from the root zone to a separate set of servers to absorb the traffic.

Which clearly shows that indeed, in the wild, there are applications, maybe by mistake but it shows at least that it works technically, sending queries for names that are indeed formatted like IPv4 addresses, so with a fully numerical “TLD”.

There was in fact an experience to launch a .42 registry, obviously completely outside of ICANN ecosystem. You can see a summary of it at and an archive of their main explanations at .

It did not went far, even if it technically works.

It showed for example that Microsoft based OS by default did not consider purely numeric TLDs at all, but they provided a patch for that: “When you try to join a Windows Vista-based client computer to a top level domain that has a purely numeric suffix, the Windows Vista-based client computer cannot join the domain. This behavior is by design.”

Many Names One Destination

What is DNS and How Does it Work?

With most registrars, its easy to forward multiple domains to your website so you can simply create one site and then redirect visitors who type one of your other domain names to that one website. Google Domains offers simple web forwarding that lets you redirect any of your domains to your main website, or even to specific pages within your site, such as an order page, support page or image gallery.

Ready to find additional domain names? Visit now to search for names that perfectly complement your existing domain.

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Try For A Different Top Level Domain

If your domain name is not available in the .com extension, try to get a different TLD instead. As long as the current .com domain isnt trademarked or in a similar niche, you could register using .co, .shop, .biz, or other trustworthy TLDs.

To check for trending TLDs, head to NameStat. You can check the biggest selling and fastest growing TLDs to help decide your domain extension.

To see which TLDs to avoid, check Spamhaus, a tool that analyzes the TLDs with the worst reputations, so you can create a trustworthy domain.

Once you find some great ideas, youll want to take the final step in choosing a domain.

Pick The Right Domain Extension

A domain extension, also known as TLD , is the suffix at the end of your domain name. This rightmost segment of your sites address serves to identify some of its key elements, such as its purpose, location, or owner.

While the most common extensions are .com, .org and .net, there are many other options that can serve different needs and offer alternatives in case your first domain name choice is already taken. Lets take a look at what some of these domain extensions are used for:

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Permitted Characters In Domain Names

The permitted characters in fi-domain names are letters from a to z, numbers from 0 to 9, hyphen-minus and the following native language characters:

An fi-domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen-minus. A domain name cannot begin with characters xn--. The ACE form of a domain name containing native language characters always begins with characters xn--.

How Do I Find A Domain Name For Myself

What is a Domain Name Server (DNS) and How it Works?

Hostinger offers a domain name search tool to help you find a suitable domain. Simply enter a domain name of your choice in the search box and press Enter. Our system will then display a list of available TLDs or extensions based on your suggestion.If your preferred domain name is already registered, choose another extension or try coming up with different variations using your brand name. Once you find your unique domain name, you can claim it by proceeding with domain registration.

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Find A Domain Name Registrar

The non-profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers oversees the entire system of domain names, and it allows outside companies, called domain registrars, to sell and manage domain names. You will need to register your domain name through a registrar.

Some of the most popular domain registrars include GoDaddy, Bluehost, and, although there are many more to choose from. Be sure to carefully consider pricing and policies for each one before choosing your domain registrar, as it will be managing your domain name.

Research Your Desired Domain Name

Once you pick a good domain name, youll want to check if the domain is already registered. You can use Shopifys Domain Search tool to see a custom domains availability. Another common way to conducting a WHOIS lookup.

Before committing to a domain name, youll want to make sure that no other business is using the same one. There are three ways to check:

  • Run a trademark search. Head to and search the trademark database to see if anyone registered a similar name.
  • Check social media. Search Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other relevant social media channels to check your names availability. This will come in handy when you go to create your accounts, too.
  • Do a Google search. Last but not least, type your desired name into Google to see if anyone is closely tied to your brand.

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Importance Of A Domain

Finding a web page on the internet would be quite tedious were it not for the presence of domain names. Whereas domains are vital to everyone, there is no doubt that businesses and institutions reap more benefits from having unique names. If you are a business owner, having a unique identification name adds credibility and makes you look more professional as compared to those who operate with a more generic one. Additionally, successful brand names are built through well-developed domains. In this period of digital revolution, it is crucial to have a well-developed name because it will help you market yourself and generate web traffic.

As discussed, the certainty is that domains are a vital component of any business or organization. Nonetheless, it is important to note that your domain name may be deleted if you fail to have it renewed as per the agreement with your domain host. You are expected to have your domain renewed 24 hours before the expiry date. If this is not done, the domain goes to a pool, which is a site where expired domains are stored. Although you can purchase or back-order your domain, it is expensive. Based on this, therefore, ensure that you renew your domain before it expires.

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How To Find A Great Available Domain Name

What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

Ben Sibley Build SitesJuly 27, 2018

Follow the plan outlined here and you can create your own website from scratch without writing any code for less than $300.

Have you ever tried purchasing a domain name?

Just in case you havent, I want to prepare you for a major let down.

All the domain names are taken.

Theyre all gone.

Okay, Im being hyperbolic, but thats how it can feel when youre trying to find an available domain name for your site.

Why is it so hard to find a good domain name?

In this guide, Ill explain the current state of domain names and a strategy to help you navigate the challenge of finding a great available domain name.

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Domain Name Information To Keep In Mind

Character LimitDomain names are only allowed to be 63 characters in length. The 63 characters does not include what is referred to as the protocol identifier or the domain extension . This is purely the domain name between the two. Avoid having a domain name anywhere near this maximum length as it will become more challenging for users to navigate to your site.

Cost To Register A Domain Name

According to HostGator, domain name cost ranges from free to tens of thousands of dollars, with the average domain name settling around $10-$12 annually. These factors will affect what you’d pay for a specific domain:

  • The demand for the particular name you choose
  • The TLD domain extension
  • The domain registrar you’re purchasing from
  • Whether the domain has already been purchased by someone else
  • Whether you commit to an annual payment or another payment schedule
  • Add-ons such as privacy

Whether you choose a free or paid domain will depend on your budget and your website’s purpose. For example, you might need a basic website or something simple and temporary. In that case, a free domain name might be a good option.

However, paid domain names look more professional and are more likely to grow with your brand. You should ultimately decide what will work best for your business and goals.

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Got Any Tips On Finding A Good Domain Name

You bet. While it’s really easy to register a domain, having a good domain strategy helps you register the best domain name possible. Here are some hints:Make it easy to remember. This is why many businesses get domains with their business names in them. Some people even choose their business name only after they have a domain they like.Don’t register one that’s trademarked, copyrighted, or being used by another company. This can lead to losing the domain and legal problems.Shorter is usually better because they’re easier for customers to remember. It’s also easier to get matching usernames for Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts you have.Got a local business? Include your neighborhood, city or country in your domain so local customers can quickly see where you are. Check the list of geographic domain extensions .berlin .nyc to see if there’s one for your area.Avoid numbers or hyphens. Anyone who hears your web address won’t know if you’re using a numeral 5 or “five”. If your business name has a number in it, register both versions with the number and with the number spelled out .Get more than one. As traffic to your website increases, you may attract then attention of copycats who’ll snatch up similar domain names in hopes of drawing traffic away from you. Register similar or misspelled domains early so this won’t be an issue later.

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