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How To Get Free Domain And Hosting For WordPress

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How Does This Work

Create Website with FREE DOMAIN and HOSTING – WordPress Course #20
  • Refer the GoogieHost domain to any of your friends, but you need 10 ACTIVE referrals, and you get a free .com domain.
  • If you want to get five years of domain validity, then you must have 20 ACTIVE referrals.
  • It is a fair deal that no other company is offering. You get a fair shot to get a free .com domain from a company like GoogieHost.

    Basic Terms

  • Signups under your referral link will count as active referrals who have a complete website and getting 25 visits per day
  • Users from India, the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands will be counted as your referrals other countries will ignore
  • The domain will move to your account within 7 working days after application
  • We do required login details of your control panel on the renewal request
  • You can not renew the same domain for more than 1 years within 90 days
  • Note:

    We are authorized to change our terms anytime and we can refuse your reward request on any kind of suspect detected by our team. You are requested to be honest to claim your reward.

    By Step: How To Get A Free Domain

    You dont need any preparation to get a domain you only need to know that you cannot get a free domain for an existing server. Instead, youll have to buy hosting together with your free domain. Getting a domain for free is super simple if you follow this guide.

  • Click Claim Free Domain and choose your hosting plan.
  • Follow the steps and complete the checkout.
  • Install WordPress and set up your website
  • Thats it then youre done! Getting a free domain doesnt take much more than a few minutes. Its different from week to week which domain extensions theyre giving away for free. Some weeks they dont give any away either.

    Well keep updating this guide whenever the hosting companies update how you can claim free domains through them.

    What Kind Of Website Can I Create On WordPress


    One of the best things about WordPress is that it can be used to power all kinds of websites. Thats because it provides you with a framework to build upon, and the vast variety of different themes on offer allow website owners to customise the look and feel of their site beyond belief.

    At its most basic level, WordPress is a blogging platform, which is why its so popular amongst everyone from hobbyist bloggers to mainstream publishers who need a system thats as easy to use as possible. Different users can be given different access levels, so even if youre working with multiple contributors and editors and need things to be approved before theyre posted, you can manage the entire process from the WordPress admin panel.

    But WordPress is so much more than just a platform for bloggers and publishers, and it makes a great content management system for corporate websites and even ecommerce stores. If the functionality you need isnt available within the basic WordPress framework, youll almost certainly be able to find a theme or a plugin that allows you to do it.

    So coming back to your question about what kind of website you can create, the truth is that WordPress can be used as the backbone for pretty much anything!

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    How To Get A Free Domain Name

    Published on – Written By: Lars Lofgren

    Ready to launch a new website? Finding and registering a domain name is the first step in this process.

    Of course, it can be a bit confusing if youve never done it before. Luckily, you can find a domain name easily and for free.

    Thats right. You dont have to pay to register your domain. There are plenty of different ways to get a free domain name for your new website.

    Whether youre starting a blog, online portfolio, small personal site, or business website, this guide will show you how to get a free domain.

    Adding Content To Your WordPress Website

    how to get free domain and hosting for wordpress 2020 ...

    As I mentioned before, nearly all content is added via a post or a page in WordPress. Adding content to a page and post are handled the same way. With the release of WordPress 5.0, the method for entering content on a page changed dramatically.

    WordPress now uses what is known as the Gutenberg editor, and you can read this great article that details how it works. If you want to stick with the classic WordPress editor, heres what you need to do.

    There are a few tips to note when working with your content. Along the right-hand side, you will see some additional options. Setting a featured image, for instance, automatically sets the thumbnail image that goes along with posts in many themes. You can also save an item in draft format if it is not yet finished. This saves your changes but does not make them live to your website.

    Only posts and pages that are published will be visible.

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    Disadvantages Of Using Free WordPress Hosting Providers

    • Limited Space and Bandwidth: Free hosting has limited space and bandwidth. The bandwidth can be seen as the number of visitors allowed on your website per month.
    • Very Poor Customer Support: Free web hosting has terrible customer support. You will be helpless if you got stuck anywhere in the installation or if you have any problem.
    • No Backup System: Free users are not allowed to backup their site. If anything bad happens to your blog, then you will be unable to back up your blog.
    • Risk of Getting Banned or Suspended Account: There is always a fear of getting banned or suspended while using free hosting. They can ban your account any time without giving any reason and warning.
    • Affects SEO: If you are hosting your blog on any of the free hosting company, then uptime is not guaranteed. Every downtime of the site adversely affects the ranking of your website.

    1. Free Hosted Blog can die at any time

    The hosting providers can end their free service at any time. They will inform you before ending their service as per the terms & policies, but what is the useof it?

    You should move all content to a new server. Also, remember if they close only new registrations and keep their already hosted domains, you can redirect your links to your new domain. If they completely stop their service, you will not be able to redirect your old links. As a result, all your old links will be dead.

    A great example of this:

    You may ask what this means.

    Let me tell you.

    3. There is no safety

    • Save

    Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers For 2021

    Are you looking for someone to host your WordPress website, but arent sure whether free or premium hosting is right for you?

    If your website is going to be a success, then you need the right hosting providerafter all, there are countless companies who can help run your website, but a reliable, secure and scalable WordPress hosting provider can help improve your website.

    In this article, well be taking a look at 5 WordPress hosting providers that can help you create and host a successful WordPress website for free.

    Fast and Easy WordPress Hosting With SiteGround

    And if you decide that you need performance and support for your WordPress site that isn’t available for free, I’ll also introduce you SiteGround, our recommendation for paid WordPress hosting.

    Thanks to Envato’s partnership with SiteGround, you can get up to 70% off managed WordPress hosting.

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    Free Domains And Pitfalls

    Some people might see free domains advertised on the internet and be tempted to try these out. As we stated at the outset of this article, a few things in life are truly free, with no strings attached. Companies will give you a free domain name, but they are profiting from you in other ways. For example, a web hosting company will provide you with a free domain name since hosting a site with them. However, they are making their money from the hosting fee and then rolling it into the overall price tag.

    Other websites will promise a free domain, but this comes with strings attached. To fully understand why it would not be desirable for a business website, we must consider a fully qualified domain name with two parts. First, there is the top-level domain, and then the subdomains are associated with it. How do you know if you are looking at a top-level domain? Letters included after the dot will tell you that you are currently looking at the top level. You might see extensions such as .com, .net, or even .de for websites located in Germany and .ge for websites found in the country of Georgia. These are examples of your top-level when you see .com and .net.

    Section : Create Free Website 11 Lectures 44min

    Create a Free Website with WordPress (inc. domain, hosting & WP theme)
    • Overview
    • Get free domain name and hostingPreview07:34
    • how to Deleting the sample content02:32
    • creating our home page, about us , contact us .04:37
    • Customizing our About us and contact us pages04:18
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    learning is a way of life so let’s not waste time and start changing our way of living.

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    Our Recommended Affordable WordPress Hosting Options

    While the topic of how to buy web hosting is way bigger in scope and scale than this article, I think its important to realize that though you cant get free WordPress hosting which is worth your time, you can get good WordPress hosting for a fair price. Two services that we happily recommend are SiteGround and WP Engine.

    Born From Open Source is a hosting company born out of open source values, and we feel that a Free WordPress Hosting option is the best way to serve the WordPress community. Anyone can use our platform to launch a WordPress site and have it hosted for free. We’ll provide basic Cloud Control Panel features like the one-click Site Replicator and App Snapshot tools. On top of that, we take daily backups of your site for safe-keeping.

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    Ok But How Does WordPress Work

    Think of it like this WordPress is your framework. Just like a house, you first start with the framing.

    It is the backbone and provides the support for all the main functions you will need.

    Next, we add the content. This consists of text, images and videos that you use to convey your message to visitors. In our house analogy, this is the furniture, pictures and items within your site.

    Your theme controls how your site looks overall colors and page layouts are part of your theme. These are your paint and carpet in your website house.

    But, as youre learning how to build a WordPress website, what if you decide you want to change your color schemes and rearrange your furniture? You dont want to have to buy a whole new house just to change the look. This is where building your website with WordPress provides a huge advantage. Once your content is set up initially, you can change your design without having to recreate your pages.

    The beauty of WordPress is you can easily edit content, add features, or completely redesign your site without having to start over from scratch.

    You can expand, remove or edit content without any change in functionality. You can also choose to change your look without losing any content or having to recreate your page structure.

    WordPress can do many things right out of the box, but what if you want to add functionality?

    This is where plugins come into play.

    Upselling Emails And Third

    How to Get Free Hosting + Free Domain + Free WordPress ...

    Free hosting providers need to earn a living too, and one popular method is encouraging users to upgrade to a premium package.

    While the occasional marketing email is a small price to pay for free WordPress hosting, some companies take things too far, and you may find yourself receiving regular unsolicited emails. These emails can range from blatant adverts for premium products and services to more subtle upselling initiatives, such as emails encouraging you to check out the providers latest blog post, download their new ebook, or sign up for their free webinar.

    You should also be aware that if youre not paying for a product, then you are the product, so theres a chance your provider may sell your information to a third party. If you opt for a reputable WordPress provider then in theory you shouldnt receive any third party spam, but its important to note that gathering and selling data is a popular way for companies to monetize their free products and services.

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    The Free WordPress Hosting Contenders

    Ive been looking long and hard to find some good quality hosts that would also offer free plans.

    First things first, you wont find a free plan with companies that are mainstays of the WordPress hosting industry. No SiteGround, no InMotion, no WP Engine, etc. Basically, none of the companies that come to mind when thinking about WordPress hosting offer a free tier.

    So we need to dig deeper.

    With that being said, the companies Ive ended up selecting for the experiment have been featured by other reviewers before me, and these brands have also kept popping up at least a couple of times here and there. In other words, theyre not random at all.

    The lineup:

    Other Own ads allowed, Instant backups, PHP scripts autoinstaller Automatic HTTPS SSL on all domains, 5 email addresses, Dedicated SSD powered MySQL servers, Softaculous 256 script installer Free SSL, free DNS service, full .htaccess support, 400+ hosting applications and CMS Free domain name, free SSL certificate, 5 email accounts, 25 subdomains, latest cPanel interface, 1-click script installers

    As you can see, all those offers are quite different, and while each makes sense in its own right, there are some important details to notice:

    • 100MB is way too little when it comes to disk space. Exhibit a) this is what the usage looks like after merely importing a dummy content package and with no no! plugins installed yet:

    Lets get a bit more in-depth:

    Free WordPress Hosting Providers Benefits

    The advantages of choosing a free hosting provider from the recommended ones above include:

    • Free hosting plans come with ready-made layouts and enable you to set up your website within minutes.
    • They are easy to use, and the lack of advanced solutions make it user-friendly for a person with even the most limited technical knowledge.
    • It is also a great learning platform where you can get a better idea of the hosting features.
    • It works as a tester, and you can experience with software scripts, new blogs, and or a startup idea before making a financial commitment.
    • Above all, its free to use and comes with several basic features that give your website optimal performance.

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